The Ex-Urbanites / Speaking of Cinderella: If the Shoe Fits / Jacob’s Hands

the columbia broadcasting fit demanded
two hundred seventeen billion region with them the p_b_s_ radio workshop radios distinguished there is dedicated
to man’s imagination the theater of the mind but where tonight for the first time on the air a
treatment of a the the prosecutor and taking over a purple yet incredible report of those
new yorkers who tried to mix work in the city with country living and who almost invariably end up behind
the eight narrated by characterize the c_b_s_
radio workshop prevent the extra money k pan uh… there simply after tonight’s became of that
seller it has been called terrifying malaria penetrating samuel but you will call it depend entirely on
your given the curative wherever you are wherever you live yet urbanites will
strike home to you who shape your buying habits
inadvertently every day of your life they encourage
you to a tremendous dream because they themselves remembers living by bringing
tremendously function then why did you find sunshine like that or different well this is the greatest you’ve ever
painted polish the way that someone’s dream for the
world of the way it might be around the world about the way computer broke heavily it dramatizes the
and open their on the rental contract mowing the course this is the best artwork i’d seen the
art director of the station it’ll sell a million cannot live right
out of the titanic well model will be the model for the typical
american housewife but he’s raised up right before the
print shack i’ve dated as on a rainy day that would
float the titanic are you ready for the power lawn mower
layer whatever where he is goalie rembrandt this hits me right here four you’ve got his he clinched owner
plan but when you got him spending money we’ll devote roses the age of those gloves on his head of
the beat up probably will takes me back megawatt forgotten my father of michigan at the way he used to bend over his
goals and the point at seven point lead karthikeyan the emerald mild-mannered sometimes i wonder why i have a look at
him over the same redevelop kansas twenty five dollars a year joy to the
bathroom if you’re still couldn’t things like
this if you hadn’t gone back to the soil i beg your pardon a plea for just a couple of connecticut please grassland loops you’re black new york and doctors tell
some new rules burwood richter and but he backed by rotterdam remove my
drywall kilter leveled off but i envy you that place man but unlike the more people over the
country people that they i remember my father and his boat powermac termination of a highly
developed allen corner many of them could have never heard but let me know if you don’t have to
have a problem michigan who guarding the fire now as an advertising agency art
director his dreams were of a vice presidency but that night in the spacious
comfortable beautifully decorated manhattan apartment between get help to dream from millions
of american consumers suddenly took over he was on the verge of becoming and
ex-husband let the bottle along that the bottle danielle pranav campaign documentary way for but while the typing it but most some like falling on not like
you are not the potty mouth is kitchen has lost somebody to another sunlight that we could compile perhaps sunlight sunlight and arab without a single primary battle in the
box laxmi revealing about every kitchen at
the window box just the most important what you really need is a whole lot of
black reply to the world i’m going to leave the honorable there’s
only eight o’clock in the bank in the coming over breaking implementa dick when i wrote the point i beg your pardon dot morals we’ve got no he well it route you want to love me but
i think that you got to a different matter him he’s not the suburbs up at the house
of alike until reveal country popping out of the suburbs and an hour
from followed by train wrap up the freeze all you want hair all you want to how about suppose we could look at least you had
before we’re going to break up and we have a
good did dumped in the new yorker the company of
that landed right behind the counter you’re bringing them pick in a different
time ago them for the land of x_-thirty
explaining prom and serbia meaning the crowded pity and at them in going to write a review if you will
find it already filled with men might compel or gainfully employed in the
field of communication radio television commercial art magadan publishing public
relations and appealed you know whether to deliver a more
fantastic opportunity radios and ideas and ideas along
tomorrow someone may have a better idea while they may permit i’m david baron of
ideas it will be without doubt here he was going to interview them that
they’re going to realize that he could bring went there away from the referee
tonight for they will rival superhighway don’t have so they begin to look for a
place in the country card box calmly it’s the only real concrete like apart crying from planned
parenthood while republic out to them a good book and your income writing for real comparably across the
river in bucks county wall although it would be a little all hav
writing light by lighting of the political oppenheimer involving parker
more bought by the mark mark the ryan white anger hand-picked battle
level of local mandel or you why you live off of part of the line plea for my with colin or your area railroad warm bucks county one of our by train and another hour
drive to any kind of learned you can buy if your name is rockefeller did they tell you about the new steel
will dan buck the new leather com filed in the home of
the report on long island that country living it’ll be worth injure the five years
from now ignou one all old people who really belong to the one ever
been in rockland county calling charming quiet tries wouldn’t blending new city look
around their though we’ll order the related the real theater people they’re all in rockland and they leave you alone him mulberry blueberry bread rocked i think you admitted that the ruling the new really a great big rock the
husband equip the ground limit anthony landing why don’t you let them get weak and the
gang and capital and that the other than with that the county everything that i
get proud with the right of me i think the round pandering will allow the bread wonderful balloon he wanted to come out
that night you go to the p_t_a_ meeting the late what people prayed the job of laying there i think the
ocean look if you want a real raking and
country living come on out the long island not sure or and pot blind blind and i don’t think that fact that there are a
little attitude that fifteen million dollar capital market dealer building
make patiently when i have a wedding there have been
knocked on my camera and the shrubbery played a leading much wonderful probably and i’m not sure wonderful armored maybe another character building on that prompted you have to
live a long island we’ll roll down i think that the fate worse than that acknowledge us we’ve covered everything
but fairfield county govenment connecticut their weight clearly god and in considering a move to the actor is
inevitable that the departing new yorker did from confederation fairfield county
connecticut use of the habit of its inhabitants
eight of the most aimed at the end of the fastest growing theater director
impact urban manifesting these cardboard or in all of the body remember
everyone would not have gone up at the bottom several men are debating about
their armored oreo goldberg what about that but on the market now i don’t
believe that i think twelve court plan brooklyn or about a bevy of don t have
programs where the body of the break even have to do with i’d be held on our
regular realize what that means we we can cook our stake outdoors everything
what did he could get pregnant by him he did or vibrator four beautiful vibrated
idaho or a girl won’t raise you can come up a bottle and are not present company uh… barbara barbara echo where bailey out and i have a yahoo i
thought you know we’ve got about that allow population last year we have well
for the return of communism even beat down the road technical union something
repellent something and that had lied about their own high advertising admit
better than the logjam of an annulment may have my friend and then the cobbling
together the governor but older how do you have the ability of on the
publisher of the mayan woman home-grown embattled didn’t blow
up off of the lapd american wicked i have the burden of diamond already and
o’brien that day you do that on the eve of larger company
but we can’t drive much almond money i’m not that one thing that man how muc in
vietnam that they’ll by one that mainly fifty thousand five
hundred for ninety-one or leather coat the coat
slams the barbecue and a beautiful moved onto another grandmother who worry about
that part of the baby was delivered by the body of when i’ve got down here medical problem and his role to play you
get paid and everybody in ventura county ivan drago robotic kilgore trout and the
problem that a little prep cartel cock potluck cleghorne without
they’ve been cutback one you could bring annual economic i think i’ll be back pocketbook their find a way to get a
free time table with a mortgage what about high-quality live in that bag
didn’t you think that you have to run hiding behind then i handed that have
backed up and drive to get the market that they think began it fifty they are here caristi women’s pleasure approach writer blood coming out and look up with you i
think it’s a pound whatever that they wanted to down read one at that one made
here wednesday at the off at the club coat of arms moon one-armed what are you doing most highly paid most thoroughly
discipline on real world depending on it three hundred and sixty thousand
commuter december new york every working day their reveling in the alarm clock weak
demand on the denver monitoring sweet no one the plug the panel then there’s the
contract with mcbride you know we have in common on
buying affecting carbon with heavy one part of the decade hoon
back into the shocking when you get for parking at the station that warm they’d like what the president wilfred it’s very important for a man
who want to become a vice president ultimately woman in your position the
car you drive to the station testify if you’re convicted but it was expected what jaguar denotes plans yet but g
presumed that your wife that using the kind like to get the kids to school here mat kearney resulted from the train
make-or-break pro the youth vote this morning dot org appointment european rocket the
kids for example redbook to president of the dvd to get out of your speaking you
speak to the point well i’m not you’re learning not but
never speak unlike spoken fewer haven’t jostle them getting on the
brain whole you are learning one of them may need to write president
that month from now may start speaking to you in the basement purple if you
have a gap unfilled and nearly not never speak and agent the president would bring you’re not even a vp you were still one
of the sold now listen to head off at bol backpack bro well margaret i’ll tell you what i wanted to take a
look at my dot candidate by president known by the
company on mir related carter and you will work hike report marked dot there and of stuff president-elect evan i took part in the
morning to you have learned that correctly it would be a part of the now
begins the moment of my record breaking in the morning continued review board
the train not into multiple colors and to higher ground contended that the right with working
day included within the desire to leave the office home-grown something you want to do you think although normally murmured i’ve been
trying to get to know that i got tired of the branch davidian on could make it now i am i just want to talk about
trouble that youngsters to new york what’s wrong getting wrong quickly nothings really going to be
congratulated reverting to break and a you to our last minute the most
discovered gone home and uh… indoor modern art of the promising some
ideas or why didn’t you call me and when we look forward to going to have to
train already book glad to say well don’t worry about it for a good role in
the memo but you know it seems to me when you look
for a slant on things perpetrated reasonably warm planner
another i’ve been listening with big on my face i want to be don’t have an awful lot of
around here that’s terrible rigid having a victory was fifteen years you know what we’re going back to the
case new program for increased the link we’ve got to get some new blood like
rubble real popular young betty factor that i’ve been thinking of one
young farmer who work with him right now yet well our summit of the man on the left
side steve together morning they’ve got a very different it are total hock something wrong with that arctic what do you have any and all of the
party truck opic d and corporate or really mark college creek hook corrupt cut-rate pitchfork are pad
d and done how please court akattak you fell asleep again cork coco right extracurricular every opportunity to did gatliff being held in lab regarding
convicted of the case for her and her doctor director before marrying picture of the night
white may have been nuclear power plant in flint mccormack todd mc weather and
fingerprint pro you may have been a member of the great
american turned on seven grand who have been an actress and model
arthur but whatever character yet for the market trying desperately to
re-establish a common bond with her husband be removed tomorrow he’ll be maintained
for the apartment near stores and we will be we request you know the group
would have probably lifted out during the daylight hours democratic party tomorrow for the north
star seeking hurt relied upon honeymoon
unlimited dream has become and how did it happen that they spend at
least two thousand dollars more than bailey c at our new york income second five thousand dollars acutely unique date banquet ticket opened and
it’s only in new york statement doesn’t matter where you live five thousand dollars lee argument picketed that they’d read the new york city
doesn’t touch you commute they’re considering it you know and i’m thinking he hadn’t no and think it is no deal can get a little
unbearable england open up a lot of money order like the open meeting out intercompany
demi they have been flooded and we have only follow paler than that i might like
to have all the housework along you would like to keep that depicted few
young dinner again please five hundred plea thank you clubplanet chronicles three back to record notifying predicting three collectively one patent-pending one
hundred infecting wouldn’t that be clean dimmer the completed negatively one-year commuting on him to get out of
their thank you road or department there and one-pound not enough worldwide melvin and when one hundred
and fifty including one here at the very last minute don’t know yet what happened new york the planning ahead dynamic man who prepared parking are recommended handle
republican on cargo people around him and cannot be delivered number now oracle if i could you let it go to a newly
talking about coming home likud urology yapping about it all how can i take care of it my front yard
followed with crab grass out and i think about how they’re
charging me two hundred whatever that letter again what my driveway a quarter
mile down the highway lol we were all looking and we’re going
to publicly number two thousand five hundred there random with either maybe i’ll get a vice
president for you know that increased revealed leaders rebounded breakeven sometime brian life at the horrible comical
tragic incredible to depend on the state of your own bank
account on your own morality london attribute it is not integrated
the general rule where they lived in but rockland what did you ever feel county
on long island next overnight consumer indomitable then are more than he can annex urban lawyer himself a comparable
that matters in the mother of overnight that had been around the time i’ve been
meaning to the nightmare fifty thousand dollars a year is beginning to make ends
meet until then at the murder why didn’t you get out moved to another place gala directly i’ll tell you why you wrote to live in asia i think it’s a
matter of keeping up with the children where we live you’ve got to keep the
head of the challenges its leaders at the final mobile factions dream the
dreams for the rest of the country what we do this with a big of a few months
from now on lake forest in santa barbara but i’ll be at mainline but we’d agree and talk about an hour
magazines depict up and talk about it was born and see what we in beverly
hills amount from now on the lake and will be trying to make me want to die
happy not by naked tonight one of the fifteen and experimenting with a natural
size ten ways several millions more old according to
the door and live he needed to coat the coat with that look like the girl on the
cover and admired them and allow the lecture command from flat today know
that but the words don’t they have played to the dawn of the bulk of altman
they all agree and i believe that they know that kind of power there is no advertising man a writer
amanda an act that the progress but there isn’t anybody in the united states
without it wouldn’t get there attract new york k dinner and political the vector might come from all over the
united faith to new york would bring the writing a great book painting a great
pictures beijing that greatly defined the world of the math magazine
the radio television advertising the different creative talent for atonement
butler of the big money of irresistible money increases the drinking caught in the mentions the local paper
they do the rest of the nation country home the point higher than the intended
on the power longworth they become comfortable night seeking to escape from
one referee only to find them thousand another if you give up and think those pictures
are right that now some even return the manhattan where the landlord but sadly
on the book arresting me dream limited by money from
scheduled and share physical but the i deplore would you be in a moment of family have
the opportunity and then down the drain nectar benighted repeat amusing clever
entertaining nammude under the weight rewarding
department never been pretty now has a new
equipment giving it all up to run help regarding
brother broken down the crib blog country hotel on hand or actually the farm his land and make
it pays serbia if all of these secretly meanwhile he does the best you can at
the difficult anything job of living the job he does is under the
circumstances often remarkably ride here your listening to intervening a special treatment of eighties back
door fees report on new yorkers in the communications field prepared by child as mineral narrated by
eric several i’d and directed by paul roberts the music was composed by the end of the
whole and conducted by our ritalin figured in the cast were john larkin is
spread jam miners live and show how this in as
pruitt this is bob hite inviting you to listen
to the c_b_s_ radio workshop next friday four the enormous radio by john cheever the c_b_s_ radio workshop is produced in
new york by paul roberts there the roar laura martin at the moment c_b_s_ news and remember an american who’s most for the p_b_s_ radioman dr ladies and gentlemen and if we remain confident i’ve been
having a little are connected to the relative national discussion regarding
two different schools have missionary shocked community pride he makes me think i’m
thinking about titanic one them dramatically negatively week limited
individual to have the courage to face the reality for tonight religion is tonight now i’ll take you jean o’neil anyday
impressions to but we need to prove contest any game rather than have the feeling
that rabat now she dated back to you but i mean much taste juvenile delinquent until at
least with charlie collect the capital gains donahue you
well to prove my point out how the real story
of cinderella they remain that maybe to prove my client out elementary
dieting there three hundred and immunizations present do get in and then you mentioned data of the money tonight and then head down and i will
not excursion into the lower end of the helicopters and ngos functions dying vincent price and arrange
fraternity load and unload reminded the didn’t hinman dining and entertainment in
london and wait a minute campaign confuse hahahahahahahahaha forever and i would like to play a game
day and and and and and people want to know and all that the other one one one from you then we would be a little worldwide bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom you’re
more winnie one including replied no print instituting
bridegroom want one credit pinku colin can can you come down which
and don’t forget one piece of advice would become cleaned
the kingdom and the rule over all the topic in the dummy ph picnic if you have been granted what you want nit-pick nit-pick i’d like to go to the ball but taken the videotape develop milk scolded under the old capitol read your wedding did the nausea it just seemed to go
broke in and government a little trouble i believe we could meet men can’t quite
convincingly who won’t alendronate went to the to get that like they didn’t get moving through politically westerly nightlife and hello to kill you
and time is right and i think that the kitchen european i can’t tell if in fact in mclean corner new that land candidate now they wonderful what do clinic i was doing my whole life in with indirectly by the way you
romantically pictured a poor guaranteed an analyst one time i think he doing
roaming around in the packet getting ashes energetic nobody could ever be
like that now do you want to know what really
happened thinks that it would give you a good
thing anything reality like that yeah i’m getting my civil rights k feldman averaged mana and outdated demanding calling anyway only craig take me grabbed you
gotta get invited to mistaking not h_t_t_p_ really don’t manage yet i would like me how much do you think
that again i’ll actually meant a lot of how that but three days iranian somebody
common windshield high peak you don’t have to be kind of alleged kidnapping
and that are down cared about the delegate understand exactly what no-fly and don’t forget that someday
he’ll be advised private connecting concocted in front of the biggest seems
to think you know where out now while i call and train each when it will be able to act on two
and they’ll have it made dot glad you traffic cop yeah you have to go yet patrick than get cajuns scotland until i can’t
tell any invest less tap on my out i think that if you have any rowlett kosto ticket detail about jim got
sidetracked new ad that you can’t make a number of michael jordan crap but i think that i don’t i don’t the fact that and i think the red noted
that was a little grabbed went into the that i don’t know that i’m
not too happy about concurring opinion i think i think you want to be i’m get bo
cooper program boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo below work but lol little cannot explain economic diet making you know i
think that although charities she had area to see
it and and then they can be a little computer want the public to accept to
learn to rally that charming child am ourselves weekend night or so you deficit idiotic
don’t eat had occurred back at it might help her
but i doubt if you would think that i would try to escape reality by indulging
in beijing dot i dot fairy godmother family mother chief what can possibly at fault if you have any wider fairy godmother
view doesn’t fit the needs going again allah hafiz cast and crew contact animal all right a beautiful canada ph you know how do you know with doctor traction hijab i_t_n_ urethane picking up if you please to go to the kingdom are
you sure actually commiting completely speech shit thing that cannot dot which interest you packages nynex live like so strict scrutiny rising out of it out option secretariat stone nighthawk it refused to go i mean heidi cannot it tdpc lived i have a kittle john kit do you can take an attack cindy circuit how can he pick peaches teens here peter and i deemed shampi actually there is one condition you must not carl after tax extra skills culture hospital architect
natural fonds and ya find out my leg and tend to write truth-finding depleted he transcript right enough if you like irish pattanaik
active fiends focused too much please it finally hit aanu making money seemed balanescu what’s happened i’m going to
be an all-night boring days i convince nineteen nineteen instead engagement
that polly timing well that doesn’t make any thing cinderella stepmother obviously have
many she takes nothing is getting d_r_ immediately down for her daughter’s but
failed to placate overrun with my contract by at the board of health and
mediation meredith let’s get back to reality and away the story really happen check out this interactive want to go to
the ballpark but instead of falling back on earth
schizophrenic escape at and y de conceded something constructive now
actually chigger decline section ob into that i let him have a trustee seem to have an opportunity to pathology
bit glenview thirty-two colorado pleasure to get a shot in the air and
thinking about it down to miami highly addictive cabinet evangelion candle kailua an upcoming tried everything out and i think tonight hanging in there charge wait a minute combo anything lately
pontiac onondaga let me almanac elaborate the have thank you ki kismat me jabs at hand and word k case cabinet-level announcements
diligent as mentally racial candidate richard lugar dot blotting visually can
you can for the tag tonight standing in the best guggenheim a place
to package deals intermarriage forcing him into nato around management
dilated unequaled hours schiller who don’t pay
much like to add a comment i’d like to know you can but the violation and i
can’t really do much good to talk to you know i really think i can get together
something continue to scratch if you’re already and healing and plants to plant number the one hand and she keeps communication
on a plate company decapitate here we just beaten yugos
baby and it ten years in the kitchen is determined boom like it’s not worth it yet completely shut up and listen flowing singing community yeltsin is in fact the depression and
looking for the poultry i can to protect all the rest of the
jewish settlement which katherine montgomery st with section twelve
o’clock streak each display you mean you know i a m
difficulty thinking about that candidate list his political and at least anthony consultants like hinted that an extra time after campaign he is a two hundred but not another said
i made a second deal against me i i i i intellectual capital bank to try to get
to the following itself kate
straight i think that i had to reelect she asks
calld me any did you know this whole thing it impossible i don’t quite agree
with you you all very significant other story is impossible mind if possible dr continue ninety each other and once
you’re back at one time not get any semblance of dignity and a comment to
remain in this throughout history cut unit canada and the headquarters everyone in the hopefully uh… infusion now when you receive my k fingerhut communist tender documents it managing canton i don’t think he will be
in the intimidation wishing u paying you immediately hostage picture i mean creature you want coming up in a migraine how can that be denied and sure enough to create significant
kingdom k no one got hurt where right now down this road handcrafted cash infusion you know one of us dining at chennai landing in the gateway
connection can put canada kate midnight interestingly much protective left
behind standard time it’s gotten hired by light show find my lovely
contested primary which are looking into the world plywood make up my wife now there’s a real dated for about six
dash for marriage the pretest one band with into adult one
band manager and he wants to marry high one oh what a marriage counselor
whatever at that militarily and see if that’s a big brain
she runs off the t_v_ whenever suits i clinic canberra to expect it to the cinderella
if they can see that crash they’re right there at the ball and they
don’t like it might be a check because she’s wearing a new draft now i ask you
what sort of a night she would vote to have to tell you keep in mind can you
take it and you can’t have my teeth cinderella check marks she goes after what you want to know
fairy godmother night that’s about it when she arrived at mister king hi david meanings with the k a campaign the d liver great don k electric charge highlights kathleen hall capable of it lead alarm lightweight got him and panicky about it identified complaining about it but a lot compulsively page painting a i have named exactly content abstract email manager working exceeded
that record bag being weak and i’m not in any event i can make a big deal notion here okay different aspects i think that’s a
that’s realistic might have talked about frank donatelli
has a readiness to meet up tanks etc like it’s like an cunanan might affect
their lives w missus clinton kidnapped i like you to engage your real fisher
um… kirkpatrick up again but the huge you know i mean it’s been quite tonight
had a family structures is what they call in occupational had a good idea abt
that makeup of the cabinet when i came in yet let me i truly sick exterior check with your friends your
family inflict a little something like a
captain diamond simpler yeah pick them up little vietnam and i think so the country uh… i ordinary economic like president
democratic metaphorical just made me an account executive for
being with no bunyan show that i think you got on the air radio and t_v_ ratings that they want to
know that i think you need to do it inside out again replied number like hahahaha cannot break that
made it the but campaign hiding by failing to get what you have
done it it might be behind the knocking out a
lot about you but definitely caitlin get a that okay i believe it it chariot a it jack-in-the-box i don’t get on right now
my question unit the how competent and constructive my
realistic cinderella at the end of the day he computing ninth and she only by the president of
clarity problem right now to put it back in the world but i’m not the basic you
need to come down to harry about my aristide ingenious europe and in some
way of getting around that steven congress unprincipled creature
well atleast you name it and not you would like your dial but booties to go
on with your story right passionate about okay critical acclaim and leukemia continents dominated politically market action shingles instrumentalists david hamilton record katie here viewpoint fashion shaadi does not reach you i think he’s situation slept a lot of little girl who attending
back there sometime brett hume making like everybody’s misconduct completed
your identity for me kadam ki repayment darling my own from preached human maddie lived happily ever after him like a minute believing that he can debate at the banquet during that time
that the other day i wanted that kyle petty but in my version eight semantic life in their allies we color nine
people just the latest on ending like the menu realistic life he probably went to the connection
string advertising and at the end of the catalogue that you know the department uh… will here hit the albert here sheet last week non-candidate eleven a it’s been the greatest extent how do you
think decorating pennies to coin a phrase roger cossack dramatic campaign it pinned mission
statement weeds will be when she was worth work i gather that the president to talk
about it if they’re getting impatient to explode cinderella nationally truancy he was a mom the mentioned it interest you have a
happy ending color steve dvd uh… started interact ari they happen every day that they are ready to take back played
anyway even today to disappear candidate had
something and of course they lived happily ever c_b_s_ radio workshop as presented
speaking of cinderella darlington inflation the reasonable and directed by
don clark original script by a deadly and don
clark which has concluded that integrate janet nolan bowie dot and jean date that
karen i think that go ahead about those senate words do you need to check region
and byron katie original music for tonight’s program was composed and
conducted by jeff alexander the c_b_s_ radio workshop is produced in
hollywood by would improve this issue i’ve never done it again next week
agreed with him equipment an original news stories while there’s
hardly any precipitation and we are proud to welcome as our
narrator presented on c_b_s_ radio workshops sunday of the most of the situation third playing the brahms piano concerto
number one don’t come daily inductees itself pty ltd c_b_s_ news report on most of
the things that i my country people c_b_s_ radio network in his presidential election the story or about and yet was written
by william stuck to any and myself debate on the crew and didn’t it has never before been told contend the man who had a gift greater than he could
understand a gift so unique that witness shared by others it destroyed hired the bs radio a division of the columbia
broadcasting system and it’s two hundred and seventeen
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theater of the mind jacobs hand an original news story by aldous huxley
and christopher is sure would we are proud to have mister sherwood as
our narrator original music composed and conducted by
jerry goldsmith bird on a small wrenching mahatma gandhi mile withheld and every amounting
comprehension arnold content if justin you don’t retired narcotics medically approved a
plan marriage lawton prepares and leads
popular them the kind stopped monique would become very lovely commandant
these and hit the market you want to bring on another attack
might as well the parent company do you mind if i practiced nineteen
macon standard if you can who were you at lunch time general we’re looking for political they kept
break here good afternoon and then where you would be a good job what’s
wrong with that you couldn’t believe jacob is a hired
hand and you know i don’t have a client now i
don’t ever forget it delhi gap between the two red meat
sharon id your girl lady now you’ve got to learn
to be cautious things can happen you would cripple don’t really want to welcome packet if it’s a monthly to abortion p_p_h_ debt detaljer shoeless washout young lady is expected to get
out well with it home right i’m coming down and talk to
him nabor president dump your soul all come out here’s a look at my cab blonde rotary control where you draw professors at least
limping along lindsay yet kind of shape g_m_ hind legs and
paralyzed that i fear of her here blackwater early retirement time to give away from the other animals
liver condition what he’ll do we look back at looking after precedent aren’t
technically her luke with these might be contagious the networking you’ve been collapsed like this long yes texted purposes work war at the ripe old helen the decade obsolete completely article back to the hubble
political lecture work for you stuart professor committing keeper for a minute block and i hope the captain crazy that my government not there anymore of
it there gretchen let absolutely region i won’t miller and got my cap do you hate it you won’t you won’t know how there capability agreed to do that cardinal i don’t know if you must have done
something jacob she’s on her feet no i’d like to hold not only thing i did became the new york given something i could feel moving into my hand that’s
ridiculous that that wasn’t good to begin with all i a examine them i say it
was sick cake of the you know that’s good into the identify contest at st louis or
try tomorrow rejected by the killing bogged down in
my place to try it on him cancel if you want to add that the other
drachmir might like to keep his legal conference you’re making too much of a
jacob do that chasm look you karen and the house or jacobs field handicap manufacturing and honolulu korbe print link your building it happened at williamsburg daredevil over the dog the men here to see you and burton from
the paper i’d like to speak to mister nixon there’s a lot of talk around locals in the future of the party that right well jacob and at the bottom k cancel sometimes it happens account you know more garber cap he seems to get well i say india charge money for this uh… human
no sir i couldn’t do that on because boy dedicated and mine thing isn’t it just comes over me strange feeling i don’t know personally feel that my hands and patent on the animal it’s quite a story mister x and i’d like
to write it up i think everybody should know about this
trial all right with you that’s what you want to do i don’t know thanks mister nixon i’m going to write some friends of mine
in the late at night off prominent doctors both of them i don’t think this is a political
prisoners one simple good idea i’d like to do a follow-up is gonna get it didn’t really believe in the mountains dab professor bill i believe in santa claus that one uh… detailed let them out of doctor carruthers but he didn’t do pleased to meet you magic of the
gentleman really want to talk to you a doctor that naturally curious about
your polity healed we certainly are
restriction doctor carruthers of an outstanding
fitzpatrick my field is in europe ethnology professor carter and i were to call the
university to gether drove a lot of my health i was professor of biology at your
program you didn’t know that they did it go you know that you know i’m frankly
skeptical about so-called brutal to him have to be a mime-version country where the sender i’d just don’t know all this talk and
everything your online are due out in the icu no one is going to to of course not all right doctor you may proceed districts have nearly we have a rabbit all not just animated just political
happens to be quite hill answer the like mister i believe let me
finish in most cases of so-called they healing refund begins to be hysterical
in nature that is to say though that isn’t
excellent very real physical illnesses basic origin of the newly mind of the
stuff released attention menu often reach the
image and judicial co miracle cure uh… was originally obtained this
rented from a laboratory we know the animal disease it is entirely organic and nature we ask you a picture of it tirthankar it chris feeling that comes into my hands we
understand all that jacob of whatever it is using the press people neighborhood when looking at these two gentleman in
honor them in a science jacob when we had removed anything will happen
sometimes a garden there was a him last week of atonement and of the understand districts and we just do it anywhere you like we have plenty of time here you want to accept who had taken tall to it you’re gonna get bored going to get well i won’t let you down complexion you’re going to get well you’re going to get well they won’t let
you die would let you know how long marykarmen it’s very interesting and unusual back
the animal you have a great gentleness and you had
everyone around here for tickets as a very talented young man to be bullied in if there is a difference i cant
detective course will have to dissect the art of america back to a later date to did your united come open luxury they were going to be truthful with us
but what the killer rabbit justify not in the red it will die anyway well we appreciate your letting us in on
because it was a wonderful opportunity little from that because these things
firsthand really giving back long drive you know by but we do appreciate your coming up into
the room pleasure to meet with feel a lot they’ve had to redo deployed gone out to
the cod going you in just a moment their government i think you have been attacked his
things you apply it rojulu than you need to them can i talk to you your saloons commitment of the union
movement it or father wouldn’t like it if you need
he does not want to i think what happened to be very t revealed interesting and
rewarding with reminders wouldn’t you it just didn’t happened at them we don’t know if you need to continue nyquil likud went down me i was in two days before i didn’t
like it when i watch equal when i was in the interim leadership the overseas from
new york with no reason crowded towards parakeet mcafee dot com magnificats thing tend to be honest agree kiki people in tempe chloe grown scene would room with everybody got into the
black i wouldn’t i wouldn’t think you’re late you know and be listening to your voice looking at you if you could killing the unique chair
and money it didn’t have dealt with deformed or
anything they can get them jumped laying don’t think you were to kikuji literally could not people and animals banner tuesday marks who will be removed all my life one
hundred and the one you have to do that and i but i wanted to find the downtown
dot bacteria do you like me let me know when you hold on thank you let me i don’t know kneel down if michael making it happen strength like no i don’t like you know what you did the testing that
document cult keep you’ve got the pump let me well i’m waiting your reply while a lot it’s believed a complaint and make it work trinkets from emailed and get bored she won’t be leaning toward she walked like everyone to know your walk again computing world willingness to believing and she’s
getting way out do you think used all right at the build up a bit union items inquiry all of this night voted did out by indian bike and he would be good for you complete when you leave you’re not going to be a
little bit you can tell you why you wouldn’t care and all you can i get you don’t get into the key benefit ass the machine and jacob yet again announced
and janet woodlands that they went their separate
ways group karen had anyone told the weeks half school official comment audition response was always the same well today wasn’t enough lawyers but a bit like for
me this why don’t you try to pop in the field that broadcasting and recording
companies audition followed audition and the response was always the same and
all day all chemist dot i thank you very much i will call you up something turned
up became you and then you wonder what healed but he chose another direction the small nation we have down time not
bad an area of course speed realm and he had passed worldwide evelyn i want you to get more what you
think pick ed you can you might have done here for how you are well again you’re feeling
better distinctly how do you have a lot of the bayliner all accord people the double murder the obviated without
the lead that we should plan a date and probably
a lot of the political debate that we haven’t made julia traded we packed the
house as opposed to a big world like heroes uh… i got other plans for him such as
dark we’re going to go on with uh… he loved business i’m a big way you one
million their serb belligerence ellison you go up there if it is to the world
you’re going to go back to the fear that what you see architectural firm time that you bring
in it the little money temporal curricula the role is broke
with his are trying to make like that diver whatever i grabbed a little
constrained by their own level on the cell relief we have the money uh… kaden is the ultimate lawrence williams customer they are like clarence okay loaded louella put the deck of the
way i’m glad i think that that k account to insure would be doing there it was rotten although he keeps do you
want i didn’t recognise you a few miles says most characters the heart of a show modernising was wonderful strike unless i’m not down
okay jacob didn’t include one of the given they didn’t think that what model i’m
pleased to know him which is a calming dr engineer the internet and the minority leather uh… it as they go to tell them what i
barely de calendar what is the ground and i don’t think
that it was rejected the bacteria rarely go uh… proposition we was on the
blogroll you’ll verified grads ethical kind of
operations that we have taken an intern at baby if we could with conspiracy
coming from objected what we got minded that sort of
a clinic setting all of the doctors medical education and
my business management district where they could help everybody how does it feel blah blah i don’t know if that russia uh… what you do it again he did i think that’s right music when i did that on the though uh… cycle and make medical care mechanicsville im tiny can be seen by appointment only thank you for comment wittindia dot doc duvalier nevertheless
have applications waitlisted would you like trying to locate you
don’t do well cali out the alleged absolute logs judge but haven’t paid what you’re going
to have a people like him yeah commitment during three connecting
it to me analyst with what bob wants what the
fifth operationally you treat it like it couldn’t be
bothered commodity up uh… delightful if i want to talk to you dot blotting
technique well on the part of what was going to be
happy about being a part is not gonna play often bake urine on the tank and my god you’ve got
ten percent of the challenger and you didnt fall asleep inside iraq today i technopark cameraman came up to
me i’m managing the information he was sick
back and i asked him to come to me and i did
help him and you know what he said to meet him qualities he said i came to you
jacob but they wouldn’t let me and i didn’t have enough money that didn’t we have an agreement anybody
could come to the clinic anybody about on ya haha i mean what do you agree that
charge only people who had the money to pay sheila g eight onto the little commitment managing your permission to others have
been coming here to others who complained that they were
turned away now dead right doc you answer me dot all up to almost any street sometimes the planet doesn’t depend lived with this until my apartment stand
it any longer asynchronous turned this into ok cases
mango thalidomide wid celebrate kid appealable along i thought
that their might right enough at actual note you know in the dark warm out havana copied a couple on permanent well you wake me doesn’t care that i noticed that out bold hotel catalog today uh… productivity come up sharon always believed in you take and want to
know that what is that chairman something wrong degree herculean blink
aparthotel thing for me make it the way i thought it would wanting that i wanted to hamilton
prestige in paris they couldn’t because everybody would
look at the crippled lake you think you wouldn’t you look at one p incrementally did not write a book right get through fool they are looking at my legs jacob what
happened ni want more we can’t take it anymore i’ve got to have you if i had my miniature and you could have
heard you could always count on you get it back to the patient don’t you
think they should have been already threatened to take up neelu and mary lou it was a concrete could you please we think god is nothing i would like to
go there extreme be then the rest of my line without midnight leading pop up front what do you get take every look i don’t
think you have any of the truth put your car pick-up preferably conrad cricket put the brakes
on i got you game written document no or it took care of the other guy jacob
you could do forgetful you’re interested marylou money place and i need the money jacob what what apartment in chicago looked like pesticide kindergarten it try it pics simple don’t receive that did your did world are withdrawn etc etc hard to believe and your or edit go i then admired docked at the police no them minimal he’d been didn’t cut down on people kiss used buchanan woohoo but brutal all all kato returned to a rational harvey gantt to work if you knew he can to the animals sometimes here but never again which he ministered to a
human being now he admitted having heal the body if you cannot afford to heal the spirit he knew the meaning of christ question where there is a key here today to the
state license be forgive me or just a arise and take up the habit and walk return of the the mind the c_b_s_ radio workshop is
built into the kitchen an original news story by aldous huxley
and christopher insured with mister sherwood is on that later jacobs and was adapted for radio and
directed by would improve preparing was featured as jacob with
virginia gregor chevron others an outcast were her butterfield helen glebe
larry dot in area but you know parley baer john bainer unscom read bill combat
and janet stewart the c_b_s_ radio workshop is produced in
hollywood by william gould this issue dot quiz inviting you to join
us again next week when from new york we present living portrait an unusual study
of one of the nation’s most imaginative businessmen mister williams ek and or whatever your own views on the legend
maybe c_b_s_ radio believed that you’ll be pleased to know that much time bought
an effort is being devoted to giving children a strong spiritual foundation in sunday school throughout america if your children are not attending
sunday school now sunday school week is a good time to
enroll them stay tune for five minutes of c_b_s_
news to be followed up most of these stations by my son g america listens most through the c_b_s_
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