The last crazy thing I did before leaving Canada (crashed a wedding)

What would you do, would you say yes? okay… So I think it’s probably fair that I Joss: give a little context as to how this situation, really started.
Lashan: Explain how any of this came about. There’s this YouTube channel, you may
have heard of it, it’s called Yes Theory. The channel is all about spreading the
message of seeking discomfort, saying yes to things and going out of your comfort
zone. It’s one of my favourite channels on YouTube, and back in May 2018, a little
over a year ago they created a Facebook group for people who follow the channel
to meet up in real life. That group basically made. my. summer. I’ve met some of my best friends in Montreal through that group, *SURPRISE DERIN*
I met people while travelling in Iceland, who visited Montréal, Guatemala Mexico, Paris, London… it’s… incredible. It’s
my favorite thing on Facebook. Because of the nature of the group, a lot of people post challenges. Sometimes it’s something simple like “hey let’s send postcards to
each other” but every once in a while you get something that’s a little more… out
there. For as long as I can remember, my friends have always made my love life, or… lack of, love life the topic of discussion. A few weeks ago
there was this girl who posted on the group starting off with the sentence
okay this might be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done or maybe it’s the
greatest thing guess only hindsight will tell but I have a proposition for one of
y’all basically every time we get together it’s brought up which is
incredibly amusing to everybody particularly me but now my friend is
getting married on February 23rd and there is a running joke in my friend
group that I will not show up with a plus one and on the wedding invitation
she gave me a plus one which she know is fair but because I’m living in Milan and
because I had me my friend was very apprehensive as to if I was going to
bring one knee I said no I’ll probably not gonna bring on in fact I’m being set
at a table filled with couples I thought about it and I know that she’s sitting
me at a table those friends who are all couples she
even made a comment saying that I could go with one of my other friends whose
girlfriend is in Europe like I don’t need a pity date thank you very much
and while that is absolutely hilarious and not even remotely embarrassing
you know I kind of just wanted to stick it to them so I thought what better way
than to find a date who’s a stranger yeah so that’s where I came upon yes
sirree I heard they had a group on Facebook where it’s a bunch of
like-minded people who want to seek discomfort I thought okay post a message
seeing if you know anybody would be interested so without trying to come up
sounding completely sad or desperate my therapist tells me that desperation is
not an attractive quality do any of you want to crash a wedding in the most
below every city you know Ontario Canada I realize I haven’t made this offer very
exciting at all but there will be an open bar and it can provide you with
enough embarrassing moments to share with your friends later please save me
from resorting to Craigslist because it goes through a moderation process a post
doesn’t get posted right away so confer about about it a couple days later I
went back and checked it out and it had just gotten posted oh my god I thought
it was hilarious the response was ridiculous I put my
hand up and so did about a hundred other people the post blew up so many comments
and likes people saying that they would be totally down to be a plus-one never
been to a wedding before so I thought it would be could be the perfect
opportunity to go to one in a fun way then I got a bit overwhelmed how am I
supposed to choose I didn’t think I was gonna have options I thought there was
probably gonna be like a handful of people so many people who were
interested in this I mean this is the most interest in my social life I have
ever had honestly she ended up picking someone else so I moved on with my life
unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and the guy who was supposed to
be the original wedding date you know had problems with money and stuff but
then a week later I get a message I thought it would be better just to find
someone who is closer in age doesn’t have to travel very far I really had
never been to a wedding or I was doing something out of their comfort zone and
just seemed like a cool someone that I had interests with you
know like mutual interests you know when you’re not friends with someone on
Facebook and they send you a message and it goes in a message requests well I got
one of those so I saw her name and his saw jaws and I thought Joss Joss Joss I
recognize that name where do I know that name from I swear I’ve seen that name oh it’s the wedding go that’s how I found
okay I don’t know how to pronounce her name so like is it lation or LaShawn so
sorry in advance so I opened it and it said hey LaShawn the guy is supposed to
be my plus-one had to bail as it was a bit too far for him you still done my
god I freaked out I freaked out I said yes I didn’t know what to do just being
spontaneous and just jumping on the moment bought my ticket my first-ever
wedding and it’s going to be as the wedding date of a complete stranger who
have never met to the wedding of two other complete strangers in a random
city in Ontario Canada my friend is convinced that whoever I’m
bringing doesn’t actually exist because I might have told her on the seating
chart quick Orlando Bloom is my date but you know what it’s gonna be a fun time
so this is nuts how does this happen yeah I’m excited part of the adventure was getting now I
nearly missed my flight okay so right now I have my suit trying
to figure out what white shirt to wear the thing with all of this is that I
haven’t really processed how crazy it is I said yes to it a whole day I’m like
this is amazing and then I tried not to process it at all and now it’s hitting
me the day I have to leave I have like one hour before I have to leave though
my suits dull my bag it’s go so I’m trying to catch the bus to the app boy
and I don’t think I don’t think this is gonna work this is
the street I’m supposed to catch the bus wrong this is holding me up and that’s my bus
and the bus goes all the way down this road am I gonna miss my flight we should be good
okay Toronto Toronto Toronto there we go Air Transat they just use their name at
the bottom that’s final call make me run across the
entire Airport as a lion so I’ve touched on in Toronto and you
can see here she was active 17 minutes ago and my
messages have not reached her yet I’m really lost yeah but I have no idea
where to go the signage is really bad I don’t have a phone number and she hasn’t
even received my message see if dystopia for no reason I just really want to get out Internet
I love it I’ll come meeting with Jocelyn a Dagwood
dropped by her house for a quick drink and then we headed to the bride’s house
where everyone was staying the night before the wedding on Jos aside she
didn’t tell the bride anything about me just that she had a date on the way
there we were debating what kind of story we should make up as to how we met
but then we decided that the truth was a good enough story on its own so the
bride’s house is two stories with a huge window on the second story facing the
street which is where the lounge room was where everyone was hanging out so as
soon as our car pulled up everyone got out of their chairs and just started
looking through the window like this thinking like who is this person just
curious we went in and then just the bride was
absolutely hilarious I think her reaction was the best out of
anyone that we told the story to we didn’t record it though unfortunately
but it was hilarious he was asking things like can I have ID who are you
she thought the story was absolutely hilarious it was an amazing reaction
their whole family was amazing absolutely amazing people just fawning
that the rest of this video is a lot of random bits and pieces and very little
vlogging as I didn’t really want to make this day about me but hopefully you get
the gist it was pretty wild it’s really well it’s a couple hours before
yeah and I’m wearing a dress that’s very similar to the bridesmaids exactly the
same almost I got suited up how you feel I exhausted
already and has a drink any of you yeah so basically crazy story like 75,000 people on it from all over
the world and they all say this in houma crash a
wedding in Ontario no no no you guys please be my plus-one
dropped out are you still down I’m like yeah so I bought the flat I do the same
burger reaches hey guys
we’ve known each other for less than 24 hours I oh you wanna see it my gosh you do say that hey Joss just wanted to thank you again
for inviting me along for this crazy weekend I’m honestly so glad I said yes
to this you your family friends and everyone else’s families was so lovely
and welcoming and all the best type of crazy a whole idea of you deciding to ask
75,000 strangers on the internet if one wanted to be your wedding date is equal
parts bizarre insane and such a perfect embodiment of what seeking discomfort is
all about you literally join the group just to
propose this challenge and it’s honestly the most yes theory thing that’s ever
been posted on now coupled with the fact that this was my first ever wedding of
two amazing complete strangers where I was the only one who didn’t know anybody
else I’ll remember this weekend for a very long time it was so great to get to
know you heal stories and everything about your wild and possibly vicarious
life ironically in this weekend of seeking discomfort I found it comforting
to find someone my age navigating this world and his possibility is the same
way I am with no plan and holding oneself to no set structure or desire to
settle life is too short to take the comfortable beaten path when the unknown
holds as many trials as it does amazing possibilities at least for us my life is
headed into a complete unknown in the next few months and this weekend
reignited that driving me to push through and keep taking risks when I’ve
had so many moments of thinking I could very easily give up and go back to
Australia I won’t so thank you for that wishing you all the best for your next
year in a bit in Italy and everything else that lies ahead until next time
lashauwn it’s gonna be a rough ride going to catch a mega bus it’s been
crazy windy all the flights were canceled I mean time thank God I didn’t
get a flight but I finally find the Toronto sign
abby’s that’s something I’m on my way home right now I had an amazing time
absolutely amazing time Joss is fantastic friends are crazy like
absolutely crazy and I love the Polish traditions were
nuts absolutely not getting people’s reactions were absolutely hilarious
Tina’s reaction was the most golden not in the vlog because we didn’t report it
but it was fantastic the whole set up I found it just so
ridiculous so yes there really and I am so stoked Thank You Joss for picking me
and let me be a part of this I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did now how do
you friend I’ve met some amazing people in
mississauga of all places I can’t feel my hands so I’ll see you in the next one
I hope you guys enjoyed I hope all of you new people as well have enjoyed this
video I know the vlogging was a little haphazard you might have been expecting
to take away from actually enjoying the experience but hope you enjoyed liked it
if you liked this video subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the
next one whatever that is okay sana


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