The man behind the mic. Who is Wedding MC Jeremiah Hartmann?

(lighthearted music) – I’ve always been the kind of person who’s had a keen interest
in life and people. Creating a feeling and
connecting with people, that’s always something
that came naturally to me. I’m Jeremiah, but you can call me Jerry. Everyone say, hi, jerry! – [Audience] Hi, Jerry! – A key part of my role as an emcee is keeping people together. Ultimately, I’m not just an emcee for the bride and the
groom and the guests, it’s an emcee for your suppliers too. Everyone knows their role and they just need to have a conductor to know when their part’s on. So everything’s all set, it
just needs to be switched on. When people come from different circles, and different groups and
even different cultures, there needs to be
something that unifies them in that very split second. My job’s to make sure
the night runs smoothly and you get to have a good time. Now if you think that’s fair say ooh yeah. – [Audience] Ooh, yeah. – My approach to emceeing has always been about
just being transparent, and being real, and being
approachable to everyone. And that’s a sort of feeling
that I bring to every person who meets me face to face. I don’t have to pretend to be me. In each and every one of us, we’ve got some innate
ability that comes natural. Please join me, you, and the person next to
you to welcome in… ‘Cause our stars of the
show are gonna come in, there’s gonna be fire! The brand spanking new… Let’s get ready for it, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp! (guests applauds and cheers) Mr. and Mrs. Raman! (guests applauds and cheers) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, Cynthia Attard. Here we go! (guests applauds and cheers) – Knowing that I can understand the issues and the problems that
will be faced by a couple and all those involved in the wedding day and being a really true
valuable contribution, it’s a really satisfying feeling. I personally believe
there’s no higher service than the service into others
and I like to carry that into every single department of my life. What I love the most about presenting is knowing that I’ll never ever
get bored of feeling useful.

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