The Central Park Wedding Tour – Bethesda Terrace

Hi! I’m Peter Boruchowitz for Our Wedding
Officiant New York City. Welcome to the Central Park Wedding Tour. And this
is Bethesda Terrace! If it looks familiar, that’s because they’ve been filming
movies here for as long as they’ve been making movies. In fact, in 1908 Bethesda
Terrace was the set for a silent film version of Romeo and Juliet.
Along with Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the skating rink at Rockefeller
Center, and the Statue of Liberty, Bethesda Terrace is one of New York
City’s most globally recognized, iconic public spaces. The opportunities for
wedding photographs here are endless. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of New
York and want your wedding to be part of it all, this is a great location. There
will be a lot of people here and maybe you and your guests can catch a musician
or a street performer after the ceremony. Bethesda Terrace can accommodate a
very large group of guests. A huge benefit of having your Central Park
Wedding here is that you don’t have to make alternate plans in case of wet
weather. Everyone can just move inside the arcade. It’s impossible to be here
and not marvel at the gorgeous tiled ceiling. The other bonus- this is the only
wedding location in the park with on-site public restrooms. Enough said. Oh,
they’re closed in the winter. You’ll need to have a permit for your wedding at
Bethesda Terrace if you have 20 or more invited guests. You can’t block off the
area. The permit only ensures that there will not be another permitted event at
the same time. The fountain is located directly in the middle of the park when
you enter on 72nd Street- from the east side at Fifth Avenue or from Central
Park West. It’s a few long blocks, so keep that in mind if some of your guests are
older or have mobility issues. I’m Peter Boruchowitz for Our Wedding
Officiant NYC. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Central Park Wedding Tour. See you in the


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