The Rebel’s Wedding Checklist

– The second that you tell someone that you’re getting married, everyone has an opportunity
to say this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this,
and I am not that guy. I’m not gonna come to your world and tell you how you’ve gotta get married and where you’re gonna get married and when you gotta get married
and who you’ve gotta use. I’m not that guy. You don’t need that guy in your life. Me, I’m presenting a different way. Me, I’m presenting
(rock music) the Rebel’s Guide to Getting Married. (rock music) This is how we do it. We just kind of look at
everything through a critical eye, we ask questions, we say why, and we just look at getting married through a fresh set of eyes. That’s my job. I’m Josh Withers, I’m an Australian civil marriage celebrant, and I wanna look at getting
married differently. So, hopefully, you have an awesome wedding not because I told you how
to have an awesome wedding but because we actually
talked about it like big kids and we said, hey, maybe this is how we can have an awesome wedding. And the place we’re gonna start today is with the wedding checklist. If you ever, and don’t, don’t do this, but if you wanna just kinda die inside, google wedding planning checklist, there’s so many
(chuckling) things on there that’ll just slowly kill your very soul. Today, I’m presenting with you the most simple, beautiful
wedding planning checklist you’ll ever come across. Step one, you need two people
that do not hate one another. In fact, they might even really, really, deep down inside, like each other. Number two, in Australia,
you need some witnesses. Depending on where you are,
you might not need witnesses but you need two people
that are 18 or over and they don’t even have to know you. They can be strangers, friends,
family, parents, whatever. You need two people to see it. Next, you need a celebrant. Or in some countries,
they call me an officiant. I’m the guy that creates
and presents your ceremony. In Australia, I’ve got
an Australian authority to marry people. Different countries
have got different laws. But you need a celebrant
or a marrying authority, that kinda thing. I recommend going with
someone personal like myself. Some people like going to the courthouse and, I don’t know, I just think that’s a
little bit impersonal. I think your marriage
deserves more than that. Okay. You’ve got you two, two
witnesses, a celebrant. You need to know where
you’re gonna do it now. If you’re in the UK, you have to do places that the government says. If you’re in Australia,
you can go anywhere. You can go above the
ground, below the ground, ocean, air, whatever. You have to get married somewhere. And that where may need permission. So, if it’s a wedding venue,
you might have to pay a fee. If it’s a park, you might
need to pay a permit. Just, you know, ask the questions. It doesn’t matter where you get married, you just need to have a place. Once you have a place, you
might need some furniture and places for people to
sit and things to go on. Get the furniture you need and get the furniture you don’t need. If you don’t want it, I
don’t care, I’m not your mum. Here’s one tip, though. Arbors, I don’t know. They’re not necessary and
usually when you get married in an epic place, you
just kinda don’t need to put more stuff in
front of an epic place. Just let the epic place be epic. Anyway, I’m not gonna be the
guy that hates on arbors. That will not be very
popular for my first episode. Okay, you’ve got a
place, you’ve got people. Now, you need, maybe you
wanna capture the moments, photo, video. Just get people you really like, you like their business,
you like their photos, you like their art, and
let them be creative. Next, if you like things
like flowers, lollies, DJs, bands, whatever, get things you like. This is like going shopping for groceries. You know how when you go
shopping for groceries, you don’t get everything,
you just get what you want? It’s like that. Okay, now, we’re almost done. You wanna look and feel amazing. I do that when I wear clothes that I love or got a sick haircut and
I’ve got a bit of moisturizer. I don’t know, whatever you want to do to feel amazing, do that. You go to the barber, get
a bit of hair and make-up. Just feel and look amazing. Finally, do you wanna eat
food and drink things, then maybe get people to help with that. That, my friends, is a wedding. In fact, let me tell you, the very start where
it’s just the two of you and a witness and
myself, that’s a wedding. Everything else is just
all how do we do you. And that’s what this podcast is gonna do. You. Not do you, but do you doing you, trying to figure out how
do we do you in a wedding. This is the Rebel’s
Guide to Getting Married. My name is Josh.
(rock music)

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