The Best Night of Our Lives // Knoxville, TN Wedding Film // Brielle & Patrick

One word to describe Brielle Hoffman would be favor, the favor of an Almighty God is on you. I’ve never seen you walk in a room that you didn’t light up. What I know about favour of God is that favor is something that has been paid for. Your whole life you’re reaping the benefit that somebody has paid for you to have favor. If I were to boil Patrick Crouse down to one word, I think about character. I think about character being a bedrock that allows God to do what he wants to do that you did the right thing at the right time and even in hard times. I’m so thankful for your character. I’ve watched you serve. I’ve watched you prepare for this bride by serving His bride. I watch that character be built within you. today’s your day today with this i read somewhere that love is a friendship that’s caught fire in my prayer for y’all is that your fire stays strong of right for the rest of your lives after tonight the word other will no longer exists in each other’s the popular I Love You Brianna koha many you’re my person and i’m going to be the proudest man in the world standing next to tonight on our wedding night it’s crazy to be actually saying that it’s your baby sit back and enjoy it tonight will be the best of our lives i love you so much yours forever Patrick it is truly a blessing to know that the person that we have spent our entire life growing with side-by-side laughing together making memories together will be in the hands of a tender patient godly loving spouse I love seeing you guys doing life together and loving people together and just knowing where that’s going to carry into into the future and so yeah just I love you guys thanks for sticking with maybe I’m excited for you guys and what the future holds and you guys are awesome and it takes favorite open the door but it takes character for the door to stay open and so I’m so thankful that God has brought together because marriage is a very special thing and it was created by God marriage is not just a good idea marriage is a God idea it’s not just a traditional our system that man created this is a love relationship the hinges on your ability to live for the other person hard times will come there will be challenges and often time it’s hard to let go of your own wants your own needs and focus on the partners needs but this is the call of marriage look beautiful on your best friend you’re the love of my life my better half into my husband enjoyed a circuit up however youth on our grill so I’m going to be a hub you guys steps look amazing wow you what you got like a girl look at you the surface oh my goodness ready as you recite your valves the power of God goes into operation and a miracle takes place you are united by God you become one in his sight with biblical understanding and surrendering your lives to serve one another I Patrick realizing my responsibility realizing my responsibility according to God’s work according to God’s were take you brio take you Braille to be my wedded wife to be my wedded wife I will support you dream with you dream with you and walk beside you and walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring through whatever allows my brain I Brielle realizing my responsibility i think my responsibility according to God’s work according to God’s where and take you Patrick take you Patrick to be my wedded husband to the island intensive I’m out pronounce that you are husband and wife what God has joined together let no man separate Patrick family can we help you may ladies and gentlemen I present to you mr. and mrs. Jonathan Patrick Krauts we meet all the way you carried on your shoulder so i will now move yes i will remember miracle before us today is to becoming one and regardless of what happens in your future you will always be one


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