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Wait girls, it looks like this bitch is here again I was just the one you planned a breakup with. Because of you,my boyfriend and I broke up. Why? It’s not my fault if both you are stupid. It’s not my fault that both of you chose to be stupid. Right, girls? Wait, wait. Where do you think you’re going? Huh, where do you think you’re going?! The things you belong with… Pick them up! They’re scattered. Shut up! You belong with those, not us. Maybe you don’t belong with those, but one thing is sure. You are the trash cans. This one? Compared to us? My god. You look like trash cans. Compare it to our face? duh! +Where do you think is bes Athena? (‘bes’ their call sign)
+Jeez! You’re ruining the momentum. I don’t know! Oh yes! I have something important to tell that girl. Then call her! +Okay fine.
+Do you have load?
+Tell her to come here I have. I’m not like you, poor. Hello, bes? Oh Athena Where are you? I have something important to tell you. Oh, what’s happening to you?
Okay, Okay, wait for me. I’ll be there, 15 minutes. Wth that stinks! What are you gonna tell me, bes? +Is that you?
+It’s me! Crispin, Basilio, my children.
Ouch! What is it you really wanna tell me? I’m pregnant. Oooh, that feels nice. You’re going crazy. Come here, let’s sit and tell her what you wanna tell her. Okay here it is. Stop the acting stuff.
I’m passing my being the breakup planner to you Anyway, you can do it. You’re bitch, you’re beautiful. The throne is yours. Che! +Really bes? Is that true? Really?
+Uhuh Who’s Uno? Bye guys, see you! Bye bye! Enjoy! Hey, what’s this? You’re so busy with it. No! Give it back! Huh? Okay. You have secrets already huh. Oh my G. Girl, look who’s here. Look who’s here. Gosh. You know what, girl? You’ll breakup with you’re boyfriend later. As in, later. How dare you, we are not gonna breakup. Oh my gosh dear, I never failed guessing breakups. Bitch. Nosy. I’ll watch for it. You’re amazing, girl! I made the right thing passing it to you, sis. Bes, there’s an emergency in our house. I really need to go. Carmeen, come with me. Okay, friend. Babe, where are you? I’m already here. What?! You can’t do this to me. Please. I love you so much. Oh, what happend? Psyche broke up with me. You! How dare you! Oh come on girl, you see? You deserve it. That’s not enough! If you think you’re bitch, I’m more bitch than you! Remember this! You’ll get your karma soon. Take note, Bad karma. Whatever. Bes, have you seen the latest magazine? Not yet, bes. Check the corner. Wait bes… The issue is exciting. About breakups and betrayals. Uhm, maybe let’s go to the other magazine corner bes? Let’s go Okay, let’s go. Bes, I thought there’s an emergency? Bes, uhmmm. Bes, we just bumped with him. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. We just bumped with him. Actually, we’re leaving soon. We just picked a magazine. Actually, we came here to pick this magazine. Marian is an idol of mine. Oh, Athena. You’re here. You’re here. You did not tell me you’re… How dare you! I’m the one he loves! I treated you my best friend. I’m the one he loves! Accept it. I can’t accept it. I really love him. I’m sorry bes. Bes, I’m sorry. Bes, I’m sorry. Now Uno, pick one. Who are you gonna pick between us? I’m sorry Athena, but I love her more. Bes, I still can’t get over with what happened with you and Uno. Wait bes You know what, bes… +Uno is so happy with you. You really suit each other.
+Thank you You know what? You’re tolerating her. How stupid you are. As if you care. I thought we were friends? Now you know. Wake up, bes! How dare you! You’re so bad. I’m not yet done. Stand! Stupid! Enough. What the hell are you doing to her? Let’s go, bes. We’re going to stay away with that breakup planner. Are you okay, bes? Yes, I’m fine. A little bit of wounds. Stand , bes. It’s not yet done. We’re not yet done. Yes, bes. We’re going to have a revenge. Right now. Both of you are happy huh.. Okay, closer! Okay fine, hmmmm. It’s time for our revenge. Give this to me. Hoes these days, are like fish ball You should pay first before you eat it. Bes, not here. Not here, not here my ass. We have not revenged yet Right now! As in right now! You should prepare your lives! It won’t open. Stupid, ignorant! That’s locked. This one is open. It’s open wide. Ouch. Faster! How dare you! How dare you. Go hide yourselves! This will be the last day of your life here on Earth Where are you? Face me if you’re not afraid. Mary Jean Lastimosa, Philippines. Samantha, if you’re really brave, shout bitch! How thick skinned you are. Leave us alone! Faster! I wish you stumble. Go! Crawl! Crawl out your bitchiness Crawl out your bitchiness Faster! Crawl it! There are a lot of boys there, huh. You’re good at bitching, right? There are a lot of them there, huh. Go seduce them. Faster, go crawl them. How dare you, if you’re really brave, reveal yourself How dare you. Come here! Where are you going? Where are you going? Stand! Stand! Where are you going? Come here! How dare you! How dare you too! Mind your brief, it’s revealing. I don’t care Stop it, Athena. It hurts. +It hurts? It hurts?
+Leave us alone, Athena It hurts? I’m just returning the favor. This can’t be happening! I’ll make a revenge! How dare you, you bitch! How dare you, where do you think you’re going? I’m not yet done with you! Bitch! They already left us, run faster! I thought the pool is exclusive for people only. I was not informed, a whale like you is allowed. Excuse me, I thought it’s exclusive for people too. But what’s this I’m looking at… Oh my god, what’s that? Withered fish? Once a bitch, always a bitch, and a bitch. Stupid! Stupid! Stop it! I’m already done. Awww. It’s already done? Okay fine. It’s not yet done! Because our fight is endless. Whaaat? There’s a part two? It’s already done, bitch. Done already? It’s not yet started. Let them taste our second revenge Please Athena, leave us alone. It’s time for you to rest. Rest in peace. How stupid it is. When you seduced my boyfriend, what did he removed first from you? Your panty? Is this what’s great on you? Or your bra? You bitch. Is this the potion you’re using to my boyfriend? Or your conscience? Why me, bes? Tell it to her! Or your conscience? You’re always nosy Hey why are you in there? Our fight is here. You really are nosy. Not your business. You’re not even beautiful. You’re a bitch! You’re a bitch! You’re always a bitch! You stole everyone from me! My bestfriend, my boyfriend? You stole them from me. Are you happy now that you tooke them from me? I’m already at my extent. Leave us alone. Just accept that I’m the one he loves. If I can’t make Uno mine, It’s better that both us can’t own him. Don’t help her! Why are people so stupid in here. Stupid enough to help you. Faster! What kind of human are you? It’s so hard to kill you. Let go of me! I’ve had enough! Really? If I can’t kill you in the pool, I’ll kill you using this Bes stop it. Stop it already. Leave us alone. How dare you, this is all your fault! Because of you he died. It’s your fault! If only you’re not desperate Stop it you both You’re the one I love, Athena ever since. Uno, I can’t accept this. Uno, thanks for everything Forgive me for taking you from Athena. I hope you’re happy wherever you are. All things fade away I’m telling you children, there’s no forever. OMG, that’s grim reaper! Aaa-ouch, ouch Don’t you get tired? We did nothing but fight. I did not come here to cause a ruckus Athena, I just want to give you this. We want to stop it all now. We don’t want fights anymore. We want our lives to be at peace Until we meet again, bes. Hi Athena. Psyche died too. I hope you learned from your karma. Since the beginning, I’m envious of you. I saw how you love each other how you value every moment you were together And I did not realize that every time I glance at you, at Uno, feelings are growing inside my heart That’s how much I love him I can sacrifice and gamble everything for him that’s why his passing hurts me so much We suffered a lot of hardships anger loneliness and joy I experienced it all with him We fought together We got hurt together We experienced joy together but as they say, the truth hurts because I insisted to fight the love that since the beginning, is wrong. Yes he loves me, but he loves you more than me. You’re so dramatic, bes. You’re OA (over acting) just like Madie Shut up. She might get angry Wth. Even up to this letter, he’s so nosy. Who was that, bes? Carmeen. Why are you here? Ah, right! I’m not included in this scene Attention-seeker Let’s continue this one That girl is so short tempered. I know it’s a big favor to ask for your forgiveness I hope someday, you can forgive me. Don’t worry, bes. I’m leaving. I’m going to a place far away from you. for the fast healing of our wounded hearts Yes Athena, she’s going to a far place. From Don Basilio to Apsayan. (Literally close places) Bitch. Apsayan is too close. What’s the sense of me saying far away place? We’re going to Japan, hypocrite. Japan? We’re broke enough to have a visa. We can’t even afford to go to near places I regret all the sins I’ve done but I will never regret loving Uno. and I will still love him until my last breath I’m hoping that when the time that we meet again, you already forgave me Your friend, Sammy.

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