Thinking of Santorini Wedding?

Hi! Angela from wedding destinations here
and today I wanted to give you some information on having your wedding in
Santorini. Santorini does have a limited season running from April through to
October. But really, the weather doesn’t start to get good until we get to about
June. We have done weddings at the end of April and also definitely in
May but come June, July, August, you can pretty much guarantee perfect blue skies
amazing sunset and incredible weather with no rain every single day. October is
a popular month as well and so is September but it can start to get a
little bit windy throughout that time of year. The most popular destination within
Santorini is on the Caldera so on the cliffside the resorts are
quite small and boutique. There’s only a limited number of venues that can
accommodate bigger groups with a Caldera view which means that they do book out
really far in advance most of 2020 for a lot of the venues are
completely booked out and for 2021, we are already finding when we’re
contacting venues to book there are dates that are no longer available. So it
is a destination that you need to let people at you need to book really really
early but it’s also important to let your guests know as fast as you can
because it is a big trip for your guests to travel to Santorini for your wedding
from Australia. I hope this information helped you please feel free to reach out
to us through any of our social channels we’d love to chat to you

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