The Happy Family Show – S3 E1 “Midge and Alan’s Wedding Day” | The Barbie Happy Family Show

(orchestral music) – Hey mom, since
it’s Valentine’s Day, will you tell us the story
of how you and Dad met? – Just a minute,
dear, I’m kinda busy. (doorbell ringing) Ryan, I think it’s for you. – Alright, I’ll get it. – Hi Ryan! Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, I’ve got
something to show you! Surprise, Ryan! – Uh, Kaylee. When are you going to get it? I’m not in love with you. And, look at this picture, I’m not even in this picture. It’s photoshopped! – But, Ryan! – Please, Kaylee,
could you just go be in love with someone else? – Fine, Ryan! I’ll just spend Valentine’s
Day alone in my room! You big dummy! (raspberry noise) – Aw man, I probably
shouldn’t ‘a been so mean. – Come on Ryan, breakfast
is on the table. – I’m coming. – Okay Mom. Now that we’re all sitting down, will you tell us the story
of how you and Dad met? – Well didn’t we already tell
you that in episode four? – Well, yeah. I know. You met when you were just kids. But I wanna hear
the whole story. Like how you fell in love. – Oh! Okay. Well, you see, your
father and I met in the park when
we were just kids. But when I was ten,
my dad got a job in another city, and
we had to move away. – But, wait. If you moved away, how
did you guys fall in love? – Well, when I was a
senior in high school, we were able to move back,
and one day in school, that’s when I became
reacquainted with your father. (harp playing) – Oh dear. – Oh, let me help you with that. – Oh, thank you. (romantic orchestral music) Hi. I’m Midge. – I’m… I’m Alan. – Wanna eat lunch with me? – Sure. – [Midge] It was
love at first sight. We dated all through college. It was the greatest time. We studied together, we
hung out all the time. We were inseparable! We didn’t even realize
that we knew each other from childhood until
a few weeks later. – Oh oh! Now tell us about
when you got married! – How ’bout you
take this part Alan? – Well, when we got out of
college, I decided to propose. But when wedding day came,
I was actually nervous. (harp playing) – Hey Alan, you look nervous. – Well you see, I – But don’t worry, there’s
no reason to be nervous. I mean, it’s not like you
could walk out there and trip, or mess up your vows, or get
kidney failure or somethin’. I mean, that kinda stuff
only happens on TV! – Uh, yeah. Thanks, Dad. – You’re welcome, Son. – [Alan] So as the day went
on, I was still pretty nervous, but I knew if I just kept calm, everything would go just fine. (gulping sound) (ripping sound) (yelling) – Your father always
was a bit of a tripper. – Yes, yes I was. – But how did you
get married if you tripped and broke your arm? – Well, we rescheduled
for the very next Sunday, and unlike the previous
week, everything went fine. (harp playing) (romantic orchestral music) – Do you, Alan, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? – I do. – Do you, Midge, take this man to be your lawfully
wedded husband? – I do. – By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce
you man and wife. You may kiss the bride. (wedding march) – Woo! (applause) – Aw, what a sweet story. Thanks for tellin’
it, Mom and Dad. Come on, Nikki, let’s
go make some Valentines. – Um, hey, Mom? Dad? Can I have some advice? – Well, sure dear. – Well, you see,
Kaylee’s in love with me. She always has been. And it’s getting
really annoying. What should I do? – Well, I think she just wants
to be friends with you, Ryan. You should go talk
to her and tell her that you just wanna
be friends for now. And that you’re just
simply too young to think about dating right now. – Well, she’s kind of mad at me because I was sort
of mean to her today. – An apology goes
a long way, Son. – Okay. Thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll go talk to her. Kaylee, could I talk to you? – What do you want? – Kaylee, I just wanted
to apologize for today. I didn’t mean to be so mean. I’m just too young to be
in love with anybody yet. You think we could
just be friends? – Oh, Ryan! That’s all I ever really wanted. I just wanted you to like me. – Well, I do, Kaylee. Friends? – FRIENDS! Oh, wait here, I have
something for you. Here, Ryan. Open it! – Wow. Kaylee! A present? Thanks! Oh! Kaylee! How did you know? I’ve always wanted one of these! It’s a pickax from Minecraft! Where’d you get it? – Internet. – Thanks, Kaylee. Hey Kaylee, how
’bout we get a better picture of the two of us? – Okay! – Say organic milk! (playful music)


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