The Party’s Over for the Holts | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Happy you came, man. Pretty excited. Can’t be too excited. Why you say that? Because this awkward as hell. The whole– the whole us being
here like, hey, what’s up? Hey, what’s up? Like, it’s not awkward? I mean, it– it’s awkward. How are you feeling right now? Overwhelmed because I’m
having to clean and decorate. And I ain’t even been here. Saying she clean, and
cook, and a great provider, and great husband, and
great all of this– You know it sounds all
good when they say it all. When you actually have to do it
is a totally different thing. It’s a totally
different thing. Hey, look, I said, the
bed wasn’t made up. Why you gotta make the
bed up this morning? I said, did you cook breakfast
for the kids this morning? I said, yeah, see, me,
when I was living here, I had to cook, clean,
nurture the girls, give you attention,
cook breakfast, cook dinner, take care of
business, all of that, Yeah. Yeah. But it’s all good because
he don’t feel it all. You know, she’s speaking of,
you know, filing those papers, you know? But, hey, I don’t know what to
say at this point, you know? Wow. Divorce papers. This is as far as the Holts have
ever gone in this direction. And talking to Martel,
it seemed like it’s another day in the park. I really think he needs to
take this more seriously. You know, it’s our 11 year
wedding anniversary today. It is? He ain’t said, look,
I know I’ve been putting you through some [BLEEP]. I’m sorry. But regardless of all of that,
still happy anniversary to you. – Right.
– Nothing. In our happier days, we
planned this gender reveal for our 11th year anniversary. So it’s not like
Martel doesn’t know. I guess he just doesn’t care. If we– if I go
through with it, it’s a possibility we can get
back on down the line three, four years from now. What happens when
she makes decisions that disallow you to come back? Getting another guy is my thing. I understand. I mean, if that’s
the way it goes, that’s the way it’s going to go. That’s the way
it’s going to go. If that’s what
she really want, I’m going to allow
it to take place. That’s it. Marcel’s up here talking
about Melody possibly get another man if things go south. But I’m not entertaining it. I definitely don’t
think that there’s another man on this
planet that can be the man that I have been to Melody.


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