The Diamond Guy Hawaii talks engagement rings

into a wedding, but it all starts with the engagement ring. Joining us this morning is Mo-she Hake-molo of The Diamond Guy Hawaii to tell us more about the iconic piece of jewelry. Good morning. -How do you budget for an engagement ring? -Is the “2 month salary” rule still recommended to buyers? Why or why not? The general rule of thumb has been 2 to 3 months salary for quite a while. I have to admit from personal experience, in the past few years I have seen a lot of guys really stepping up their budget. On average I’ve noticed most guys will spend about $9000 to $15,000 for a ring. Especially living in Hawaii, that’s more than 2 to 3 month salary. It’s hard to define a budget rule for such a delicate matter. My advice is your only going to propose once. Why not hit a homerun on your first try? – What are alternatives stones to diamonds? Thats a very good question. There are many alternatives for diamond at the moment, cubic zirconia, synthetic diamonds and even man made diamonds. However, no one has really been selling alternative diamonds, myself included. I believe the reason is lack of demand. We all love the real thing, don’t we? -What are the latest trends for women? We conducted a small study in our office and from what we have seen for about every 100 rings sold, 90 were in white gold, 80 had diamond accents on the shank and

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