Textured Buttercream Cake / Wedding Cake Batter Recipes From Scratch

In this video you’ll see this beautiful
rustic wedding cake with fresh flowers from start to finish. Using my
tried-and-true scratch cake recipes which you can find on Amazon in my book
wedding cakes with Lorelie step-by-step. You’ll also come along for the ride
while delivering and setting up this three-tiered Beauty. Hi it’s Lorelie
Welcome back to my channel and if it’s your first time welcome to wedding cakes
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beautiful cakes and memories. This cake starts with my most popular wedding cake
flavor, the orange butter cake which is a variation of the vanilla cake. Simple
syrup adds even more flavor and moisture to the already moist buttery cake.
Ghirardelli white chocolate melted with a touch of oil and added to buttercream
makes a delicious and stable filling. Fresh Raspberries take it to a whole
nother level. This cake requires a lot of buttercream
my favorite is the Italian meringue buttercream. You can follow the end card
to see the detailed instructions. Each tier is a different flavor. This is lemon
cream cheese frosting and this is for the carrot cake which is the top tier
and also an extra cutting cake on the side. This is also in my book. Chocolate ganache is another really
stable filling for a wedding cake. This is Ghirardelli bittersweet
chocolate and this is for the chocolate center tier. The ganache gets very firm
when it cools. Icing tip number 789 helps to apply an even coat of buttercream
with less effort. You can then smooth it with a bench scraper. One way to create
the rustic textured look is to use a spatula like this, it’s very easy. At the end of the video you can click on
the end card to get more in-depth on how to make a wedding cake.
I have playlists and series for you for on wedding cakes with all kinds of
information. You may want to consider these for your bag
of tools. A sketch of the design, buttercream for the borders. cake box
for the top of the cake, special directions for the caterers, light
sandpaper for smoothing the dowel ends, cutting tools for the dowel, metal
spatula, rubber spatula, wide knife or other tool
to lift the cakes, a pastry bag and in this case a round tip, waxed or parchment
paper cut to fit in between tirs, scissors, business cards, tape and a clean
towel or Scott Towels. These are simple boxes to fit each cake into. You can use
a piece of shelf liner to secure the cakes if the boxes are a little
oversized. Nothing fancy. We just used plain old boxes. You can also cover the
boxes with wrapping or leave them intact and close them. Now that the cakes are
safely in the car you can say a prayer to the cake gods or do a little happy
dance. You’re halfway there to a safe wedding cake delivery. An hour later we
arrive at the Lion Rock Farm and get a glimpse of the bride and groom. How lucky
is that? This gorgeous rustic and very elegant venue is our favorite place to
deliver to. Give yourself lots of time to set up and decorate if you are
delivering the cake in pieces. We found by doing it this way the drive to the
venue is much more relaxing. The flowers are cleaned stems are
trimmed and we use buttercream to stick them to the cake. Cheers to the bride and
groom and to us for another successful wedding cake delivery. Are you planning
on making a wedding cake for the first time we’re a DIY wedding cake for your
own wedding? If so definitely check out my book on
Amazon and join the hundreds of others who have sent me amazing testimonials on
their wedding cake successes. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram
and Pinterest. I will see you in the next video thank you so much for being here
and we’ll see you next week


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