The Weird Wedding that Will Make You Either Laugh or Cry

there also may be a little problem the bride’s family has a very strange tradition the wedding shouldn’t be about this it’s about love of two people party the atmosphere is bad [Music] [Music] let’s go to the wedding [Music] we travelled through half of Nigeria from the groom’s city of Abeokuta to the bride’s village of Ola in the Delta state after eight hours in the car and Nigeria’s World Cup went against Iceland we fell asleep full of expectations because we were about to experience the traditional Nigerian wedding the next day ah hives here huge day today we’re going to the wedding of our Nigerian friend quadri a traditional Nigerian wedding we are super excited I’m not gonna be wearing this wait this is my traditional Nigerian suit from TK fashion but put it on I forgot my formal shoes back home so quadri had to give me one of his yeah this is how they look I also forgot black socks I hope they’ll forgive me [Music] quad Reis father wants our national during the the plum spirit slivovitz ah so I’m getting him Savita I’m really curious if he’s gonna like this I personally don’t like this oh man this is so strong okay this is something a pizza for you you like it yeah [Music] I think I’m getting cheek cramps we’re told it was not safe to leave our stuff in our room so we’re backing again I’m putting it in the trunk of the bus [Music] [Music] looking great looking great man Quadra just told me i should greet the bride’s family so i’m gonna do that right now it’s very nice to meet you we are very happy to be here are you okay if I take pictures people the DJ’s are getting ready I hope some food is getting ready I have no idea what to expect from a traditional Nigerian wedding but I think I’ve never been this excited my entire life [Music] there’s a formal introduction between the two families inside this house I’m going to record their drinking its what just make it simple feet just a sip it’s pretty good that’s all they’re drinking they’re praying I’m not sure what’s going on but it looks cool Wow look at the bride look how beautiful she is there is nothing much going on right now that the two families have been talking for over two hours right now it started really well with drinking alcohol then they started to bless the vegetable or fruit I don’t know what it is called Cola which is like the biggest crucial tradition of the people of Delta state they cut the the vegetable into like 15 pieces and then an old man or woman bless it when it’s blessed after those five minutes of the prayer and the blessing they hand out the little pieces to other people these blessings have been going on for like two hours and there’s also I think I’m gonna whisper this there also may be a little problem because the bride’s family has a very strange position when they give something to someone they want to receive it back twice that’s why they’re asking the the groom’s family for forty five thousand IRA which is around one hundred and thirty dollars they’re not really happy with it the the groom’s family they’re like negotiations going on and the atmosphere is kind of gloomy right now but but I’ll update you if something new shows up well I think bad news the bride’s family is asking for seventy seven thousand is almost $200 yeah how are you what’s going on I don’t know what is going to I’m not interested yeah like I thought there would be a party but they’re just talking and the wedding shouldn’t be about this it’s about love of two people party who’s sharing the mother loves and she yeah [Music] even worse news the the women from the two different tribes are arguing with each other shouting at each other and I really don’t like this there behind the corner and I’m not gonna record this that the atmosphere is bad and it’s fucking raining I just wanted a stepdad of quadri and he told me that quadricep Amalie members and friends who are trying to raise the 77098 it we gave him 10,000 we couldn’t give him more because all our money’s in our bank account we would need to go to the nearest city which is pretty far we still don’t have the 77,000 I don’t know what’s going on this heavy rain [Music] I’m so sorry for quadri this is not how a wedding they should look like I don’t know what to say one of the most bizarre thinks on this entire situation is the DJ playing extremely loud music it’s raining really heavily but apparently the party never stops sorry huh I hope there are no mosquitoes here because we were in the zone with extreme malaria and I don’t want to experience malaria again after last year and this is exactly the whether the the malaria mosquitoes like it all seemed like the wedding won’t take place but since this is Africa the exact opposite happened so quadrants brother just came to the car and he told us that he told us they’re getting married kind of plots twist here and we’re gonna see it right now wow I really didn’t expect this [Music] it wouldn’t be Africa if something didn’t fail again the groom finally decided to leave the wedding took place successfully so there was no reason for more arguments just get in the cars and leave for our hotel just get in the cars [Applause] [Music] yes success a very a very intense experience wedding like this right we will have we will definitely have a wedding like this because it’s very unique I’m pretty sure nobody in this entire world had a wedding like this man I’m so tired I can barely speak so we returned from the wedding at like 7:00 p.m. I had a terrible diarrhea twice I still have stomach ache I hope it’s not food poisoning because I’m very prone to getting food poisoning as you may know the wedding unfortunately wasn’t as good as we expected partly because of the fucking rain but this is Africa it’s rainy season so we just need to deal with it but mostly because of the people that were arguing I don’t know the traditions I’m not sure if it’s greediness or something else well there’s a mosquito shit so let’s just cut the crap because I don’t want to get malaria we gave our presence in the newlyweds back here in the hotel we saw them smiling we saw them laughing so so I hope it made them happy for at least a couple of hours and we wish them all the best a little secret Joyce is pregnant and she’s telling quadrate probably right now but still we’re really glad that we got invited to a traditional Nigerian wedding it was still a very unique experience tomorrow we’re traveling to Calabar which is a city at the southeast of Nigeria and then we’re going to Cameroon a country that allegedly has better nature than people not sure what to think about it good night [Music]


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