The Nature of Events┃Part 1┃Communication Tools

Ahhh…we approach that time of year again…Event Season. Whether it be a sales kick-off, corporate
retreat, conference, or tradeshow, humans have been migrating en mass to
come together with the purpose of exchanging ideas, and growing their minds and businesses. All the while, they will be making
meaningful connections that will benefit them in ways they may not dear to have
fathomed. Communication is at the heart of any event. While some come to an event with hopes of sharing a message or garnering attention, others are more keen
to gather as much knowledge as possible to take with them as the migration
disperses. One of the most important tools the event planner has applied over
the years is the Program. Historically, the program has taken the form of a
printed booklet that took days for the planner to create and print, sometimes at
great cost if the planner wasn’t on guard. The
ability to convey session schedules, maps, and information about speakers and
exhibitors could be life or death to the event. Let us now turn our attention to
the noble people who planned the event and the critical role they play in
ensuring its success. At the heart of any event is the Planner. Tasked with
shepherding the migration of attendees throughout the event space, their ability
to effectively communicate with their heard is paramount.
Sadly, nature often deals a harsh blow handing out last-minute changes,
speaker cancellations, technical malfunctions, and especially,
environmental dangers. Such trials would seek to foil even the best laid plans
and some unfortunate souls are forced to spend
thankless hours adjusting for these disasters only to find that once the
dust has settled, she’s lost more than just her precious time. Ever evolving, the
savvy Planner finds new tools to aid her in traversing these tricky terrains.
Increasingly, the most successful of this species employs new technologies to
house and distribute their valuable information. Look here! This Planner has
just received news that a speaker has canceled and must be replaced. Acting
quickly, she updates her event app with new session information and the speakers
bio. A change is immediately sent out to the oblivious attendees. Success! Watch as
attendees begin to receive the update. The Event Planner struts off to her next
challenge, having triumphantly conquered this
barrier and freed her attendees to continue their pursuit of enlightenment.
As the sun sets on another successful event, one cannot help but marvel at how
far we’ve come in using technology to enhance communication. This brave new
generation of Planner has done more than just shed many of
the burdens of the past. They have evolved and we are all reaping the benefits.


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