This Bluetooth Beanie Is Perfect For An Alaska Cruise

Hey gear lovers hey cruisers welcome to
today’s live unboxing we’re so happy to have all of you guys here hi cruisers
are live you’re back good to see ya you’re on our live stream yesterday on a
regular Channel good to see you so you guys for doing something really fun
today we have been actively shopping for our upcoming Alaska cruise and trying to
get things that are outside the norm to shake it up a little bit and do kind of
the cool kids Alaska trip so excited to show you guys what we have today hi Mike
and Cheryl hi Pete and Kathy hi Roberto Gianna Tammy Steve Bonnie hi again hey
derice hey Ann hey Missouri hey Brandi hey Eve good to see all of you guys here
hi Gail so you guys you want to see what we’re doing today without a whole lot of
delay I don’t want to keep everybody waiting most of you kind of probably
already figured out what it is that we’re unboxing I did just post it on
Facebook a minute ago and it is this wacky music beanie from a company called
Rhoda box but you actually will end up finding it called Q shell it’s a Q shell
wireless Bluetooth beanie so let’s pull it out of the bag and see what it looks
like I chose a very wet hockey print and the funny thing is after I bought it I
realized it doesn’t really even match a lot of my clothes and I’m taking it to
Alaska so yeah I think you’re gonna be seeing vlogs of me in this wacky hat
with like other colors so I’m gonna do my best to find it maybe a t-shirt or
two that matched this paint so here’s what this thing does it plays music via
a Bluetooth connection in your ears with wireless headphones are not really
wireless headphones it’s more like wireless speakers so what we’re gonna do
today is we’re actually going to show you how to charge it use the buttons and
we’re gonna we’re gonna try to play music on it and even show you guys how
to wash the product because it is machine washable they don’t want you to
put in the dryer but you should wash it if you’d like it is 100%
polyester it costs $39 on Amazon as of today and we’re gonna link to it in the
notes right now in the live stream and of course we’ll link to it after it
saves to replay but what do you guys think about this thing I want to see
who’s joined us in the chat and come in and say hi really quickly and tell me
what you think about the print there are 35 different colors and prints available
in this and I definitely picked the most wacky one bonnie said with regards to
the print my family won’t lose you know bonnie they won’t especially with a
little animal thing on the top for the record there are a ton of regular
looking plain prints in this so you know you’ve got your standard black red grey
pink and actually most of them don’t have a little ball thing on the top I
don’t know what you call that but they’re generally speaking most of them
are more plain than this one it does have speakers on both sides by
the way so we’re gonna test it we’re gonna try to test it I think it’s gonna
be a train wreck but I’m actually gonna take off my lapel mic and put it
underneath the Hat in a little bit here so diane’s secret is safe with us what’s
Diane’s secret honey I didn’t miss that watching from work that’s okay
our subscriber Alicia not only watches from work but watches from a bathroom
stall at work which i think is really funny so hi Rock girl hi Carla good to
see everybody here I probably won’t be able to say hi to everybody today or we
won’t be able to stay on track we’re gonna try to be a little bit better
about sort of staying on track so we’ll see how that goes
greetings from Canada guy is great to see you lots of can’t let the Canadians
here so you like the colors I’m seeing people say that they actually like the
colors it is really an interesting product I’m excited about it so what do
you say we get we get playing with this thing and see how it works I’m really
dying to do the the sound test first so I think we’re going to try that I think
I’m gonna actually attempt to do a sound test of course I lost the chat again so
bear with me guys I’m gonna get it back don’t worry honey I can get it I got to
get better at this pop-out chat I know how to do it I just need to do it I rely
on my husband he my crutch okay I got it back we’re good
all right didn’t want to lose the chat all right yay cool sounds good
Cruiser life says the video is faster than the sound you tried refreshing
maybe it’s just you it probably is just you I don’t like to say it’s just you
but yeah it probably is because if it wasn’t everybody else would be telling
us and my husband would probably be noticing it on his side but that does
happen sometimes so keep us posted and if anybody else is experiencing that Oh
Mike and Cheryl said the audio is not sync to either oh dear that’s not good
you guys okay well we’re gonna keep going because there’s not a whole lot we
can do at this point or we would have to stop and completely start over again how
bad is the delay guys is it really is it really bad really bad delay Bonnie said
my mouth and words are different than the video definitely out of synch okay
most we’re getting half and half some people are saying it’s happening and
some people are saying it’s not Gail is saying that the puffs on top of the Hat
is called a pom-pom thank you I should know that like a cheerleader pom-poms
right okay so Steve said we’ve got a several
seconds of delay we’ve got the kungfu bad the bad movie thing okay so it’s a
little bit of a delay well then let’s March on because I don’t want to stop
entirely and start over again or we might lose you guys so let’s do a little
audio test on it first and we’ll see what happens I first don’t let you guys
know really quickly how you charge it it’s just a standard microUSB you can
see this teeny tiny little hole right here you just plug a little micro USB
right into this that is how it charges and let me show you how to wash it real
quick and maybe we’ll get our audio back but if you’re gonna wash it what you do
is you turn it inside out you unzip this little panel here and then you reach in
and you remove the speaker components from both sides so I’m not gonna
actually do it right now because I’m not I don’t wanna spend too much time on it
but that is how you do it is pretty easy not too bad and I am NOT a very techy
person so I’m gonna go ahead and get my music ready I’m gonna pull it up I made
sure that before we got into the chat that it was synced so it is synced to my
phone and we’ve got our royalty-free music website here that we use in all of
our videos a lot of you have asked us what it’s called called
art list art list dot IO unfortunately is very expensive so it’s not something
that most people invest in unless they’re doing like live streams or
YouTube anything like that so Bonnie you noticed that the Hat matches the shirt
I’m wearing today yes I tried really hard to find something in my closet and
I actually got this sweater last weekend at Target for like 20 dollars and I
really liked it I have a day planner at work and a notepad that matches it
identically it’s the exact same print so yeah it kind of matches a little bit
wacky but I might take this sweater to Alaska so you’ll probably see that to
Mike and Cheryl want me to place the new yacht Rach I would if I could but I have
to play royalty-free I guess I could search for royalty-free Yacht rock it’s
all very possible I know Richard that would be so funny to wear this in the
Caribbean you’re right they’ll be hilarious obnoxious but on every cruise
don’t you guys see people wearing jackets and beanies and stuff isn’t it
weird I’ve noticed that too Tammy I agree if our audio delay is the
worst thing that happens today girlfriend
we are still winners I know we’re tired in our house today we’re we’re kind of
dragging a little bit so this is gonna cheer me up
I know Darryl you said the colors suit my personality thank you these are
absolutely my favorite colors I love this anything aqua anything pink and I
love gray turquoise and pink yes Bonnie very much Tammy I am a Target shopper I
absolutely love it okay guys let’s try this audio test so I’m gonna put it on
and I’m gonna look ridiculous here we go okay I got my beanie on Mike and Cheryl
what is this call again in Canada isn’t it a toque tell me in the tell me the
notes I know you told me last week but I forgot how to pronounce it so if I start
talking really loud it’s because like I can’t hear any more because I just cover
up my ears so let’s do the test I’m gonna try to put the mic up there you
guys this could be a disaster I have no idea if this is gonna work I feel like
this is really weird covert things so I’m gonna stick it up at the speaker
here goes okay if I blow your ears out guys do not
be surprised we’re ready okay I gotta find my special song there’s my special
song can you hear it
did you guys hear it give me an affirmative team crews here in the live
chat am i shouting here it is sound good sounds so good so I think that’s enough sorry you guys
I was kind of getting into it don’t mind me I’m just picturing myself in Alaska
on the deck at 6:00 a.m. doing my morning walk before my family wakes up
so yeah it works let’s fix the hair I’m looking over on your screen honey to fix
the hair how am i doing do we do fluff all right we do fluff so did it sound
good um one of the things I noticed about it you guys in case you’re
wondering and I think I need to stop that from playing actually one moment
one thing that I noticed about it is that I think because it has a volume
adjustment on the side which these buttons right here are the these are the
up-and-down volume buttons which I can’t really zoom in on and show you but I
think you can play it at a volume that’s low enough that if you’re walking around
on deck and someone says excuse me or there’s a loud noise that you need to
hear it’s not it you’re gonna be able to hear it it’s not like having the
headphones in your ears so it’s a little bit more of a muted delicate sound
although you can crank it pretty darn good I was reading the reviews on Amazon
and it was really funny but people were actually saying that they wear it to
work like I can totally see someone who works in a warehouse it’s just you know
grinding all day pick pack and ship kind of an operation wearing that and having
the time of their lives oh I thought for my mic back on sorry you guys um
hopefully you can hear me okay but there we go I’ve got my mic back on so anyway
kind of interesting so yeah you can adjust the volume here and here so this
is there’s a little plus and minus button on this little leather pad which
is one of the sides of the speaker and you can turn the volume up or you can
play the next song or play the last song and then you’ve got power and play right
here so it actually has quite a bit of controls on the actual Hat itself which
I found to be very surprising um I actually would have expected that you
would have to do it all from your phone but you don’t be kind of funny or like
walking and like touching your head and people are like what are you doing right
but I’m excited about it I am I’m gonna make a little playlist for Alaska and
give this sucker a try give it a test run so let’s come back to the chat and
say hello and see what you guys are up to how’s our audio delay you guys is
that is fixed it’s bad my husband said it’s bad
he can see it on his side too so I’m sorry about that
Keltie said this would be useful for the Windy City brandy you need something
like this for your snowmobile helmet oh that’s a really good idea so you’d wear
it under your snowmobile helmet that’d be cool
love it ha ha Roberto said he could use it to cheat on tests just kidding you
are kidding I know you’re kidding that’s hilarious
very cool son see cruisers some skis now already for the Canadian mountains oh
yeah I’d miss skiing I’d love to go skiing we
don’t ski as much as we used to snow ski anyway because of the cost it’s just
gotten so expensive County wants to know if we have any suggestions for the best
brand of bpa-free collapsible travel cups with lids I don’t know of any but
I’ll look into that for you I do have a couple of bpa-free travel cups that I
got at REI I don’t know if you have an REI in your area the sporting goods coop
but they do have some wonderful BPA stuff but I don’t know if it’s
collapsible but if I were you I would go to REI comm and check it out alright Rory you said the weather was beyond
great in Alaska a few weeks ago you only wore your baseball cap and raincoat for
about two hours so you didn’t even need a heavier coat
that’s awesome very very cool all right let’s see here Richard is suggesting
it’d be perfect for playing some nice soothing music to get to sleep at night
that’s true I guess if it’s cold enough and you want to wear a beanie in your
bed it would be really nice and the way that it sounds is very like trying to
think of the right word it’s very ambient it has kind of a nice
soothing sound to it of course the song that I was playing for you guys was
pretty chill as well so I wanted to let you guys know too about this lipstick
that I’m wearing today I don’t know if you guys noticed it it’s a little bit
different from what you’re used to seeing me in but one of our wonderful
subscribers Bethany Meyer who’s been following me on everywhere for probably
at least a year probably more sent me lip scents and I know some of you guys
have told me about lip since before I’ve had several people
trying to get me to give it a go and I Bethany got in contact with me and let
me choose a color that I thought I might like and so I got this color it’s called
kiss for a cause and I don’t know if you guys know about lip scents but I’ll try
to link to her Facebook page in the comments below but the reason that she
knew that I would like this is because I am a lipstick wearer and I don’t like it
when I’m doing something active or at the beach all day my lipstick comes off
and this stuff I had no idea what it was really all about until I actually got it
and tried it but it is the world’s most I don’t even know what to say
semi-permanent lipstick you could ever imagine
it literally stays on your lips all day it’s not perfect by lunchtime when I put
it on the other day at 7 in the morning after lunch
I was losing a little bit of it along the water line but it is crazy cool how
this stuff works so what you do is you apply three coats of this very sheer
sort of color coat and then you seal it and you have to put it on a very dry
clean lip by the way you seal it with this gloss and when I tell you it
doesn’t go anywhere I am being literal watch those you guys watch this is my
fist going across my face I literally just dragged it look at my fist there is
nothing there it does not come off it doesn’t budge no I have to put more
gloss on because I just walked on my gloss off but it is crazy how this works
okay so the downside is I need to order the remover from from Bethany I did find
a hack for removing it I watched some YouTube videos because it is so hard to
get off you cannot get it off with makeup or over wipes with soap with
anything normal I’m telling you this stuff is gnarly you guys I found a hack
and that is Neutrogena that clear soap you put a little bit on a q-tip and then
you wipe it off and it comes right off I tested it this morning so that’s a good
hack if you’re gonna buy it but Bethany thank you so much for sending me this
wonderful gift I know that it’s a offensive and I appreciate it I will be
buying other shades and I’ll link to it below you guys see you can check it out
I really put it off for a long time but finally wanted to try it I will tell you
it is very strong when you put it on it has a scent of alcohol it’s not a
particularly natural feeling product but if you like long wear it’s the bomb so
anyway I really wanted to share that with you guys yesterday on the
livestream but there was no time it was just too busy and I wanted to share
today brandy I tried coconut oil to remove it and it did not work at all I
mean it didn’t even move it didn’t budge I was scrubbing it with a washcloth and
it did not come off the only thing that works is Neutrogena my understanding is
that those Neutrogena clear soaps have glycerine in them and glycerin is the
the only product that breaks down the color I guess so you guys have some
questions coming in about it if you want a link we will link it for you but I’m
gonna have to do it after this goes live because my husband would have to link it
for you because I’m not in the live chat with my keyboard right now and I don’t
have it prepared Gianna says you wear Fly Girl red when you’re dressing up for
events and your 50s style outfits gorgeous and caramel apple for everyday
makeup okay so you guys are totally into lips tones I didn’t know that this is
awesome qoodles suggest peanut butter that is actually a good idea because oil
in food is one of the things that actually does break it down I’m so sorry
you guys have a little tickle on my nose let’s see here Rory says you can wipe
the gloss off and just touch up the fading area let it dry and then real off
okay so Rory you can actually use the color over the fading area okay good I’m
gonna try that this time let the gloss come off and then put a little bit in
the fading area let it dry in there a gloss duh why didn’t I try that okay
thank you I so appreciate that Mary Garza says you love lip since you
have two colors usually just touch up after lunch with a gloss and you don’t
leave it and don’t leave it in the hot car or Sun okay awesome
let’s see cruise your life you’re sick and you have to take media what does
that mean media off mess today oh no you’re sick before your cruise oh I’m so
sorry oh my gosh that’s not good I hope you
feel better oh my goodness sakes oh thank you Bonnie I didn’t know that
glycerin is a good stain remover for anything protein-based you guys I need
to know all this stuff my mama taught me a lot of things but I don’t know at all
okay Rory thank you so much for the tips you’re such a sweetheart I appreciate it
I will definitely link to Bethenny’s Facebook page you guys but just if you
want to look it up on Facebook it’s baam beauty you’re not gonna be able to see
this but I’ll hold it up for just a moment anyway be a em all uppercase
beauty on Facebook she’s a sentence and lips ins distributor and her name is
Bethany Meyer she’s a sweetheart for giving me this beautiful gift and I am
totally in love with it I won’t wear it probably all the time every single day
because sometimes I’m not gonna want to remove it but I will definitely be
wearing it a lot and I will definitely be investing in more colors because I’m
totally hooked I’m totally addicted cruise your life I’m so sorry that
you’re not feeling well that’s terrible that’s awful so does anybody have any
cruisegear related questions before we sign off we’re gonna wrap up pretty soon
here I hope that everybody thought this was a kind of a cool product while
you’re thinking of any questions that you might have for us I want to let you
know a little bit about our posting schedule on cruisetipstv and cruise
cruise gear some of the cool things that we’re doing we are still on this channel
we’re still planning a trip at some point to the Dollar Tree to do a shop
with me for a cruise at Dollar Tree and if anybody wants to throw some
suggestions on what things I should look for on the notes here and then live chat
really quick I would love to you I don’t know when that’s coming I’ve got to get
this family well and once we get this family well we’re gonna do that for you
umm what else do we have coming on crews gear honey anything else the binoculars
the manake okay so we have a new set of binoculars we’re gonna be reviewing here
on cruise gear the first set my husband bought were broken so we ditched that
sent them back and bought another brand we figure we’re not even gonna bother
reviewing them here we have a new alarm clock you all saw my new replacement
alarm clock that I had to replace with the one who passed away once I was done
grieving I was able to make a new purchase my husband actually bought it
for me so I’m excited about that Gloria M wants to know about the
available colors for the B Gloria M there are 35 colors and styles
when we link to it here after this saves will link to it literally right after or
you can go to Facebook right now and I link to it already on cruisetipstv
Facebook page there is every color in the rainbow I’ve seen red gray black
I’ve seen this print with a grey background and aqua flowers most of them
don’t have the palm home on top most of them are regular colors
there’s men’s and women’s so there’s just a ton Ms Mary wants to know when
are we going in our Alaska cruise we’re going next month on our Alaska cruise on
princess we’re really really excited Bonnie Bergstein said for Alaska the
hand warmers that you can get at Walgreens or CVS the little packets are
good to wear inside your gloves or mittens Oh Bonnie that’s a good one hi
Ainsley we’re doing well over here in California thanks for joining Steven
Eddie wants to know what’s the best microphone for live streaming honey what
do you think mmm I can show him our mic we’re using a Sennheiser professional
mic this is a body pack transmitter with a nice little lapel mic what is this 800
bucks 400 bucks these are between six and
eight hundred dollars they’re battery operated as you can see here Steven we
have had this microphone for a very long time this microphone dates back to our
wedding days right when we my husband and I used to film weddings for a long
time we even we filmed up until the point that I had my son
we filmed like five weddings when I was pregnant out to here with him
and these lapel mics are wonderful we would put them on the bride and the
groom and they were great so again this is a Sennheiser it’s really old this is
the e W 100 G – but this is a really good brand and I cannot tell you how
long we’ve had it I mean obviously it’s been more than 10 years so these hold up
really great if you’re looking for more of a budget item we’ll try to get back
to you on that and see if we can’t link to some items – okay so Tammy said at
the Dollar Tree you guys are coming in with some awesome ideas yay you said to
look for packs of disposable shower caps for shoes that’s where you got your
literally Tammy I’m writing this down okay disposable because you know you
guys know that the comments don’t save disposable shower
caps okay Cruiser life says please do the Dollar Tree and t.j.maxx I do want
to do a t.j.maxx one again we did it once have you seen our video on TJ Maxx
on this channel it’s really fun let’s see here yeah I know I’m hoping Cruiser
life that the replay doesn’t have the sound video trouble too with that it
will Kathy Pete said Kathy is wanting to get a set of the smaller binoculars but
not sure which type is the best for cruising so you can’t wait to see the
episode we have a pair now that are tiny Pete and Kathy they’re about this big
I’ll find the link for you but the pair we gots a little bigger this time
they’re about that big but yeah we’ll show them to you know how much you spent
on those binoculars the new ones 65 okay so the new ones we’re gonna review our
65 we’ll keep you posted Gloria you want me to review jackets for
Alaska your wish is my command I have two jackets I will be reviewing for
Alaska honey Gloria wants that video let’s not forget about it for her
jackets for Alaska here on gear don’t let me forget I’ve been I’ve been
delaying doing that I have the jackets they’re beautiful I think they’re both
Columbia jackets and they’re awesome one is a rain jacket and one is a packable
puffy and we have links to both Justine wants to know when our next livestream
is on either of our YouTube channels Justine let me give you the date I don’t
know when it’s gonna be here we tend to be a little more spontaneous here on
gear and not schedule them out because we don’t know what we’re gonna be doing
and it’s kind of more fun for us this way but it looks to me like our next our
next livestream on our main cruisegear channel will be Saturday August the 12th
at noon pacific time so again on our main channel next livestream Saturday
August 12th noon pacific time okay anslee says do you find that packing
cubes really make a huge difference in regard to space-saving it’s not about
space-saving for me it’s about organization anslee separating things
out by item or person or day is what I use them for and I also use them for pre
packing and putting them in my closet it’s just a better way to stay organized
I don’t really think that their space savers okay um I want to see what
everybody else is saying about Dollar Tree did I miss anything let’s see here okay Cruiser life said
look for magnets okay I’m writing that down
magnets at the dollar store okay excellent and toiletry containers
writing that down awesome waterproof belt pack Wow awesome
okay super you guys alright we’re gonna get ready to sign off here thank you all
so much for joining us did you have any questions that I missed or anything you
guys were so sorry about the volume of the audio synching problem
you just never know on YouTube we have done everything we can to maximize our
infrastructure in the house and it’s sometimes you just hit and miss Pete
I’ll put hampers on my list thank you for that from Dollar Tree vacuum bag the
puffy coats Steven we’re gonna do that and we’re gonna use the vacuum bags with
a pump that we got from LAN Xuan and they sent us those vacuum bags my
husband was blown away at their efficiency so we’ll do that with our
pillows and our packable Puffy’s you guys thank you all so very much for
joining us Cruiser life wants us to do the next live stream you want a pre
cruise theme that is a great idea cruiser life I’m gonna put that down on
the live stream you guys are so good today you’re giving me all these ideas
ok pre cruise stuff right ok Cruiser life that’s a really good
idea so maybe we’ll do pre cruise planning do you like that I think that’s
a really awesome awesome awesome awesome idea and I’d never thought of it so
thank you guys you’re always the ones who give us the ideas please don’t
forget that all of our inspiration comes from you and we want you to be honest
with us about our formats our content what you do and don’t want to see we’re
open to criticism we want to hear it it helps us a lot you’d be surprised
so anyway you guys watch for the links in the comments below we’re gonna link
to the Hat I’m going to link to this and Pete and Kathy stay tuned for the review
on the binoculars and stay tuned for the jacket review guys thank you all so very
much for joining us today for this impromptu fun pop-up live chat
love you guys so much can’t wait to see you next time and until next time get in
gear first me of the week you


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