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parquet c_i_a_ r_k_o_ a wife r_k_ margarine made by class yes craft makes parquet wage i cannot a summerfield though i had
some updates tests as some of these for the primary elections only four days
off political rivalry there has reached its peak matter what i got his opponent talk
walking bagel does leave open slugging it out told it so in a series of political debates all
over town last less than all their faults and
there’s a kind of debating has been going on uh… that’s why i say to you
my friends taxes must be reduced have reduced immediately because the taxes are not produced what does that go to the left for any of
us you’re forgetting something mayor low mundi longs to everyone the best
things in life are free abhisit all answers the size can shine for everyone
that they could be bad news on where they are not dignified hotel that’s why i call a couple of
comments ukulele i’ve got the taxpayers of this
fall asleep or not from a question of school appropriation use well i just get a statement says that we
should spend more money on the school may i can answer that into words watauga
school days schoolday off the road bolivia he and i a m k but uh… himself lol ok mayor what kind of our
cues that he the altogether slavery whatsoever right
prepared for it i rode audioslave i love you through it uh… where the and recollected commission area they
have on their own bad ideas that it’s got a little bit alone thank you that as we get a lovely right away our me and i got elected i don’t know
who stands a better chance my boy like what u_s_ politician a and citizenship don’t feel
like you know which party you belong to a well did you tell us hero do you mean to tell me you don’t
know what party you’re uncle is affiliated with socially unattended for nomination on the
progressive fusion ticket her grants of under last year’s we obviously example want you’ll stop progress if
using this yes leader meir is a reactionary progress that’s why i’m opposing it i don’t get it you see my body the election next tuesday is just a
primary election nasa decide which addresses to be the
party’s candidate for mayor in the fall demand the progressive fusion is
dominating julie will run against the independent progressives in november progressions that’s the other party and some of you it hath no good too radical my boy they are not too much anyway if i get
the nomination in june i was good is elected yes i think and public and the democrats well i’ll tell you right funny about them back about nineteen thirty two
republicans is over feel sort of an underground for a while in the meantime the democrats kept
fighting among themselves and they split up into the progressive
fusion is an independent progresses so that the republicans came out and
took sides in they are is that clear last month final and i feel if if it uh… fellow about my boy life all your uncle will be there and the chances are you avenue apt to i say the chances are you have a new et
tu rocky flats rock low photographed dole homoerotic gone well i gotta stop
and hear that from now then ad done it flying high commission calculate gentleman you now standing in
the presence of the next mayor of summer p how do you know said she was a
slaughter a modem dot heli was even been there seated married me on the spot say commission he really gone through a
look at this time please gone through a lot what kind of a question is that if you’re referring to my forthcoming
marron offense committed no offense i just meant well long as you know what you’re doing
that of course i know what i’m doing and i just meant well i remember when you were engaged in
that other party last year that that’s seven party miss goodwin is not a party
for played sees my fiance the very lovely lady isn t judge she isn t and she has a very loving mother to
hasn’t yet highlight remark carcinogen mentions just as soon as i get a
reservations and that’s what i want to talk to you
about judge you’re my campaign manager you’re
supposed to be in charge of arrangements gillian reservations are hard to get
without priorities claudia priorities on mother-in-law’s attack but i’d like to you on tuesday uh… you know i might be in a position
to help you out there commissioner all you think you could get a reservations
well i know them and that’s good albert wynn damper depot i did in the paper once but keep my
mouth shut if you could take it is for me i’d be a
friend for life could you call them up now well i’d like
to do you the favor commissioner on their own member it was needed data
apply the repair at eleven e people would go that much
trouble for a friend eugenic like it now eleanor like it was less reply sunday people is our ad hollis fly down like munson hyper now but that could lower the six nineteen that’s good has a wife we get that the lord and scattered so yeah i got a friend here like to get reservations on the six
nineteen d’amato eliza uh… still bad or chance and uh… finepix viewer uh… by the way uh… we
ought to get together one of these nights i had seen you lately remember that time you told your life
you’re going to the lodge meeting except that going away like that and that night all you don’t need a warrior allen’s
nobody here and i wouldn’t tell anybody you know that wife which you know that over and tell
your wife that was really an evening with that and when the captain anyone of us to sit
down and if you fax akak contract they have seriously about those
reservations my friend here if they’re already great call you back
but it and that would have made it alive it well-thought pics commission is going to
call me back to life that’s wonderful having to do it for alice guys a friend
of mine a little better out out of thinking about your exploit
and next time i didn’t read it remind me to get a shampoo massage all commissioner it yes flight remember
media girlfriend out in that book g but six thirty she must be pple look to see it clinton martin canyon no inside access the don’t worry on-site and assistant secretary of state
in a minute to stop by if any i’ve got some
wonderfully some really what is the of hike and guest that will continue to
let it make one gets you haven’t done sending foolish down you can go on but those hearings just
because i happen to admire them said no that influence you it gets a bit i can’t go on track not not not having cake and the other if
you have something to tell me how to get the k_g_b_ listen i finally did i got some other reservations to leave
town tomorrow night on the six nineteen rain or shine i must say you see mostly happy about
the croatian guy item regular for week by the forgot seaview mother is the one who
said she had to go home u_s_ news out to get the tickets i mean guys i’d like to ever stay longer i wish you could settle on it i’d ever stay here forever she’s gotta go she’s gotta go you let’s make the best of it that’s my attitude how are you alright d i’m sorry after
all we must think of her you must let our places and their way you’re right when you think of threat to by the way i
out of wire and fred my brother beckel mother lives that you
know uh… dido bread but judge of all you want to meet fred i’ll bet he’s a great guy he’s mothers davidson trustees her only son please how is the
newspaper i was a deal for letting or does not yes
yes he’s an engineer alleged area great profession in january noble profession building things izzy mary you know what he’s about it some of the kids have swimming by by
ideal i’ve never felt that fit dot what do you mean and i’ve always felt that he was a
little unhappy somehow with your mother to take care of him dot how could that be what more could be asked where i think he’s always regretted that
somehow the right has never come along lissa mother says he seemed rather restless
lately that’s one reason she came here on this
visit said that maybe the change would do a good the lisette a man’s best bill as his mother you telnet you tell the whole other work film i said so leave you’ve got a wire
so i have right now panama kumari i’ll get the tickets now doing its best i can correctly you
know why don’t fret tom not to worry elements you brought home a good chance
of our helmet mothers our lives regular sleep well there was a going to
ask you what because serving lighters summertime
meals remember the every mail your family each of the nourishing and
well-balanced so long with solids another one mother treats sarkar kurz or
bread spread with the latest parquet margarine is a park in margit has a wonderful
agent got summertime nutrition midsole nourishing so satisfying first though is that delicate appetizing
park a flavor important to good nutrition because parking margin makes other foods
taste so good that’s real flavor goodness to toast
rolls muffins waffles then there’s that marvelous pulled out a
park a margin provides all economically unless there is the important part of an
eye in the craft that’s the parquet margarine never less than nine thousand units at
every problem summit park a want your family standbys
forgot summertime nutrition p_r_k_ a water park in margarine tomorrow by parquet described that’s
made by crack balance-the-budget regulars lee its
breakfast time but so far only marginally royal reach the budding of marjorie is reading the front page of
the paper leroy is reading the comics wild party can be heard in the kitchen you using mom about u activated i said it was like a into did you find a crazy life all right but don’t forgot about it polyethylene like five anything in the back of a few minutes
ago you must feel good to my strategy about
the election is in the back all that the email at it was just talking about playing at constantinople drop my car and say alice everything is in la alot still finally did get an idea of a rest how do you think that would be like that
might as principal of the school and as you
know speeches pushing me around kidnapped latins that are not very the issue of
the like that i can isn’t about who don’t have that could be that was said about renting out that
that medicaid uh… anybody good morning and a special good morning to you pretty
aspects monthly review of the because you’re the only member of my household
is able to vote on tuesday here at twenty one activities that hands
when got off that part the how you registered in the aftermath some of the by a british i am won’t attempt to influence your
vote but you could have all day tuesday off
you here banker enemy average ragged breath i
would indeed ready about a phone call operator at it minor offended by it cannot have something to do it the fact is that well floyd jealously any news for me he’s got a all right what do i get it i don’t care how show you what i want to
see it by info and i’ll pick up the barber shop
a couple of hours so long her the but i do it well i don’t have is that
the deadlock stares at the end of the best and many thanks because now i really got something to
sing about unified any firm one dollar thank you
very handsome yell at them is to be unit can earn fair
dealing and any other way down out of town alistair source one being the same
estimates togethers levi’s tony ranjit continuing on in the past and in
order to have a student uh… a_t_m_ have as many cells that seems to
you mhm if there’s any question of
professional inspection related but professional when i was just thinking
out loud with air entering i don’t like to violate the confidential attachment police union how does that stand out at mom is an old
friend tell that needs to be evil after out i was engaged to marry minded
correction i think i can safely tell you that he
has definitely contamination and hollow problem mein on this e-mail may contain cops and
flawless field along the initial about my remains to be so after the fact of the l c eternity mister industry were dented and well acting on the understand and here’s an army and arms and hands meanness gambling’s mother inhuman when u_n_ she had been in winter two
originally additional purchases retreat ended friday when you think about maturing tinkering and very pleasant one i’m no great quietly remote control hahha you once mayor frank opinion features candidate clinton corners delivery slash campsites network top-line uh… elite that fellow p_d_a_
demanding ridiculously recommended for use in a time of the spending mood
repeat about skinny serenity in cement yet many flowers what costello at harvard kevin another birthday now let me just
happens these gifts or freeze mother always no it’s not her birthday icl mad dog casts rockman bean and i wish you wouldn’t use that
expression speaking you missus goodwin you’re very fine woman isn’t c_p_b_ tender trivandrum initiated highbury fonda halogenated out the have
been at that time prime and let you know and twenty dean will be gaston come up the group the reason i’m buying a mother the feel
of the things that are just going back for harris heads down that’s the test of cannot
enough wrap-up maids five-minute all this warm weather lol businesses
just amid anyway letting it he mansion the cartelligent tell my husband bala dot
mother came to visit we had trouble jet that special friends d not myself
panoply so well he’s mother has a i suppose you could call a diet but it’s no trouble at all end no really really love i’ll decide issues whether dole she’s my good company lively in our
something going on every minimum paradox monies to top everyman and he used to
get awfully wang uh… that is whether is different she’s well informed on the questions of
the day good talker isn’t she a good talker peavey nishi
check needed essay of flying alone is the oldest leave abuses manson on image demands i_t_t_’s
still help the doctors make business for the undertaker is right now and at that it and added and if i was going to say that to pull them
together you have a lot of fire the espy in flight how much do i have told you how since i
got the tickets they tell me you’re obligated espy almost like a away at the
shop but i know you are anxious to get all of those reservations are run right
over he’s been calling for a fight and today
it was that i guess we all now it is one of those tiny is mother-in-law out of
town hall shot up where then well you should get out at night in my whatever all the packages so just a
few little going away things for you mother archives three dot content a
little about it she’s probably busy packing she is packing his g sees all packed she’s resting for a little while ago all i want to steer that’s right nobody likes to be waking up in the
middle of a little sleazy i was just gonna leave these things but you’re not doing anything that might sit
around for a minute i wish you would gain although it is the moment take it yellow a nine very comfortable right the middle of the
time of that’s wonderful and that all these presents mother
that’s happening in style i’m eddie at her side sent to its people all it’s not what we’re doing too much
about the way i look at it easy has said that this is going to go to my
girl’s mother you’re obviously so you either will you still think i’m sweet when i
made a deal to sleep hookers only then i’ll say you’re
awfully sweet your honor unit side your t_v_ if i did money it’s not like my mother did we
wake you up on live close to the s_c_c_ continues dot
not known whether has said they didn’t mean it is kinda mother i insist you must get a little
rest stock markets pretty simple interesting
looking presence there when you want to thank you don’t know thanks unnecessary
mothers dot blotting you certainly are thoughtful it general now no mother no clear on the train now you go in and out for the prime and
finishing u_s_-funded train trips report tearing it apart of pizza without power casting people write you a couple less
than thirty in the station the do you think should be everything didn’t
even get until i got back to the planet excuse that i had mother there’s nothing like a little shut eye i think something but don’t you repeat now ido anyway the knighthood she’s a great algo acting she sometimes not in the world
risk you’ve thought about where we could go
on our honeymoon hunting good gracious todd martin we have a new
study date for our wedding how about the fourth of july okay nobody gets married and then put it in
ninety alone side i don’t think we ought to do any
traveling with the long run we could have a honeymoon right here maybe right users values slices hello how are you still telling you quicker adult daughters always putting it yes ted’s mother’s going this evening presents just like to speak to you just
a minute you know wasted but wait a minute up just for a quick now it’s not
like it’s very nice of the jets to call to say goodbye even you know we got your
mother’s health and i know i can just tell me phony polyester thanks for your dad
happy all thinking i was just dropping off the street no we’re was awfully nice to meet you judge
package so much about you i think you jack i want to do but he
didn’t they recently but it was an innocent that included light who died nice explain the people here have some
ideas hidden treasure confined and trapped not
learn a lot of fun decision had under the bridge but i’ll try to get
back to sleep again doctor perry says he didn’t everything a prospect begin
magazine the other day at unisa couldn’t have to see uh… well i’m sure doctor
fair would recommend a little less actress before train trip either and i
think a little rest will help my name and outside if you’ll both be real quiet
maybe i can drop off well we’ll be too lax let’s play miles seeds do how do you plan on photo you’re the little bottles and i try to grab you did don’t know what you didn’t already know
usually government that you’re taking and the rebel ended welfare level more and has who’ll from time to talk and converse
cano o_d_s_ this issue yes please thank you very much it was a telegram my brother fred fred he’s alright disney uilyas he said he’s just got a commission and the
c_b_c_ news on his way to washington but your mother she’ll just have to leave you feeling with us season seem to get to see so i thought it might
as well stay up now bread bb characteristic welcome and commit and not disturbing your hope that our
committee actress go away and come back to camera
convenient and i’m not doing a thing for you visiting area magazine come on it what’s on your mind bt hearing sharon
you know that uh… sudirman and which he does he that you wouldn’t want to buy more brian
would you usually uses big turnout of as a way to go to sell and in into didn’t wait a minute i’m only trying to tell you that’s no
way to sell bonds neural novel become moot union here you got them and
there’s a world various happening again i know that that’s why we’re selling the
bonds you wore well that’s no way to sell right now usual respiration power i suck i’d make people realize as a war going
on that’s how i say don’t look your brother even hollering yet offer second
front when i got allow follows roller fighting and dying
to what you will or infor well let’s see about a month when i say to all the time has come
brother put up or shut up that’s what item new n_t_s_b_ mitel a
more p_t_ i’d say look this is the greatest chance in history the greatest chance industry are you gonna buy anywhere you go to
pass it up i’d tell ’em you don’t have to buy vibes nobody will
make it nobody will know nobody will set so if
you don’t but you’ll know brother you’ll all of the one time when you have done
something to help you didn’t do it and if we fail in this war i wouldn’t
want to be you’ll and if we succeed i wouldn’t want to be you either that’s what i can you do you really believe that
mysteriously why certainly i believe if you go around i believe it hearing it but but he made you’ve got yourself a bandit oh cattle alright shortly i’ll buy one
i’m glad to do it that you just record everything you want but i’ll say this to you or the worst
bond salesman i ever saw and uh… mention you just don’t want it casper i had a practically sell it to
myself and when when when when it is getting canned paper that uh… pediatric care confirming community here
is the managing editor and headquarters had been in the did that peter that
everybody and remember william by that bond thoughts the the dollars the crafters that’s the correct helplessly
ears factories have been records of our game
under the complete line of a bus bombing food products but that’s our various
regardless of the red light on a waiting and so hard will have a great deal to save in just a
moment of restoration point booking that’s good
news for all the ladies right now until july second there’s a brief holiday on
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of july five times of the delicious crafts
president went free graph amento ali palmetto and relish
spreads the tiny roca and craft liberty express their quality spreads nutritious
andy and such a good evening they’ll keep all right in your
refrigerator be a big help with sandwiches and snacks and silas remember
you have only until next sunday to get five delicious kraft cheese spreads
without spending any eration point now has got a better than regular sleep it’s late sunday night the final week of
campaigning is over and only one day remains before the good
citizens of summerfield go to the polls to cast their ballots for the primary it’s been a hard week but the decision i was in the lap of the
jobs and candidates childress leaders of the arms of morpheus always wary brain
run troubled services also supposed to be
sleeping on his with himself if he gets the nomination to the uses
those elected and if he’s elected married but one has
promised to marry and it is nice it is not effete marries a motherhood when it
comes to live without you all along long dot com trying to get a kenny known campaigning it’s nothing news that holds true happened i mean essentially the dating scene homes bullet three next weekend for you truck bomb building cds even tomatoes
another the have you forgotten left is usually the indy doll o well-lighted budget elusive uncle local issues ham freak out really well visit my book uh… i was hired by them thing sorry about not buddy you’re
talking about how that all about the whole of mother that means that you buy lately there’s
really at and i don’t have a lovely though it were to become uh… the what’s that like the initially take
this woman did the reliable and alive i know you richard’s book answer the
question by object section all those julia luckily are not take this woman
that is your letter to live five years of hispanic gandhiji only in the clinton this man in
the yard lawful wedded husband akashi destined to meet nobody had seen
judge along with the ceremony he everything of jeff levine or green can’t be renewed can be seen use different answers and he’s stems
from an indigent defendant reveal the worst best and the world fourteen year old montana that you’ve
got the reviews unit was the only time until the end of my nose is some of the u_n_ there in the first place may starting on
the latest thing yet and now who knows manan live pad that explains cuming out just the bride there’s no
time so that we got the rest of the case may be drain where are we going on out having
those had a honeymoon easy you know me mother alive wouldn’t going anywhere without mother’s day patriotism lose again lou hulu where’s mine flexible z that julie roa he’ll go tell me something you really among marry them up because it would force a got married we have a t_v_ set a date for the
wedding everything’s alright have the just a bad dream tyler totally leroy hero don’t leave me my book cv with your old uncle interest right away i’ll get right up abuse where my slippers i believe head compress dot so tightly roads perfectly all right i forgive you character at my little marjorie my favorite niece good morning my dear i
don’t mind it’s about fifty dollars act had overslept i’m sorry the yardley decal application
doctor nichols uh… incident with me here that i did usually right i love you my little family around me has gone shopping with missus grant without here yet is five dollars for spring whatever you want buy yourself a football president clinton today and about the factor donated all my boy i want to see you children happy agnes i’m here this morning manuel ayala
optimist d_n_c_ those anybody brady expecting him for
this man anne donated a shipment of your presence pretty the notion of your warm friendly smile if these families are exact that saturday and plenty of toast and coffee i bet i can eat like a paratrooper today
i’ll tell you how big an epic al the dot t_ residency effect is to arlington dot did
not mean everybody you know i leave inviting midday sit down and a cup of coffee while i
have my thank you haven’t been up each you don’t mind it upsets me deceitful
michael of uh… just a few scrambled eggs a month let’s talk a little you’re going to have to deny the
company’s otherwise how are we going to get a long after you even money mother really leroy withheld burial at my age a little late din of top quality e i’d be thinking about you judy and you
know what i think you want to do why don’t you email that’s what i did and i wouldn’t need to
get married but i don’t mean it county cousteau has marjorie mother you’re putting talk not mandate
difficult position just a position he wants to be army there are these
inpatient well i thought the whole thing over with
up to ten percent and he says he can are you busy have to be wednesday afternoon mother that’s day
after tomorrow why doctor petals that doctor needed was the man died a little
for all that his doctor needed my bastard totally different rates dot blotting he didn’t want to tell dependent upon
the ceremony and i just didn’t consider your maddie we’re having all now that
this is ridiculous let’s discuss one thing at a time please your i_d_ there’s
nothing that you can just about if you got married right now another
friend who owns a sum of all the time that you could get to develop a season
opens thirteen and i think if indeed she has
that took place on the company i don’t want to go to missus at this
hotel mother you’re listening to think that your husband’s pocketbook no idea so if you go to a hotel out to see who
can to make a substantial stating the cost of your wedding pic father and identify agriculture probes
inside but i was already in power and any excellent arrow you know i this is a
grown-up conversation well the reuters my nephew they should be allowed to put
in his two cents worth that’s not a bad suggestion my boy hahahaha stalin well you won’t be there leroy hot or
cold you will be there young people can see just problem
background wouldn’t let off the speaking about the you another fine art for the
right side of the soviet spy the russian catholic voters onam other those feelings in your bones
don’t happen michael lindsay i think it did well volatile and i got a feeling that if you to run
very effectively knocked around either of your life
growing and yet another i think not and i gotta go now for a
martin they just think it’ll turn out i’m sure you’ll see it nightly he could
be a top obstacles talk a little bit your uh… another for goodness sake when you come in and it’s not hard for
me it’s even i think we ought to discuss this a little there’s nothing to discuss
the little denied you coming that is not good for your kind dot da get bad mother sega behind your honor petty i guess services i’m all set c_n_n_’s greg isn’t here buddy me my boy well i thought you can’t imagine how
much you want me election well the election is in the bag the paper says i am two-to-one over two
million react well yes practically quick that’s the problem with the weather is
yellow he could still win if we put up a fight listen leroy you go on a bunch of business i’ve got
work to do nevermind you go out and play go by baseball glove percent nordstrom
rack but later my boy i’ve got some phone calls to make first
fellow in your own okay i’ll start with ease adams hello mister adams uh… you were registered voters will vote for two will again tomorrow well never mind who i am i’m just a friend of good government the display for the dislikes meanwhile i have since all rations lloyd
meals for the ladies between now and july second fire varieties of the famous
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kraft dinner too this seven minute macaroni and cheese is
also quite free right now amal saved time saved points by getting kraft
cheese spreads and craft than ever voluntary back then you know there’s
legal by this time is a very uneasy man it’s tuesday night the polls opposed
senators over dark elevators dot is headquarters biting his nails and wiping
the sweat off his broadly lessons for the returns coming in got three hundred
forty-seven kill states except that i keep saying sister quiet precinct artextl five hundred
thirty one helpdesk clubhouse five hundred thirty nine delegate lead hands unit p_d_’s right judge to agree to still
show some unexpected strength to hold shallow axes not returned for the half first
time thank you for the rich environment meanwhile state you’ve got a u_s_ ran
for completion well gilded the old boxes that again done what had told me that make him a
role at at the once you’re in the i’m not marietta hard don’t be silly u_c_l_a_ transitory and you’re seeing as u country chickens reform in pakistan from
the list there’s another will say as many as slip which the cup in the
lift eugene eugene on your own change monument or make and model yet what’s that got to do with this or
anything else learned nothing against but if you know
she will keep it to yourself new french maturity
and i’m many corporate and individual actually in seems a little test did you
see the you don’t suppose the sky offices on the
list had already anti-rejection at so i’ve had a hard day and decide the few interim community breakeven articulate having senior all said well i was down in the guesthouse
district is getting a little last minute campaigning said and avoids that told me it looked a
little doubtful all you’ve got nothing to worry about
that’s what you think that that lights topside mystery abdullah tread on the radio pbc ratings
haven’t crack at it gary knapsack though i think the final
attack although there are several precincts yet
to be heard from may have trouble like a conceded the
election to accelerate mystical mostly about eight forty five this evening
conceded as soon as complete projects come through we will relate them to you without delay advice delay kill don’t no no what okay say a few words to the says that backdrops calcs candiotti argue cash this it’s merely road haitians canceling univ of thank you deathly that watching that
but you can make you really past i asked school hydrate dance drive a little quiet my boy i have had a
very exhausting day my goodness whether that is i wanna see appalachia oh killing that so that the money not setbacks and that they have the
right now and i just wanted to add think it’s a wonderful alone make you lose vs maxwell print them out percent you know i i would you rather wait
please day that stares into your home where it come september do something progress landmark yes to anything you want leroy
only not in here due to my treat hotmail okay we’re shoes shock ma but there i said just now wheeler i’d guess so last rock martin have said this before all that beneath
me i’ll help you’ll be there honesty well you know products i don’t think so i think you’re one of the swedish girls
i’ve ever known of ninety-three martin technique that hank since of so here let me problem out of the shank confident and upbeat that thing to be saying that and feel a little myself hideouts how would you be having a very
happy redman heathrow martin i’m psyched shot noticed blow just live families and giddens abduction if you had a chance right now my
digestion in at the back from you album russian i wish you were going to be a fist thing
tomorrow getting thrown mom might make everything seem a little more deal honestly but i hope your seat avocation mansfield i mean we aren’t going to be strangers never leela you stand for something in my life use them for us witnesses do go over her mouth he partly actually developed and
congratulate you on what you get uh… i didn’t know you had come pick
uh… yeah businesses ransom monday and she’s an old friend of family lives right next door strategy of new
hampshire happening to me trap money still means that you have the
same reason that it didn’t come here have cars and now you’ve got an how much
the running around and that he’ll be wanted talk about the
weapon now bailout money to feel as you know they’re any witness complicated but
these last minute that anyone accidentally last time darlene leon’s tension you stick eats up talking it like it’s okay but there’s nothing reliable friend
justice denied keep it to myself i think he came over to congratulate you
stop talking i wanted to know that even i a proud of you i’d be proud to
have you as a standoff yellow try to be worthy of you mother decided he would be a veto that’s a fine
spirits and he’d get up and if you do things about
tomorrow you cannot pat i don’t even or i’m going you’ll be
going somewhere i’ve already started talking to eat you got to get busy busy eating i
suppose helping your company i wonder if you put in the city council
of iron tablets he said that she wanted me iron campus fluorescent which is going to party
chief louis sometimes hilltop ought to be sure to see that she gets plenty of
precedent to and one month are you talking about leroy cancers needed to really get has conceded the
election reminder let’s listen to excatly unexpected asap decorative shutters were recalling the
situation in california nineteen sixteen when she was tried to back president or
defined in the morning act wilson at block wat happens and dollar actor acct attach so-called
house district have blacktop discreetly i don’t like it i want to go by exactly
three votes alone hostility dvd dot blot i can’t tell you how sorry i am onam
other billy’s crying over spilled milk higher for hiding to one that’s life uh… that’s politics you got to take a
bit earlier this week you a very great problem but i want you to know that you did
great to hear will stand by your through thick and thin but mother and i’ll stand
by you why george i but i don’t recall if your
daughter stay right there i’ve got to talk to you want dot martin
i’m glad you’re here coming your mother was just a little and i left that i know i couldn’t stop
grandmothers so impulsive u_s_ for another boat in kmart left on and i
had commitments it down i final result you’re there yes and i think it’s a shame you just
have to interrupt martin you really did well it’s the critics of the people
leave we have to go back by it that’s democracy that’s what we’re
fighting for to lose by three votes i think it just three people get always
not fear not i leave millie is going over spilt milk at the best mental illness and i say you’re a good those it sounds like but i
haven’t much use for the men who isn’t you made a wonderful selling and i’m
proud of you i’m very proud of you i want you to know
that and just as proud of you is if you’d won blowhard i’m very grateful for your attitude
beads i’m very grateful for that i’m very grateful for your mother’s
attitude too give us forget mother downing and she’s
a little bit econ i hope you understand the alleged you
see she’s had to work hard in your home life span that japanese children and now
that that’s in the service i know i’m afraid she still thinks it needs their
baby she wants me to have the best of everything that certainly and she thinks a great deal of youth
right martin and figure great deal of mother you remember about six months ago
remember when you told me on a run for mayor i remember very well remember when
i first asked you to marry me you have a seat usaid maybe if i won the election uh… but most the i’m ready to take my medicine hold mcnaughton usage and is still the food uh… we we
made about it now like martin did you think i meant that
we made a bloody landowners stick to it darkened that martin you make it sounds so cool love isn’t something you probably that’s
what you said if i got elected you marry me but i did not move mister literally said
that to make you try hard is silly the you mean i never dreamed to take it
literally i certainly hope you don’t think i’m the
kind of a girl who was valium and just because it was many years well normal
and i hope you don’t think that is that you just because you’ve been you know
well only you got to have the following these steps crimean one minute you say about not
let’s not argue not now one doctors believe i was really not not done you see i have something to say to you
front mcmahon we don’t know quite how to save all you
need to worry about me among world’s closer proposes a liberal
interesting this is something that’s going to hurt
and free and i don’t like hurting you and refund
defrocked martin canopy formed what’s more important artistic i think you know one of the finest men
i’ve ever known i like you to leave i admire you and i hope that all the speaker rings time how you missed your view this is done and it may seem
unreasonable cuts i’ve started over and i’m sure it’s best
this way q_c_ dlisted wait a minute yes let me get this straight you mean you camp marry me i’m afraid not being dot com can you ever forgive me will truly culture please do spread out sometime who knows the pain go away i can learn forget yourself grindstone bodo way somewhere grassley perhaps if you do they were so many things after all this mother and my first duty
is to have your ideal as well like about you know your duty in i could see you an ever going to be able
to get along with a well no i wouldn’t say that market there and then do i got to thinking is last few weeks site well i don’t think you need to indicated to me that well that maybe this was just one of
those things had just one of the space of just one of those things it was never
meant to be here after all when you come back down to
admit that much alike you when i’m not at all and fact here dark i mean it’s possible that we just
learned that for a chance to it maybe it was a
mistake from the start maybe workforce everything cabinet salute lee silliest
thing i ever heard when people get the jaguars dot not let’s face it black you don’t love me do you really manned data and yes uh… now that were such good friends about little kids mediator hope it’s not like the idea and therefore the things i get into blow brother i
need a vacation we all need a vacation soared on top of the next few weeks
inflation camp chosen bond rallies i’m starting out with salt lake city
tomorrow night this is our last broadcast this easy
we’ll be back again the first week of september at the same time in over the
same stations before saying goodbye wheeler thank you for the encouragement
you’ve given us through your letters and for your response to the government
messages we’ve carried from time to time blah sponsors the kraft cheese cummick
we’re grateful ferreira understanding and cooperation we want to get the credit due to all
members of the josie cast whom you come to know b dot a debtor who plays eve
goodwin surely mitchell who plays leland loryn couple whose marjorie lillian
randolph she’s pretty longer template little leroy url role so please judge
worker opted to brian he’s ploy the barber and which of the gramm are mr p d
thanks to a close we can for is excellent music qua writer john weakness
and more for their words frank pittman for his direction and attend carpenter
medina maltese about selected out hence the battle of the craft people of
donated this time next week the treasury department for a big bomb program will
be a lot of stars that looks like a great show apply and i’m sure it will be that’s not all folks except i’d like to
remind you that i mean you picture di ko and they’re releasing a very soon in
theaters in coast-to-coast is called your sleeves ghost so do come around an
oncology he it never really get somewhere hilariously all over role a factual revived as part of the vote in
favor of marines of the united nations first into another amazing episode in
the life of the great feel this way product liability whatever belong art
form flowers planted shirt sleeve of pro
sports league on some of the ltte widely perspire you-know-who with forty other vacation
effectively rifampin needs marjorie visiting friends and funny inadequate supper with their
clients well feeling the need for human companionship defeated old friend dot
booker going by info about that later on through the finance etc etc dot here argument that the anywhere in fact evidently they of office lessons
figure out what he thought about this conflict with with with you know how i basically pretty fortunately finally repellent places of wait a minute how to be a violin along with paul
nonlethal anything sorry and there but never the twain all right wolf both you’ll be sorry mindful clues servlet plausibility development synthesis op i was trying to spend quiet evening by
myself to sleep dot my door just let me try to well that’s a pretty
well vehemently how did it about coming over the line may be the place into tampa fl updated balances uh… thing that some other time and so on that material coop i give up here’s a look at the read my book here who call back if somebody doesn’t lose my place but people yes i do it years or maybe school years ago i’ve learned my lesson self-possessed yet yet the all evening long in one ear
and out of the other visited the enough is enough for me that
they are truly i have the whole place myself why are you doing one of my pocket did the first time well why not at my house is that uh… i
lived in a life by composer so i want never did like the picture anyway move this is ability identified giant rattled all right diseases outside fill out the local i live in
coming to pat background mastitis idoc out
different and doc marten hotpot batman t_v_ money admitted defeat camp and one
of the living room lined up and go ahead you have a nighttime arnhem land went back um… plugged well i hadn’t seen it all summer yet he needs that over coping with the stately love
bomb at alex kelly thank you we still don’t fret mhm probably not but that doesn’t it apple than to hop road alive delimited band all by myself night after night horrible plan so that dove ignorant i think that is the anybody you’ll get a break and mediacom no i didn’t hear that way we left i travel alone here these last weeks
nobody to talk to political could be used for me cardinals i know that i can get the pratap you lose i thought they were off the independent
more unplugged i happen to the infected tracking would not be what you think how much with mark and them out one of them and not definite their will not and padi
back yemi do avnet revenue two weeks all crackpot you have to blame for that after without power we don’t have a little that preclude applied evaporate martin a e-ticket the that i thought that the kitchen i mean sorted out later might find if you don’t get this backed
up the dayton was that i have a a dead that you were thinking of doing but uh… uh… activity uh… no want mhm product that not half empty without a doubt uh… millard that something a reliability uh… done quite a lot of thinking these
last two weeks a live alone here admitting lp happened we’ve had a lot of
thinking i’ve come to a conclusion i decided that i’m a type of man who
ought never to marry i think it’s only been prejudice i decided that women are not for me however but not practices bathroom really apply and then we both at county will
next be delivered but lately that you’re not mad idea well then move are you going fine or what happened at about the little going on in your email about
which is not about mine through but i do but i’d say i give up moa nothing to do i get to go to bed this was a mild right bob life is crucial why women can’t be more like me in loyal those rather look at that day the there’s no use making you know poor they’ve been seen running the prettier no pajamas they demanded leave them with them all well don’t mind me i’m nobody i
didn’t pay the bills around here that’s all who who why did i ever leave it let me get up or it now behind did you ever to author now the other one than new room guys don’t have these kind of place alright soil having press i can do
everything down set up a bit of that deal this week uh… the light and goes do the about what might be d well bruno it did the revolve the mind lovely but the whole without killing that the damn thief uh… void welcome home no mhm uh… with uh… too uh… with the movie but that doesn’t work that a member of that it with them goodbye you know installment plan i have to go to bed i have to go to bed vertigo newburgh grew up with the birds blew up bird progress or there or there roar groom rural one worrying on right and worded do evento mid-atlantic ab three wide the appetite out i don’t know why but the problem statistics uh… coming friday night by it british by elasticity commitment at
fifty-five with their enough that they want i do it i don’t know what that with this
with with that they’ve done it over the coming today having the family altogether again yes
that’s right back admitted that the death that the other
half day probably economic secure relived that uh… developers you have
to make the and and what about a pretty etc built outside waiting out there watching
today well operating out i’ll do anything for
twenty i didn’t believe wanted seven hundred acres i’m suffering from malnutrition heart
attack happened how important european ring it reactor i think acted like the
marin bramble the both dropped below eleven
thirty that for a bit look at that time okay hahahaha and nothing in the last february the
ipod that his mother hubbard cup all i have no weight lifting her yesterday what do you think i got to do in fact it of betty e refit out of that them with whenever dresses hoping to get them to the bottom you so i think the but i’m a little felt that way locally
that we’ve been told the room further than that if they have different replied day the of i don’t think it was wonderful thing he’s got a little bit dan vip at that neither the with the the idea is to make the boys help
self-reliance all that stuff that comes about with that out there at of the ride survivability defeat that the other server like this is a terrible birth why that leroy let them out of your face out not backpack pavel my boyfriend not partner right keep them provided a t_v_ getting down to look
good patterns never mind that subordinated to
something asap catholic at night front if you believe the eliades for your country idea wants more money at the home upgraded that i’d like for
you v everything with did by being in time their on that what obv actively out what are you talking about company top black-on-black word left contact do you rely a lot of campania longer
kind of evidence compounds uh… uh… can you give all of my god pactel well i get to that i do a little bit they plan to do that probably active leeway i cannot wait
until the margin one of your resume it doesn’t even a little art around job you are i think would be nice to meet with you
with that will use it like missus duncan come out for you to mail-order anyway i don’t know you’ve got a bill that
would be that was going to get a little visible to the by two o’clock guitarherog i’m so i think i could talk like that well i’ve done plenty all i’ve got upset como leroy tear up i think did you read it and let me see you
tomorrow ako not bill parker it on the bottom of the world united we had the preceding the wiretap at the time nogueira conference out electric when you’re not cancer not leave her did not get into an argument why after
all we have developed a few weeks i think that calendar laptop karyotype
party rats are brought me to come over here i go back go abducted and killed although i would
greatly there the right about that billy wright detail-oriented god happens dot you girlfriend black pocket out now now that it only point of view on it that can happen to them uh… but u_s_ for it and many ready for them and he did it leasing not we’re want if you’re a very carefully
but at least brother dave go and do stuff i don’t care what the doctor said i’ll
take full responsibility okay reminded that you have a good time all
part of it landed if the defendant we talked about the end of the loop all that much that lacked we have a
great with them and in the morning you can have
breakfast in bed i’m opposed to break that vividly uh… leviton that whatever bag polly different lactic
acid weakening fulfil the admit card needed without look wonderful thing well i think i’d like to come back line what’s the matter with some of the award
i think the premium amount myself hogwarts ran everything any other gifted but it was
great that he had more time one thing that i
thought that i might be able to have to be done glad to get home the within very coming up uh… that mean that you wanted antimicrobial about it i can tell you that i don’t think i’m licked significant but the matter with the
point i had to pay just last year i know but i think the way that they
filed apparently the copy practically brand new notoriety banquet to the world side i don’t see anything wrong with
that i liked anything else you’d like to be grounded thank you for that i’m peter you’d have to go around you could get a better way to the left
my pain did not bad but within this web there the yet but the point and he won’t be brantner grade hiding in their and well he could be a little smoother the right what about the thrown at them pat are not getting use anybody on my jacket
do not we are fine my boys you or your sister
that with my family we’d like to believe that we know how to
behave just as well as the best yet thirty eight deal we got to innovative idea no line poor connect with people that would what were you crowd we’re not going to be eaten up by it without them and a lot of united we just at the having fun enjoying one another after
all of the first time we’ve been together no we don’t have to get yet weakened we can play date without them you have to go tonight stopped although theater i’m not part i’m just sick and tired of hearing about
the pentagon laptop happy gaa people ido dot that going to have a o as
well i know what kind of ideas and putting
your head the five pillars where you’re going away but will not just a bit alone although you’re not out there where
you’re going you’re going to that i’m not planning on you’re like me
you’re going to bed right this minute i’m might not know nevermind about me what
you are about to but dude yeah envelope and i had why br and contact you leroy you are the correct long-awaited dot week ahead of the public opinion the key defied god is great to have the whole
weekend group government like the back of the egg and
i hope you enjoy the program and i hope you’ll be looking again next week and
that kind of red it’d night everybody ball the on-board radio group ball


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