The Biggest Destination Wedding Etiquette Question Answered

Hi I’m Glenn Ferguson your Bahamas wedding
planner and wedding officiant at Bahamas Destination Wedding, with another spotlight on destination
weddings in the Bahamas. Today, answering the biggest destination wedding
etiquette question, “Is the destination wedding bride and groom responsible for paying for
at least part of the expenses of guests? or to put another way if you’re a guest at a
destination, should you expect the couple to pay for part of your trip (flight, accommodations,
meals, etc.?) While the Expedia’s 2014 American Altar Report
found that Americans were roughly split in their response to this question with 47 percent
of Americans believing that hotel costs should be covered by the wedding hosts. Forty-three percent say meals should be completely
covered and Thirty-one percent expressed the belief that flights should also be paid for. It may surprise you to learn that the couple
does not have to pay for any of the guests’ travel, hotel and meals, besides the ones
they are inviting to attend. The only thing that we recommend is that at a destination
wedding, the bride and groom should pay for the bridal party accommodations. However, given that a destination wedding
usually cost less than a traditional stay at home wedding and 42 percent of Americans
in the Expedia Report cited being “afraid guests won’t come” as the primary reason for
them not having a destination wedding. Brides and grooms may want to consider picking up
some of the expenses for their guest in order to overcome this fear. If you have questions about a Bahamas Destination
wedding call me Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding planner
at 1-(242)-327-2453 or email:[email protected]
and we will get you the help that you need to plan an amazing destination wedding in
the Bahamas. Looking forward to talking to you soon about
weddings in the Bahamas.

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