The Great Gildersleeve: The Campaign Heats Up / Who’s Kissing Leila / City Employee’s Picnic

craft presents the great Gildersleeve yeah the craft cheese company makers of parquet margarine and a complete line of famous quality food products presents Harold Perry is the great Gildersleeve Kraft bring to the great Gildersleeve every week at this time written by John Whedon and Sam Moore [Music] we’ll hear from the great Gildersleeve in just a moment you know there are actually a hundred different ways to temp family appetites with AB step the delicious golden cheese food and since there’s only time to tell you a few here goes served baked potato with a golden paps that cheese sauce melting into the potatoes mealy goodness spinach screamed with pabst death is another delicious treat dates are pruned stuffed with Pabst Tet make a grand nourishing salad and casseroles of macaroni or fish what grand eating they make when you add the mellow cheddar cheese flavor of Pabst Tet for a delightful between-meal snack serve graham crackers spread with pav step or combine PAB step with jelly for a marvelous sandwich filling yes there’s simply no end of ways to please family appetites with a wholesome cheese goodness of PAB step so look for the familiar round flat package on your dealer’s shelf and whenever you can buy delicious nourishing PAB step [Music] come with us now to summer field in the merry month of May for the first time this season the Sun is hot today really hot and life in summer field is slowed down to a walk birds are singing and children stop to listen to them flies are buzzing and people are thinking it’s time to put up their screens but not doing anything about it there won’t be enough business done on the whole town today to pay the overhead on Peavey’s drugstore and the great Gildersleeve where is he well the Commissioner is in his office at the City Hall with the door closed his coat off his feet up on the desk the window wide open the afternoon Sun warming his back under his feet lies a stack of mail still unread but he’s reading over and over is a note from his ladylove he knows it by heart now every word and still he reads it because it seems to bring to him the sweet music of her voice My dear dear Throckmorton her will you think it’s silly of me I wonder to write to you this way when I could pick up the phone and call you when I shall be seeing you again tomorrow anyway think it’s silly Eve how could I it’s just that there’s so much to say darling and when we’re together it’s so difficult somehow to find words to say it I have the feeling at times that you two are tongue-tied that you’d like to say things that you can’t oh that’s so true Eve that’s so true why if I could say the things that are in my heart I’d be a poet anyway this is my little way of bringing you closer to me when we’re apart and I hope it will bring me closer to you it’s late afternoon now I’m sitting at my writing desk the little rosewood one that mother gave me and the radios playing softly in the next room it’s a program that’s on every afternoon called teatime melodies I wonder if you ever listened to it oh I must make a note of that teatime melodies I like to think that you might even be listening to it now because guess what they’re playing darling they’re playing Tea for Two do you remember do you remember the first time you ever held my hand do I hear it was before you told me you loved me even you held my hand and you sang it to me softly I’m so sweet mm-hmm upon my knee with tea for two and two for tea it’s me for you and you messy [Music] let’s see what the name Susan what’s going on out there on the street your trunk of some kind with a loudspeaker yeah let me see it’s not truck down there with the flags all over it we’ve got a sign on it vote for two Williger what they say in common both familiar to will occur at the primaries on June 20th he’s given us four years of good government let’s have four more Oporto Williger retain the incumbent retain the incumbents bessie pull down that window mr. Gildersleeve a celebration of some kind celebration nothing it’s a plot a dirty political plot to Williger paraded that truck past here deliberately he did it to annoy me he’s just trying to get my goat well if he thinks he’s going to get my goat he’s mistaken I’m just good and mad that’s all parading past the City Hall like that why is it disgrace it’s an attempt to corrupt civil servants that’s what it is he’s trying to sway him it’s an outrage wonder where you get trucks like that LTTE retain the incumbents is there anything else I can do mr. Joffe especially if that truck comes by again don’t listen to it ignore it yes sir mr. Gildersleeve what is an incumbent an incumbent bessie is a political slug a leech you find him under rocks I am joking Bessie an incumbent as anyone who’s holding office you mean like you’re the water commissioner though you’re an incumbent well we’re good in cumference and bad in combat well how do you tell what you’re the good ones in which is a bad way just come and ask me I’ll get out of here will you Bessie let me get back to my work if you don’t mind mr. Gale disease I’ll be out of the office for a few months yeah I wish you would be now my dear dear Throckmorton My dear dear Throckmorton my beard Deary my dear darling he i dear sweet lovely beautifully and she sealed it with a kiss right here Booker who let you in nobody the door was open you who that’s Bessie what goes on guilty what we I just happened to be reading a letter is there anything wrong in that oh no no of course not anyone I know it was from an old college chum no I see you boys must have been very fond of each other hooker what do you want I’ve come here to give you a word of advice killing keep your advice I don’t wanna tea are you asking me to act as your campaign manager did you’re not in a moment of weakness I did a moment of weakness I can send it now as your involuntary campaign manager I should like to call attention to the fact that I haven’t observed any campaigning lately not on your part well I’ve been busy yeah I know so Esther Williger he’s been very busy only he’s been busy campaigning not lollygagging yep oh girl I do not lollygag listen did you hear that truck just went by yes I heard it retain the incumbent house that’s what’s going on all over billboards throwaways ads in the newspaper the opposition is really going to town they’re spending money like crazy what are you doing about it I’ll do something don’t worry hooker I’ll do plenty when the time comes in the time comes just waiting for the psychological moment kindly let me know when it arrives meantime you may contact me at Dolan’s pool rooms goodbye lover oh go chase yourself you old goat Bessie Bessie is that you yes Bessie do you ever listen to the radio oh yes my favorites red skeleton I didn’t know somehow he just kills me when he’s being a bad little boy and when he says howdy doody on earth I scream don’t you think he just screamed mr. Gildersleeve ha ha that they program I’m interested in right now Bessie happens to be tea time melodies do you ever listen to it oh my mom dad she never misses it every day at 5:30 5:30 oh my goodness I gotta go it closed up before you leave will you Bessie see the lights are turned off and the windows closed and don’t forget to put the cat out yeah yes an appointment I forgot it but then I remembered it [Music] Leeroy turn off that radio turn it off I don’t care if it’s General Eisenhower turn it off thank heaven uncle Mort I have to loosen to that thing every afternoon you do not you can go somewhere else Leroy this is a community living room my tree is just as much right here as you have oh yeah does she let me stay here when Wally Hough comes over and they want to sit on the sofa Wally Hoff has not come near the place in three months yeah but don’t you wish she would I do not tell Wally I never wanted to see him again you didn’t think it’d take a pause oh did you Leroy sometimes oh stop it both of you stop fighting and quiet down eat God sometimes I don’t know whether I’m an uncle or an umpire I came home to listen to a radio program and I want it quiet do you understand quiet quiet Leroy Oh Leroy I never touched her either you sit down and keep quiet or up to your room I better talk to my room Roger did you show your uncle what they went indeed Oh No what who did birdie I don’t know some men came and they put up a great big billboard with a picture of the mayor on it oh where Bernie look out the side window there oh if I gotta have that big fat and comin looking at me every morning when I sit down to breakfast by George I’m gonna see my lawyer I think you should know that won’t do any good my lawyers judge Booker besides that billboard would just put there to get my goat well later something can be done they’ve gone and messed up the viewing hall yes Bernie there is something that can’t be done pull down the shape pull it down and keep it down yes sir hey you want to see a card trick I thought you’d gone up your room I did but I came down again you want to see a trick no all right take a card any card no no tricks Leroy I have a radio program I want to hear and by George I’m gonna hear it alone that’s no fair you made me turn off the radio [Music] come along with me leave our okay okay come on Marge you to do i you to my dear I don’t see why I have to pay for everything leave Oh it’s 5:30 let it turn on the radio now pull up a chair and have a little piece for change uh-huh I wonder if Eve is listening how bad she is two hearts that beat as one radio is wonderful a WS a um a some appeal just in time a teatime melodies the program originally scheduled will not be heard at this time Oh instead we presented this time a talk by the Honorable Cyrus b2 Willig our mayor of some of you what man I won’t listen to it don’t listen to it Eve my very good friends of Summerfield well I’ll just listen a little the time is called the time has come my friends to face facts but time has come to call a spade a spade to the hand the time has come to call my opponent brockport repeat illness leave by his true name Udo dear let me say first that I have made mistakes in my life ha yeah you bet you have I have made serious mistake you bet but the worst mistake I ever made was appointing mr. Gildersleeve to fill the vacancy of water commissioner oh you cannot fill one they can see with another vacancy I found that out there such a thing is liable to Williger I have now to confess to you my friends and it pains me deeply to do so I have held to confess to you that mr. Gildersleeve by his record of the past two years has proved himself a man of many words and little action a poon Doppler of the first corner boon toddler that does it you want action a mayor all right you’ll get it hello hello hello judge why don’t you answer why didn’t you stop saying hello listen judge Terwilliger just made a speech about me on the radio oh no I’m listening right now he called me a boon down there that’s nothing here the other things he called it no I turned it off ah listen you old rooster get busy get up off your tail feathers and get out of that radio station tell them I want to answer to will I want you to arrange for him to put me on the air tomorrow night led Oriole I don’t argue about it judge do it I’m gonna give the people of this town an earful and by George it won’t be any tea time melody [Applause] the great Gildersleeve will be with us again in just a few second until a war is won new homemakers won’t be able to buy all the smooth wholesome perhaps that you want because vast quantities of dairy foods are being sent to our fighting fronts but remember each package of gold and delicious perhaps that cheese food you do buy goes a long way by lending its mellow appetizing cheese flavor to other more plentiful foods you see paps that melts with such luscious smoothness it’s no trick at all to whip up tempting pabst at omelets Welsh rabbit souffles and repair all kinds of grand macaroni and cheese dishes with PAB step you can get delicious sandwich variety with pabst at two because it blends so smoothly with other ingredients perhaps that is high in muscle building no protein helps provide food energy milk minerals and important vitamin A so look for asked for and when you can buy this delicious nourishing food Pabst [Music] now let’s get back the great Gildersleeve he’s had a night of dreams and what she’s pursued by little demons screaming at him but he’s followed it with a day of purposeful and fairly fruitful activity judge hooker has arranged for him to broadcast over station WS um he’s written a speech with which he’s mightily pleased and now he’s hurrying home to supper but what is this he sees in pb’s window boo TV my old friend he can’t do this to me Peevy man good afternoon what can I do for you this fine day don’t you try to soft soap me PB what’s that Terwilliger poster doing in your window ah yeah well where to what Eiger asked me to put it in there but I’m your friend PV terwilliger is just a stranger I know but he’s your potential customer customer you’re a money-mad PV uh-huh wouldn’t ya [Music] anything to get more customers anything to make a few more dollars there’s two ways of looking at that one is I mean business and I have to make a small profit the other is I’m performing a service if I can extend a circle of my service I feel I’m helping the community you mean you’re stealing a customer from the Atlas drug company mr. Gildersleeve there’s plenty of room for Peavey’s drug store and the Atlas PB you’re nothing but a hypocrite well now I wouldn’t say that I tried to be fair to all my customers mr. Gildersleeve that’s why I put your poster in the window and your burgers confounded PV can’t you see that politics is not the same as peddling pills politics is a matter of convictions you’ve got to be for me or to Williger you can’t be for both which are you for well two ways you’re looking at – that’s ridiculous you’re trying to mix business and politics and it can’t be done there’s two sides to that question there’s only one are you for me or two Williger we let you go to sleep I like to look at these things from several angles quit stalling quit stalling PV who you for mm I haven’t decided yet PV I demand that you remove that terwilliger poster from your window dare mr. Gillie really huh I couldn’t do that you value my friendship you will why do I do value it only well well I promised me r2 will agree I’d leave him in there until the primaries June 20th but I’ll tell you what I could do what I could put a war bond poster in front of him yeah you’re pretty cagey PV all right hey there hey you are mighty guilty saying oh that’s fine PV not a tracer – Williger to be seen much obliged if you have any doubts that you’re doing the right thing just listen to my broadcast at 9:15 tonight you’re going on the air yeah just tune in station WS um at 9:15 and you hear me put the blast on true Williger pv i’ll pull no punches straightening and trying to hear their listen in and tell your friends to listen pv yes Oh your environment – guilty politics politics I wonder now what can I put in front of their dealer sleeve poster [Music] Throckmorton are you sure you wouldn’t like one of us to go down to the radio station with you no thanks Eve I’ll be all right you just stay here listen with the family I’d be glad to go along yell if you want me you just make me nervous judge can I go walk I’ve never seen the radio station ha ha Leroy I can’t think of any situation in which would be more of a nuisance I’m gonna be any nuisance on it I could just sit and play with the sound effects now Leroy you stay here and listen over-the-air it’ll be much more exciting that way ok miss Goodwin you want to see a good trick what kind of a trick Leroy will have no tricks now please I’ve only got a few minutes before I leave so just let us talk if you don’t mind I’m gonna interrupt miss Goodwin could take a card and I could just keep talking take any card miss Goodwin all right um are you sure you don’t want the judge to look over your speech doc marten no Eve just wait to hear it well I’ll take the card back in the deck please no like this that’s fine Throckmorton I hope you won’t be abusive or personal in your speech certainly not I’ll hit straight from the shoulder well I don’t mind nothing what I have to tell you you have to remember the card you drew do you remember oh no no Leroy I don’t it was the Queen of Spades Oh for corns sake judge you didn’t have to tell now you spoiled a trick take another card miss Goodwin me you always stop that it’s impossible for us to talk with this confounded border black going on okay go ahead and talk politics blah blah blah yeah for young man what I was saying throughout Morton was I see no reason for you to get personal just because Mayor to Williger to send it to the personal level there’ll be nothing personal about it Eve just fast its kind of facts Gilley the worst ones I could find Throckmorton that’s the kind of thing you should be very careful about why Eve it’s my duty to tell the public the kind of man my opponent is that’s very low politics Throckmorton well to williger’s a very low politician I’ll say that too I think that’s all wrong dear really I do well if I don’t you to leave for the studio in just a minute my dear I take any card Marg any card at all Leroy give me that deck of cards ye gods you think I was just sitting around the house well anybody realize I’m about to go in the air we all realize it Throckmorton now you mustn’t get yourself excited I’m not getting myself excited but with him Leroy and his card tricks and you and hooker criticizing my speech he got guilty just keep cool nothing to be nervous about I’m not nervous I just like to sit quietly for a minutes before I have to go all right now let’s all be quiet now this is just an ordinary deck of card Oh for heaven’s sake but if someone of the audience will take one from the back I will cause it to disappear Leroy would you like me to cause you to disappear oh gosh nobody was saying anything I thought a trick would help you that settles that I’m leaving by George I don’t see how politicians can stand stand pot talk well if I am you got a family they can’t run and if they have they can’t think [Music] this way mr. Gildersleeve the studio is right down the corridor quite an establishment you have here mr. Stagg oh you’re so right mr. Gildersleeve yes ws um has grown into a real institution oh here’s our announcer Carl yes this is mr. Gildersleeve he’s making that political in studio a at 9:15 this is Carl Crawford mr. Gillis leave Carl Crawford yes well I’ve heard you on the air oh well you must be a fan of tea-time melodies mr. Gillis Lee oh I never miss tea-time melodies fine program well we try to make it a little different you know the average program of recordings is sort of oh well you know I try to make our tea time our say something to each listener gray we try to leave something lasting for ya sir will you left some lasting costs yesterday ha ha well I suppose I just leave you two here in the studio and caulk and show you about the microphones so on huh all right Thank You mr. Stagg ok see you later ha ha ha now mr. Gildersleeve would you prefer to speak standing up sitting down what difference does that make well we in radio have quite a few little tricks we find that some people are a little nervous standing up on the other hand some get short of breath sitting down I’ll stand up that’s fine now now suppose you just read me the first line or so of your speech what for so I can show you where to stand we and radio consider that very important all right ha ha now just a second till I run into the control these announcers you’d think there was something hard about this all I do is stand there and read all right mr. Gillis leave go ahead please yeah Oh fellow citizens I can state my political philosophy very briefly too far from the my quest to kill asleep Oh too far and I’ll move in little that’s it all right try to get me uh fellow citizens I can state my political philosophy very brief how about here oh that’s just fine fellow citizens I can that’s perfect don’t move knock-knock chok this is right where I would have stood in the first place we hadn’t been so before I marked the spot meticulous leave I’m just dying to know what is your political philosophy mayor to Williger is a dirty crook oh I’m sorry but you can’t say that why not are we in radio have little rules and regulations you know now if I could just glance over your speech on one condition I won’t change a word of it now mr. Gildersleeve I know you’re joking why don’t you just call a mayor a political opportunist because he’s a crook well then call him a dishonest political opportunist will you agree to that if I have to ask the spirit mr. Gilles leave that’s radio teamwork is the big thing to win right here oh well well well and how’s our little political coming along or just fine mr. Stagg mr. Gildersleeve being very cooperative oh that’s good so good mr. Gildersleeve you’ll be going on in just about two moments now but as little formality to be taken care of oh what’s that the matter of paying for the time Hey yes that’ll be $75 $75 listen here mr. Stagg mayor to Williger insulted me over your two-bit radio station I’m simply demanding an opportunity to answer his unfounded charges perhaps I can explain mr. Gildersleeve we in radio have our little rules and regulations and one of them is that political candidates have to pay for a time on the air well I don’t know anything about that and I’m not gonna pay a cent oh but I’m sure Judge hook and understood that you judge hooker didn’t say a word about money well we have to have it well you won’t get it and I’m going on the radio anyway now mr. Gildersleeve we and radio we and radio give we and politics a big pain brother I stand on my constitutional rights I’ll send for my lawyer Oh everything goes well uh what time is it judge just exactly 914 but my gold watch and chain won’t be long now is the monkey said when his tail got caught in a lawnmower that’s good judge Hilo any more like that – Leroy we ought to turn it down the judges watch may be wrong Edmond wrong 20 years but I’ll turn on anyway gee I wonder how uncle Sal you sound just fine I’m afraid your sound like killers lien I do hope he isn’t nervous yeah now that went well the voice of some of you now due to circumstances beyond our control the political broadcast originally scheduled for this time will not be heard we present at this time the music of Chuck Haslett and his all song their first selection blower good what on earth could have happened imagine e I’ll go call the station right away please mr. Gill asleep I don’t care what the rules are I demand her throat more is we wrong again I don’t care I’m gonna be on the air – you can do it so tell me what I can’t do have you ever heard of free speech brother or I’m gonna have socks copy but if you come one step there this micro Oh what let go you ladies and gentlemen I’ve been kept off the air hiding ladies and gentlemen we we we continue now with Chuck Haslett presenting hello [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] now Gillett you certainly made a prime jackass of yourself on the air that was your fault hooker why didn’t you tell me they wanted money I tried to maybe after this you listen to me you can’t run a campaign without money yeah guess you’re right judge well I haven’t got any I guess I’m licked now now don’t be downhearted guilty you got a lot of friends in this turn friends how do you mean well your friends will all be glad to contribute to your campaign fund I don’t believe it Oh nonsense anybody they wouldn’t give $5 now he’s no friend of yours that’s all how much can I put you down for Horace B yeah let’s start with you yeah you see what I mean folks good night everybody is it on this program is directed by Clark’s weekend – estate in the graphene company makers of parquet margarine a complete line of famous quality food products traffic lights you to listen again next week for the better but that jealously [Applause] and I’ll listen real close for here’s the big exciting food news of the day point values of margarine have been sharply reduced by our government cut from six points to only two rationed points a pound think of it now today you can get your favorite spread for bread the economical parquet margarine for only two raishin points a pound that is grand news and sure to be welcomed by the millions of American families who enjoy parquet margarine every day as a delicious spread for bread great news too for you homemakers concerned about good family nutrition because parquet is one of the best 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standing on the front porch with his niece Marjorie surveying his acres and sampling the morning air uh just breathe that air Marjorie go on breathe some of it wonderful where else can you get air like that you know I would live anywhere else for a million dollars neither would I you take where Judge hooker lives even of course it’s only three blocks from here but somehow the air isn’t the same I noticed the difference the minute I turn the corner I think it’s spring that’s turn the corner huh what do you mean well see how green everything is fine another week the lilacs will be out it’s really here uncle Morris it’s spring yes it’s spring what is it the Paula says a spring with its eternal promise if I don’t know mm-hmm spring spring the lovely thing my alchemor yeah I’m a poet and I don’t know you know you get awfully silly in the spring well who doesn’t yeah come on let’s sit down here on the swing and be comfortable my dear you gotta remember to put some oil on that remind me next spring I love spring I love this place I love every tree and every bush and every little thing about it yeah I wouldn’t take a million dollars for my grass see how green it is you can almost see it growing I can almost see me mowing Oh Ellie rise a big boy now where is Leroy he ducked out right after breakfast you want it no let him go what’s he up to I don’t know he borrowed a quarter from birdie before he left she’ll probably never see it again I’ve told him time and again he’s not birdie is that you out on the porch come on out the QPD pond downtown today I wasn’t planning to pretty I doubt if I even stir off this porch today it’s so comfortable here Oh shucks I should ask me Roy he was going anyway yeah by the way Brodie I understand you lent Leroy some money this morning yes sir well I told Leroy he’s not to ask you for money I’ve asked you not to lend him any well I wouldn’t say I lent it to him exactly mr. Gill see you wouldn’t know I just advanced it to him the distinction is a highly technical one birdie is what lending and advancing the distinction is scarcely perceptible from where I sit I’m sorry mr. Gill sleeve you ain’t coming through so good this morning I say what’s the difference between lending money to Leroy in advancing it well advancing money is where you’re gonna get it back comfy be living in his way he kiss it goodbye Leroy don’t pay it back well see that he does what did he want it for anyway only made me promise not to tell nobody here comes Leroy on his bicycle yes you better ask you me Roy oh my goodness don’t do that well these days he’ll break his fool neck no such luck hi Leroy where have you been shopping stick in your short tail what were you shopping for present and who may I ask were you buying a present for with money which you borrowed from birdie when I told you repeatedly you’re not to do so well could you give me that again what’s the matter with everybody around here I speak English don’t I excuse me about looking up Leroy who was the present for miss Goodwin miss well miss Goodwin a hey Leroy what’s back of all this nothing he just wants to get promoted that’s all June is come I do not I mean I do sir tell her to keep out of this song but you didn’t wait till the last minute every day to do your home well Marjorie I’ll handle this Leroy yeah sure how do you account for this sudden burst of generosity gosh I don’t see why everybody has to get so suspicious all of a sudden answer me what prompts the giving of this rich gift don’t you know tomorrow’s Mother’s Day Mother’s Day and you’re planning to give miss Goodin yeah you want to see it it’s super I got it right here what hey the bucket I asked for it it’s ours we mix up shot in the window a buck and a half Hey how do you like it what is it a pincushion what do you think Oh genuine silk it’s blue so I see it’s got pins in a two and they’re hard to find aren’t they March you see they’re stuck into which will they spell mother oh that’s very clever a buck and a half you think she’ll like it up well it’s a very pretty pin cushion my boy they’re the only thing I thought maybe you’d probably be going over there today and you could take it with you and give it to her so she’d get it in time for don’t you think she’ll like it up oh it’s very pretty Leroy very good not to be it cost a buck and a half it’s very generous of you to want to give it to her Leroy the only thing is well my boy women are funny in some ways I miss Goodwin she’s swell that’s not what you used to say about it I think she’s swell you wanna make something out of it so do I so there ha ha ha children but I’m trying to say Leroy is I think that’s a very fine pincushion what can I have however I also think it may be rushing things just a little they give miss Goodwin the present for Mother’s Day when she’s not your mother not yet she won’t be our mother anyway she’ll be our aunt oh gosh I thought she’d like it I wouldn’t spend a buck and a half I’m sure she’d like it my boy but as I say women are apt to be touchy about these little manners they don’t like to think of themselves as whistlers mother uncle mort’s right but I’ll tell you what you do now why don’t you save it and give it to her for a wedding present when well when we get married what is that yes when are you going to get married well that’s a little indefinite I mean she ain’t saying no we have a definite understanding about it Leroy we they have a definite understanding all right what is it well we decided your auntie Eve and I that it would be too complicated to try to get married at the same time I’m running for mayor well then why run for mayor ha ha ha ha ha you have a point there my boy but Eve is very anxious to have me do it she wants me to be the mayor in fact she promised that if I win the primaries in June that same day she’ll name the date of our wedding and if you don’t win what then ha ha ha why she’s going to win Leroy yeah but what if it doesn’t yeah we haven’t really gone into that my boy well you better go under what I don’t want to get stuck on a pincushion the cost a buck and a half [Music] [Music] will there be anything else document no that’s all I think mr. Peavey you’ll be sure and thank mrs. P D won’t you I don’t know how we could run a church supper without her she enjoyed it well Vivi you all sent him again huh oh hello dr. need over today mr. Gildersleeve I didn’t see you when I first came in and that will be 25 cents dr. Needham 25 sale and the pen attached of course of course render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s a mr. Gildersleeve that’s right by the way doctor I may be requiring your services before long Oh so in what capacity well you may not have heard I’m engaged to be married well that will be a pleasure mr. Gildersleeve a real pleasure good day today mr. Peavey goodbye doctor today by George he’s a pretty good fellow I wonder if he heard me say son of a gun Peavy oh I wouldn’t worry about the doctor he has a great sense of humor he’ll render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s yes that every time he pays the penny tax yes I know well what can I do for you this afternoon not a thing P V I just dropped in to chew the fat for a while if you’re not busy yeah tom is J the happy day really drawing knife for you mr. Jones mean right after the election I’ll be the happiest man in the world she’s the finest woman I’ve ever known woman is in noble sex mr. Gildersleeve I’d say it was the nobler of the two sexes you’re right Peavy now you take mother’s day only a woman can be your mother yeah that’s true probably a good thing too well judge okay Oh baby well generously busy campaigning I see and I’m just resting for the moment judge Peavy and I are talking about the nobility of woman women give me a pack of razor blades beauty and a bottle of those liver pills sour grapes judge all right laughs guilty you’re no better off than I am man I wouldn’t change an mr. Jota slaves engaged to be married you know yeah I know I know but there’s many a slip twixt the cup on the lip Gildersleeve I don’t know now I’ll see you here hooker you better get it in writing guilty just a year ago you were walking up the aisle with Lila ransom this is different no I don’t think mr. Gildersleeve has anything to worry about well you don’t know PD women are tricky well not tricky John’s just cautious oh how do you mean well I can remember mrs. Peevy when she was getting ready to name the day I was with a wholesale drug firm at the time done adjourned halts it was I can remember the day she said she’d marry me and just as plain as if it was yesterday well how could any man forget it yes see I called on her one Sunday afternoon I used to call on her every Sunday afternoon as a matter of fact and I’d always take along some little token a bouquet of flowers or box of taffy and we were both very fond of taffy no Dave come on Petey what happened huh coming to adjourn I just got to ask her to name the day every couple of months or so and hon this particular afternoon I asked her again I’ll never forget her answer what does he say PV she said Richard I’ll marry you just as soon as you open your own drugstore so here I am in my own drugstore yeah why if you hadn’t opened your own stores you would have married him just the same no one Jane Ann mrs. Peevy has a mind of her own she guilty that’s women for you they’ll only marry you for what they can get out of you judge that is a disgusting statement that may be true of some women but not Eve Eve is differed evil marry me whether I’m elected or not are you sure guilty I’m positive what’s more I’m going right over and find out [Music] well in the middle of the morning sure that’s the matter in the morning nothing Throckmorton except that I was just going out which is I have to come in just for a minute I’ll come in for a minute and stay the rest of the day Roth Morton I’m taking the day off Oh is mayor to Williger taking the day off I’ll leave a man can only campaign so much that’s no way to win an election let’s forget the election would you like to take the day off and have a little fun I can’t and I don’t think you should either oh come on Eve besides I’ve got something I’d like to ask you about you can ask me about it tonight I have a teacher’s meeting in a few minutes Eve don’t I mean anything to you of course you do only believe there’s something I got to know right away what’s that talk Martin well I got to thinking and I’m just wondering we get married in June huh maybe right after the election it all depends depends a lot doc Martin that reminds me I wrote my mother about you I never do a thing without consulting mother would you like to hear what you said what did you write about me oh I told her I’d met you and how kind you’d been to me and what an important man you were getting to be is that all just about would you like to hear what he said about you well so all the time but right now I’ve got to know where I stand suppose I don’t get elected I refused to consider that possibility so should you of course I’m gonna keep right on plugging away I’ll do my best and you win I’m sure you will what if I don’t let me show you what mother said I’ve got a letter right here oh forget the sage let’s see the weather has been rather chilly so in Toronto Nancy grant had a baby last week so on tone tone oh here mr. Gildersleeve from your description sounds very forceful and dynamic I’m sure he has a real future in politics they had politics what about my other future haven’t you said anything to your mother about us maybe I have what did she say about that I don’t have to tell you everything do I doubt him I want to know where I stand well our engagements been announced hasn’t it I have been engaged before what I want to know is I don’t get elected Throckmorton you’re being a defeatist I won’t consider that possibility in fact oh dear they’re blowing for me I’ve got to go but Eve can’t you answer a simple question later see you tonight darling oh no where am I bye George if I didn’t know her so well I say she was tricky [Applause] the great Gildersleeve will be with us again in just a few seconds now more attempting ways to serve tab set the delicious golden cheese food children simply love the wholesome nourishing cheese goodness of Pabst at so here are some special treats for the youngsters before serving vegetable soup crumbled Pabst Ted and let its mellow cheddar cheese flavor blend extra richness into this tempting soup green potatoes and creamed spinach made with pabst ed are sure to be greeted with aahs and oles of delight and between meals crackers spread with Pabst tet are treats that hungry youngsters will light in two with lip-smacking satisfaction as just no end of the tempting ways of serving nourishing Pabst Ted so whenever your dealer has a supply on hand ask for the familiar round flat package and buy this delicious golden cheese food Pabst at the light the whole family remember it’s the original whole milk cheese food so be sure to ask for Pabst at [Music] now let’s get back the great Gildersleeve he’s been at loose ends ever since is inconclusive talk with Eve Goodwin so he’s spending the afternoon alone at home moodily trying to read to listen to the radio and to keep Leroy’s dog out of his chair now however comes interruption no no I shut up Jeep well good afternoon Lila hello Throckmorton I hope you don’t mind my dropping over but it’s such a lovely day no no I’m glad to see it come here get out of here Jeep oh I just couldn’t stand being cooped up over there another minute and I just thought well now I’ll just go have a nosh friendly visit with Rock Mart no fine I’ve just been sitting around doing a thing come in and sit down nice in here I’ve always liked this room yeah mmm I’ve always liked this couch too seems like old times just the two of us here doesn’t it track my yeah just like old times I’m terribly happy for you darling about Eve I mean that’s good she’s a fine woman one of the finest women I ever met really she is a fine woman when is the happy day to be shocked Martin uh we have a sort of a flexible arrangement probably in June Oh June’s lovely mom foing just think a year ago you’re being awfully nice about this whole thing Lila oh but I think either show perfect for you you’re almost as tall as she I’m sure most people will never notice when she wears low heels I’m taller cheers well of course I don’t suppose she’d wanna wear low heels very often but honestly I don’t think those are the things that matter at all it’s the Understanding between two people that matters well Eve understands me perfectly I just wish I could get to know her better I’m certain she must be terribly interesting oh she is fine talker very well informed but she’s never boring you know some well-informed women are boring I suppose so I don’t suppose you ever think about us anymore do you rock Martin us we had some happy moments a few mm-hmm I like to remember them sometimes we had a lot of fun Lila you remember the time we got caught in the rain and had to spend all afternoon and that funny little country star we played checkers for two hours and I didn’t win one game you always were too smart for me shot mine you weren’t trying oh yes I wash do you remember that afternoon we went out on the picnic just the two of us and we just lay on the grass and looked up at the clouds yeah I remember we didn’t talk sensibly or think about anything we just acted like two silly people who in love all afternoon wasn’t it silly no what was silly about it oh we did such silly things are you still ticklish Rock Mars Nala Lila Lila I shouldn’t have done that I know you can if you want to no no I must go ahead and tickle me Lila no leave o throg no a new Martian Astra shrug Martin what are we doing I can’t imagine how we ever we were swept away Oh struck mother how can I ever face you how can you face it what about me you must worry about it down and he was so understanding I’m sure she would realize it was just a slip Oh she’d never forget oh of course she would track Martin only hope she can forgive me it was my fault Lila it was all my fault well I forgive you you poor boy [Music] I’m not worthy of er I’m not worthy to touch the ground she walks on I’m not ready to kiss the hem of her garment how could I do a thing like that I must be no good well mr. Gildersleeve Oh dr. Needham we meet again yes we meet again I suppose you’re out for a little stroll yes I usually take a little constitutional after supper Saturday evening sets me up for Sunday will I be seeing you in church tomorrow oh yes yes you certainly will good good I am I felt the need at church lately the world must Achilles leave if the world but knew it huh you’re right doc hey you’re absolutely right goodbye [Music] yeah it’s the only thing to do I’ll just throw myself on her mercy I’ll just say to her Eve I’ve been a bad boy please forgive me I’ll just say to her I don’t know how it happened to Eve I didn’t mean to do it it just happened I’ll say Martin hello Eve we’ll come in silly huh Thanks I wasn’t expecting you cried so early Oh am I too early well I could go away and come back again oh now since I’m glad you came early now we can have a nice long evening together well aren’t you going to take your hat off Oh forgotten I’ll take it Thanks there now come in the living room Thanks well darling aren’t you going to kiss me it’s quite proper you know we’re engaged Eve yes nothing there’s something troubling you throughout modern what is it it’s nothing not a thing oh you’re tired then poor dear why don’t you lie down here and stretch out on the sofa come on what where were you I’ll just kneel here beside you I’m the one who should be kneeling no no just stretch out and relax that’s it hmm you’ve had a hard day haven’t you well has been rather strangers what have you been up to since I saw you huh guess who I saw on the way over here doctor need him oh really he’s such a fine man doctor meet him yeah only he always gives you the feeling that he can see right through you we must go to church tomorrow Eve I’d love to go with you yeah we must do that Eve yes throckmorton nothing sterling you’re troubled about something I can tell there’s something you want to tell me no no sit up a moment huh what for so I can sit down they’re now lean back and just let me hold your head in my lap hmm your foreign fears hot it is let me stroke it for you hmm your fingers are so coolly so cool and sweet this will take all the pain and all the worry and all the weariness away oh you’re wonderful so sweet and understanding it’s not much a woman can give a man Throckmorton if she can’t give him understanding and you do you understand so well Eve yes darling nothing all right just lie quietly don’t tell me if you don’t want to oh but I do I mean there’s nothing to tell really nothing much then it can’t be anything to worry about no it isn’t whole thing is silly completely silly did an amount of raw beings it was just Eve yes do you believe that a kiss means anything do I believe that a kiss means anything well that’s hard to say it all depends no I don’t think the kiss itself means anything it’s the thought behind it exactly that’s the way I feel I mean after all there a kiss is that you just and then there are other kisses that’s it sometimes you kiss somebody that means no more than a slap on the back well I never thought of it that way and then there are other kisses that are special like this then Downie’s gracious losing my hairpin oh you’re wonderful that’s what I like about you do you understand well a girl can only try I should have known you’re not like the others you’re wonderful and I’m a dope oh no yes I am I’m a dope would you believe it I’ve been worried to death all afternoon Oh what above silliest thing in the world Lela ransom came over this afternoon and we were sitting around talking and one thing led to another and before I knew it I slipped her a quick kiss and all the rest of the day I worried about it can you beat it yeah Eve is something in how could you Throckmorton how could you you leave that woman and come over here but Eve it didn’t mean anything you said so yourself gosh it didn’t mean anything more than the slap on the back it may have been a slap on the back to mrs. Ransome but it’s a slap in the face to me now if you’ll excuse me I’m very tired I’m very tired of a number of things I give up I give up all right she’s right I was a bad boy [Music] cool [Applause] there’s a strange situation while other foods are being rationed words now to cut loose and fill up on eggs it seems this country has more eggs right now that it knows what to do with and a very good thing to do with them is to eat them a good reasons for this sudden surplus hens have been going all-out for victory at the same time we’re hard up for storage facilities and crates to pack the eggs in we have to keep the moving direct from hand to consumer it’s a good thing really because doctors tell us that eggs have what it takes they say we’d all be healthier if we ate them at least once a day we’re not only do I supply many of the things we mess with those steaks were not getting but they have a specialty of their own they help prevent pellagra right now because of the surplus eggs are cheaper than they’re likely to be for some time so it’s a good chance to lay up a little extra health against hard times to come personally mr. carpenter I make a practice of eating two eggs for breakfast every morning rain or shine just about to remark mr. Gildersleeve I’ve never seen you looking better I never felt better when you heard what the land said folks let’s eat all the eggs we can get all this surplus lasts because if we don’t the farmers are going to start laying off hands and when the lien season comes around again we’ll be right back where we were before yeah and that would be ridiculous Hey good night everybody [Applause] here’s a catalyst program is directed by Claude sweet he’s got a carpenter station for the kraftfoods company makers of parquet margarine and complete line of famous quality food cutter wraps invite you to listen again next week for the further adventures of the great Gildersleeve this is the national broadcasting company Kraft presents the great Gildersleeve he makers of parquet margin on the complete line of famous quality food products presents Harold Perry as the great Gildersleeve Kraft brings you the great Gildersleeve every week at this time written by John Whedon and Sam Moore we learn from the great Gildersleeve in just a moment for between-meal lunching for quick company treats for all sorts of delightful menu surprises serve tab step the delicious golden cheese food that’s so good in a hundred appetizing ways perhaps that spreads easily so you can whip up a marvelous tray of sandwiches and less time it takes to sit out a hand of bridge abs that slices neatly when chilled and that’s a great way to serve it with fruit salad or apple pie and for main dish treats halves that blends ever so smoothly and attempting Welsh rabbits light fluffy omelets and cheese flavored macaroni egg and chicken dishes they’re also wonderfully satisfying when you add PAP stets mellow cheddar cheese flavor remember Pabst Ted is a fine energy food wholesome and nourishing so look for pabst ed and they familiar round flat package and always BiPAP stet when you can tomorrow treat the whole family to Pabst Taft now let’s join our friend the great Gildersleeve who is still suffering the pangs of conscience for his momentary lapse into the arms of Lila ransom a few days ago he’s also suffering because Eve Goodwin hasn’t spoken to him since he confessed his slip we find him out home trying to gather courage the telephone let’s see I could just pretend there’s nothing wrong at all pretend the whole thing’s a bad dream well Eve I can say have you been where you been keeping yourself no good maybe I could ask her some kind of a question about my campaign a spit how to get the women’s vote no no that wouldn’t do maybe if I costume is just right you’ll have to wear it Leroy what is all this Marjorie damn stop it stop it for one at a time what is this Leroy has to take part in the maple dance at mayor 2o Leaguers picnic and eat just a minute let’s get one thing straight around here it’s not mayor to williger’s picnics is the annual outing of summer field city employees the city pays for it the invitation says that the mayor is paying for the ice-cream well the city pays the mayor what’s this bottom a pole dance school kids have to do it some idea of this good way if it’s Miss Goodwin’s idea it’s alright I want you to cooperate 100% Leroy at least hum a pole dance that’s kid stuff huh it’s not kid stuff at all by a few hundred years ago the mayor pole dance was a universal custom the peasants used to dance around the Maypole every spring grown-up peasants – well I ain’t a peasant we needn’t go into that Miss Goodwin’s putting on a maypole dance you’ll take Park Leroy just like the rest of the children I wouldn’t mind that so much but I got a special part Oh what is it I have to present the crown to the queen of the May they made me want me to wear this little Lord Fauntleroy suiting to walk up there with a crown on a pillow then I have to kneel down and present it to the queen of the may well I think that’s a very holy a supposes queen of the May Oh Ethel hammer slog Leroy you make me sick Ethel Homer Schlag is a very nice little girl oh yeah the new crumber I not only have to carnal but then I have to sit beside her on her throne I don’t even want to go to to williger’s old picnic it’s not too ill ago spic Nick and you’ll go and by George you wear that costume but these pants are too tight this suit is two years old it’s as good as new you never worn it and today you will now go upstairs and put it on for corns go Leroy excuse me skill sleeve what about lunch for the mayor’s picnic you want hard-boiled egg ye gods birdie this picnic is not the personal property of Mayor to Williger the city is paying for an outing for its employees yes sir you want hard Baldy I’m not going give the children whatever you have welcome lord I think you ought to go and watch to williger’s swelling around as if he owned the park no thank you I fixed some fried chicken hmm and some nice cucumber sandwiches mmm little mayonnaise on him Brady just a touch then I could put in some of them little baby tomatoes delicious I probably might just whip up a quick devil’s food cake mr. Kelsey but if you ain’t going to the picnic maybe I shouldn’t bother well a children will enjoy it beside is never doesn’t harm to have a cake around the house buddy no sir well I better get with it why I should think you’d want to go to the picnic Uncle Lord I should think you’d want to see Leroy as king of the may I’d rather imagine it I thought you’ll be taking miss Goodwin to the picnic by George maybe I sure they am i taller up and asked her I know I think I will uh what’s the matter Margie yeah I wonder if you’d mind going out on the porch or something just for a minute I all right Anki I’ll leave you oh yeah now human skill see buddy I’m trying to telephone if you don’t mind oh pardon me must be some prize I try to phone from a cigar store what if she says no then I don’t call her how come she say yes I don’t know how I get into these things all right I’ll leave it to you is this a costume Oh for heaven’s sake I’m trying to telephone Leroy good leave the room Leroy hey mrs. Ransome are you gonna take her to the picnic certainly not Russell seems to be heading this way oh my goodness Oh what’s the matter nothing is she coming here Leroy hon oh hey what are you doing behind the sofa oh where is he coming up the front walk hmm tell her I’m out Leroy what you’re right here you wouldn’t want me to tell a lie would y’all you won’t be telling any lie my boy tell her I’m up you know I’ll be back what a character [Music] yeah well mr. garrison uh hello Peevy be right with ya I’m just measuring out some mothballs here right ahead whatever you’re doing I just dropped in I’m just being a little bitty there all right no I’m avoiding a little busy transaction say a little difficulty at home Peavy I came down here to avoid it all right know how it is that times when mrs. Peevy and I have our little fallings on she says it is and I say it isn’t she says it is and I say it isn’t and she says it is and you say it isn’t that’s right it goes on like that and by and by she gets impatient and she says to me Richard you’re a stubborn old fool hmm but I fix her oh wow how’d you say to her well now I wouldn’t say that I mean I go take a walk Peevy you’re right you’re stubborn old fool well uh oh you’re joshing mr. Gildea did you know it it works it’s the only way to handle them when your wife and I have one of our little tussles I know just as sure as I walk out that door if I just hold out long enough she give in that’s a good system yeah yeah only one trouble what’s that I never can seem to hold out long well you’re no different from the rest of us where I oh excuse me mr. Jefferson yes if you don’t mind my asking who was the partner you came down here to avoid I’m not mentioning the lady’s name Peavy I’m withholding that information as a gentleman should I only ask because I’m afraid I see you’re coming into shop now miss Goodwin miss Goodwin I’m not avoiding her or am I did it well anyway I guess I’m trapped oh hello Eve good morning Martin long time no see hmm good morning mr. TV hmm my name is Gerren nice day yes it is I’d like it was a little foggy this morning no but about 9:30 the Sun broke through so it turned out nice after all I’d like a bottle of cologne mr. Peavey if you have it come on No yeah I’m afraid I’m gonna have to disappoint you mr. Droon a clone is very hard to get these days clove is very hard to get yeah I put in an order back about Christmas time but only were able to send me was it grocer razor blades which I of course was bad to hear but it wasn’t quite like that all over I heard of a fellow in the hardware business who who is food ski have you anything else mr. Peavey any toilet water we can answer I have let’s get my glasses on here yeah I have to here now this one is called poly modem or same as the perfume has a very nice smell oh that’s very nice I know that one I used to buy that for it is it’s very nice I think perhaps I’d prefer the other one what’s that yes you probably prefer the other one Peavey let’s have a look at that see this one is called moment of passion may I smell it yeah let her smell @pv checkmate stop around me take the level some time here I’m strong let me do it baby I got it yeah there you are miss good good oh that is nice hey care to smell it mr. garrison oh no no whatever’s all right with Eve is all right with me did a lot of the ladies seem to like this one I think I’ll take it how much you said Dan reading it let’s see it should none about him here down 75 and 20% tanks to ten it’s all paid for Eve here are people oh no please I don’t want you to hear mr. Peavey it’s all people I couldn’t think it’s a no you see you keep it up Norton if you don’t mind well uh okay gosh yes to ten and five is to fifteen to twenty five to fifty and fifty inch three dollars and thank you and here’s your parcel thank you goodbye mr. Peavey good man Oh Eve just a minute yes I mean speaking of the weather Eve I mean have are you going to the picnic today Eve I expect you yes some of the children from the school are giving a little performance yeah I know Leroy he can hardly wait are you going with anybody in particular I’m going with a group of the teachers oh well perhaps I’ll see you around perhaps goodbye mr. Peavey good night goodbye Eve see you around little trouble there mr. Gillis nein what do you think Wow so it goes how you going to the mayor’s picnic I don’t know whole thing is just a political scheme to get votes anyway and she won’t go with me a lot of things can happen at a picnic I went to a picnic one that’s when I was a young fellow I was working for a wholesale drug firm at the time dumb injure in Holt said was well sir hi I went to this picnic and who do you suppose I met there your future wife somebody told you you did oh yeah well it’s a fact that’s the way I met her now who knows if you go to this picnic today I’ve already met my future wife Peavy unless he won’t speak to me for all I know he won’t be my wife either well no I didn’t say that oh no you just saw her didn’t you so all the way she treated me yeah as if I were a skunk well she wasn’t very neighborly what I always say is actions speak louder than words Oh what do you mean let me ask you something mr. galliston has she given you back your ring I know no she hasn’t mmm what are you worrying about then she’ll come around Peevy by George maybe I will go to that picnic Howard if I were you after all what’s a picnic without a skunk the great Gildersleeve will be with us again in just a few seconds Ready Set let’s go ladies four more of those tempting ways to serve Pabst tet they delicious golden cheese food of a hundred uses first course cream soup just before serving add a generous amount of Pabst tet cut into small cubes and watch that cream soup had a new high and appetizing goodness next main dish and our suggestion is eggs golden sauce hard cooked eggs drenched with a mellow cheddar cheese goodness of Pabst Ted now a grand salad press two halves will pair together with a tasty sutter filling of fab step and serve with lettuce mayonnaise and for dessert apple pie served with pabst at wedges there you have it menu magic from soup to dessert with Pabst tet and you’ll find dozens of other exciting ways to surprise your family with its nourishing wholesome cheese food so tomorrow look for ask for and by Pabst Ted remember the name have stepped [Music] now back to Sommerfeld and the great Gildersleeve the city employees picnic is well underway with games for the children tests of strength and skill for the gentlemen and special events for the ladies all to the strains of the Sanitation Department van [Music] [Music] one moment folks just a minute please Oh two williger’s gonna talk some more when you’ll finish your lunches you’ll find ice dreamers being served at that table under the tree they’re all absolutely free with the compliments of your old friend and our next mayor Cyrus l2 will occur oh that’s me the big ham Hardy fault yes sure eat hearty folks and welcome all your taxes how about Uncle or should we have lunch you better grab some places nollie Roy you’ll not grab anything I wonder if Miss good ones around that’s invited to have lunch for that yeah I see you Leroy that’s no way well here she comes oh you Louise when you sit here with Ausmus good what I’d love to Marjorie great I’ll tell you what you do children and don’t you why don’t you go over and eat is that table over there we’re all the children I’ll leave them is good with me who is I tell you Leroy take your lunch and go over there there’s a nice place right at the other table Rock Morton I don’t think you ought to send them all well along Leroy you to my dream good lord I’m not a child and you’re old enough to realize that I have things to say to miss Goodwin now will you run along well put it that way I don’t know that I have anything to say to you Throckmorton I came over because Leroy asked Eve please you don’t have to say anything just sit here and share my lunch with me really I’m not hungry all right have brought my own lunch oh come on Eve I’ve got plenty I’ve got loads here you see Fried Chicken here two drumsticks one for you and one for me Oh judge hooker how you startled me oh won’t you join us judge Thank You I’d be delighted but I seem to mislaid my lunch I can’t an old Throckmorton has lots of lunch no are full of lunch do sit down Throckmorton would be only too glad to have you share his lunch wouldn’t you Throckmorton sure Oh goat that case I’ll be only too glad to accept the invitation yeah this is cozy isn’t it guilty three’s a crowd judge oh now don’t say that have a drumstick judge oh thank you I seem to be a little hungry today for some reason you’re always hungry well I want to tell you that’s a finest fried chicken I’ve ever put in my lab wipe your chin shorten a drumstick for you no thanks what I’m not hungry oh come now that’s nonsense there’s all this chicken here I can try I jelly it’s marvelous thank you judge that’s very generous of you but I seem to have lost my appetite oh well ah ah but you’re missing something sinus fried chicken I ever tasted I’m glad now they couldn’t find my lunch you never had a luncheon you know it you all go to I don’t sweet the paper plate – oh here’s mayor – Williger huh what does you want well well well this is a merry little group it’s good will how do you do judge a stir fried chicken no no thank you Oh there Gilda sleeve yeah I’m going to have to ask you gentlemen if I can borrow this lady for a little while what we’re having a pie-eating contest after lunch I’m going to require some assistance from the fair section judging it and if miss Goodwin here will do me the honor I’d be delighted splendid oh but to finish your lunch first I finished thank you let me assist you – you feed them but Eve you haven’t eaten a thing if you’re not going mari Gildersleeve but duty calls you said yourself Throckmorton three’s a crowd so I’ll leave you two together excuse me this way to the arena well Gail me and I wind up with you like to hold hands guilty oh shut up I’ve got a good mind to go home and I’m not going to I’ll show her and I’ll show him – I’ll show people who’s the best man around here I’m gonna enter that pirating contest and I’m gonna win it you do that kill me you just do that I’m going to you just show her you bet I will you get into that contest and prove to her that there isn’t a man in Summerfield who can make a bigger pig of himself than you can Oh [Music] ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen could I have your attention for a moment please and what I tell you judge is gonna make another speech just keep your shirt on guilty all you can do is be good sport ladies and gentlemen friends of Summerfield I only hope you’ve all had us pleasant a time so far as I’ve had myself thank you thank you I know some of you have had a good time there’s a certain politician for instance who enjoyed winning the pie-eating contest why you stopped I won’t mention his name because he’s my political opponent News but I can tell you he’s a little on the stout side I wouldn’t say it exactly fat but I understand one time he had the mumps for two weeks before they found it out be a good sport Gilley wrong and now we’re not going to have any speeches today folks this is just the social occasion at the same time if I may take a moment I would like to call your attention to one or two facts about the political situation at this time now in the year 1776 what was some of you 1776 in the year 1776 some of you was just a tiny village but in that tiny village were all the seed to the summer field that was to grow into the great and prosperous city of today this could go on for days the glorious tradition of some of you began to grow and expand in the year 1812 what do we find this isn’t a speech it’s a filibuster judge the Year 1812 saw the establishment of summer fields first manufacturing concern that concerned my friends was the summer feel ironworks whose sleds and washboards have since made the name of our city famous throughout the country you going to tell about every business in town we come to the year 1813 and what do we find the banner year of 1813 illness they give us leave I’ve got a song yeah well well no that’s an idea this yes sir we’ve all heard your reputation as a singer mr. Gildersleeve would you like to croon something for our friends well I’m no professional so I’ve heard yes ladies and gentlemen I understand that is a singer mr. Gildersleeve as a hauling success he will now oblige us for the ditty assisted by the street cleaning department ban you’re trying to put me on the spot to Williger he’ll sing and get off of it why George oh well mr. leader do the fellows nose shine on harvest moon we can try it Commissioner key you see only Oh fine at harvest moon fellas and do the best you can one two [Music] shine on shine on harvest moon up in the sky I had no lovin since January February chewed on July snow time ain’t no time to stay outdoors in school so shine on shine on harvest moon for me and my [Music] [Applause] Thanks give us the Gildersleeve now ladies and gentlemen the vibe a resume if I may so my connection is another song well I’ll do my best folks yeah go ahead and play something mr. leader if I know it I’ll join in how about without a song we don’t see oh yeah that’s very good [Music] without a song the day would never end without a song the road would never Bend when things go wrong a mani got a bread [Music] one who loves nobody else but you I want to go just like the girl that married [Music] [Applause] all right give us leave knock it off don’t you wish I would if I may continue from the point at which I was interrupted Fred many friends mr. Gildersleeve a song each songs already I’m afraid of voices tire are you kidding I’m as fresh as a daisy folks how about a song just for the ladies all right ladies your wish is my very command mr. leader oh sure we know that women number 18 boys love is just a game but to play love is nothing but a game upside for the Lumbee true very often love is never sure to be Roma dames are always lurks in Cupid’s are buddy has a name of you army if you are thinking of some other voice you may always know that you are free thank you thank you ladies that’s all Gildersleeve so Williger I’ll sing just as long as there’s it a man for this stuff thank you you can’t sing all night for mine you can’t stop oh yes I can Claire hey you their leader yes your honor take that bunch of street cleaners home or you’ll all lose your brooms in the morning oh good lord you were wonderful honey wonderful miss Goodwin he certainly was marching here the way that crowd cheered well I think you could run for president yeah I guess a regular Sinatra yes run along little boy run along I suppose you’d like me along too well a sidewalk isn’t wide enough for all of us my dear why don’t you in Leroy I just walk ahead I love Leroy didn’t break how much is there in it for me Lyra okay that’s a boy well shall we start home Throckmorton oh if you’d like I was very proud of you this afternoon Zack Martin oh that’s uh yes I I thought you handled a difficult situation very well mm nothing much it could have been very embarrassing you know when – well who got you up there to sing he was trying to make you ridiculous that was his mistake I think he found that out it’s a rock Martin yes nothing he what’s the use of bluffing I can’t be mad at you well I can’t stay mad at you when you sing the way you did just now I don’t know something happens to me that’s because I was singing to you Eve just you why are you you think I could sing that way to anybody else oh darling it’s been so long [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] by George that’s pretty nice listen to this Marjorie yeah what is it it’s a letter from Maddie Parsons as she’s Frank Parsons wife you know the fellow that reads the meters for us oh yes how’s she writing you back well she just wanted to thank me for keeping him on the payroll all those weeks when he was out sick remember but listen to this my dad she says by the way mr. Gildersleeve I want to tell you how thankful we both are that Frank went in on the payroll savings plan at the water department we’ve always tried to save money but with one thing in another it always seemed to slip away somehow but now we’ve laid away a war bond every month for 17 months it’ll be a nice little nest egg luckily we didn’t have to cash in any of the bonds to pay for Frank’s illness but it was sure nice to know that the money was there in case we didn’t need it where’s everybody down at the water department in on the payroll savings plan Oh smartphones are my dear because there isn’t a better investment in this whole world or an easier way to save money think it over folks good night [Music] [Applause] [Music] here’s a godless programmer played by Bob sweet this is Ken carpenter speaking for the draftees company makers of our game our eternal to complete line of famous quality food products passing by to listen again next week for the further adventures on the great Gildersleeve this is the national broadcasting company [Music]


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