The Reality of Wedding Preparations | The Best Ending | EP.03 (Click CC for ENG sub)

What are you doing? Let’s not do this. -What?
-We shouldn’t get married. That day, we tore apart someone else’s precious thing. (The Best Ending) (EP. 03 Different Relationships,
Different Weddings) I told you to wear sneakers. It tickles. I call dibs on Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday. I have a study meeting
on Thursdays. Okay, I’ll take Thursday too. Instead, you do the dishes
from Monday to Friday. Deal. Clean my ears now, please. -Come here.
-It’s my turn at last. Min Chae. Yes? What about… our babies? Let’s wait a little. Until when? Until we’re more prepared. I guess that’s reasonable. We’re hardly taking care
of ourselves. Yes. What about your classes when
we go on our honeymoon though? What? Are we going on a honeymoon? What are you saying? Are we not? (Top 5 Honeymoon Packages) 9.8 million won? How many zeros am I looking at? 9.8 million won? I guess it’s not
that we aren’t going. It’s that we can’t afford to go. I’ve given it some thought. Why don’t we postpone it
so that we can go on a good one instead of trying to find
something within our budget? This won’t do. -Get dressed quickly.
-What? I got this consulting voucher
from Hye Mi. (Momo Wedding
Consulting Voucher) This wedding planner is an
expert on reducing the budget. Wow. Of course, you can trust me.
I can solve all your problems. Where do we start? What’s all this? This is the checklist
for weddings. Having a wedding will be
a piece of cake with this list. Do you have any preferred
wedding dates or times? Or any wedding halls
that you have in mind? No, we’ve just started planning. In that case… -Wow.
-Gosh. It’s so pretty. Hotels are better for sure. What do you want to do
about the food? You can have a tasting
for either a buffet-style meal, Korean food, or a course meal. That would unarguably be… A buffet-style meal. -Start with the sashimi.
-Don’t you start with the meat. You get full too quickly
and won’t be able to eat a lot. Goodness, you two
are so perfect together. The reality
of your marriage starts with the wedding preparation. So, please answer honestly
from now on. Sure. Which is more important, a
nice ambiance or accessibility? -Accessibility.
-Ambiance. Why? The wedding hall has to
be pretty for the pictures. For the guests, it’d be best
to have lots of parking spots and good accessibility. Design or legibility
for the wedding invitations? This one on the left
is prettier, isn’t it? Not really.
I like the one on the right. The letters are nice and big. A studio photo or a snapshot
for the wedding photos? We only get to take this once
in our lives, so a studio photo. No, I think a snapshot is nicer. How about the wedding dress? The prettiest one. Please recommend us
the nicest shop. Come on. You haven’t come to an agreement
on many things yet. This will be
your approximate budget. You can make your decisions
in the order of this list. (25,000,000 won) Woong, how much do you have
saved up? A little over five million won. I’ve been saving one million won
every month. What about you? After I spent some money
on the deposit for this place,
I have 1.5 million won left. I’m going to save
1.5 million won every month. So, we have 6.5 million won
between us. It’ll be nine million won
by next month. In two months… -It’ll be 11.5 million won.
-Wow. We’ll be able to save money
quicker than I expected. The dress suits you so well. Wow. You look beautiful. This is the one.
I am all for it. Really? Woong, what about this one?
I like this one better. I don’t know. Excuse me, but can I try
the ones over there as well? Oh… That might be a little… What’s the problem? They’re quite expensive,
so even if you try them on… How much more expensive
could they be? The adjustment costs the same, but the rental costs
about seven times more. Would that be all right
with you? Hey, don’t. Go and get changed.
We’ll go and try them on. Forget it. What are you doing? I’ll get you the best dress.
It’s no problem. Please get her
the prettiest dress from here. Come with me for a second. Why are you
making me embarrassed? She’s just trying to help us
based on our budget. You’re embarrassed? Hey, I’m just… Forget it. It’s fine. Look. How do you like this bed? I’m not crazy about it. Wouldn’t it be better
to get a queen size bed? What about that then? I don’t
have a dressing table at home. You always put on makeup
on the bus though. I’d do it at home if I had that. Gosh, this is so soft. Come sit here. The couch we have
at home is better. And a fabric couch
is more practical. We can wash it too. Did I say we should buy it?
I’m just telling you it’s soft. Why are you getting mad? How come you hate every single thing I like? Just once, can’t you agree with me and let me get what I want? Did I disagree with you
for no reason? I had legitimate reasons. I told you to get a nice dress,
but you said no to that. What legitimate reason? I see. Because you have to
buy the PlayStation? I knew you were
clueless and out-of-date. But I didn’t think
you’d be this stubborn. What? Yes, I’m out-of-date. I don’t have an eye for
nice things. Are you happy now? I’m just saying, can’t you just trust me
and leave it all to me? Your standards are too high. I’m saying they’re too high
for what we have. Don’t you think I want to
give you what you want? I was getting frustrated
with my own standards as well. I’m already aware of it
even if you don’t remind me. I wasn’t really going
to buy them. This dressing table
is very practical so it’s very popular
with ladies. This bed can make
your entire room look fancy. I see. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. -Yes, hello?
-Is this Min Chae Go’s number? Yes. How can I help you? I’m calling you to let you know
that your package will be delivered soon.
So, please wait at home. What is the item? I’m not sure.
It says it’s a couch. It’s really heavy. We’d also like to offer you
a free gift. Is there anything
you would like? What can you offer? We have a rug, a phone, a tablecloth,
and a bedside lamp. Then, I’ll get the bedside lamp. Okay. I’m sorry, Min Chae. Woong. Yes? What are you doing? -Let’s not do this.
-What? We shouldn’t get married
like this. You were right. I went over my head
and wanted too much. I thought if it looks ridiculous
to other people’s eyes, it’s better not to get married. I mean, I still believe that. -And?
-Come to think of it, what looks most ridiculous
is me right now. Trying to act according to
other people’s standards is the biggest waste of time, and also what
makes me feel small. It’s the worst thing if it makes you feel small. Woong, you trust
my taste, right? -What?
-I trust your drive. -Seriously?
-Let’s do it totally differently
and not be ridiculous. -Let’s do it our way.
-Deal. What are we supposed to do then? Min Chae, come into the frame. Just… Move to the center a little bit. -Okay, perfect.
-How do I look? You look so pretty. Okay, here we go. Hurry. -Let’s take it in one go. Smile.
-Okay, smile. Different people,
different relationships, different love. We are doing
a different wedding. (Different people, different
relationships, different love.) (We are doing
a different wedding.) Min Chae?


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