The WILDEST Wedding You’ll Ever See…

we decided to get married in Mexico
because we loved the vibe that Mexico has it is the perfect location for a
beautiful wedding and yet a wild party and that’s what we wanted Thank y’all for coming out here, I love all y’all. Brookie, I thank God every day for giving me you you are my everything
you are my light besides working out, seeing you smile is
one of the greatest joys of my life I think what I love the most about Garrett
is that he’s so kind and he’s so funny he always just knows how to make me
laugh Garrett you are everything I always wanted and everything I never knew I needed there is comfort I find in you in that comfort I call home I love your family and I love how you love mine I promise to be the best mother for
future children, as long as they turn out like you we’ll be fine I can’t kiss her yet? Not yet
She’s she’s not a bride yet So Garrett has this alter-ego Garrett does not dance, but Enrique is a different
person Enrique comes out when Garrett has had
tequila it’s about to be a really good time when that happens… I know when Enrique comes out when he
loses about three or four buttons down his shirt from the bottom of my heart thank you
everyone for being here ten years ago I was in high school and I
wrote a letter to my future husband It says, at 17 years old it’s pretty hard to be
thinking about writing to you there’s many things I wonder about you whether
you’ve thought or prayed about me I hope you have plenty of patience I know I’m a handful good luck you’ll need it
but what’s extra-special it’s dated March 3rd 2008 and that’s 10 years ago today today I ask you to be my wife I accept
you as you are and I offer all that I am in return I promise to love you
unconditionally from now until the end of our days the wedding weekend was the perfect
weekend because it was our best friends and our closest family members having
the best time with not a single worry and us just not taking ourselves too
seriously you are my best friend, my mentor, my
playmate, and my greatest challenge


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