The Castle In Rosarito Beach Mexico–Al Capone Built This Property In the 1920’s

The castle is a place that truly has
magic, it’s not only a beautiful place, it as an energy, it’s rustic, it’s
elegant, the ocean view spectacular, imagine yourself, in a castle on a cliff,
overlooking the ocean, close enough to that ocean so that you can hear the
waves, doesn’t get any better than this -Si, es un lugar muy diferente, por fuera no se sabe que ahi aqui y Es como estar fuera de Rosarito fuera de
contexto verdad Entonces si se sorprenden con lo que ahi Y asi se sorprenden los invitados cuando vienen.- When people come to The Castle for the first time I see people smiling
it brings a smile to their face, from the time, they get here till the time they go the castle also has a history
al capone built the castle back in the late 20s and it’s been in my family,
since 1966 it’s been my dream to turn it into what it is today since 1973.-Tenemos
comentarios de los invitados de los novios, que bueno son bodas unicas,empezando por el lugar que vienen y es un lugar que no se espera en ningun lado no hay otra construccion igual,no hay otra ubicacion igual que esta, es unico.-The Castle is a unique event location we do
weddings,XV,annuals and small business conventions and we handle between 50 and
350 people we offer capacity we only do one event per day so your event is
exclusive. bueno ya el lugar de por si el lugar es unico,las bodas son unicas,cada boda como si fuera nuestra es una experiencia inolvidable. The Castle is honestly the most romantic
place. honestly the most gratifying thing, here
at the castle for myself ,is when a bride hugs me at the end of her event, thanks
me and tells me that we have exceeded her dreams, her dreams, since she’s had as
a little boy, if you want your wedding your event to
be absolutely spectacular, absolutely unforgettable, come to the castle, see for


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