The Groom Cries, The Bride Laughs | Wedding Video | Noah’s Event Venue Wichita Kansas

nervous excited and emotional I’m gonna cry she’s gonna laugh at me and then she’s probably gonna cry afterwards but it won’t be the first or the last time that I’ve cried today either Michael’s totally got a cry totally gonna cry uh I may awkwardly laugh because I do that sometimes um but he’s definitely going to cry ok if you’re ready to turn around you can turn around Rachel tonight I have never felt more confident in any decision I have ever made everybody knows that a guy like me isn’t supposed to find a girl like you my dear sunshine you have a deep kind soul you enjoy the ornery but when you give a glimpse of your kind-hearted soul it melts my heart your ability to make me laugh gives me butterflies I love that we are starting a relationship with the world and putting our faith in God on a personal note with Rachel I’ve known Rachel for 18 years don’t start crying gonna set me off I’ve known Rachel for 18 years and in that time I became Rachel’s stepdad and the one special thing about you you never made me feel like was just your stepdad your wonderful wonderful woman of big heart so thank you very much for that that thank you for supporting me through graduate school I’m still not sure how I survived but I know that I did it because of you and your endless support and putting Georgetown before yourself my favorite memory of you has to be when you crossed… when you walked across that stage at Georgetown for many that resembled hard work and dedication but for me that resembled overcoming all of your battles prior to that day and finishing on top but more importantly not giving up when a lot of people would have I know your dad would be so proud of you Michael I have known for two years and Michael seems to be a nice kind gentle generous man I may be wrong you guys said that’s what I see I vow to always love you even when you annoy the heck out of me I vow to put our marriage before anyone or anything else in this world I vow to always change the thermostat behind your back because I am always cold but more than anything but more than anything I vow to give you all of me for the rest of our lives there are no words to describe how much I love you for the very first time I introduced to you Michael and Rachel Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker now just just just one more second just one more second Michael who is this beautiful woman next to you my wife this is my wife woman next to you no I this is my wife Rachel who is this fine-looking gentleman next to you that’s my husband you may kiss the bride lastly how lucky am I to be gaming such awesome parents my mom’s gonna love that they have shown me just how far a helping hand can go in this world to never take life too seriously and it and it won’t matter in 10 years but more importantly to always love one another they created the person you are today and I will always honor what they have achieved in you I can’t wait to love you forever as my wife Michael you make life so wonderful and I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else I love you more than I’ve ever found a way to say to you
your wife Rachel there’s no doubt about it you two made each other so I would like to offer a toast to these two guys grab a glass this is the new Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker


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