The Clintons’ Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage may seem
weirder and weirder with time, but their intriguing approach to their relationship has certainly
made them a force with which to be reckoned. Here are some strange things you probably
didn’t know about this political power couple. While Bill and Hillary Clinton have been at
the forefront of American politics for decades, their marriage had a very humble beginning. After reportedly refusing Bill’s proposal
three times, Hillary eventually said yes, and the two wed in the living room of their
small Fayetteville, Arkansas house in front of 14 friends. According to The Guardian: “[Bill] wore pinstripes and a wide 1970s tie. [Hillary] wore a $53 department store dress
picked out by her mother. There was no engagement ring, no gift registry,
no official photographer or party planner.” Six months after the wedding, Bill decided
to make a run for state attorney general, and the ambitious newlyweds reportedly got
to work planning an election strategy at the dinner table, which they reportedly referred
to as “the war room.” House of Cards, the popular series about the
deviously ambitious Underwoods, is adapted from a British TV series that aired two years
before Bill Clinton even became president, but there’s no denying that Netflix’s current
incarnation seems heavily influenced by the Clintons. The creator of the British version, Lord Dobbs,
said as much to BuzzFeed, claiming Hillary Clinton is the real-life individual who most
resembles actress Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood. “Now tell me, am I really the sort of enemy
you want to make?” Dobbs compared Hillary to House of Card’s
leading lady, saying: “[She] is a political figure in her own right,
behind the scenes, but now increasingly in front of the scenes. That is much more of a Claire character.” The Clintons were skilled politicians when
it came time for Bill to run for president. They even worked together to develop a strategy
to shift the focus away from accusations that Bill had an affair with lounge singer Gennifer
Flowers. In a 1992 60 Minutes interview, Hillary fiercely
came to her husband’s defense, saying: “You know, I’m not sitting here, some little
woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette. I’m sitting here because I love him and I
respect him…” Some critics think Hillary’s performance during
this particular interview is what kept her husband’s political career afloat. As Politico reported: “What [Hillary] did on 60 Minutes saved his
candidacy and his political career. Most agree he would not have become president
without it.” However, some analysts argue that Hillary’s
image took a hit that stuck to her image like a wad of gum on the bottom of her shoe. According to Politico: “In 10 minutes of television, she projected
a set of complicated, even conflicting images…triggering the mix of skeptical, antagonistic feelings
that have defined her with a share of the American public ever since.” Perhaps The Guardian put it best with this
analogy: “Bill Clinton was the duck. Hillary Clinton was the decoy.” In the aftermath of the aforementioned 60
Minutes interview, Politico reported that Tammy Wynette’s fifth husband told USA Today
that Wynette was, quote, “madder than hell” about Hillary Clinton’s comments. The country crooner went even further by reportedly
writing an open letter challenging Hillary to a face-to-face meeting. According to the Associated Press, Wynette’s
letter read: “With all that is in me I resent your caustic
remark…I believe you have offended every person who has made it on their own with no
one to take them to the White House.” Inviting Hillary to appear alongside her in
a public forum, Wynette continued: “I can assure you, in spite of your education,
you will find me to be just as bright.” According to the AP, Hillary, quote, “rolled
her eyes and slapped her forehead when told of Wynette’s reaction” during a meeting with
journalists. Still, she offered a half-hearted apology
to the singer. “I apologize to Tammy Wynette if what I said
offended her.” Even though she did stand by her man, Hillary
Clinton may not have gone to bat for Bill Clinton entirely out of the goodness of her
heart. According to Duke University history professor
William Chafe, the first lady earned a significant amount of pull in the White House for her
efforts. Chafe told U.S. News: “Bill owed her because she had saved him. So in response to that, he talks about her
being co-president and he ensures that she will have an office in the West Wing of the
White House alongside Al Gore’s office and his office.” According to Vanity Fair, Bill often referred
to his wife as a co-president of sorts, even quipping, “Buy one, get one free!” at campaign
fundraisers. Chafe said President Clinton even gave his
wife “command of the healthcare task force,” even though he and his advisers allegedly
disagreed with the way she was handling the initiative. Essentially, he and other political analysts
suggested that Hillary had become the most powerful woman in America by enduring the
scandals and strange twists of her marriage to Bill. “I am very committed to doing what he’s asked
me to do, which is to work on healthcare. Things happen. You know? People make mistakes.” In 1998, Bill Clinton found himself embroiled
in a massive political scandal when reports surfaced that the then-president had an affair
with a young White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. “I want you to listen to me, I’m gonna say
this again. I did not have sexual relations with that
woman, Miss Lewinsky.” It was an embarrassing moment for the Clintons
that nearly led to Bill being forced out of office and cast a lasting shadow over their
entire careers, as well as Lewinsky’s life. “Not a day does by that I’m not reminded of
my mistake. And I regret that mistake deeply.” During the course of the president’s impeachment
proceedings, it was made clear that an affair between Lewinsky and the president had, indeed,
occurred. Bill also admitted to being unfaithful with
Gennifer Flowers, the woman whose reputation he brutally assaulted in the past. “It was only when money came out, when the
tabloids went down there offering people money to say that they had been involved with me,
that she changed her story.” One of the big questions connected to the
controversy: Why did Hillary Clinton stay with her husband? According to The Guardian, detailed notes,
some 16 boxes worth, recorded by Hillary’s longtime friend, the late Diane Blair, reveal
that divorce was not something the first lady seriously contemplated. Blair wrote: “He has been her best friend for 25 years,
her husband for 23 years, they’re connected in every way imaginable, she feels strongly
about him and family and Chelsea and marriage and she’s just got to try to work it through.” Even after enduring the drama surrounding
the Monica Lewinsky scandal, rumor has it that Bill Clinton went on and engaged in yet
another affair. The sketchy details about this particular
affair stem from former Secret Service Agent Ronald Kessler, author of The First Family
Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents. In his book, Kessler claims that a woman named
Julie McMahon was granted a lot of access to Mr. Clinton in the early aughts, particularly
when Mrs. Clinton wasn’t around. McMahon lived next to the Clintons in Chappaqua,
New York, and according to a source for the New York Post: “Wherever he went, she went. If he went to the Palm, she went to the Palm. If he went out to the Hamptons, she went to
the Hamptons.” For the record, the affair with McMahon was
not confirmed. A spokesperson for Hillary wryly responded
to the accusations with two words: “Another book?” Before Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton
in the intensely polarizing 2016 U.S. presidential election, the Clintons and the Trumps were
reportedly close friends. Their daughters, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea
Clinton, practically grew up together. The story of this friendship gets even more
bizarre when you consider the fact that Bill Clinton reportedly encouraged Trump to run
for office. “Yeah, I get credit for doing a lot of things
I didn’t do, like that.” According to The Washington Post, multiple
sources say that Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican
Party, allegedly just weeks before Trump joined the race to become the Republican party’s
presidential candidate. In the blink of an eye, Trump became a wall
between the Clintons and the White House, even nicknaming Bill’s wife “Crooked Hillary.” Suffice to say, these families are probably
not so close anymore. However, the Clintons did demonstrate how
thick their hides have grown by attending Trump’s inauguration, even as their plans
for another potential co-presidency went up in flames. Premiering in 2016 and set in a hotel room,
Hillary and Clinton is a Broadway play that reimagines the days leading up to the 2008
New Hampshire primary. According to The New York Times, the opening
monologue lets the audience know that this takes place in an alternate universe on a
different planet Earth that is, quote, “light years away from our planet Earth.” Starring Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow in
the titular roles, the play garnered rave reviews. Lithgow told The Washington Post: “Laurie and I play these two characters who
have two parallel, contradictory, cautionary tales in their lives. Bill’s tale is: Careful what you wish for,
you may get it. And hers is: Careful what you wish for, you
may never get it.” Lithgow also stated that he signed on after
reading the script but felt “anxiety” about what the political power couple might think. “You know, you can’t help wondering what Bill
and Hillary are gonna think of this. If they come, it certainly to be an extraordinary
experience.” Unfortunately for Lithgow, that extraordinary
experience never came to pass. The actor revealed to the Post that the Clintons
were offered a look at the script but ultimately declined an invitation to see the play. Two decades after her affair with Bill Clinton,
Monica Lewinsky wrote a powerful essay for Vanity Fair contextualizing the scandal through
the lens of the burgeoning Me Too and Time’s Up movements. The former White House intern openly admitted
her role and expressed her regret, but said she understands that what transpired between
her and the president constituted what she calls a “gross abuse of power.” In her words: “He was my boss. He was the most powerful man on the planet. He was 27 years my senior, with enough life
experience to know better.” In an interview with A&E, Lewinsky broke down
as she recounted the aftermath of her relationship with the president. “I was mortified and afraid of what this was
gonna do to my family.” The new spotlight on Bill’s extramarital affair
and numerous sexual misconduct allegations prompted many to rethink their positions on
the former president, including Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who said: “Bill Clinton should have resigned the presidency
during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.” Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, doubled
down on her defense of her husband. When Sunday Morning correspondent Tony Dokoupil
asked if her husband should have resigned, Hillary responded: “Absolutely not.” She went on to claim that Lewinsky was old
enough to hold responsibility for the affair, before quickly changing the subject to Trump. “She was an adult. But let me ask you this, where is the investigation
of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made?” Hillary’s answer didn’t sit well with critics. Vox called her comments: “…another example of the way powerful people
too often protect their own, rather than survivors.” Bill and Hillary embarked on a speaking tour
in 2019 that was supposed to give lucky audience members a chance to hear them reminisce about
their long careers in public service. Unfortunately, opening night proved to be
an omen. As Newsweek reported: “It began last fall at a sports arena in Toronto,
a vast venue more appropriate for a Beyoncé concert than a political trip down memory
lane. There were huge numbers of empty seats and
large sections of the arena cordoned off by a curtain. Ticket sales were slow, and the promoters
had to cut prices in half. The entire evening was a debacle, and the
tour took a hiatus.” While Fox News got a giggle out of the whole
debacle, one thing’s for sure: Bill and Hillary Clinton’s impact on politics and pop culture,
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