Then & Now: Chelsea’s Hair Transformation 👱‍♀️ Teen Mom 2

– (Kylie) What made you wanna go blonde? – (Chelsea) Um, well I used to be blonde. I always get sick of my hair after I’ve had it the same for a while. – (squeals) I’m gonna catch a fish. – Um, she just diarrhea’d everywhere and I don’t have extra pants. (upbeat music) – And uh, I’m on Facebook and
I get a message from Adam. And he’s like basically saying he wants to get back together. – (from phone) Shut up. – Mmhm. – (Adam from phone) You
still mad at me or what? – Um, kind of. You left me. – Well… we were fighting. I just… diffused the situation and left. – (Chelsea) Okay! – Are you ready? (Kylie laughs)
– Yay! Oh my god, it’s so blonde.
– Do you love it? I know, do you love it? – Um, yeah. (upbeat music) – Well, good morning! – We got your shirt. – Oh, I was gonna say, I wear (murmurs) – We got you a shirt too! – How’d you guys do? – Good! We got like $740 I think? – Who’s here! It’s Daddy! (upbeat music) – Oh, shut up! – Wanna go on time out? You.
– No. – Then say sorry. – Shut up. – Nope! Time out! – What up? – What you doing? – Snuggling! – So. – What’s up? – I am depressed. – Why? – Because Ivory has to
go to daycare tomorrow. – Yeah? – And I have to go to school. – That’s gonna be a big transition. (upbeat music) – Um, Adam just (sighs) got out of jail, like a week ago. – Oh, he graduated? – And they’re having their baby, next month. Barf. – So, Cole is moving in. Soon. – Is he excited? Or is he nervous? – No, I think he’s excited. I mean, he already like mows and like does stuff around the house. – That’s so cute. – So Ivory has her spring concert tonight. So I just wanted to get her some flowers. – What do they all do at their concert? – They just sing, like, five songs. They’re really fast. (both laugh softly) – Damn, I just like, I’m getting overwhelmed. – Yo, we definitely
– When I think about all the things we need to do. It makes me want to die. – How do you feel about wedding stuff? – I’m excited to get married. – Me too. I feel like I will not be stressed just getting legally married
and moving the wedding ’til, like a year. Our one year anniversary. – Is it sad that you can’t drink with us? – No. – I wish we’d do this more often. – I’ve not talked to Cole at all. – No way! – No, we’ve been talking
literally nonstop. He’s doing like a bunch of work
in the garage or something. He’s like trying to get it cleared out so he can start working on the crib. – It feels good to, like, be
giving your kid a good dad. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – Because, I don’t, not everyone has that. And to know that, this
baby’s really lucky. Yeah. – Yup. (upbeat music) – Alright, bye bye. I was shaking the whole time. – I can’t believe what I just heard. – Were you listening? – Oh, I was listening. – Okay. – Yeah. – I just need somebody to
tell me that I’m not crazy. – I’m shaking, because
I’m like (beep) so mad. – Well,
– So how the (beep) – (mumbles)
– get a (beep) job. What?


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