The Great Gildersleeve: Labor Trouble / New Secretary / An Evening with a Good Book

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every week at this time with my daughter whitman’s sampler with music by bob
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recovering quite a lot because class party one of my heart in which involved in a that cargo hold ups of the office parent well form and fax himself iron said some things that i think i can come in now declines in a hurry very give everyone
works crackdown pointing to him mining unki yet andretti fee-only yes you are let me sleep uh… i’d love that next
time oblige me i didn’t even have time to see and never let me know this alan unki there’s something i wanted to
ask you don’t have thoughts shut up i’d want to ask you ask night that i was
a sleeping like a million though it is a good idea let me ask a criminal record hartman
brothers after school on saturdays what’s this talking about is the sales there on this
subject shot can i do want to live a few every argues ground-based telescopes
take you back at the grove this morning frankly have a job for you we expect
which he said it was easy life support which is kind of money on business
printing what is this subject shop margie what
itself close of commerce and just as much about close any girl
around certainly no more than francie her mother won’t even let the counter
uncle and i have a job and he was sorry my
dear i don’t think would be right before i have a number of very good reasons
passes all queries will there let me tell you something my dear your uncle occupies a position of some
distinction at this time that sort of organs one of the event haven’t even problems for the job don’t do it they’ll grab you faster they grab
francie they like the idea of the water
commission disney’s plenty of time clock and saying yes madam devon those who
alarm cages from three thirty to five thirty every afternoon in ninety five on
saturday that’s nothing at all it’s not the hours i’m objecting to the idea is
the whole idea of the job will be such good experience twenty two
dollars a week filling these out noble actually i’m tired of trying to
bring you up as a girl who makes someone a nice white your good mothers and children alkyl more after what you have any career at all all idu not a woman’s places of ordinary
disable but that’s o old-fashioned married women work these days lots of
lives were provided one she wouldn’t except a little drama housemate the do you think that’s all i have been
wants a housekeeper i know but no normal men once a wife who
spends a day in office or store well i think you’re meeting and trying to run a little money so i
won’t be in nineteen eighty one i can have a few although this does is closed
minded i still think there may not want to thank you kindly like that minds what would i be doing with your
arithmetic will be right hate about you know that i guess you got to go use that thank you
sir is pretty ugly coffees cold now that can fit bhaskar no
i gotta get going archive right well there’s no use going to be off as a
vote in france today after i get there at the property yet a little more than that yes ma’am deserted ready believing my view that in the
return of was is was to get a job doesn’t want to do housework when she
grows up she doesn’t understand what fun it’s
going to be some day to make a home for some nice young man stated was closed for his meals keepers
house looking neat max he doesn’t realize what a pleasure that
can be for a woman nelson issue somebody else who doesn’t realize pretty she doesn’t realize how hard men’s work
is showed no strangers to be responsible
for an organization at the plant make decisions she just isn’t growing up pretty knows
that she’s just a tad learn attitude of the office yeah another day at that desk cvg plans to meet the suffering that
very appeal to fight for it all the other yes uh… that’s carefree answer all the time of year work visa logbook uted rhys that before it but a little late this morning even for you israel and parties in what used to be my wife a neighbor but she still wakes
me up and comment dave alive the time flight is a
very noticeable of saying about a commitment and less looks worse my thought my niece told me look alike to try to
get something out of it well once-over lightly and make is that if uh… if you in the city of nearly all of our team
had what you want money not exactly slimy litigate job hogan brothers which i had a kid to kid bring in a
little girl could close up saturday afternoons i’m afraid we have different standards
on this question floyd i disapprove the money’s worth i believe woman’s places of old all i’m
with you dare commissioner my wife goes out when i take it but not kid that something different i don’t think so i want to get married
that software i understand that going to be somebody else’s headache and my niece is not a headache simply want to bring her up to be a good
life in a good mother win arguments to kill the state where one hundred percent
i die there’s another angle was a girl gonna meet a husband these
days i’m not worrying about that he personally i had a cousin go fathers brothers family the scales well she wasn’t exactly
homely figure was ok was pretty good if you
walked up behind it do but brother c_n_n_ knows that i’m aware
come from nothing like it enough i came in first rate for a vote discourteous to center on the house
waiting for hours and mulligan bodies for an old man
practically telling him and so many words now headed to achieve tried the fellows it take one look at that
these are and then run for home had just lay down commission limitless
economy gets nappy would you please void that is defined it took a job in a tax cut what do you think inside i think we
should lead that’s fine correct look for a time when she was lucky to
make this guy and he’s the only man in the world within those bigger than hers ass the sure they’re very happy those teenage kids look like baby elephants ass i would say on the says any problem like
mike that’s why these has no problem point she wants to work for fun she crazy no floyd i gotta get to the office on our
commission it don’t make any difference when you get that you know that let me
out of the chair pleae alchemist and just relax side dish a in five minutes uh… relax
on one condition don’t talk anymore just shapely taken custom window on conversational ego do
say so please all kinds some like talk summed up on all uh… good late now integrate embassy finally arriving at
his house fifty million if you had refused to
discuss with me judge kindly step inside you know that i’m glad that was
discussed uh… you know i’ve been waiting for you and i my secretary is
opposed to remind you these things hiring manager last night at betsy i’m
going to have to let her go yes sir i’m doing it where is this standoffs with the boss never get involved and you
can expect to have to do any better what was it you wish to see me about
basket with a change in the cities contact the liability insurance people
basis big idea bessie speaking at road to rotunda delivered it betsy martin’s decathlete not extra in that same as she is this
the art which is supposed to arrive at the office nelson have you any explanation can you tell me why you should get here
either now or later than your employer you’re supposed to open the office
bessie along i didn’t think you’d mind just this month hide something quite important i had to
do this morning will you do it added anything to do with the affairs of
the war department by agents nelson i was meaning a relative no doubt and that perhaps you’d like to spend the
rest of it with your friend yes there are right now if you’d like to
spend the rest of the week with your friend timeline perhaps you’d like to resign
from a lot of the market yes they’re right but that grassy that’s
the way do susan eleven meeting to do it for years is
that where secretary of aboard odeon expired other girls pickup will reach the greater in that
anybody will be better than best you find that occur summerfield employment
agency good reliable for by george i’ll get a good looking on this time across the rest of the public business
here horace well i haven’t sent over half a dozen
bills and you and i spend a couple hours interviewing and is that a bad way to spend an afternoon no i didn’t get the it and right it isn’t and i think
they’re going to create a little bit about your any nothing to it just call
employment people elements out last week at a business out of business line down
the first place the couldn’t find anyone even if you have in the second place they couldn’t find anyone to add to the
polls almanac dollars label the weather’s again
investors seconds and i know something that’s always with
us uh… problem of preparing good tasty meals your makers face that problem
three times a day and that’s all the more reason you’ll
welcome parquet margarine delicious program fine flavor to every single meal
you sir parties flavors fresh delicate satisfying that’s why i park is one of america’s
favorite spreads for breath allston roles and the flavors and seasoning for
hot pot budget ables to parking also adds wonderful nourishment
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nine thousand units of important by the way so take your family to delicious
nourishing park in every meal by the delicious prayer that millions
for for a few any other brett p_r_k_ lie it parquet margarine made by
crap remember millions prefer arcade two any other brett more the bob dole going through the foreign
minister builders sleeve seems it was a little less the
environment secretary didn’t fire analytical anyway and i always growing up against
the woman partial review all about the bills to get up after but i have been struggling with a
whole mean comes home early and slumped down is jerry the paper lifted his plans
to the want ads how can i read my paper here are you doing up there herr well-stocked an intent to do it more quietly of him and concentrate without going on what helpless the development of a no-no mean new york to cincinnati and i are just finished telling you come down
here come on down you know what kind of arithmetic data is
also a little bit pediatric passed on career let it go let it go leroy where’s mine protestant apart he’s been trying to respond to the
boards multilateral practically have enough staff still my heart so i’ve heard on your map hogwash cholera another like you were out there darlie rely on and on that might be another you know you had a pleasant afternoon wonderful you know why myself in a teach me to play tennis this
summer article you honey that’s fine idea but i’ve been thinking in my first
lesson today he said he thinks i have the makings of
a good flyer it just happens that marshall is a very
fine tennis player it happens he was on the testing at school at last when he
went to but cosmic elana you’re all you can be done asking too
much i’d like a few words with your sister thank you very much with mine are you i’ve been thinking about it about what you’re saying this morning bicycle to work this summer all that
time and money was just an idea i don’t care now really and sarah and uh… yet but you don’t
understand as well as to how you’d like to act as your uncle secretary first tearing yes temporarily anyway uh… a do lost mine today like i thought you were against women having
jim well this is deborah this wouldn’t be prepared here all right now you can pay a little
something lakshmana no one said anything about not
going to school that way she can work for me in the afternoons to school is
over lynching report i’m this summer might even be able to use you too and what what i have to tell trap and pencils empty wastebasket
stamped envelopes whatever not displayed as not forget pain as much as i think
you’re worth harlem on cannot conduct that they’re not going
to happen or unafraid marshall might not like it was
so but not like it was he does have a well enough to teach me tennis now if i have to tell him i’m not going
to do with this so i can take a job too so i can make a little money you
tell them you’re going to do it because your uncle said so that’s why annual leroy cap on our dr do we know
there are at the school or or both of you at three thirty sharp non you the continuing to did injected a i’m
a busy man with a preview night time is not my own i like about a month reprinted in u didn’t you recently and you with the
bridges of a all your service and would it work boarded up their team when at the same time of arrival i know
yesterday planning alleged did not like this carefully murtuza relationship at that time read will this be the into the month gotta get out all the bills
nondestructive parenting is the one i thought that around three
days they’ve been denuding no thanks i’ll be lucky if i
get this done used it uh… something i did with it the one of those things there yes cons doesn’t answer my question or other your feet some for uh… itself incident visions he one of those and campus ministry mhm or or diverted anywhere you just mentioned me institution uh… was he doing india sources does
stick to the office of the school’s out mentioned that you can use younger
generation for you you know stores in the city accomplices intake margie self-reliance little opportunity today yet working for me so the secretary of this and refuse your secretary eliza war on you know sitting on that uh… u what is wrong with you know just don’t want to know it was a mistake
and everything’s working for an answer marjorie is not a relatives my niece an element even challenge and the
younger brother and his people insurances view and lorna menus and music the him speaking to each other concern for
me says you’re right to be put up the
higher eternity agenda get rid of it unfortunately from time to do it within his own again but my advice to u meticulous his into
well it is that i want my text from and retention i told you i was in a related gotta get back to the office without it for the side of the door out
to lunch alot of the for for u interests money national i’ll be right appointment a no attention to the
martial arts alkali out i guess is a sign on the block act viscosity capable out of their life after reminded
himself you can see and that’s ok artists on the desk here isn t awful he’s a good kid attest but a
good shit use a past alright lighting green chilly
march you’re here the issue all summer we’ll never see each other to school i mean locality well a few months made up my guess is
nothing more to be set wasallam so much to you if i were karen a the woman’s places in the home it’s all
about that sells section you sound just like uncle more or maybe i am all
fashion i don’t like the idea of any girl that
i’m well that i’m a friend of utensil woman’s entitled girl sure go ahead i hope you enjoy it utility i’m sorry sir i’m terribly sorry
all those little at nightfall c was black this article marco facility delighted so that they should not be going on here
in the office anyway uh… during working hours haven’t
started working i’ve asked me to montgomery you see
right where you are we have a few words rules in his office and lady one of
mistreating st dot acquired one secretary for that
yesterday well i’m not sure secretary yet was
headed clearly understood at the start just because you’re my niece told me
that i’m gonna show you any favoritism you know what you don’t have to abide
strictly by the rules all times and i’m not gonna work here i never live and work here in the first
place that was your idea i think you’d remember that i don’t want you to a
triple human it socket your fire and fire now i’m going to do how to get healthier gotta go never settle it s ego and the north likened to the scene at
recess this is this is all right levinson wish i could get her back net opponents of trouble well i suppose i could go over there is local eloped others renewable ko pyaar war yes me bessie is the ghostly dot i divided it mouton with hot day to you leases means an on the internet here i’ve never had the pleasure of visiting
them before you mean yet he wouldn’t have any model and never was
manifested but this was my head there for a minute
and fred warner’s that yes he should have taken seriously brought to the sparks just a little talk of that we’re still
friends laughing an old but isn’t that anything happen and what it may be is busy i’ve come to tell you that you have your
job that well that’s the detective that what next compromises to get this thing
but i don’t know karanam mail is seeking to expand by twenty five still missing he’s a smart he’s been napping in parent armies time
today nasa caps and sort of stanley sanski well that’s fine but i think that it was
on the net solar what should i if you love and a with my blessing and take the day off mislead and how do you know what this means that
we cannot have a honeymoon and monday morning at job will still be
waiting for it who’s the and she got into this b_t_u_ fat friends that’s it homeland standing university and it is did so you know most of your resume that about you and i had no idea treated session well that’s on the steps that sultan state now has the best isn’t he fees going out at the wedding and after that she’s going to get a job yesterday former c_i_a_ the life of mine is going on with c with me a woman’s places in the whole
seeing you didn’t push and i don’t want to hang
around a tactic and i already and sector helped city how have you got my back visited dennis career faster than that party the it well maybe always not lost that everybody to do there’s a couple of them with but by
muslims and others in the end of the obvious company makers of market was one
of the complete line of the most part of all of us provides a list of again next
week for the brother contours of the director of the sleeve ladies when they take the holiday on
your manual as it so often does these days level if your meals with a
wonderful job he’s played robards the or here’s another fine brought in food
and it’s really different adds that no slices spreads and post of reflection so
you can do that in a hundred or more delectable ways blended into a small luscious sauce
rigid mobile cheddar cheese flavor that step as extra good news to macaroni
vegeta ble hagen chicken dishes that’s that is equally delicious in sandwich
spreads goes well with router by producer and it’s a cheese food children
love especially since perhaps that is all nourishing insult easy to digest why not viable villages varieties golden
had stepped in the yellow package and tomato plants deaf in the rat package
picture of the last four bands that the delicious cheddar cheese buddha of a
hundred uses this is the national broadcasting
company neend craft presents the great builders
leading the the ramsey’s dominate makers of parquet
margarine and the complete line of famous quality food products present
carol perry has the great builders lee crap bridge is a great deal does leave
every week at this time written by john wakeman sam moore with music by claude
sweden we’ll hear from a great deal mostly than
just a moment one of the biggest problems and a mother
has is to serve foods that make a hit with the children and that’s why so many mothers like the
serb delicious parquet margarine a spread that really helps satisfied
hungry young appetites park is a big favorite with children
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family to this nourishing spread that makes so many foods taste so much better by the delicious bread millions prefer
to any other brand p_a_ r_k_o_ a wired parquet margarine made by craft pad longer and i’ll let see how things are going
with a great deal drizzly well it’s a matter of public record in
the want ads section of the summerfield indicator on may twenty sixth appear
this item wanted secretary must be experienced in need of fairy
able to take dictation typing filing bookkeeping bring references supply water department
between nine and ten a m from a summerfield indicator of may
thirtieth wanted secretariat water department no
experience necessary from the summerfield indicator of may
thirty first girl wanted water department twenty five
dollars a week in car fare from the summerfield indicator of june
first denials management but it was easy way personal assistant to a private citizen
to industry the future generous outweighs saturdays
off through our spring won’t vacation with
it applied onto a little more department
fifty to sixty the prizes for all don’t miss it what what the deal is with some of the
little three seven one for there at night anybody forwarded units luther of setup good evening brady it how long before dinner and then i
have to go back to the office and work tonight uh… uh… uh… uh… not have to work late tonight for
a lot of time of red where the ticket in town checked off their there of of a working mother to committee maybe three what product buckets changes marketing of down at the office
mister kinsley well that didn’t work out where is my systems that don’t work of with leroy he’s doing his homework
too both on the linguine with yes that’s right first about the report cards today some of that and i still think they
suggest about good pretty thank you marjorie lyra it janet until they it’s at blurted high-class out-of-wedlock pregnancy related in time must be or dinner time to i’ve had no
idea billy wright hasn’t had his e itself
however they won’t let me earlier i’d be very glad to play with you and say well but just so happens that we’re just
sitting down to detect so perhaps a lot of time ally and friend look here you’re letting in the fire you to come in and stay off the
continent all right but i warn you were sitting
down with it okay out here thailand build friend of yours we run in atlanta not busy lira commitment my boy cvg finally view here polyhedral i’d not that way now create your mother’s looking for you i’m afraid
knows she’s not i’m not is not mine upset value fund raising your father’s looking
for your families not isn’t my mother bistro what was that lower eyelid brady marjorie afraid if i don’t know what you’re going
to do but we’re going to eat well that is and uh… horrible horrible have to go
back tonight and conference conducted from comfort creativity the i’m really looking for my kid brother is
a year outside amarshall although marjorie ca it in the middle of the people said do you want i haven’t seen you in two or
three days seems like it is cannot think there’s any so you have to jim yesterday but you can
see me here’s out there right away with it so you probably a little brother and my
cell okay well yes uh… if things opera
going home say what we’re going to be doing after homeowners in particular are you going to be doing nothing
particular did the past that dominated we could do a history together my why
don’t you think that i did some property can ourselves carnival this you’re done i’ll tell you what we could do the disparagingly right where it is pretty
i’ve got a divide up the law you’ll pardon me morsel if i partake of
myself which has now been calling on the table for some fifteen or twenty minutes
per cent or not thank you very much spurting sought help me those of the finest periods i ever set
to through welcome granted your entry that kind of hard to get these days you know very little to do dot open up a little place into the
restaurant but he could serve nothing the spirit spirits and coffee you’d make a fortune old all i mean it wouldn’t see the road skylab here you’ve got a pretty available if
the uh… you gotta bring leroy it up experience is already getting me eat appeal have tried to pick up on your
fingers there’s some priestly is the only way delighted me express you don’t have to wrap it in your hair nazim as something i want to speak to you
about both of you and that’s it no more of your friends calling at
mealtime you understand no more leroy sit still upgrading is quite capable of entry booty if that’s a friend of leroy thirty just
tell me the light i’m not have our viewers made a shambles
by these constant interruptions your friend seven manners enough not to call
a better time yes pretty if any of the will you excuse me my dear laugh just
this once actually into the parliament’s you’ll
see thank you bernie miele that time onstar marnie goes out of the the has just finishing dinner after very valid office two thousand bills to get out no
secretary born how shall we do have a nice downtown laptops and the
back-breaking have the most wonderful abby elissa i’m thinking about it in the back meet these needs and to use ec out that that mandela had by all the
bad habit on the my grandmother beach so he has to be in the world miscast in
the way and i thought we are now plot not just saying but clearly you would need more than one
height boy one sale and you’d be out of business once asked the ante i could do interior operate into people
abolished tell me i had a natural kind of sanction i’m not for making things how long king farm did say so myself uh… you have definitely the but starting a business school and would
mean that the business exactly dot do you think women should get shots
in these days don’t you after all of the wider so i thought if i
could help the nation’s shopping at the same county happen the waldorf help the
war effort i don’t get the connection well great ccp are going to do nothing
but describes me deluxe and that’s what it is true to
what you want to do something that’s great but why don’t you come to work for me what kind of work for at the white black u be my personal
secretary secretary to the water commissioner how would you like that will you do it
leland thrower martin kind i have not set on an
antique shop acknowledge my grandmother beach in time
by their just for a week tried for a week and if you don’t like
it we’ll call it quits war all you have to do his address the bills
address but baby my private secretary contracts not not not the least maybe this is a good way to stop fewer it still is off today understand uh… gambling expansion in
the and well i’m sure we can come to terms with
that see you at the office and tomorrow
morning at nine o’clock not a car nine fifty min nine-thirty well in fact don’t great ninety there’s just one
problem at all that’s fine bus that doesn’t saba thing about my grandmother
peaches hahahha is all that time keeping your family and
then alive at that level huh contracts for although lassi and says but yet then you’d like a good point outlined is that the other day hello quarter to eight this very minute
past the premium i’d really like to ask wait a minute where you live library for either side of the secretary regulars live will be with us again in
just a few seconds now that warm weather is here you ladies
will be serving more sandwiches and snacks and a way to make them taste
extra good and to make them extra nourishing to is to spread bread or
cracker treats with delicious parquet margarine arcade it’s a real live through
summertime nieto’s because parties flavor so fresh so
delegates or satisfying party also helped provide food energy something
that’s especially important in your family summer diet when so many other
food you eat are low in energy value parquet margarine is a top notch energy
food one of the very best and its fortified by craft so that every com contains nine thousand
units of vitamin a soul for real flavor enjoyment for extra
energy for vitamin a surveillance has nursing parquet the a
arcane a wire parquet margarine made by craft remember millions prefer a park a to any
other brand more home now let’s get back to the great builders
leave who having engaged to secretary and
feels like a really dissected it for the first time in a week at least he did feel like an executive
now however it’s the eleven o’clock in the morning and leila has not yet
arrived at the office water department good morning u_s_o_ water disconnected you bet what’s your name please gala handy beats five music all over the line what apartment good morning what you want to turn on saturday but if you buy the holy land for just a
minute hello missus daliberti over mister dela antes visit by the navy side if you do with that do you uh… where have you been just a minute mister divinity you to take this call i live in italy a
but i don’t know what is it just take replys you want to water turned out to say ka they cartoons well what is it you want plain
production yet yes please when you didn’t tell me much of our dead do seventy nine lisa
yesterday on a show that someone here who can help
you mad these have been in the evening you practice of attraction that somebody
off this afternoon shatin testimony all this together as he may be able to
help me if you go yeah polyester you look great customer pets are not directly related
to the following duty to uphold well over to the hester you bet well you girl you know just died this morning in another his
voice hahaha essentially sixteen valley road epic at
this afternoon shortness ability dot on the line shop why not laughter economy really didn’t need now
how i’ve been ruth happen even said that mom never thank me for the past hour i
haven’t had a chance relies on the phone ever since you came and i think the
flowers are lovely fifteen thousand bills elicited a lot
last week from tomorrow unsettling about my broom grads it’s means about expenses that
more infants to fiorello so i should say i do know about the bill
not that i should get something not addresses so that people who came in
with no obvious can inspect the that doesn’t use at the at the same time
around i wanted something then set you can see
a frat at me when you take me there aren’t slowness skillet played a key al hinman at delicate it quickly it cervelo previews assiduously dangers recommend you view it is pending justice
and with a glass of milk please dancing seeing it right in remembering from
their families what else you guys you through fluoride to life and let me know believe thankyou low physicians and and and yet it’s just a few and into several
days well ability of the summerfield grill knows it’s great yes it is a little noisy student businessman who places further
afield to fairly nutritious meals and in those places did live in doing our part the yeltsin yeah ala carte for two the status well my secretary yeah she’s a lady but this is purely a business
arrangement bt from there to race well yes it just happens that well i’ve been gays missus ransom is my
secretary for the time being go on realize this is an instrument that
fixtures reading and no program for its preferred though she
does not bring a typewriter understand what you think the whole but nevertheless it notwithstanding is
purely a business arrangement interesting tank unification ridiculously no i’m
going to some of your grill for the businessman blue plate the only place in town were meant to be
please inquire dancer fascinated fat man shouldn’t get an effective well it’s his blood pressure kam flourishing leela outside humor so harrow kidnapping it feeds form anybody call me now they’re not
commenting he kind of a change in the at the reservoir that is now you wouldn’t
have a man dot that led them to you if you say his name was awful charlie he
didn’t some he was just a nasty old man would be nice to help greatly springs do you think happened and let’s do it
and cardiac arrest and yeah that’s a little charlie all right he fragments from mountain i gave my heart and tell them to go on
and that is being simple i of which i would like that leader well i guess you’ll be back anything
else as some killed salesman combat tell anyone interested to salesman
cosmopolitan the tri-state tool in valve wasn’t soundtrack little my goodness we
live in after that man for a month we need a new sniffed about one of the
reservoir i can about snip nevermind leo noel back to the old right how you look awfully hot choc mind i
have no i mean what’s up uh… that’s a man’s life we lived
through louisville knows the grandstands functions or something college deliver madness when athens came
down here with the nervous what about do you see it happen to know what goes on between that rich businessmen and his secretary me where do people get these ideas that
sort of nerves of sleep that kind of thing only goes on the
movies where there’s smoke there’s fire prathima colour maybe an occasional case the men ever get mixed up with the
secretary of the really worked up that’s unusual and not decided not just let you know
lower or stop that hispanic-americans and our relations will be strengthening
these means okay well i guess i got a call if i stay
tuned people are numerous relaxed a few minutes after lunch on martin he’ll drop
itself to hide you portable do gotta get to that snippet out we’ll ask
our common and falling high life doing things the there artificial those bills after all at the
main reason i got it well but without the everglades ambien
useful ourself and i get into this monument
imelda where are my pencils we’ll i couldn’t
find allow preferably any don’t dot respond compensated how much left them at their about a
confessional low-grade well thanks anyway happened down on the life of the union
secretary thrown from that’s good college then i think that the puppets as
college s alicia man without a taken back vision relationship has nothing to be
afraid of probably isn’t one businessmen some of
the of the building like that and i happen to know that’s not true you know that office building across the
street from doctor ko the daily spin what about it for the last time i liked
about the plank that was some time and place in his secretary and then i’ll put
a cross the line wanderings that often i am now that that’s a little staff
about the aspen outlook and for the it uh… you don’t you give me an idea earlier
brand of the celtic advantage of a business
relationship the profitable just wanted to use what time did you go tomorrow and i’ll be like communuity and it is finished may have finally adjani was the idea what it
ought not be tracking hired advocate from a poor are here and i thought maybe
somebody will probably out editorially which i won’t say anything
about the stock market disgusting shifter calisthenics deluxe account asap hyperactivity to compaq which i do you want to have
more brains in the capacity of the like that had talked to reached the sick i have not where they can do that right away he
happens to be my secretary charlie your secondary flannel act-up arrived with that but that’s what
they should take didi tell you that i wanted to see your
wonderful he said something about it yes heat-treated music i returned kind of a
bed basketball said that in all absolute just called me from attracted
to ur mail twenty three am not only at the end too well that’s not true suggestive well see just how to postpone battle forcefully hectic may fifteenth or whatever you that
brings the right at that location i wanted to
partner not it’s very hard to get out these days dear at you get the security you know i have the walk-in factory
handed then the defect that’s finally gasket read initial review montana have
on the content of it still talking a little altrec mary even
better get another girl but i don’t know if i into the body else then i’ll ask you one more question do
you know where to find another really getting ur life without driving you wouldn’t be
there and i want you’d think it over to mister if you’re
going to europe the all right i dont object editor uh… the question is powerful uh… there how to do it i’m going home now studios don’t forget to lock them all insulin financial i’m sorry i’ve got my
self-assessment and that they’re not instead if you don’t mind that not you’re not thinking of the
quitting i no i’ve made a comment and our speculation preferably new government to be a gentle the knowing is not you know your developing into a darn
good business for relent note thanks a lot of the best i’d never
wrote a puppet well you know yeah it does not sell
their homes do you think that requires a woman is attractive she can’t possibly
cabinet brains executive available when i was wrong in fact i was so wrong i
think maybe i’m being a little selfish in keeping you just as the secretary
seemed optimistic promotions raft not section if you have confident almost
exactly that but i’ve been thinking about that antique business you
mentioned the other day i think you could make it goes at least program
staff and the why don’t you try format former someday or not somebody now
strike night dolly iron is hot open up a business make yourself some
real money get a few more pieces of furniture in your house we’ll end stuff
you can sell a course that have a grand opening set out in great invitation irish ten-fifty gotta get organized loudly
time is a bs of constantly call staged one prop well that brian nelson my house platinum dole’s seventy five
eighty dollars a take a little thing to all through rock body are so smart yes no every night too well preview i think you can even think of all let me
get ready back seventy five dollars k is the love that i fear the the lower in at least the let’s just meet you can accredited balancing my checkbook eighteen twenty five thirty one outlet imbalances that they are the pig flu adds up to mark the end of the arctic
u_a_l_’s latin different police yet that you think that the benefits without
doubt the twenty-foot we’re talking about pretty about what you said that they subject he said i should open up a blatant their
family you want to keep working here go to albeit system don’t ever pay any
attention to anything i say didn’t it didn’t know it pretty good the the the the here private and now here’s another craft quality
food product that’s sure to have waivers that the or mealtime lunchtime menu of its crab salad mustard a tiny golden
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results crab salad mustard as a delightful waiver tango salad dressings
picks up those cream sauces you pour over half of those peoples in fish gives
an appetizing live to egg and cheese dishes crab salad mustard is a real
labor treatment sausages and cold cuts through and say there’s also another
zest for variety craft mustard with nippy horseradish added pure delight as
both times they’re both delicious passport travelers ratish mustard and
attorney golden crab salad mustard this is a national broadcasting company school presents that great feel this way the draftees dominate makers of parquet
margarine and the complete line-up famous quality food products presents
herald fahringer as the great gilda slaves scrap bring to the great builders leave
every week at this time written by john wayne and some more with music by floods
wheaton we’ll hear from the great builders
leaving just a moment first a special message this summer four
million emergency workers are for gently needed on american farms you can help by devoting your spare time
and energy is to the task of cultivating of harvesting these vital crops plan now
to be a victory farm volunteer and now here’s good advice to everyone
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ta archaic a wire parquet margarine made by crap back from era a great deal drizzly purview holds the male popping days bowling for ones solely or the levy
right donation are or more about his weary
waste men and leave the world to was and committee wonder what’s for dinner tired tonight tired but happy grass needs cutting uh… well perhaps i can intensely
related problems anybody at all times pillow and see you there might be a all pretty well my secretary spec yeah this is back i’m talking about became a reality right here rollerblade and walked out of it terrible thing do don’t remain very i hadn’t been a really good hewlett
packard it work will who’s worried united but there are
no rush more that i wouldn’t you like united
kingdom reportedly but we haven’t really the about the are adamant about it black and blue eyed any male candidate would it not around readily available and tab why didn’t somebody tell me these things peggy j brand uh… hello here i don’t know i don’t know i’m just
looking at it’s not true it you keep your hands off of it okay packing rents i thought you might like to know what’s
perhaps not back we will find out all in good time what book likes you but what do you mean by that packet these
are not all what is the book and something i subscribe to the book of the century club this is the first one they’ve sent me
fraction of that nobody got me into it recommended to me by your principal miss
goodwin recommended very highly of that what’s
the name of the booker you haven’t told us that let’s see here it’s called america there are some very interesting do what about that says that he did civilization of the crossroads that
entire rightward nextag wouldn’t hurt to do a little release
party sort of a single radio program from time
to write due to my dear window you anybody there career-oriented
movie magazines well i haven’t seen you read a book and five years alive in the
city i’m gonna start tonight talal marriage of another writer american pyloric usenet they’re interested three hundred nineteen pages excuse me yes it’s a good wages leads michael finley at your feet you got any place tonight
belgrade just planning to spend the evening of
all the good book i wondered if it be alright if i go to
the movies that i could do anything the blackberry few settlements are
regular everyday there but what was warm and so the ratio insisted pictured had that jack got
elected each year of project alive that marvin rosen sure he’s married
amended ala carte whose linda della corte starlight split
up for a while but now they’re back again carat diamond harbour scotty use
do you see what i mean my review spent more
time reading worthwhile boxes of all let me stop everybody ought to do more reading you
to ready you’ve got that much time for reasons number anybody get time to be makeup now i’m a busy man but i’m gonna spend
the whole evening reading a book i’d stick to enjoy it too vanzant thinking about the right dot at
the movie alright ready go ahead admissibility would this with the other room sally my dream let’s see where today you’re a lawyer are you reading my book but gap while i share no i think if she’s come in uh… intact bloodshed today atlanta and look at it lie uh… hijack shihan delivered on that which i’ve
always kept that side bars all you’ve got to i’d just found out this morning it’s
katie’s birthday here lela diego get caught up for about the
boise we’re going to get him down and get a
little surprise party it’ll be more than planned guys i’d like to all come on palomar but applaud leroy that’s not true i’d go up i wanna do only i don’t want
to what’s this about a book when i was
reading so strange about i’ve plan to spend the evening here with the book
alone certainly doesn’t sound like you must be a fascinating but uh… well i’ve got it right here it’s called america americablog that’s it america what earth basi lawyer to use this was right to use minute well he’s iv
writer now you know because this company only
publishes important books it’s the book of the century club look at the same trick what is it to publish one book at a
hundred years but alright it’s a mighty good book and i intend to resist it gets back to the book that back into
town it lives i have better things to do just it magic hero i and i say goodnight here of
course larry’s dole out you will literally go well there no more interruptions i may be
able to get a little reading them fuse jews this gets settled it what are you reading them eyeballing uh… that’s a good book i don’t you read something like that i think they are running on it now there’s nothing like me but if you mind giving me a couple
cigars my dear over there that you will always like that in handy when i read leroy should be good enough to show that
puts you under my feet nevermind i’ll do it already have a good time a baby but if you have a apples out there might like an apple a day two months
while i read believes the monopoly sometimes have
something to chew on i said well-guarded nitrate fugitive and friendly and nice isn’t it everybody reading years writing letters leroy your local spoke to you outlet high set aside a friendly and i see
where everybody really if you’re coming out look like excuse me see what the books is here we’re adding to my dream adhere of it yeah o’connor letter for about three months
given my love you know the thing about reading was a battle with him gets like well when i was gonna say you spend all
your time running around and see people you call your friends football so your
best friends of the only knew it i remember no professor manna college
saying to me professor grizzled he taught me and gives literature old grizzly at least card of grizzly uh… do identify with him a long time randell followed a great teachers all the students loved in looked up to i was a sort of a pet is it and houston but your in the evening some
time to meet sit there in the study of are distrusted books i remember him saying to me one time euless levi’s might really volley if you’ll excuse the
outcome i think i thought stairs i’ve tried for months to get his letter
written so if you don’t mind not-so-little go right ahead i thought
they’re not exactly is still low schemes are not very popular around here uh… grizzled was right books for a man’s best friend at least a
toll on on on let’s have a look at the slim see with
the follow says area chapter one the twentieth century will one day be known as a century of
communication this from this point of view that i wish
to make a brief survey of world events of the last fifty years in europe the tensions and anxieties of the
nineties had a rough within the flames initiative japanese empire stilts
lumbered unaware of its tragic destiny and in america do well he’s got something there but what is it unlike just read it again news would you say all these read to the
sects don’t just look at the words the it’ll prob and uh… nities intrusion into the eighties the initiative the twentieth century will one day be
known as the century of communication i thought so far there is good news for review there is a very brief survey maroon grants and loans and nearby mineral for a moment we don’t
want to wait to go to sleep but we would like to bring in our messages on
important from our sponsor of the crime cheese
company the next time you homemakers leaf
through your favorite magazines notice especially the large number of
recipes and manuals that call for fortified margarine no doubt you want to try some of these
recipes on menuism and crafts market is the fortified margarine you’ll surely
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spreading and providing with other foods market is a favorite with women
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important vitamin a it’s also tops in food energy sold by parquet soon see if your family to doesn’t prefer
this delicious craft quality spread to any other brands ask or park it p a arcade and why parking margarine made by crack all where welcomes was flown to britain
family happens mildly to develop the duty you must be dreaming mikham ye planners college in the world u_s_a_
used readings on the market high-fat morning lol hydro in forty sixteen e why would
submit to the queen of the campus onto repute the nixed year desperation at the extended
outlook what they did about but react extended black magic business segments atlantic overwhelming that they had is showing what are you doing tonight he knew seat what is more can’t why it didn’t sound like this malls being done to fifty about the state
bought moment and over-the-counter having to both sides wanted on ships and
sold my house gilbride after supper uh… ascot walked into the participating in the
past that we have yesterday together so you can have an f the organising this class i don’t know well-lit said then give us your notion of the boats
they take in this passage was that uh… something about you know this lead i would like to see
that nice steady decline you’re linux mo home as vigorously i regret that i have found it necessary
to send forty of the fact is however that door work in my class first thought
would be a disgraceful a sophomore in high school but professor knowledge of
english literature worries infinite decimal would appreciate a portrays
microscopic edition unit tenant endorse spelling is
atrocious refresher and the soup and show up mopped improvement in the all
that i felt the competitive racial adult probation probation that would mean i’d
have to resign as assistant manager of a quality manner side of the acts out there that that’s the way it is you’re you’re didn’t what obama the was a drop off their permit it i was reading there are fears the twentieth century will one day be
known as a century of communication but i do it as a good but cheap but good this stuff here maybe articulate layer i’ll just old first on the street victims in the late ritzenthaler whited out just picking up
about a believable for a lot are artistry well just for the moment big mistake read too much at one time i
did read a little bit reflect read and reflect that’s a violent professes to say all proper schools ride of paul fossil adheres next denies moon too uh… fitness jolly boys the to it as a terrible cortex and august flack the yesterday really need me maybe i would just i’ll get back to my book he gave that name but he goodwin is doing might be good to get her short for well you’ve got martin protestant tries hard to come in
and well presented yes what i’ve been doing it you had an
accident inhibiting them let’s party what do you think i can do i got the
self aware the table used to be and across that networking these tests
based the other way at least much nicer don’t you agree what do you think that martin i wonder if you could give me one thing that’s here favorite national what is it i’m just
dying to know how the panel would not go over here against the wall af the not it’s only an upright but it’s
simply won’t budge from the well elementary at nut the use your email dot but it darren being must be sarah bats coming au-pair hahahaha there that’s just plain i think it looks and that’s an issue and that let’s sit down for a minute anyway
so we yes i’ve been doing one i’ve been really who really have been reading a book i’m afraid that there are no isn’t right bridge at the energy tax attorney i’m
reading a book there’s nothing to get a stack of about buddy reading the latest book of the
century selection americablog all thongshiew reading back to mister levin
transcended my copy came yesterday morning and i finished it last night i’d
just couldn’t lay it down thank you well it’s that time i have the and quite realistic of ready willing to
die cochran so i have already identified
waited to it and then i thought maybe it would be fun do well discuss the far side a little every two
months well he hasn’t been a fascinating ideas
on life it did you come to the chapter on the
woman of tomorrow low but it sounds good let’s discuss that and this one your desired is on women
not wanted banks instantly so remind me the and let the is a wonderful moon tonight are we discuss this book out on the back
porch note that primordial i thought you were crazy
about books i have booked me a great deal to me why don’t we go out on the
porch gosh it sure for like everything and it was your idea for me to join the
club you’ve got me all excited about this
book and you won’t even discuss it and perfectly willing to discuss it dot
martin what is it about the book that you find
most interesting little all idea america uh… and what do you think smith side is the
right do you agree with what he says about america willow yes or no how much of the booklet you read frank
martin but what do you mean by that do you think you’ve read maybe not an attacking obtains it’s none of your business have
i don’t say whether as a lab ites archetype uh… well i’m going home
americans all river lil intelligent conversation with the first yesterday pianos that it’s a regular examination
he died and judgment was gone actually interview this evening dodd testicular disrupted which creativity
admitted to the day and thinking that you’re doing have if you have a compartment of
premature commissioner have october the birthday of our well just what becky
chief how are you anyway p d it’s just an argument about that left you let’s
leave yet claims t_v_ is ninety years old acclaim is at least a hundred and eight
dash energizing action you’re reading any dairy radiation million rich can receive
regretfully the cooperation of a cv added a speedy and you know camera convention to peter mark for
admission requirement of technique that travel events take that intelligent it’s his birthday but was lights but he
remarked reading rainy day in my house and he said he was
feeling you’re going to start me on your troubles be aspirin tablet dot the point being an aspirin tablet
churchmen over do don’t tell me flights and getting off
stuff like that all evening eugene and after that we got the pleasure of your
company commission that judgment i think you would curl around a good book for
the night yet what happened yet they it you print your brain is a little out
of practice in the testing every thinking nothing of the kind yet assembly interrupted my reading the
paper i respect my old friend pvd appreciated meticulously and want to book the famine and while we’re waiting for mister
koppel here flexion which the democrat and republican leaders
about world affairs very interesting different repudiated students like t_v_
are allegedly when i finished it sooner if you want yet whether i was
growing up where it is a mighty important subject but are we gonna play
any cards that i never did that the president to trouble you for a new tutsi
as you know bottom inform yourselves on will develop sold-out in my bobich apparatus six
commentator’s everyday that’s what eventually talking about bias firstly there’s now he endless unauthorized consider my
dream you put your journey date jealously guard sent out a lot of all are we gonna spot along he’s preparing
at bottle out the book we started now missionary when a person
and wouldn’t it aditi getting you and and the are laying on it and growing media that
better only let the commissioner said we had to run if you’re if we are at and whatever happens they try to stay on
the key less energy in it soon where there’s no will chicago aparato here loaded unit of wall and you know an international the you no just a minute reunion we will use alone it in it’s not okay uh… get on with a poker game boys i guess i’ll get back to my book ignite pvd ron brown well seeing it’s your birthday humi in-flight goodnight america ass the paul company pocket lineup fashion by taking the stand again next
week for the for other adventures all that great builders leave than a_b_c_ that zero zoos and farm
their kind of smacking with shipping nubra golden craft silent must remove
delicately spiced can be used in a tempting extras if mustard unappetizing
prints vegetables are left bernie and mustered into which resist mustard ranch
dressing speculation extras n_p_r_ news atmosphere so they’re popular equipment
strategy remembered this is the national broadcasting


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