The Saddest Sibling Rivalry of All Time – Key & Peele

– It is so good to see you,
Keith. – Yeah, we usually have to
wait for a special occasion. – Actually, I have a little
surprise. I got engaged. – Oh. (laughs)
– Oh. (laughs) – Son. – (claps) Whoo-hoo, yes, wow. Congratulations, little bro. Engaged, kind of a big deal. More for me, I guess,
that’s what that means. – She got a name? – Stephanie. – Marriage is a wonderful
journey. – 50% end in divorce. Sorry bro, them’s just the
facts. – I will keep that in mind,
thank you. – You got a photo? – Oh yeah. – AKA does she exist? – There you go. – (whistles) Mm, ha-ha. – (gasps) Oh, she’s beautiful. – Let me get eyes on this. Everybody else already has. Great lighting. Airbrush? – No. – She kinda looks like that one
model on The Price is Right. – Yes, that’s her. – The Price is Right? Clive, that’s your show. – Shut up, Ma. No it’s not. Oh yeah, Stephanie. People always underbid on her
showcases. Not the best presenter. – Where’s the wedding? – In Hawaii. – Ooh. – Oh-ho-ho, whoa. (claps) Awesome, hoo-hoo, (speaks
in foreign language). She ever been married before? – No. – So she says. Ex-boyfriend, she got one? – Of course. – Sloppy seconds, at least,
right Dad? – Keith, she sounds wonderful. – Thank you Mom. – Shut up, Ma. Silence from you. You’re cut off from talking. – You know what, Clive? I really don’t appreciate the way that you’re talking to
Mom. (Clive claps and laughs) – Yes, yes. The prodigal son has returned. You know what? You want to go, let’s go. Because I’ve been here
for the last 15 years taking care of Mom and Dad while you’ve been trollopsing
all over the world and why? So you can come back here,
criticize me for how I treat them? – No, I actually came here to ask you if you would do me
the honor of being my Best Man. I know that we have had our
differences, but you’re my older brother. We’ll pay for your room, and we’re also gonna rent you a
car. And we’ll pay to fly you out
there. – First class? – Well, we can’t afford first
class. – Well, (bleep) you. You’re dead to me. – Why? – Shut up, Ma. I’m eating in my room. – Well, that went better than
expected. – I think so. – Yeah.


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