THE BLOODHALL S4E2 | Baru vs Derevi vs Sakashima vs Gonti

[Music] hey everybody welcome to of the blood all the show where we try to defeat not one not two but three opponents in a game of multiplayer commander this is the second game of season what is it season four oh whoops well [Music] hey everybody welcome to the blood Hall we won the die roll will play first welcome to the blood Hall the show where we try to defeat not one not two but three opponents in a game of multiplayer commander this is the second game second episode of season four we’re playing baru fists of crosa we are being asked do we want to mulligan this hand I like this we’ll keep this we got plenty of land so we can find more lands draws the monument not not the best here and fecundity we’re gonna be we’ll be good if we draw into some more creatures but we’ve got five lands so that means at least we’ll get that on baru which isn’t so bad he’s not so bad um yeah I’m excited sorry about the fact that I am a major idiot I do not know how in the world I accidentally started the game with the wrong commander so I guess I’m your host the idiot magical hacker I don’t know this is my second chance our second attempt to record a game right after that game was over record another game and then I had a concession shadow’d spawn was from that previous game so I’m back I’m glad to see them back here we’ll play down this blighted woodland and past turn I’m laughing that’s the land we played first last game to so I’m sure they’re gonna they’re gonna recognize like why did woodland again oh for turn one how well it’s fate I guess you guys fate beside of that second game of season 4 we need to have that blighted woodland down first turn gotta be down there okay just a little bit of a sign now kind of behind the scenes of what happens here I used to have there’s two LG Aziz once for like the original Zendikar block and then ones from the new zendikar blog it was like a four drop creature that made to our Aussie tokens when it entered and there were two cards like that and I had over the deck thinking like okay you know I have a bunch of for mana spells that produce three creatures and those two are like great and then on my first on my first like trial I kind of test every deck out before I started doing it with the you know start recording videos but my first test run through baru I found out it’s only green creatures I get pumped by borrows so the fact that those two creatures are both coalesce and they make colors tokens it is kind of a non bow and so I was like well no point to have these in here so I ended up dropping them out of two cards that I wanted to add anyways I was happy pretty cool so let’s go ahead and read borrow borrow is a five mana human druid that’s a 4/4 he is the fist of cosec he’s the left fist across er it’s not the right fist across oh that’s Kemal he’s the lesser known less important fist of crosa and he’s mad he’s angry you can see in the art he’s angry people have been leaving him behind for parties since he was nine okay and he is upset about that he wants to be invited to the parties too so uh he’s here he’s angry he’s uh he’s angry that’s all I can say and you won’t like it when he’s angry he has two abilities the first but he says whenever I forest enters the battlefield top green creatures you control get +1 +1 and gain trample until end of turn we drew two force in a row so far so we’ve got five lands in the hand and SS worded you can’t see it but they said not great for me I have five lands in my okay well could be worse could be worse you guys have seen if you guys have not seen season one go take a look at it one game you’ll see that I’ve gotten to a really bad board position not gonna say which game it is I’m gonna leave that up to you but I was down to very low life total I think I had like one permanent on the board no lands or like no permanence on the board or something I was like way way behind and just watch that game you’ll see you’ll see what happens it was it was a game that’s all I could say it was it was a game let’s talk about what our opponents are doing after I read the irrelevant part of barroom sorry Barbara I know you’re the left hand but you got something relevant parts to grand juror just got another card name bar Rufus of Crozier to create an xx green worm creature token where X is the number of lands you control surprise surprise we don’t have any other cards in here and named baru and to be able to activate that that ability we would just have to go through so many steps like one we would have to figure out how to make a token copy of baru and then [Music] they got another car here we’d have to after that we then have to let it go to the graveyard and then bring it back to our hand and then discard it like it’s just it’s just too many steps too many steps and I’m just not feeling it Second Harvest not doing anything Eldrazi Mon you already play the land yeah that’s all we can do we just play Lena pass Leila I’m glad we didn’t draw into another land card but this is only good after we get our tokens and we do not have them yet so I’ll treat you yeah I wish all right let’s talk about what our opponents are doing blind obedience breakaway is playing the revi Imperial tactician three mana for a 2/3 bird wizard that has flying and whenever de revi imperial tactician enters a battlefield or a creature you control deals combat damage to a player you may tap or on tap target permanent also they can pay for Matt put the rebbe onto the battlefield from the command zone so a way to cheat the commander tax looking at their deck so far it looks like it’s an enchantress build they got goes through prison which is great blind obedience which is it’s got a next door which it makes it nice but a lot of people who run this I feel like this is maybe overplayed I don’t know I have lost to it a couple of times so maybe I maybe I’m in the wrong there and then enchantress here it kind of gives it a way that it’s an enchantress deck I did get a question on reddit and I’m saying it like I always asked personally but there was a post on reddit while back maybe about a month or two ago asking about you know I want to go band enchantress but I have no idea who the commander should be and I think I was suggesting for them to go with sadar condo because of the fact that CID our condo can kind of influence opponents to attack each other rather than you and then also throw SEOs because in a pinch you could pay for pay for a minute to draw card or get some lands on the battlefield so I was like you know worst-case scenario that seems pretty okay we’re gonna go and play baru here we don’t really need that many we don’t need lands yet and we got we got enough lands right here I’d rather wait to use this as a way to buff up our creatures that’s why it’s in here it’s great ramp and it’s also a land and it’s also a way to trigger baru so borrow comes into play taps thanks to blonde ideas but we’re not gonna be well probably not can be blocking anything anyways yeah so go break away playing of the Revie enchantress deck looking at the next you know what I think I think my shortcut not actually do turning on the automobiles I have a shortcut that’s supposed to turn on the auto yields or not turn on the auto yield it’s supposed to what is it no possible play yield all and I don’t think that that one works unfortunately yes I just turned that on but looks like our second opponent shadowed spawn they were playing a padeen deck but now they’re playing a soccer shoe and the imposter deck for mana for a 3-1 human rogue that you may have Chaka Chaka Shima the imposter entered the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield except its name is still sucker Schumer the imposter it’s legendary in addition to his other types and it gains for mana to return sekijima at the imposter to its owner’s hand at the beginning of the next n steps so this might be a clone and steel deck this is definitely a steel type card yeah this is an interesting card I kind of like this but it’s very weird it’s definitely very weird so looks like we’re going against a mono blue like stealing copy deck yeah so I’m excited these are these are some of my favorite types of decks forest entered the battlefield so her baru got up to five Pendrell miss all creatures have sacrificed this creature unless you pay one well that’s really good against this we I don’t know what we can do about that that is a problem that is a problem I mean who plays this card it’s good against us but not against tons of people well let’s see let’s see what happens I mean we kind of can’t do anything until we get rid of this luckily though we got a ton of cards in the hand so we might be able to even just not have to worry about this if we have enough lands on the battlefield I wouldn’t mind about that that’d be pretty cool let’s say next turn we pay one for baru so we pay one for barroom we play a forest goes up to five activate blighted woodlands goes up to seven then we can attack them for seven thanks to pendulous oh no we wouldn’t be able to because of ghostly prison hmm so we would only be able to attack for five and then have three mana left over hmm I think that’s fine I think let’s go for 3 min I left over Magus Utley unseen not really doing anything because there’s no artefacts on the meadow food yet clever impersonator what are they gonna copy they’re gonna copy go see prison oh they copy blind obedience well that is strange I guess they’re wanting them to their stuff to go to enter tapped yeah haha I’m kind of lost but that’s fine yeah amen if you want that blind obedience you do you bro or sis or other you do you a Bissell gatekeeper coming down that seems a little alright we are going to pay one if they choose okay we’ll pay one if they choose to sacrifice it due to the mist here yeah we’ll pay one here okay then we’re gonna sacrifice our barroom so what do we want to do then let’s play down a for us we know we don’t wanna do that that for sure we want to do then we’ll go ahead and attack break away yes we will pay to yes hey to to declare this attacker okay uh yeah so shadow spawn probably playing a steel and copy deck clever impersonator another another one that’s just like that they’ve got to energy I don’t know what they’ll be using it for but they’ve got it they gotta have they need it last point and SS worded is playing gone t Lord of luxury for mana for a two three a third born road with death touch and when gone T Lord of luxury enters the battlefield look at the top four cards of target opponents library exile one of them face down and then put the rest on the bottom of that library in a random order you may look at and cast that card for as long as it remains exiled and you may spend mana as though a remain of any type to cast that spell they’ve got to good to good targets here I mean white green and blue they might have some ways to bounce their own creatures thanks to the reveries enter the battlefield ability so that would be great with Ganzi being able to just bounce gonti over and over and over or they could go for it you know targeting the sukkah Shima a deck just because they can just copy other people suffer copy gone T that’s also pretty good consecrated Sphinx okay well they’ll be drawing lots of cards we have definitely entered into the arch and me phase here all right are they gonna pay one for a Magus of the unseen yeah it looks like they aren’t I guess if this is a Magus that means that there’s a artifact or something that does the same ability or just like before they didn’t like Magus meaning a certain mechanic maybe that’s what happened next turn will be paying one for baru so we’ll have 5 min left over we’ll play down Al and we’ll go up to 6 which means that or well it’ll be 5 minute again 6 mana and pay to attack with it we’ll have 4 mana left over we could play parallel lives but that’s only if abyssal gatekeeper isn’t sacrificed here and why would they I mean I’m gonna go ahead and say here please don’t sacrifice the gatekeeper mana crypt pretty good what’s making the artifact enter taps or did they just tap it for me enough yeah this is artifacts – sorry and I realize that it affected artifacts – but I guess that makes sense please pay the one otherwise we’ll be very sad oh well we do have to sacrifice stuff well that’s unfortunate okay well we’ll sacrifice baru and next term we’ll have 7 mana so we’ll just play him down again I’m just sitting over here all nice and quiet and that was cold yeah yes can’t see the full comment here you know well consecrated Sphinx is gonna let break away draw a ton of cards here and that sucks 3 mono decks against a tricolor deck I know where blue black and green which are like the three best colors but still lot of color it’s hard yeah well sacrifice baru sacrifice borrow yep and sacrifice creature choose this [Music] I don’t know if there is a bug but we did choose that all right let us choose it they’re gonna sacrifice what else and then Max of the end scene is gonna die and then to fecundity triggers and then another consecrated sphinx trigger and it’s they’re already up to ten cards a little bill they’ll be up to thirteen here we’ve got to get down parallel limes but I don’t even know if there’s anything we can drop into that will really help us alright alright pie market comes down Duffy’s Amana they’re playing heroes downfall targeting the consecrated Sphinx okay all right they’re up to 16 cards well that’s a lot of cards that’s a lot of cards what do we do what do we do well we can do that that seems pretty good he served his purpose well you know seven cards in hand we can only play one thing here but borrow or can play snake pit I guess bar is probably a better use of our mana I think borrow is a better use of our mana because once we get down snake pit we can say goodbye to having mana thanks to the mist so let’s go ahead and cast this yep hey all our mana plate on the bar room if it gets taken care of again that’s fine no big deal draws upon you seems pretty good later on but yeah borrow is just pretty good to get down all right you gonna pay one probably okay so next turn we will have eat manna that means we can go for parallel lives oh no we won’t have a man I will have to pay one for borrow will be down to seven-minute again we can’t play down old drazi monument now once we get down I’ll draw some onions and Pendrell mists will have to Pendrell miss before wheel drazi monument so we’ll have to pay one and still sacrifice a creature anyways authority of the council that’s the one that you can I think you let people get control of it but I don’t know if they’ll actually use that to get rid of any artifacts or enchantments at this point everything seems to be pretty much helping everybody you know a snake pit maybe we don’t want to pay for those snakes and just draw cards with fecundity no I don’t know do we want to pay for baru yes we do want to pay for Barbara we will have a force coming down next turn seven mana we don’t want to play all the drawers of monument and we would like to play parallel lives with snake pit but I think snake pits still the best thing that we can cast so if bar gets taken care of though then or a pendulum its gets taken care of blublack don’t really have a lot of ways to to do that though then I wouldn’t mind going parallel lives and snake pit next turn that’s in the case that either borrow or miss gets taken care of blue does have a couple of ways to return stuff this can only return creatures though that’s not that’s not going to be the answer that they’re looking for they can pay three right now to sacrifice it I guess are waiting to see if they need to use their mana for anything they did tap their blue though not sure why all right they’re gonna go to this car they’re gonna discard some lands yeah land land land land discarding all those lands creeping Renaissance with chest flashback they can get back creatures get back to consecrate Sphinx seems pretty good birthday pretty good aura fication okay I like this car these cards really need don’t see it too often but looking at this deck there’s definitely a lot of cards in here that are kind of like more like underplayed I guess you could say maybe this opponent breakaway I’ve been playing for a long time so they needed power for Pendrell miss aura fication terminus in the big yard okay good good to see that they got rid of a board wide but that probably means that they have another board weapon hand they got rid of one [Music] yeah so if you guys have not seen last week’s video last week’s video was season 3 episode 3 Angus it was a great it was a great game definitely go take a look at it I ended up playing one of the opponent’s was Pleasant Kenobi and so when he uploaded his you know a video on YouTube he ended up showing that I’ve been in the game with him so definitely if you’re interested in watching Pleasant Kenobi play he wasn’t able to upload that game so I had it up on my channel brick way says know why one white does virtually the same thing as be oh and you gain life off of it it’s a decent back up o authority of the council I’m sorry that’s something else oh yeah authority of the consoles or console or whatever is yeah yeah yeah they’re talking about it so it’s a one drop that does virtually the same thing as planted beans it just doesn’t hit artifacts and it’s only one white to decent back up to it it’s also it also gains a game’s life – yeah and they mentioned that you gain life off of it it’s like a Sarah ascendant so it gains will knife every time a creature interest extra player lands coming down so it’s gonna be hitting islands that’s gonna give breakaway what extra mana next turn oh I don’t really have a new cards they have a lot of old cards though which is pretty sweet all right extra printer lens is gonna exile that land they could have topped it for manna though right yeah they could have typed it for minimal don’t know if the log should be using it yeah Ireland gets put underneath the extra pens Oh hoping that shadow pond can deal with the Miss otherwise we’ll be in a really tough position here let’s see they’re playing blue green and white so they probably have like a wrath of God type right because they probably discarded this one because they have a better board up in hand which means they probably have either a cheaper one and probably just a cheaper one as well as what I’m thinking and I think the cheaper ones all do destroy so eventually we do want to get this Eldrazi monument down but I think it’s gonna be out to get the snake pit down and it sticks around for a little bit read the bones okay they’re gonna scribe to and draw two cards do they tap down the Cabal coffers I guess they did I mean if they I found a swamp oops I guess if they found a swamp they won’t have enough mana for activating ball covers anyways you get a chance you should pick one up it’s worth it I mean I love people like blonde obedience I did say that I think it’s a little bit overplayed just because I don’t know the value I don’t I don’t think there’s much value in hosing haste haste will happen every now and then but to devote a whole card slot to it I think is a little silly it also slows people down on their mana production but doesn’t really do anything in the long game I guess this is good if you want a short game if you have like a really quick game plan but even then if I had the option to play in this deck which I don’t but if I did I don’t know if I would I don’t know if I would play that stunt double it’s going to enter as a copy of a creature well what creature do they want to copy maybe they’re doing in responsibility because they want to copy baru interesting or they’re gonna copy yeah they copy borrow okay so yeah we’ll pay one mana for it we’re down to fifteen five minutes on the clock I got to keep track of that the range term it I do like this one then we can also attack with Barbara yeah seems pretty good yeah we’re gonna get a 5/5 baru the range tournament or sneak deranged hermit or snake I actually like the ranged hermit here do I know let’s go for a snake pit let’s go for a snake pit because I mean we get it down it’s gonna keep doing its thing this is just an e TV so maybe I want to get down paralyzed before I get done the range tournament maybe that’s a little bit greedy but you know what you got to be greedy sometimes you can’t always be a reasonable person okay all right it’s a very major jaw here oh so they don’t want to give us the extra snake I got you I got you all right anybody you got one chance to respond here break away this is your one chance otherwise can’t do anything during my turn looks like they’re deciding they’re thinking do I want it nope they decided no thank you I am a okay without it all right snake pit coming down okay and we are going to go ahead and attack with baru at breakaway now what is this oh that’s pretty gross all right they’re putting two rebbe onto the battlefield just slamming it down tap or untap something looks like you’re gonna tap down bar ooh okay that’s a okay with us yep can’t deal with a Jase but hopefully they do that Jase ultimate is pretty strong all right so let’s see what they go for here I’m hoping that they kind of keep Jace under control I would not want to see surprise olt next turn mono blue can definitely do it do they have enough mana they’ve got one two three four five six seven eight nine so they can keep one of their creatures and then and then play and activate change the chain veil so they would be able to get two activations to go plus 1 and then minus eight that would not be super great for us and not be super great they discarded blade of cells make sense pretty good with gonti but not when you’re low on mana low and mana not great it very rarely happens I usually don’t go for olds as the other abilities are more useful indeed eh awesome okay cool so we’re a little bit a little bit more comfortable yeah the minus 2 is pretty good scribe 1 and draw cards also not bad but yeah if you have the chance to minus 8 it’s not bad either I mean you you can really get ahead of all three of your opponents all right they decided to let our goofy Enchantress go to the Graveyard so we’ll draw a card off of it let’s see what they go for here if they get two attacks that can get two more two more mana actually three more may know if they on tap to the island some are super powerful like goons and L sweats but others can be gotten around pretty easily yeah this one is uh one of those that I feel like is really hard to get around though I mean there’s a reason there’s a reason that I use banned in this format – coming in at them yep for coming in all @j so no like no triggers off with the rebbe we got them we’re happy yes we got we got four mana or four damage avoided at us and on top of that they did not get to untie anything or tap to anything down all right they’re sacrificing the burnished art they’re gonna draw a card and get to basic lands next turn we will have nine mana pay one good on the eight and then back up to 9 so my miss counting this oh yes I am 7 to 8 go down to 7 go back up to 8 have to replay on land drop so we won’t have enough to do too much of anything depending on how many snakes that we get we could go for a second harvest after parallel lives parallel lives and then second harvest at the end step of NSS oh we can’t everything in let me a sorcery never mind never mind let’s really go for here hopefully a blue spell we would like to get a sneak [Music] yeah it was a good game last last video with pleasant Kenobi actually didn’t play last week I played the the week before normally just kind of to give you a little behind the scenes normal that I try I tried to record the week of but last week all week I was out of town because of my brother’s wedding which was the day before yesterday and it was a great wedding it was it was awesome [Music] but yeah so I had a recorder we can advance so I’m glad to be back let’s be joining you guys again in the blood hall who day of judgment to destroy all the creatures okay goodbye baru once more all right why don’t we lose the life there Oh cuz they exported that’s why they exported that’s what it was okay come to D got two triggers from that alright well next time we won’t have to cast we won’t have to pay for borrow to keep them five three four so we’ll have 9 mana I don’t mind going parallel lives deranged hermit that seems pretty good for me it seems pretty good if we get some more snakes off of a snake bed I don’t think I’m gonna pay for them I don’t need to keep them really but going parallel lives in two deranged hermit to create eight squirrel tokens seems pretty good it’s not giving me a yes or no button you and shadows born [Music] yeah I forget help fecundity works but it’s a little weird you gotta say you got a yield to it uh-oh oh no well we’ll see we’ll see if we can get back into this game be right back alright we’re back it looks like the game was able to fix itself I don’t wanna see anything that’s changed so hopefully nothing’s like the board’s that didn’t change at all hopefully yeah so where was I going with this oh yeah I was gonna say I’m gonna go for parallel lives and then deranged hermit that’s what I want to do here on our next turn we’ll get eight squirrels and then I’m hoping that someone can get rid of this Pendrell miss I mean this thing is really gross we might draw into some of our answers we’ve got like Beast Within in here and stuff but other than that I actually don’t know what else we have yeah I think that’s lucky we got just one card in the whole deck I mean you got it yeah we have to go like we have to go as committed to the game plan as possible here yeah [Music] but it looks like it’s okay okay so whose turn is it right now it’s shadows fall into turn it’s in their main phase Jase is down to four okay I guess they didn’t have anything they want to get on their turn maybe they got more flashed up in their hand I don’t know if they accidentally skip to their turn their bar was gonna be good to get down later I think still so torn I keep telling myself that I want to go parallel lives in two deranged tournament but do I you know what actually if we draw enough cards yeah if we draw enough cards we will find Beast Within yeah we’ll find Beast Within so I guess yeah I guess it’s good to go for it parallel lives into deranged tournament because then we’ll have nine you know one elf and eight squirrels to be able to sacrifice into the mist to draw with fecundity yeah that sounds pretty good then we’ll hopefully find that visa then pretty quick yeah we will use sneak visibility saffron’s all of saffron olives favorite card scumble to temptation shout-out to saffron all you guys aren’t following MTG goldfish they don’t have a lot of commander Col that they have commander clash but besides that you know they don’t have a lot of community content they do have standard modern and I sometimes legacy but still really entertaining I mean Safran all was one of the content creators that really inspired me to start creating content myself so I really do like that their stuff there these snakes open you know I actually haven’t seen the art for these snake tokens yet so this is pretty cool it’s a pretty cool art nice but yeah scumble to temptation is the way that he pronounces this card or he used to pronounce I’m pretty sure now he he pronounces it correctly but yeah shout out to him yesh totally watched some of those videos really famous in the community a lot of people like him who dominates to steal the consecrated things yeah pretty good yeah we’ll get another snake we’ll draw three cards here all right why did they pay seven I guess they I guess they had to because of the extra player lines all right we’re not gonna pay for the snakes no snakes rude nope goodbye snake okay we’ll draw a card with fecundity yep you some kind of usability we drew in to hornet nest they’re gonna draw some cards asking if they can find an answer to the to the miss because that miss are really hurting us to find another forest okay okay yep we’ll use the canoes ability ah we found it all right well that changes things that certainly changes things okay see your sundial so Beast Within we’ve got eight man out we’ll go up to nine after we use beasts will have 6 min left over that means that we can go parallel lives nothing or see your sundial to draw card do we need a draw card right now not really we do want to get cards out of our hand though let’s see we’ll be down one two and then that’s seven cards so we’re actually okay on a number of cards in our hand I guess we want to get down parallel lives cuz that’s gonna be good later on yeah let’s do that so let’s go beast within target missed by B so then or goodbye miss we will not miss you then we’ll play another thing when we play we can actually play no I can’t play two cards I was gonna say me we could play two cards because we got a three-drop we do not have a way to play another we have no other three drops in her hand let’s just get down parallel lives there’s your answer right there am I paying an extra for it no I’m not paying an extra for it yeah I happened to draw it on my third draw alright that’s it for our turn parallel lives in snake pit basically we got two snake pits right now okay so we have to draw our answer but that’s our only answer in the whole deck so hopefully we don’t need another answer hopefully next turn we will have let’s the eight nine manna eight yeah eight nine ten mana we’ve played this twice of five seven nine we’ll leave it leave us with one minute left over I don’t know if I want to cast bar over here but with ten mana we could go for deranged hermit and Eldrazi monument that would not be too bad here or alternatively we could go see your sundial with either Hornet nest or Second Harvest how can I hold all this lands said the shadows bone yes we will you sneak visibility yes give us those snakes we want them we want them snakes give it to us why do they want to extort I don’t think so but what’s freaky minimal we’re gonna copy oh it’s gonna copy consecrated Sphinx it’s gonna copy consecrated Sphinx yep there it is now they can give each other all the cards they want well uh you got to do something about that that does nobody know as soon as somebody draws a card it’s all over all right what is this energy flux this is only for artifacts we will use snake pits ability we have any artifacts we do not manic rift and extra planar lines though it kind of hosed here those are only two artifacts on the benefit so weird but cool old cards very cool next turn yeah I’m still deciding do I want to go so let’s see if I go deranged hermit okay so I can go see your sundial deranged hermit or I’ll draw some onion with either of these two I can cast either these two in cast any one of these three or I can cast these two they’re returning the Beast okay a bit strange but but okay I guess the Beast was gonna deal three damage to Jase and they wanted to be able to they wanted to return it I got sure they want to feel to return the Jase so they had to do this okay reclamation stage to be able to destroy an artifact or enchantment they hit one of our enchantments say nope no problem I mean didn’t like that snick were they getting rid of ooh extra planar lens yeah well we’re happy that it’s not us but shadow spawn they’re definitely on our side to try to get get over break away we started to get them back to our level but we’re still not a hundred sent their that ghosty president still hurts us as the token deck so we can attack them with five creatures if we don’t do anything next turn I mean just kind of just think about that for a second how problematic it is you well at this point now I don’t worry I don’t want a castle draws money because it’s gonna cost me mana and as much as I think I’ll draw some monuments good having to pay after having sacrificed creature and paid to mana every turn is gonna really hurt when we really want to keep my mana up as much as possible for grossly prison so don’t want to cast I’ll draw some monuments so at this point I want to cast see your sundial draw a card off of it immediately and one of these two or deranged hermit and one of these two Second Harvest I think I want to cast later on so what we could do is deranged hermit and Hornet nest pay to to attack with one card not the best actually see your sundial another car we’d want to get down so we want to get down to ranged hermit and one of these two okay let’s see if they choose to let people drop cards why is this down one am I missing something why is this have -1 power I am really missing something right here close this – OH yeah how did you what’s going on it’s got -1 power oh it’s from the it’s from the aint animate dead okay alright now and now I understand no I gotcha I know you guys were like screaming at your your screens or whatever and you’re like yes the anime dead the anime that I was like oh okay alright yes the anime did a lot of words basically just reanimate something in attaches itself as an aura to give it – 1 – 0 and then whenever this dies or whenever this auras put into the graveyard then the creature dies – cuz it gets sacrificed yeah it sacrifice I was I was double checking to make sure it wasn’t a guinea pigs island all right are they gonna – two – two on the Sphinx – two – two [Music] all right Vizier of many faces okay I will use think–but somebody to create two snakes we’ve got eight snakes now we can only attack this player with five of them and I don’t really care about hitting my other two opponents I actually want them to stick around for the one as I can oh they got a reclamation sage are they gonna hit the ghosty prison no they should hit the ghostly prison man yes we still have to do with the ghostly prison yeah well create oh maybe they’re gonna destroy that too nice creating two more snakes the go fro draws in my name you can deal Bonnie damage with our flying snakes what are they gonna hit if the president seems like the right thing but we have we have enchantments to so and there’s also this animate dead they could always destroy the animate dead and use Jace to return the clone were they hitting yep there he goes to prison nice we are working together like actually I won’t ride that I was gonna write we’re working together I like it but that’s a little a little too obnoxious I think all right so we got 12 we can buff them up by 1 or buff them up by one with Barbour I want trample orphan on guys doesn’t matter maybe it’s good to give the draws of monument down later um snakes yeah yeah a snake pit doing something doing some work here so we’ve got 12 snakes right now that means 24 damage on our board after we get Eldrazi monument I still like bar here borrow and and forest works the same way so how many more do we need we need 11 damage more so that’s 6 more snakes which means we need 3 more spells if FN SS word it can cast three black spells on their turn then we’ll be good or if we can draw into our way to buff them up by a larger amount that will be good can they counter it they do have one blue left up so they could have negate tailed up or uh as some scatter or something so all right it’s n SS wordage turn did I think about third deck I think I I think we did read off they’re gone T yeah it’s been it’s been a it’s been a lot a lot of stuff has been happening today so but yeah gonti has not come down yet so this is another one of those like Steel copy type decks – ooh no mercy nice you’re welcome by the way thank you all right no mercy coming down that means that we can’t really deal with them before we deal with shadows Vaughn we can deal with them at the same time I don’t know how much how much we’ll have but we may end up drawing in – I know it sounds crazy but we may end up drawing into a way to just win with our snakes right now I’ll have to kind of calculate it and see what’s the best thing we could draw into here the Dryad Arbor is not what we is not the best thing we could drive to here I think dealing them 24 damage I mean they got 12 cards in hand we’ve got to do something they need a board wipe anyways so there’s no reason to like play more tokens onto the board right now let’s just play down baru I think that a board wipe though then he’ll draw Z monuments better let’s go with a drazi monument here that would leave us so let’s go and play down though actually maybe we might play to try it over let’s see 9 mana this plus a 4 drop second harvest good but ordinate is also pretty good if somebody tries to attack us is anybody trying to attack us though not really I don’t think so so second harvest is what I want to go for which means I want to get down the forest first yep let’s go forest let’s go all drazi monument ok oh well I miscounted my man I guess I could have played right over there whoops whoops all right so all of our snakes are flying and indestructible so board wipes got to be very specific type of board wipes and second harvest we’re gonna we’re gonna hold on that ok so we are going to our combat now all of these things are going at breakaway and attack all at breakaway they gotta find somebody gotta find a board light we got 22 flying power on the board not enough power on the board right now to ensure that like to try to make us die on our next turn those snakes have wings yes yes they do gods don’t die they merely slumber very true and now our snakes are God’s apparently for their old drazi down to seven so yeah if they if they tap down both are creatures then yes we will use the ability from snake pit to create two more tattoos [Music] if they completely tap out there are seven damage here from shallow swamp and so that would be a problem mystical tutor most likely going to reveal cyclonic rift I’m tired of these snakes on this battlefield you know what he’s saying you can use yeah you know what these stars are okay that’s how they fly they are all on a place that stakes are flying ah alright are you gonna pay – for the consecrated Sphinx because it is an artifact or do they reveal they reveal to open the vaults to return all artifact and enchantment cards well well then let’s see without return artifact in enchantment cards we got nothing our graveyard that will return that will return or off’ occation I can’t take a look at what’s going on here this this is one of those things that really frustrates me so horriffic ation burnished heart both of leeches which does something about lands Pendrell mace which has always been hurting us blind obedience ghostly prison yeah that’s that’s pretty rough gonna be in a rough state hopefully though our opponents can do something about this and get that last seven points of damage out of here get that damage out of here now we can draw a bunch of cards after going for our second harvest we can it’s definitely thing that we can do but I do not know if that’s what we want to go for this is a force right aha it is nicest ever okay so opening the bolts is going to really put us back and we’re gonna have a we’re gonna have a hard time hitting breakaway we’re gonna be back under their thumb back under their thumb we were trying to to get rid of them before we can get back under their thumb but looks like we weren’t fast enough looks like we were not fast enough hmm ooh boring CLECs now the question is do we want to use our main uh now I think we kind of have to and yes they can get rid of our second heart like our tokens but not yet actually so let’s just make a bunch of snakes I’d rather do that right now just get it done get it over with make it a bunch of snakes and that the second horse is gonna get doubled thanks to parallel lives so that’s gonna be a lot of tokens here we’re harvesting a bunch of snakes apparently I’m a snake farmer okay so how many snakes do we have I have no idea I wish there was a way to better see how many snakes we have so I’m guessing that they they come in batches of 10 so 10 here 10 here 10 here 10 here so that’s 40 plus 4 plus 2 so 46 plus another 2 48 so 48 times 2 yeah they’re returning all those artifacts and enchantments so we won’t be able to actually keep all of our snakes unfortunately so that’s it we’ve got 48 times 2 that’s 80 plus 16 that’s 96 so we would have 96 damage which would be enough to kill everybody so at this point I think our opponents are actually not afraid most of breakaway they’re afraid most of us so they want our breakaway to stay around so maybe that wasn’t the right move to do to become a snake farmer there maybe that was not the right idea but all of our things have indestructible so they’ve got to try to kill us we’re at 39 which is basically starting life total they’re tapped out so they can’t attack they can’t attack us with their creatures but do they want to this is at five all right so it’s still pretty far away from eight once he gets up to like seven though that’s when it gets really really scary snicks we can make some wasps – I like some Hornets get some Hornets I’m feeling Hornet today so this no mercy is down we’ve got Ora fication down so what do we do here I mean we’re gonna have to sacrifice a bunch of snakes oh look at all those triggers look at all those chickens no possible play Yolo so let’s see how much man we’re going to pay we’re gonna to pay – to attack with each thing we’re also gonna have to pay – to keep our draws a monument and then we have to pay one for each creature we want to keep so if we want to have we need to have four attackers plus one for the consecrated Sphinx that’s ten attackers there’s no way we’re gonna have ten attackers next turn there’s no way so because of that we’re gonna have to do instead is we’re going to do anything we’re gonna have to do is instead of just to try to do as many attacks as we can so for each snake that we want to attack with we’re have to pay three mana to to attack once keep we are also going to have to pay an extra one to sacrifice to the hold on things we got we got to pay one for the snake that we’re sacrificing to the monument and then two for the monument itself so three to just be at zero creatures and then for each additional creature we got to pay three more mana to have it as an attacker so that means that we have nine lands here at ten we got ten lands we can keep an extra we can keep an extra snake that we don’t attack with we just have a blocker it’s a flying blocker so we keep one snake we keep two we will be able to attack with two snakes next turn ah but vorn CLECs is on the battlefield that’s rough so we will attack with two snakes to bring them down to three if they can get rid of their Sphinx if you can get rid of Sphinx and attack with your Sphinx I will have enough damage to kill them next turn but I will have to sacrifice basically my whole board and have no mana the the turn after that so it’s a rough situation but if you do that you get killed by tokens I won’t have enough mana to hit anyone else literally zero damage left over so it’s tough when you’re when you’re in a position like this it is a little bit tricky to kind of you know manage the politics of the game and I’m sure you everybody you know you you guys all know about that so I’m trying to make sure that in this position I can kind of survive now what when all our snakes die we are going to draw a bunch of cars with fecundity we’re gonna go down to let’s say maybe 20 cards left in the library I don’t think I want to go past that so like I said we had 48 we’re gonna keep one two three snakes so 45 we’re gonna die so we’re not gonna draw one from each of them oh well we can we can withdraw 45 cards and be fine yeah we can draw five yeah draw draw 45 and there’s some problem okay we got to do something I mean foreign clacks Pendrell mists blind obedience ghostly prison energy flocks I mean all this stuff together is just really hard to deal with both of leeches searching for a basic land card well I don’t know if anybody has more lanes than us maybe definitely the black black opponent not NSS worded they do not have more lines than us that is for sure hey they got blade themselves back nice okay entrancing melody to gain control of foreign clucks we will use snake pits ability will draw two more cards at our next I’ll keep that’s that’s basically what that says there don’t have a way to sacrifice it on their own do they doubt they do I like this car I think it’s a cool card I never played it though because it just seemed like it would be so much mana like right now they’re paying ten mana to get in for clocks whereas you could pay like four mana for control mana or five mana for like mind control and it’s just an aura that does the same thing enchantments don’t usually get dealt with too easy I mean like look we had to play a beast within which is I could vindicate but with the downside in order to even get rid of it and I mean reclamation sage is pretty well played but there’s just so many artifacts in the chambers that you need to get rid of there’s just it’s just a limit to how many artifacts and enchants you can get rid of in a game we’re in a turn or whoever was hoping for something to deal with snakes missed deals with [Music] so I will only have three on my turn [Music] well they don’t have enough mana to attack them Oh No well I mean seven man I I guess we got to do it though we got to do it they didn’t need to gain control that warned clucks that really well I guess in this case now though it makes it our opponent just doesn’t run off with the game if we can’t kill them but I guess this is the the less risky play because they could they could see us I don’t know what I mean I we can’t do anything we don’t have a colors floating I guess we should have kept a force floating just so we could kind of represents what’s that one drop there’s a one drug that can get rid of an artifact or enchantment but even though this looks probably better for our politics just because we can’t we can’t cast the thing that would help us I mean bladder cells probably didn’t go to the graveyard here I mean what do they even do now if we keep actually what if we don’t play Eldrazi what if we don’t pay for ol drazi monument no we got a little bit math here so we’ve got like I said 10 mana that would give us three more mana to keep some snakes so we could attack with one more snake so I’d be three damage versus four damage but we’d keep more snakes on the battlefield no but see even then that’s think that the extra thing that we’d be attacking with we’d be able to just need a block by reclamation sage all right well never mind never mind yeah we got to keep the Eldrazi monument we’re not super great here on the bright side our Dryad Arbor will be indestructible not so bad right Who am I kidding we are okay so we are not in the best possible position I know it looks weird to say that yeah well we got another snake draw some more cards but we’ll have it well actually we’ll also have a hand that’s really well shaped for our advantage we all need to draw more cards and we won’t need that like pillow fort stuff actually what could we draw into that would really change the game here [Music] what could we draw into let me take a look here real quick [Music] fresh meat but that’s not super great um tutors that’s for great well actually natural order would be a way to get a four man si comme crater hoof so if we draw into natural order and not into crater health we can go for mana into a crater hole that’s Beastmaster ascension boundless realms bow of night Lea collect voyage greater huff new frontiers overwhelming stampede scape shift traverse the Outlands trends of the hordes and vitalizing well base master that she’s not good your overwhelming stampede greatest power no Islamic deal ooh Time Spiral okay we’ll create two snakes okay so I think natural order is okay so it’s for mana the next best thing is like a five-minute thing right yeah so let’s say we need to have four mana left over we keep three snakes sacrifice it commandeer blues playing become a beauty well we’ll create a snake I guess probably the Rebbe caster oh no shadows podcasted so we’re going to tap their lands here [Music] all right they’ll get 21 triggers of consecrated Sphinx on the stack all right what did we draw into we drew into green Sun zenith force or fou fix actually scatter the seeds is pretty good here yeah it’s gotta seize actual pretty good cure because that’ll give us some more creatures so in response to all the abilities will go for scatter the seeds and we’ll have two we’re in a really complicated turn here so most likely we’re going to we’re gonna punt it up [Music] what else we have like four drives do have any board reps in here we’ve got a Asura’s predation looks like they’re not using those ability there’s the card draw they’re saying fine I’m fine without 42 extra cards that’s okay with me not sure why though there wouldn’t be that low so scatter the seeds will make a crater Huff better so hold on a second do I want the extra I want the extra snake for natural order not for the drazi Monument yeah so I’m gonna let Eldrazi one even go away that’s what I’m gonna do I let they’ll draw some on you go away or do the casting you settle on Cruz Jace’s ingenuity we will use snake pits ability like i said we’re trying to draw into natural order before we draw into crater hook so i guess technically it’s like a 50-50 chance but it’s it’s less than 50% chance because natural order might be natural order and consecrated things might be in the bottom part of our deck that we don’t find that’s always an option is that we don’t find it at all so last time 50% chance of doing what we need to our odds are not super great but I think good enough that we can we should at least try it alright so we want to put this at the bottom okay all right so place your triggered abilities on the stack okay nice stack of wood is automatically second work I got to do this manually Oh No look at all those chick I’m in triggers so hey Ben how you doing what’s going on how you guys been let me know in the comments below but uh what’s going on while we’re waiting here ten minutes to get all the snake triggers on the stack I’m the OP series if we lose to time I’m gonna be so sad it’d be so sad cause it’s like least Nick it does not matter they are all the same in my mind in my eyes they are the same to me I guess maybe once we get to the halfway point where it’s like all the copies because I think that’s what it’s seeing as different is that there’s some that are the original snakes made by snake pit and then some of them are the copies [Music] maybe once we reach the point where we hit that half-way point maybe then it will how long is this gonna take I am tired of these snakes on this plane just like all I can do is laugh because it’s like there’s just so many triggers I’m gonna break my mouse having to click all this so many times now to pay for snakes okay so we can go down until three mana we want to cast scatter the seats your first though let me just double-check something here real quick because I’ve got to tap the ones that I’m gonna sacrifice and I don’t know if I’ll be able to see that does this show me maybe it will I guess once I’m done putting my trigger to build on the stack it’ll show me let’s do it this way oh is it because I didn’t put all drazi monument on the stack I could I could have done that this whole time well now I’m double an idiot alright choose target player well I guess everybody has more lines than me yeah we’ll search our land why not why not forest here we go okay so this snake is there that sink is there there let’s see hold on 1 2 3 4 5 ok so let’s play this we’re going to tap that snake we’re gonna tap that snake we’re going to tap that snake tap that snake and that’s casting scatter the seeds okay making some saplings No okay can I do all always yes yeah let’s do always yes I’m sure all that let’s do it Lister’s turn off auto yields stop all oh yes [Music] yield to triggered abilities from four gun to be that’s a lot of turn okay yield to triggered abilities from snake token until end of turn well that’s just that one never mind alright well we’re gonna draw a card from fecundity come on natural order ain’t no crater hoof I need to auto yield to the to the yes we’re drawing another one ah crater huff all right well in that case we’re gonna always yield to consecrate Sphinx we’re gonna turn off this we don’t need to do anything in our upkeep actually I think we do um yeah that’s okay you drew into skull clamp I don’t think there’s a way for us to shuffle create a hook back into our library right I don’t think so let’s just do always yes getting all these triggers off the stack is going to be a pain nope so like I said well it doesn’t even matter at this point yeah it doesn’t matter at this point unfortunately because we we drew into crater before we hit natural order Cobra trap no snakes Hey all right we’ll sacrifice that snake which was the way I could say like yield to all these sneak things let me try that let me try this I know it’ll take a lot of time but then I want to do as much so always yield always yield yield you actually turn off audience always yield No always yes always yield and always look at this sorry they’re just oops see what else would you into we’re done 59 cards in the library nope all right drawing a bunch of cards here I don’t know what we’re gonna discard what we’re not getting a little better we’ve we’ve lost already seven minutes due to all these triggers so much so many triggers on the stack right zebra hands all right once we’re down to what is this these are the saplings okay I guess it doesn’t matter they don’t matter wait a second wait a second wait a second music if I use Second Harvest will that change anything does this put them onto the battlefield tapped it does no I don’t think there’s a islanding there’s value in second harvesting anyways yeah we’re just gonna get down until we get to like so let’s say like I said 10 nano so I can attack with that most three no no I have to pay mana for drugs monument so I can attack with two and then I’ll have two minute left over or so let’s see director of polynomials I did oops [Music] okay let me take a look at my what I have is uh yeah okay and no look at my buff okay yes okay that’s not gonna work no radius Travel the hordes nevermind yeah so let’s go always yield to that always yes always yield yield go back going back to fast track I just wanted to double-check there was nothing else I could do and doesn’t look like there is I am gonna keep my drazi Monument around and I’m gonna pay for the ghostly prison we’ll have too many left over nothing we can do with it right I don’t think there’s anything we can do with it besides being able to play a covert rap and collected 4h yeah I have no idea what we’ll even do here I do need to keep green Sun zenith in the hand just because this is my this is my backup plan if I accidentally draw too many cards so like I said we can keep three snakes one two hold on hold on one two that brings me down to I have a live 11 okay so I have 11 lands 11 lands up to 12 so I’ll have 12 this turn I want to attack with three snakes so I means I got to keep one two three so that’s 9 plus 2 11 I could attack with three snakes here for 6 they’ll be down to 1 okay so let’s do one two that’s the second one that’s what everyone yes all right Boren collects get your triggers I don’t know how the Oh keep tearing out the other yields yes and No let’s go back to always yield always yes always yield always yield oh I guess we got to the part of the snakes that No okay another card we drew a ton of cards here once we get down to like too few cards in the hand Beast Within if we beast within their ghostly prison that means instead of paying six we’re only paying three that means we can keep three more all right let’s go let’s say yeah turn off all all the images okay sorry there’s are so many choices here I’ve had to like rethink everything turn off all the other wheels all right well no turn off all the other yields okay one two three all right East within targeting go seek prison I believe I believe that’s one we want to hit ghostly prison all right cool which means now we just got to pay too and besides that we can keep three more so always yield to this always yes always yield yield always yield okay so now nope we’re going to shape our hand after this to make sure that we get the but we keep the best things no I guess this goes slow enough for us to be able to keep track of it all oh I’m not using for Kennedy whoops yes I guess I’m accidentally pressing my turnoff all the auto yields button by mistake so I missed a few car drives there but that’s fine we got a lot of cards in the hand but I guess we’ll figure out this one wins it’s time all right mmm No will not prevent the snake dying and we will use entities ability and we will pay – yes all right we’re down pretty low on our snakes okay all right so we are going to attack breakaway attack breakaway attack breakaway and attack by the way that should kill them and then let’s just send both to Jace what’s this a try three yeah we kind of have to get rid of Jace here all right we our lands will not be untapping unfortunately turn off all the auto yields alright so we’re back to square one we can play al and we can put those quarter actually I kind of want a close quarter here because that’s gonna be an answer that we have yeah that’s that’s our strip-mine in this deck I replaced it with ghost quarter because it can trigger baru and it’s not enough of a downside that’s a really great upside and not that much of a downside so we’ll play ghost quarter and watch what lanes our opponents have okay this should be taking our break away looks like they’re gonna keep some snakes around or they’re gonna keep their Jace around five mana for ether eyes okay well that means that they get to stick around I guess that’s what they want though they want to be able to keep holding on to this consecrated sphinx and the foreign clucks voice of hunger yeah it’s fine it’s a very mage of Jahl fear okay what can we do we will use the snake visibility I will never say no to that maybe I should say always yes always yes all right we’re down to 35 we started out this turn at 49 so we’ve lost like 14 minutes on the clock yeah all these things gonna get returned yeah yeah I lost 14 minutes alright now we got to go play our land and then start discarding your cards alright go to damage alright there’s no damage no damage alright and then we’re gonna go to main phase here play the gorse corner the gauge court and alright then we’re gonna go to any one drops we want to cast I guess I guess we can go ahead and cast green Sun Zenith here oh we actually can’t nevermind now it’s fine we’ll just go to discard here you attack the Jayce all right so lands let’s get rid of all the lands okay goodbye all you lands adios then we’re gonna discard all of our ramp based buffing okay so we need to keep this actual let’s take a look what we want to keep we want to keep that one I suppose we want to keep let’s keep going we probably want to keep this guy alright so let’s see that we’re going to keep we’re gonna keep what’s this is probably a fast way to make a lot of tokens so we’ll keep that token maker [Music] this has convoke yeah we’ll keep this one too okay how many cards is that that is five so two more cards what two other cards we want you want another buff another way to make a lot of tokens let’s see I’m trying to find a good buff here well that makes a lot of tokens let’s put that there yeah let’s keep this one okay buff this is a good buff yes maybe these two this one actually makes a lot more tokens no it doesn’t yeah let’s keep so this goes here and this yeah this is best okay so doubling whatever the harvest man what a game so far I’m just like my brain no more mercy please okay and then we just discard the rest discard all these cards all of them are going away down to 31 minutes on the clock we had so many cards in the hand goodbye all you cards we barely knew you alright we’re done finally finally whoa wait is this does this automatically get stacked huh they only gotten to one triggered ability that’s weird I didn’t know that that that it would go into one single ability I guess because it gives those two I could give it to both of them when it looks at the card it like automatically combines them all right well we’ve kept our hand we’ve got a bunch of stuff in our great year we do have something with uh with flashback though that is this guy seven mana to double all of our tokens but it’s for everybody everybody gets copies of their tokens this is not a token this is not a token don’t things as any other tokens on the battlefield oh there’s a beast here okay all right come on brain do your work you’re back in this don’t fail me now okay we could have attacked me and killed them and they would have been fine but I guess shadow spawn didn’t want that to happen because they would have lost their Jayce you know I totally understand what they’re going for but I really get that etherized ether eyes out of their hand just because we were gonna get rid of a Jace rather than I get blown out by it later on in the game and if they you know shuffle all the graveyards hey ro cake drama putting all these things back on her grave here in our library sounds pretty good how many things we have on the battlefield we have one two three four five six a per Ling’s and four snakes so 10 creatures on the battlefield depending I might be able to use vitalizing my not next turn but turn afterwards to to be able to wait is this just better than this is just so we play this on the turn after the next and give everything plus ten plus 11 plus 11 to everything that should be enough to close out this game but the downside is we’re gonna have to actually no we’re gonna lose a bunch of these because we can’t not tough our lands and Pendrell misses still in the battlefield wrath of God okay all right a lot of things go away we can keep one thing next time thinks we’re ghosts all right wrath of God destroy all those creatures bye-bye all creatures okay all these get put on the stack alright so we’re down to 30 minutes I know it seems like it’s really low especially with one opponent still at 52 but I mean you look the other two opponents thirty is about the average and it’s only it’s only half the clock so it’s not great it’s not the worst a bunch of things went to the graveyard are they going to embalm Vezina they might end up doing that all right let’s take a look at carving in ten cards in hand here 17 here seven here we’ve got seven he changes his presence okay more ways to draw cards very nice ooh they did exporters they’re up to ten hopefully someone can get rid of those mists then we can take care of them de ja vu I feel like if one of you can deal with mists I can deal with break away back to the same spot as we were before all right what are the casting seer safety okay well that’s another card but we have to deal with actually that’s kind of know if they get rid of all okay so if if well bloom black don’t have any ways to do that but if there was I never attacked one why would you kill me because you have too many ways to shut my deck and also my opponents as well just playing to my outs I suppose but if I don’t shut you down you would kill everyone else no mercy hurts me too hey have always been eight minutes in this game in sight whenever an opponent casts a green spell you draw a card well that’s gonna be good against us I’ll give you a little hint or mostly green stuff so yeah this a lot of draw some more cards they have they’ve been choosing not to use a consecrating because they haven’t doing that for her they had the option quite a few times and I don’t think they they chose to draw cards or was a discipline I think was this morning that she was not such a person excuse me all right oh the Lea just going onto the stack just try to get rid of a Jace now this opponent is a 15 life I don’t think there’s anything that anybody can do here that will let us get out of this sticky situation but we’re gonna lose like all of our things is that for one I’m probably just gonna keep the snake because I’d rather not keep a sapper linked to there’s just no good reason to do it [Music] we got snakes we got saps we don’t got the game all right so let’s kind of plan out a little bit in advance so next trend we’ll have all of our lands again and there’s no foreign collects on the battlefield now so we can kind of plan out what we’re gonna use so we’re going to tap this ghost quarter in order to save something but then we’ll have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven mana potentially 1204 drawing to something what can we do with eleven mana this would not be good yet we could go for tender shoot dry add tender shoot dry add green Sun zenith actually became a green Sun zenith floor here just a sorcery by the way the thing that has flashback okay let’s go creatures let’s take a look at what creatures we’ve got here oracle Mosiah tireless tracker traitor of behemoth brew – man to go hornet’s nest mongrel pack saber ants tender shoe Dryad Hornet queen deranged hermit and Avenger of Zendikar a lot of these we have in the graveyard already propaganda another thing that that hurts us horde accretes in the graveyard avengers in dakar things in the graveyard – avengers in the car is in the graveyard deranged hermit are you in the graveyard range hope I don’t pass it testify it quite mistake what’s the cover to make us of this is like five yield to this trap yeah no so we still have deranged hermit in the deck so we could go for a green some Zenith for six get that alright back to this game again alright well we’re going to put this on sack and then down a sec okay oh cool choose target player we’re gonna choose break away I think they have more limbs and I still yep we’ll use all the leaders ability to get a land there we go kind of land I should have taken a look to see what what things would get two to four there we will pay hey nice we will pay to mana to keep two snakes okay yes we will pay one okay and we will pay one okay and then that we can’t pay anymore we could have paid to to keep the Eldrazi monument but I’d rather keep two creatures here the creature seems a little better nope oh I should have said yes there sorry no and then fecundity I’m gonna say always yes always you okay mine stone no for that okay nope dude the Hall of gemstone [Music] twenty-one cards in the library so we’re still good we’re able to attack break away for – oh no we won’t attack them for anything whoops not gonna attack them for a single point of damage hold on a second we’re still going at the sacrifice feature well that sucks anyways well we’re gonna only have one snake yeah one snake down I should have ordered ordered it better Oh live and learn okay so we’re gonna play a forest play the soul ring that I saw we got we’re just there we go soul ring play to my son that I saw the guy and then keep I think the same cards mostly what’s this equal to number of both the greatest power so reserves predation should be good that’s gonna be good at far points get a lot of things I actually want to kind of keep that okay so we don’t have enough we can’t play that okay all right well we’re gonna go ahead and go to our attack and we can attack Jase sorry I had to pee so bad I thought I was going to explode I thought you paid for it yep Eldrazi monument is it’s not a May yeah I mean it’s a Jase on the battlefield you gotta we gotta hit it just you know here a little bit okay we’re gonna go to our discard so we’re gonna discard this we want to keep that want to keep that discard this and this this this this let’s keep that let’s discard that and that we just got the second harvest here we’re gonna discard Farrell incarnation we’re gonna discard triumph little board so I think our vitalizing win it’s the vitalizing win I think it died to flux yep [Music] all right we’re gonna get more snakes thankfully thankfully we got more snakes on the way so let’s kind of rearrange our hand we’ve got token makers here these two are gonna make tons of tokens for us these three actually we got buff and then we got our insurance against drawing 20 cards we got 12 cards left in the library most of our deck is in our graveyard at the moment how many other things have flashback I think there’s just that one right can I search this to see what shows flashback oh nice alright so let’s see what I have in the in my deck that has a flashback okay let’s take a look flashback I was just parallel evolution alright so that’s seven minutes enough to basically do what we did with Second Harvest but it works for everybody alright so how much do we need to pay to attack with one creature well one for each enchantment so one two three four five six seven eight nine so we’ve got to pay nine to attack with one creature and they are paying one two to gain three life and our creatures are at one at the moment tapped those to keep two creatures so if we tap nine we had eleven mana let me see how much maybe we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen so we can pay five and then attack with one creature so they probably stabilized here unfortunately that ether eyes help them stabilize [Music] all right creeping Renaissance we’re gonna choose to bring back I guess creatures cuz they can get they can get down form flex again one two three no no just one no yeah two three one two three four five six seven and form collects is eight the right yeah so if they play land they’ll be fine they got that they got back all their creatures I got ten cards in the hand now fortunately for clicks is also pretty big so we can’t really do anything about about it with our Azores predation alright reclamation sage what are they going to Sage away maybe one of our things who knows we got two more Manor than I thought so we have okay they’re getting rid of extra planar lens again this makes sense get rid of all the ramp as much as you can that one is doing the most amount of ramp so all right they’d play the land but they already played a three-drop so let’s see if they get any extra enchantments down while to kind of recalculate we calculate how much Manuel to pay per creature planar collapse they can’t be regenerated huh okay so they’re up to 20 now so okay they’re up to 20 so what is gonna happen can we get rid of all enchantments please that would be nice is there anything so people could play boom pilo people do not play do we have boom pile in this deck I don’t think we do well I think we’re going too hard to the you know too intense to have room for a boom pile but it’s been a long game I think that’s the longest game all all I’ve ever had uploaded to the channel cuz this is gonna be like at least two hours then we ride the two-hour mark right now it’s gonna be a long game this time so can we get there I don’t know I don’t know I want you know my goal here is to stand tall strong at the end of the blood hole that’s what I want to do and right now it doesn’t I don’t see a way for us to get to that point unfortunately well it’s 70 cards in your hand I hope that you got an answer for enchantments I know your mono blue but there’s a lot of good things pain harmonic on okay that’s a card okay where is this going where’s this going friend I need to know elixir of immortality okay they can Vizier so are they gonna vizier the sage and then get rid of an enchantment what enchantment would they get rid of you though Pendrell miss that would help us the most although this is not any better spear safety is also pretty gross coppy enchantment okay we’re gonna copy well now we’ve got enough snakes on the board that planar collapse is gonna happen anyways so depending on if our opponents have enough creatures that are gonna go to graveyards maybe maybe the better thing to do is to let all of our snakes go away use their mana just for setting it up setting up a few extra turns in them in the future I don’t even know what kind of setup we would do though what setup is there all right we’re making more snakes G Spiller in just look at G stick guess maybe it is got three Jace’s or they had three Jace’s one of the juices went to the graveyard we drew into Dryad Arbor all right so now that we’ve gotten to like past two hours it’s hard for me to do some commentary but I got to get back in the game I got a I got a focus and I got a speak and I got a be a talker okay I’m a talker at heart I gotta embrace my inner talkativeness so let’s talk about what we’re thinking I’m thinking that in this game we’re most likely gonna be losing for breakaway shadow spawn may steal the win NSS worded hasn’t done a lot this game so there’s still an option for them to pull out of nowhere this cabal coffers is making a ton of mana right now it’s making six mana net six mana for them so that means I have fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen mana with seventeen mana you can do a lot of stuff but can it deal 20 damage to somebody I don’t think it can maybe they have torment of hail fire nope just friction arena if they had torment of hail fire that would deal a lot of damage for them that could make a little bit better a little bit more reasonable for us to steal the wind here okay now I’m on icon for them down to okay so people like Karen emoticons who who’d a thunk thunk a suction with the imposter what do they play here they just play Jace Ghandi getting cast all right we’re gonna make another snake what we want to do I don’t even know [Music] I actually don’t think we want to let me turn off all the other yields and then yield to this turn I don’t even think we want to draw any more cards 11 cards that means we still have a lot of good stuff in there and there’s no guarantee that our ponents are going to shuffle in our graveyard for us we did see that one that shuffled in graveyards but it got exiled I believe yeah I got exiled we saw times final shuffling in but I don’t think that well I mean there might be a chance that we see something like that again but there’s no guarantee facedown card from them okay okay stack abilities automatically alright snakes are getting added we’re gonna choose no for all of this alright choose break away okay are there enough there are not enough creatures yet to trigger that so [Music] let’s just yeah we’re gonna use this ability alright search for a forest we’ve got three forests we got some we got some more cards in here that are okay we can go for blighted woodland to make sure that we draw the good cards so we’re not gonna pay one we’re not gonna draw from fecundity no drawing no drawing no no keeping on our creatures don’t want to keep them don’t want to draw none of that but we do want to keep our soul ring even though it’s not gonna give us mana yet eventually it could there’s no reason to not do not do it tap it to keep itself sure why not or they have it in my hands and in my graveyard or ya know got away for that last snake too to get the trigger on the stack and then we’re gonna keep this over no drawing from a pen dirty come here snake nope and then soul ring do we want to keep you yes we do yes we definitely definitely do keep you okay so one dozen eyes well we can play dry darker we’re going to discard cards if you don’t play something here let’s just go with that’ll leave us with one creature let’s just go with so I wanna I wanna get these down after we get the planer claps taken care of so let’s go Dryad Arbor big it up to three and then one dozen eyes and we’re just going to create five one ones all right they’re gonna draw a card that’s fine are there any lanes we want to get rid of with ghost quarter I don’t think so at this point there’s nothing here that’s really that crazy Verizon can be whatevs I mean we could get rid of caval coffers that’s pretty gross they’re not doing too much craziness over there and that’s it for us I mean we’re not gonna do anything else we’ll hold up the blighted woodland we’ll hold up the ghost quarter if we need it got no instance in our hands though created a bunch of insects maybe I shouldn’t have cast or played the dried Arbor but that would have to played something else I guess that’s the one who to discard it anyways all right they’re gonna they’re gonna collapse the plane destroy all the creatures all the creatures to get destructed alright get some more water let me tell you it’s tough to talk for two hours that is a tough thing to do I guess so choosing not to show the planes or they have to because I made enough tokens nice all right fecundity I mean okay all right cool not gonna draw from the old fecundity nope don’t want to draw no cards we’re losing two seconds for each of these triggers them it doesn’t make sense cuz we’re doing it immediately we gained two at the very end nine cards left in our library yeah I have no idea what we’re gonna go for here there’s just so much stuff that’s happening we’re gonna we’re gonna keep trying it we’re in a tough spot but we’re gonna keep trying to get there all right what else okay does this exile itself no and how did he get eggs out I must have missed something definitely miss something cause I thought I got into the ago oh they might have somebody activated a 4-month script I think I saw I remember seeing that or no that’s from another game sorry never mind never mind alright so what are we doing well we’re pretty much doing nothing we’re like a spectator here what else muttering changes alright it’s them some more card draw or a fracture sacrifice a land to destroy targeting channels interesting so they can sacrifice three lines to get rid of our three spells here are three chains that’s fine no problem dude you can get rid of tons of stuff here one two three four five six seven you can get rid of seven enchantments mighty sacrificing seven lands this is okay would they do that and I like have no mana left over [Music] and on top of that this is a creature that they could potentially get back from their graveyard and bring it back and make one of their own of these things where’s the thing of the aura fracture and I compared to all these enchantments here seems I’m really hoping that’s how that plays out because if that’s how that plays out we might have we might have a really good path to victory here but unless that’s what happens we’re still waiting still waiting mana greens good but late-game it’s at this deck this deck does not want to be alive in the middle again it doesn’t want to lay game to exist and we are definitely in a league game where in turn 13 right now so we don’t have that many cards that we could draw into that would really affect us positively by that much I mean is nothing really new to add here I guess you can say we went a little a little too ham-fisted and so that’s that’s where we made our fist mistake we didn’t go we didn’t go hard enough maybe we shouldn’t have attacked the Jayce but I I don’t think the right move was to play ether eyes there so you can’t you can’t play around what I would say is a missed play can’t play around miss plays I know I know we’re talking a lot people who like no no that was the right thing for them to do but I think in their perspective I mean looking at what they have they this this opponent has just so many options and so many cards that can shut down entire decks that it would make more sense if I were in their shoes at least I would sacrifice my JC to make sure that they died that would not be a problem and I gotta keep an ether eyes in my hand like heck yeah I do I would like I wouldn’t have to think about it twice but for whatever reason they want to have as many chases on the battlefield as possible maybe this deck is like I don’t care about winning I just want to have lots of Jace’s on the field in which case I mean have fun with that but in which case I mean I guess that kind of makes sense from that perspective but yeah I I don’t think there’s a way to play around that and it wasn’t like we were attacking them I mean they had no they were not losing any life from the attack wood they were just losing their you know one card on the battlefield are they gonna gonna go ahead and crack the elixir of immortality are they choosing whether what they want to do an hour later oh they’re keeping it they didn’t want to go for it yet all right they’re gonna scribe one a draw card everybody gonna draw a card give us that card draw deranged hermit okay I think the right thing to do here is to not play not activate blighted woodland because what we would love to have happen is to have enough creatures on the battlefield such that when we play crater health it will buff up one creature so much that we can just play crater Hough yeah get some snakes you just play crater hoof and attack one creature at breakaway to kill them that’s I think the way that we’ll get underneath this like out of this lock they stop Boren collects in the hand don’t think we we don’t forget though that good out against foreign clocks Oracle’s vault pretty cool I like this art – the promo art is really sweet I created two snakes [Music] we will use this ability soccer she was gonna choose I guess I don’t know brick reclamation stages in the graveyard so what shall you choose this is only for forests yep they chose another URL elemental so that way when they play land they can get control of something twice or gain control of two creatures also not bad so that if one dies they can still keep whatever creature as long as the other ones still out and nothing ever else to do here in this turn we don’t want to activate our stuff so what uh creative costs eight and I think last time we counted we had to pay nine ten now so we need 18 lands we’ve got 10 here 1 2 3 4 5 so we’ve got 15 we need 3 more lands I know we have 2 more basics left in the deck so maybe one more non-basic land left in our deck 2 maybe maybe not what non-basic lands do we have let’s take a look waiting on that to load okay click land blighted woodland Dryad Arbor who she’s in the graveyard goes courtesan the better film Oscar bridge yeah we don’t have any other lands so we’re gonna be one made out away oh yeah well gets more snakes though [Music] where they choosing okay one of the royal elementals okay this is its controller yeah Owens library okay merciless executioner we will create two snakes gave us our snakes why is this being selected not just a bug probably just a bug all right everybody sucks two creatures we’re gonna set the two snakes you gave us yeah they’re gonna get to a bunch of cards Sacko creature and psychic Rico well well we gotta live for Kennedy finish first you’ll get some card draw knew we were not going to draw any more cards no thank you sack force another creature another snake goes away by by snick all right we were not going to use the fecundity we do not mind we do not care all right there exiling three cards from shadow spawned graveyard or library I mean any cars we haven’t had eight got eight cards in hand if we do this we kind of force breakaways hand to get rid of the parallel lives or let us make for extra tokens but even then it’s not really gonna do anything because we’re just gonna go away a deranged hermit we can save it but it’s not gonna do anything for now Green Sun Zenith is a way that we can we can kind of keep more cards in our hand than we are currently I guess I should have cast that but I can just cast it this time maybe they’re trying to find a blue a way to steal enchantments there’s a there’s a couple of there’s steel enchantment confiscate in bolus clutches and you you owe everybody you’ve seen those cards that I played I played in my Dragon Lord selling garnett so there’s plenty of blue ways to steal enchantments because doing that would let you get or a fracture to deal with some of this new nonsense [Music] I was thought it was kind of strange that azureus predation makes for four beasts especially when it kind of doesn’t really interact with with him at all I guess though if it did though it would be kind of gross yes we’ll make two more snakes why double can make any can get anything in the graveyard so what can I sensation would be good for us but who’s playing this this is an SS worded or NS war and it’s sorted maybe that’s what it is it’s like sword I just saw word that’s what I thought I saw an SS warded maybe it’s NS sorted sorted sorted it’s weird to say that word though talisman a mage is not very great elemental they [Music] probably probably reclamation sage and they can try to get rid of some of these enchantments oh they got to figure just the ferry which means no other things have all their creatures that flash what do we do here ooh winter orb oh boy well now what well I guess now we kind of have to let our snakes go away nothing we can do about it yeah we kind of have to let our snakes go away unfortunately so basically unless someone can get rid of some of these enchantments our crater hook plan is not going to work yet Oh as long as it’s untapped okay so for right now we’re still okay yeah yes use this ability grab another forest let’s take a look at what else we have tooth and nails not actually doing anything wait this makes it seven actually we could get tooth and nail to get crater huffed down so actually we’ll be okay we’ll be okay so now we’ve got to use as little man as possible going back to pressing No no draw no no keep no keep no draw Oh yeah we’re going to go back to having no creatures on the battlefield not gonna pay for the snake and not going to draw card okay we are gonna pay for the ESL room though keep the soul ring okay well we drew into wolf collars how another enchantment that’s probably the best thing to get down I don’t wanna get done any of the creatures and I do want to cast green Sun zenith for one but we can play down wolf cars howl and just not to discard a card wait what’s going on didn’t cast anything well I don’t know how that happened I must have accidentally Auto yield through my turn oh well there’s predation not really gonna be doing that a lot with a winter orb on the board and then travel Awards also not very good here so we’ll discard those two I should have cast green stone Zenith there so I could have kept one of those cards but this is fine and I would have liked to get down wolf collars howl instant Zenith will cause house so that I could just have to discard anything at all but we don’t mind discarding those two cards those cards weren’t really too much I don’t think deranged hermit and creator hope behemoth though those would both be pretty good to get down with a with a tooth and nail all right enlightened tutor they’re going to go ahead and probably xtour too but they’re gonna reveal a card extort I don’t think they did what you gonna get oh this is the reveal zone that’s why I I was wondering how that got exiled nothing’s in the Exile right now well I mean I’ve I’ve I’ve gotten a little rusty on vacation guys I’ve had too long of a vacation I got rusty doubling season that’s an interesting card not really seeing anything that’s gonna work with it though but yeah okay propaganda another thing that’s gonna make it hard for us to attack then our creator off idea back not on the menu yeah all makes mistakes the reason I keep making snakes even though I could choose not to that way I don’t have all those triggers on the stack that I have to go through is just because with the snake tokens if someone can deal with their pendulum of Miss then we’ll have a board that immediately if I choose not to make them then we’ll have to wait another turn before I can even have an army to do something and I’m hoping that somebody finds a way like Nevin Rose this got to be totally fine with just a way to deal with all partners that’s what I would all in chairman specifically that’s what I would hope that somebody gets into okay this dose this does have haste I’m thinking about something now what if I draw into the dal kachori so I get make sure all my things have paste let’s say this very major jaw figure goes back into the or the body double at least goes back to the graveyard no longer no longer on the battlefield to prevent us from be able to cast these the instant speed and then after we have a bunch of snakes on the battlefield in response we go tooth and nail yes it’s the breakaways turn okay in response we go tooth and nail and get something out of our do we entwine it though I guess we’ll see on our next turn to see if there’s anything we can entwined for I don’t think there is but what we get down as we get down her deranged hermit and creator of behemoth we might actually have enough mana to attack with our hasty behemoth to kill break away that would require a lot of a huge investment of resources though I don’t know if it’s gonna be any good especially with winter orb I mean who knows what we’ll even be able to to win after tapping out in order to just kill breakaway this winter or but I basically basically we gotta wait for winter over to get dealt with before we can do that too though now the highest and little clock either we’ve got to figure out a way to to let NSS wordid get below our clock here so let’s let’s just calculate a little bit if I make eight squirrels that’s ten tokens plus however many snakes we have on the battlefield at the time that we flash in tooth and nail before we sacrifice all of our snakes so that means that it’s ten plus crater ho we’ve got to wait till we have at least how many snakes is that look keep so 15 we are eight away we need to have at least eight snakes at our upkeep to flash in tooth and nail in order to win this way Wow pretty pretty low likelihood we’ve got a very very small window at the moment and at that point were probably gonna be green sun’s eating green Sun zenith thing as well so let me just think we’ve got eight snakes we’ve got to pay eight and then to attack with with crater Hough we’ve got to pay how much one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven plus seven that’s still 18 and we are we have a max of 17 lands that we can make so somebody’s got a deal with some enchantments here to jsoc it’s a architecture thought being activated immediately thanks to doubling season so they’re searching everybody’s library to cast a card for free laughs too poorly I’m not gonna be salty I could be salty here and say that I lost out poorly time to ether eyes but I’m not gonna be salty you know what they say be the change you want to see in the world and I want people to be less salty so let’s let’s say this in a non salty way I think it’s working though okay so J Sarka thinking thought they’re switching their own library for something they’re gonna get to search our library as well hopefully I don’t get tooth and nail out of our deck just because that is our out at the moment but we’ll see we’ll see if that’s what they go for I like Jays our content a thought it’s actually one of my favorite Ultimates but I’m sure you’re not surprised being able to cast uh-oh break away had his lost connection to the game hopefully I had to protect you he’s my boy for this game I mentioned how if I were in your shoes I would have gladly [Music] sacrificed a Jace to kill breakaway would you sacrifice him now to kill break away and tutor up ether eyes into your hand yeah I have a feeling that breakaway just gonna break away with this game and I’m hoping shadow would spawn doesn’t lose the time on their clock but they may they may end up clocking out nobody’s asked me this yet but in case you’re wondering when I’ve got what I talked about the rules about you know I I don’t upload videos if someone has like lost connection they timed out or they chose to timeout or they they chose to concede if somebody clocks out that’s in my opinion it’s fair game because everybody can see it coming and with an hour on the clock I mean there’s if someone runs out of time on their clock with 60 minutes let’s see yeah I’m in the same spot Wow over what brick Way says Wow and I wasted geesh ouch wasted Jase now I bet you they got they got a Jase of their own the the other type of Jase here in their deck well we’re waiting on our opponents what we got to do I’m not sure what they’re talking about here in the chat was it wasted because cards got exiled can’t click interact with I’m missing something I’m missing something but I don’t know what I’m missing exile zone oh they wasted our jace ultimate because they can’t get the things in the Exile rune scarred and what they get from us by the way padalka nori okay yeah so then we’re out of that option too oh I see what they’re saying wow they accidentally pressed okay before finished casting them all right we’re gonna make a snake yep make snakes now every dock and orey’s exiled so we can’t even get it back in anyway so we’re pretty much dead but we’re not dead yet I mean if everybody goes down the clock on the same way we may be able to let’s say these two opponents they lose all the time on their clocks so they lose because of that and then it goes to just me versus NSS wordid oh they’re gonna make it so shadow so I can tap all the room lands and then one is when it’s like the two of us against each other I may end up being able to to end up getting the win in total but normally I don’t kind of you know calculate a win based off of people losing time off the clock but since we don’t really have to worry about our time on the clock because it rains on Zenith it’s a thing that could happen we are glad though that they messed up on that Jase because that’s what really led us even have a chance to win here oh man am i frustrated well maybe a little bit but I’m trying not to be salty there’s a lot of people who are entertained by the people getting salty I’m one of those people I think it’s funny when people get salty and so I don’t want I don’t I hope nobody takes that the wrong way you know when someone gets salty and it’s just it’s just funny to me you know well sometimes it’s not always funny there are there are certainly it situations where it’s like okay so I’m gonna cross the line so like man I can’t believe you cast your blonde it’s like dude it’s just a game why you have to be mad it’s just game I hope you guys know what meme I’m referring to there all right Oracle’s fault yeah I like this mark though I really like electric mortality I remember having this is my very first deck and art is just so cool it’s got that Dutch angle look to it so it looks kind of creepy but it’s also it’s also gotten to like flower inside the bottle and it’s like the flower shouldn’t be able to survive and liquid for so long unless it’s like like preserving it you know so I got preservation liquid it just all connects okay uh I would Jase even of work would Jase even have worked out with to ferry out that’s what it was yeah that’s what happened they didn’t make yeah that’s what happened untapped winter or the ability from Jase is still on the stack when you are given the option to cast the cards you searched for so can’t cast them them in response since their sorceries okay 20 minutes on our clock 11 and 10 on two of our opponents at the lowest one o’clock so can we take care of NSS wordid I think actually hold on one second we gotta get rid of this cabal coffers if we don’t get rid of the cabal coffers then they may have end up getting to a position where they can beat us easily so we’ve got to make sure that we turn off their cabal coffers ASAP so we’re gonna go for that now ghost quarter on the cabal coffers they’ll get a land but worst case scenario worst-case scenario I mean this is the right thing to do here because the more that the longer they have this the better position they’ll be in and the harder it will be for us to beat them especially they got stuff like winter or about who only knows yeah that yeah that’s that yeah that’s what NSS word was worded was saying as well how many things how many times that thing’s been cast sucker she was only been cast once I believe and the revi hasn’t technically been cast at all because I think they just activated it twice yeah long games commanders come out quite a bit kind of glad they grabbed that uh two fairy now who knew it would have helped us so much because if they had done those Jays things I think they would have been able to sweep us all out before their their time writing out here we’re waiting to see what our opponents can do to change the status quo the status quo that’s what’s the problem you know what let’s start blaming things okay that’s what we’re gonna do and that’s what I said I want to do well even will you do me even let me upload something this long well I guess if you’re watching this the answer is yes but while I’m recording I have no idea just so I don’t run out of conversations to talk about let me talk a little bit about what’s gonna happen for this month so today is the upload of baru next week you’ll see an upload of a new commander it’ll be the start of a new season and then after that is the fifth Saturday of this month so I’ve set up this kind of schedule and I guess I’ll go ahead and talk about it now actually it’s the cleanup step oh right before oh no it’s nice right before innocence warnings turning so what I have is the after at the end of every month there will be one season that has three episodes in it another season has – one season has one episode so there’s at the end of every month there’s gonna be three unfinished seasons the first Saturday will be the episode that will conclude the season of the one that has only three episodes the next Saturday will be the one the next season sorry for that will be the next season the fourth Saturday is always gonna be a new deck so you’ll always see a deck Tech and the first game for a new season on the fourth Saturday I do this so that I can have you know I have a full month of testing building before I end up doing that game the problem is though that this month there’s five Saturdays because of that I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the fifth Saturday because I do want to keep this the cycle going I don’t want to just kind of have an off set I do want to keep this cycle going the way that it is so I’m trying to think of what you guys would be interested in me doing for that fifth Saturday I had a couple of ideas one idea I had was for example doing a montage of all the games where people concede it but that doesn’t seem like very entertaining I thought I’d be doing a movie or vague no we’re basic actually the format’s I have a deck and I could play it I could play like three games record those at the moment that’s what I like the most not sure I could upload a video I have a video planned that’s gonna be a collaboration but only downside is I don’t know if I can do that every fifth Saturday so I don’t want to do that so what do you guys think there are any of those ideas good is there another video idea that you guys might have that might be better let me know I’m just interested in what you guys would want to see for that fifth Saturday otherwise I think I’m just gonna do like two three games of mum your basic and just have fun with playing randomness if you haven’t heard of mum your basic basically it’s a format no pun intended for basically uh basically it’s a format where your whole deck all sixty cards have to be all basics they can’t be anything else all right there exiling their graveyard all right sounds good a winter or boys from disappoint that makes more sense I was wondering why Gandhi that could play winter orb but makes sense it’s the the Revie stack stack that’s playing it so it’s stacks and enchantments enchantments and stacks okay so now they’ve got well doesn’t straw many cards in their exile but they got a bunch of cards neck gel now where is it going so all six cars new deck has to be basics and then you’re given a stone as an avatar and it has just one ability it always does in the battlefield you can’t you can’t do anything about it it just stays there and it says this pay X discard a card create a token that’s a copy of a creature with 20 mana costs X at random so it chooses a random creature that has that converted mana cost that you choose and put the token that’s a copy of it on synthetic fields you can only activate this only once per turn and only on your turns and I think only has a sorcery – I might be I may be wrong on that but then it gets into you a very different strategy so you’re cut you’re going to have to kind of calculate okay we’re done one attack where I want to go who got rid of all the nothing the enchantments are still there it’s just now they’re all in one stack how did the how did the winter or go to the Graveyard though pay upkeep cost ah they chose not to pay for it okay cool well they didn’t get to untap all the lines but we will get to untap all of our limbs no answers in our hand so doesn’t matter I’m going to turn off all my auto yields just to be safe here I don’t want to accidentally skip through my turn again then will yield through this turn we’ve got sick snakes all these enchantments are still hurting us though maybe I should have put a boom pile in here just to be able to have one out to a bunch of enchanted things but you do not all right so we’re gonna put all the snakes on the on the stack okay and then the Sori’s gonna go on there and then we will get to the ability to choose an opponent get a lane out of our deck okay there’s no landscape we drew that for us yep we’ll use the use the ability we got nothing four cards left in our library we’re gonna pay for the soul ring yep well pay to to prevent Sauron getting sacrificed No [Music] trying to go through this pretty quick here down to 9 19 minutes on the clock now drawing from fecundity snake token okay for Kennedy no no no thank you I’m not going to pay one okay cousin you’re not gonna draw not gonna pay one for the snake nope okay alright and then not going to draw all right return we’re gonna get tooth we could get down a bunch of things but we’re just going to pay for it with mist of stagnation so there’s no point we’re gonna get down wool colors how okay no no no and no we’ll play that we won’t play that okay they’re gonna draw card and we might as well tap out for greens on Zenith we don’t have to cast whatever we get might as well tap out okay Kobach are no possible play yield all really wish there was a shortcut I could do for that no green creatures with career minute cost 11 or less now we got four cards in our library and that’s uh that’s what we got we got no answers just so you know I have no answers to break away now Gandhi can definitely make us lose from mil I’d kind of realize this now they can play gonti and then get the way does this put the rest of the bottom yeah we need to try to go through our our deck as slowly as possible that had occurred to me yeah kind of always well yeah so uh right yeah let me know what you guys might have as an idea for doing on the fifth Saturday otherwise I’m just gonna do more basic because I think that could be kind of fun kind of silly I also thought about doing YouTube live but I really don’t and the reason behind that is the whole reason or not the whole reason but one of the reasons that I chose to do video recordings versus live streams one I like video recordings better because I can pause it watch the rest later and live streams you know I had to be there at a certain time t able to watch him so that was a little bit of an issue for me that’s why I like recordings was this creates a feelings it was gonna enter with seven they’re gonna use this to draw a bunch of cards because they could with the company on the battlefield so that was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to do live streaming another reason was I was so well I guess now we’re gonna let sold we go away after this they’re going back up we’re down to 31 they’re back up to 29 so not even they’re not even at the lowest anymore stony silence is gonna turn off all the artifacts which just so ring it’s gonna say something and another reason I didn’t want to do livestream was because of there’s a name for it I can remember the name for it but it’s when you’re playing a game and someone is watching your life straight at the same time and I just didn’t want to to really have to deal with that that was that was kind of the big thing for me they wanted to have to deal with that at all I guess every turn if we cast green Sun Zenith then we’ll be okay because that can kind of keep up more cards in our library than we had before yeah I should have been casting this ahead of time I was trying not to put it into the library because I felt like it was a little bit harder for our opponents to deal with it in our hand as opposed to being in our library but I guess now doesn’t even matter because it might be at the bottom of a lager anyways in which case I wouldn’t have helped us at all all right dictate of crew fix that’s gonna make us draw through a card our deck too fast oh now we no longer have a way to be okay we’ll draw two cards to go down to two cards in our library either will have green Sun Zenith going up to three or we won’t and I’ll say it to next turn will go down to zero and Caspian Soviet at 1 so we’ll have 3 so we have 3 turns to die if we find green Sun go up to 3 go down to there there’s a slight chance that we’ll have 4 turns but I think it’s just 3 cuz it’s Delta 2 2 0 1 all I have two turns we have 2 turns there’s see we have two turns possibly three turns if the stars align if we win a coin flip basically because it’s taking 50% chance and then we get 2/3 of that so let’s see what’s 2/3 of 1/2 that’s 1/6 is it 1/6 there’s a 1/3 oh yes 1/3 of 1/3 so 2/3 chance we have to turn to turns left 1/3 chance 1 out of 3 chance that we have 3 turns left before we die thanks to that dictate of creatures don’t know no idea okay play the island all right Jason traveler of Secrets even our opponents I mean they this point has 34 cards left in library this point has 66 they have seen a lot of their deck so they might be like guys not running a lot of answers and check and change the enchantments also they are very difficult to remove they’re one of like the most long-lasting permanence of the board I think the the only thing that beats them are lands lands are likely to last longer than enchantments but enchantments they’re second right there are they’re gonna make themselves draw card good that would have put our clock even lower are they drew a card I wonder how breakaway is gonna beat our opponents I know that they can beat us because we can mill ourselves out looking back should I have drawn fewer cards with fecundity I don’t think so I think we were playing to our out and things just happened after that point in such an unpredictable way that we couldn’t have done anything really all right they’re gonna steal here yes we’re gonna use snake pits ability gain control to revi okay they’re down to five minutes on the clock not really worried about them I’m really more worried about breakaway all right seaside Haven they sacrificed their IV to draw card and they don’t have enough minute to activate the ability I believe it looks like they don’t have minutes activate the rev ease commands own ability at the four minutes on the clock just so you guys know I know I’ve had a little bit of trouble the past I think two games or maybe just one game that I had I was sick I had kind of a problem we went to the beach and enjoy enjoying my time at the beach but I got a an ear infection and I’m not talking about like a middle ear or like an inner ear infection which i think is more common I got an infection of my outer ear I think I’m not entirely sure but I think it’s really painful in the ear canal itself and I took some medicine recently but the medicine is now wearing off so I’m starting to feel a little bit more of that pain again and it’s probably the second most pain painful thing that I’ve had I had my wisdom teeth removed and that was really painful I mean I didn’t feel any of the pain because I had met at medication the whole time but if it weren’t for that medication I would have felt it more because even with that medication I felt like I can really easy to manage pain but P nonetheless so if I had that much pain with that strong of painkillers I can only imagine how much pain I would have had if I hadn’t have been using those painkillers I mean so and it was like the heavy duty stuff so I was like yeah that was probably that was probably the most pain I had been in luckily I didn’t feel any of it so whereas for this though the night before my brother’s wedding even though I was supposed to you know I’m supposed to give a best man speech so I need to get like as much sleep as possible and all that good stuff I just couldn’t go to sleep because my ear was in so much pain that I couldn’t I just couldn’t go to sleep it was keeping me up and I think until like 2:00 in the morning and I just got so frustrated I said you know I can’t fall asleep without taking something for pain I looked all around the hotel room couldn’t find it I ended up saying you know what forget this I’m gonna try again I couldn’t go to sleep again kind of sad the match will end in some timeouts yeah yeah I agree but it will still go up on the channel if there aren’t any major bugs or concessions or time time out due to inactivity [Music] it could have been a shorter game if I didn’t get etherized but seeing all those Jace’s makes me think that that maybe the deck is being played more to have lots what we’ve got to go back to this all right we’re gonna put wolf collars heck I’ll walk to put this here at the bottom I’m pretty sure okay so we’re going to yep all right cool we’re gonna yield we’re gonna stop here until my turn choose target player we’re gonna do no here and no for everything else oops I drew a card no no okay so let’s do like this trying to not use all my loose no no no okay this is probably the best thing an accent I drew a card from fecundity so I think our clock actually goes down a little bit here we’re gonna draw two cards have one in the deck now if if if right now on the bottom of our deck is green Sun Zenith then we are we’re dead anyways we actually did all next turn creating six walls so hopefully we find greens in it oh sweet okay so let’s go ahead and we’re gonna cast Beastmaster attention okay all right we’re going to cast green some Zenith x equals zero [Music] we’re going to pass the right turn [Music] all right waiting in the weeds is the last thing in our deck I don’t think that they’re gonna lose six minutes here and the rest of their their time let’s just let them go to their turn and then we’ll finish typing here harmonize is not doing anything for us anyways destroy target enchantment they’re choosing no mercy okay not sure why they chose that weird destroy this no mercy okay what’s happening okay destroying another enchantment here while they destroy their own Pendrell mists oh they’re making a bunch of saplings they’re gonna try to try to win here with some saps these are our 13 13s looks like I’ll be able to actually win here nothing that we can really do about it breakaway might be able to just close out this game all these things are nine nine I believe they’ve got what does that means this 14-9 that’s five 1099s so they got 90 yeah they got enough to kill us all I believe how big are these now they’re gonna be a tapes so for it out at me for here two left over going here No the saps they attacks I mean here I think the better thing to do is to how many of these 88 so we have to attack them one two three so I think the better the best thing here to do is attack for at shadow spawn three at NSS worded we’ll draw two cards to be down to one will play green Sun zenith but will be dead I learned on the next turn anyways are they targeting old propaganda okay let’s see if an ether eyes is gonna is gonna make breakaway not be able to win right at this moment or neither spouts who knows that they have both his ether eyes in their hand or is in the graveyard it’s in the graveyard all right what’s going on us to Conan and us three yeah before it’s gonna so we’re dead here we we died looks like they’re worried least about shadows spawned because of their clock okay yeah it looks like we had died it was a lot it was a good game but uh but we didn’t get there it was a long game two three hours that’s uh that’s quite a game there okay let’s see what we’re gonna be left at looks like just shadows mom’s gonna be alive here [Music] yes we will use snake the truth pit’s ability big-game hunters gonna let them survive for just a little while longer [Music] or easy Bodhi again so they can destroy like four cards a lot of these saplings getting shredded to bones their bones either dead bones I don’t accept wings have bones no they don’t have bones but bone shredders gonna shred them anyways gonna shred them up into some salad and that’s the circle of life my friends the phthalates make the saps and the saps make the salad so that’s what happens with the bone trigger okay big-game hunter I mean these things are some pretty big game in a way you’re gonna draw some cards if they want to if they feel ah probably not blood that’s fair there is not enough to go around so big-game hunter is going to keep two creatures gray merchants ah we will make some more snakes it’s not gonna help us but it’s not gonna hurt us got some old snakes ray merchant okay or they’re gonna gain a bunch of life here look at all these things coming in at us it’s gonna destroy us it’s gonna make us dead alright so this is actually gonna kill shadow spawn now so we’ll break away be able to beat NSS wordid I don’t know actually looking at this situation here I think is what’s gonna most likely gonna happen is break away is just gonna timeout so shadows balls gonna die and I’m gonna die here and then break away is gonna timeout which leaves and it’s s worded as the victor of this match most likely I’m not going to speak too soon policy they also have the most clock let’s just wait it out oh okay yeah no blockers we got nothing ain’t got nothing we’re down to 14 minutes but doesn’t matter we’re dying here you know yeah yeah let’s see what happens two people are dead looks like that’s what’s gonna have two people are dead we’re waiting okay I can’t actually press okay or we’re gonna get a crash again sorry well I just died all right you don’t hear that often but I’m glad we didn’t crash okay so an SS where it says I will miss you to ferry NSS word it says GG you will say the game shadow spot hacks well it was good fun okay so now we just now we just sit back and we watch and we see what happens here I mean I am kind of interested like I said I think most likely break break away is gonna clock out but I do want to see that what exactly happens here two minutes on the clock is not a lot and I don’t know if there’s even a way to get rid of somebody who has 63 life at 59 card library within two minutes who knows they might have an infinite combo what what what is what green white green blue what infinite combos do they have that they could auto yield to I don’t know actually I can easy there now though be right back to watch the finish of this yeah exsanguinate 4x equals 14 they’ll be down to one and then you can attack the wing oh well or not yeah exsanguinate putting it down to one so they’re not even gonna time outs who casts seconds on rice why are they cast that concern I went to vibrator this time nothing oh they got blockers yeah they got blockers okay they’re doing this in response and I got two blockers now all right so they’re down to two but still just a minute on the clock yeah we actually might see if break wait can’t do anything about this flyer they can just choose to keep the flyer and the fly blob of these sample things they could get their commander back in they find a way to blink the great merchandise with no that’s also another thing that you do they’ve got a way to be able to build their own into exsanguinate as well but not gonna be enough I would think that’s not gonna be enough they down to 40 seconds on the clock we’re getting close to the time this is the first time I’ve actually had anybody timeout in a recording 30 seconds left they’re gonna go for the all-out attack bunch of fives the right thing to do gasps opalescence oh boy that might kill that might they might win with 20 seconds on the clock here fast gotta go fast ten seconds thank you ten seconds on the clock attack with everything five seconds four seconds attack with everything oh they’re dead here Oh Oh skip to return yield return mash that okay button they’re gonna wait with one second on the clock I don’t know how much how much damage they have but they’ve got a lot of damage are they really gonna win with one second on the clock blocking a bunch of them let’s see how much they’ve got though one second on the clock to life let’s see if they end up beating gonti nope nope they they brought it down to eight very close all right well guys thank you so much for joining me in the blood haul that was a long game and it was a lot of a lot of fun but hopefully next time I play the bar ooh I really want to get to the point where we can end up getting a win for Barbara I think he deserves it I think he’s uh he’s got a pretty solid deck a lot of the test games that I had just quick games like this like this where I would win so hopefully I get to show you guys one of those type of games with baru thank you so much for joining me and I will see you next time in the blood hole [Music] you [Music]


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