Taobao & Ezbuy Wedding Dresses Under $30 | ZULA Tries | EP 31

I’m very confused, because why is it so sheer? Yeah! Exactly! Hi guys, welcome to this episode of ZULA Tries, and today I have two special guests with me. Please introduce yourselves. Hi, I’m An. Hi, I’m Chiara. And they are both from Eatbook. But that’s not the reason why they’re here okay. Because on today’s episode we’re actually going to be trying Ezbuy wedding dresses. And An over here is engaged! Yes, she’s gonna be married soon. Wait ah. Wait ah. Wait ah. I’m a bit, like, nervous. My cheeks- My cheeks are vibrating! You’re not getting married today, you know. Yeah that’s why! So An, actually would you buy your wedding dress from Ezbuy? Actually I’m a bit skeptical about Ezbuy. Because, like, firstly I cannot try [the dress]. And then, like, sometimes the reviews- I don’t know whether is it legit what, right? Then if the sizing doesn’t fit or something,
then, like, it’s a bit wasted also. But I know it’s very cheap on Ezbuy. I’ve seen prices below $100 or something. And then in the wedding industry it’s about $1000+ for one gown. It’s damn expensive. So with that said, are you willing to go try your first dress now? Yes! Okay please go ahead! Oh my god. No, no, no. I just opened it up right. Guys, this is- – This is like…
– What? – Uh-
– Sexy? Yeah! I don’t know how- am I going to wear this? Wait… No! Eh you always wear off-shoulder. – No! This is worse than-
– Don’t pretend. off-shoulder. It’s, like, can see everything. Oh my god! What did we get for her? Oh my god! Producers, what did you all do? Come out, come out, come out! Here comes the bride! Guys! It’s very revealing! Oh! Eh nice what! No! The bra is like- Oh yeah can see the bra! She’s like- Wait. Wait. Wait. No I think theirs is, like,
even the padding is damn weird eh. I’m very confused because, why is it so sheer? Yeah! Exactly! And the white part is only like that. I think this is an example of what you see on the Internet- and versus what really comes in your mail. Honestly right, the material, especially the top part here, is a bit scratchy. If you feel it right, it really feels like fishnet. PD: Let me show you how the real photo looks like. Okay. I also wanna see. Oh my god! What a lie! Are you sure this is the one? The back looks different somemore. Yeah, everything looks different. The back is completely different eh. The back is different, the front is different. The back is supposed to be a triangle down like that. This is the opposite. – It’s like-
– Inverted triangle. Oh my god, the front is supposed to be completely- Covered up. Like covered lah. I’ll cover myself. Clearly she’s not covered at all. PD: So, do you guys wanna guess how much this dress cost? Woah. I’ll give it damn low eh. $2?! How do you get a $2 wedding dress?! How is this $20?! Uhhh. It has a lot of fabric leh. PD: Okay, so the real price is $17. Okay, we’re close. We’re close. We’re close. We’re close. I think honestly if the dress turned out like the photo right, Even if the material is a bit cheaper right, – I would pay $17.
– I don’t mind. -Right, right?
-Yeah, yeah. For sure I would pay $17 for the photo one. The photo really very nice but this one is like no. Okay, I think it’s time for you to try another dress. Okay! Let’s go! Okay now my expectations are here right, I think it will slowly increase, right? I hope so. It can only get better, right? Can it? – I don’t know, I feel like-
– I hope. I don’t think it can get worse than that. It was, like, a complete difference eh. My expectations are very, very, very, very low now. Like, I don’t even feel like looking anymore. Oh no! Come out, come out, come out! I feel very old. Oh! Wait, wait, wait, what’s wrong?! Come here. Come here. Come here. I look weird. I don’t know, I haven’t seen- Her face! She’s like- It’s okay what. Wow, but eh I must say I love the fit eh. Yeah! -It fits you very nicely.
-Oh my goodness! I’m sucking in a lot by the way. Okay wait ah, let me say first ah. This thing is damn loose. Oh yes, yes, yes- – That is very loose.
– Eh it can be off-shoulder! No, it will drop already lah! You try, you try! It’s like, might as well don’t wear. I think the bottom is nice. Actually I like the details, especially this one. Like all these, what is it called ah? Lace? No, it’s called er- Ap- Ap x2 PD: Embroidery? – Embroidery?
– No. Ap- Applique? What’s that? Okay, never mind let’s call it embroidery. In front it looks very covered, but at the back it’s sexy. Ooh! Sexy! But this one it really makes your figure stand out more, because on top it’s a bit like- fluffy- with the sleeves, and then it’s fitted all the way to the bottom- and then it fluffs out again. Honestly, the inside is quite comfortable. – Ooh!
– Like, the inside layer. Okay. So it doesn’t, like, scratch me or whatever. Wait. How does the actual thing look like online? – Yeah, good question.
– I’m curious. Oh! Oh, this is quite close to the real [dress], I guess. Yeah, it’s quite accurate. – Yes, I think so too.
– I think maybe it needed- more, like, more cloth. The train right? – Yes!
– Yeah! But there is a bit of effort you see? They added extra cloth for the train leh! Wah! PD: So would you like to guess the price of this dress? Okay, I think this one a bit more expensive. Yeah, because more cloth. Just now that one had a lot of holes. Oh it’s like, $30, $40, $50. Okay, okay, okay! Not bad, not bad! So the real price is $22! – Oh my god!
– Woah! Eh, please buy this instead of the other one man. – Seriously.
– Yeah! – The other one was $17 right?
– $17! Yeah you just pay $5 more, you get a immediately 100% better quality dress. – Yeah!
– Yeah sia. So given that the previous one was a 0/10, what would you rate this? I think this is about, like, six? Because it’s not really my style. Yeah. Okay, okay. And, like, the cutting is a bit loose. Yup. But we’ll see what’s the next one like. Okay sure, please go ahead and change. Usually when you’re at those bridal shops right, they’ll give you the- Oh! Where’s the champagne? The champagne is here! Cheers! An! – Okay, I think need to tie the lacing.
– Are you done with the dress? – Come out, come out!
– I have higher expectations for this. Yay! – Okay.
– Come out, come out! Are y’all ready? Yes! Okay. Save the best for last. Eh?! She look- She got her dress stuck on the line! Oh my gosh, you look like you’re getting married! Okay the only thing I, like, immediately looked at was this. What is this random shit? She got tissue paper stuck there. Wait, can I tuck it inside for you? I’m just like- It’s like, “What the *blank* is this?” Okay. – Wow!
– This is like the- the classic wedding mermaid dress. – Yes!
– Right? It makes you look more prosperous in that area. Because there’s extra padding. – Oh!
– Ah! But one thing I must say is that- – it’s a bit uneven.
– A bit too much ah. No, but if you ignore that right, I think the rest of it also fits you very well. Yeah, and the back, it has that very classic- What’s that called? Corset? Corset, corset, corset. Yeah. I have to admit, the corset is a bit- looking a bit cheap at the moment. Yeah. Can you see the bottom of the ribbon? It’s, like, fraying already. What the- Okay, the only thing is because it’s a mermaid line, and I don’t really wear mermaid [dresses]. Woah, it’s damn tight on my hips! Oh is it? Then, like, if I walk it’s like- – A bit like-
– I see. It’s like [a] penguin. Yeah. No, have you seen the memes of like, brides going to the toilet in their wedding dress? Oh my god! You need a bridesmaid to, like, hold the dress up for you! In this dress ah, I think you cannot go toilet, you know. – Yeah sia.
– This is a bit hard to walk already. I think this is good for people who wanna buy dresses for pre-wedding shoots. Because at pre-wedding [shoots] right, a lot of the times, if you go to, like, the garden- or, like, you go to some nature place to shoot right. Your dress confirm will dirty one! That’s true. So you just buy a cheap Taobao dress. An Ezbuy dress. And then you wear like that, then after that you just throw away. Oh my goodness that’s a good idea! Eh, that’s very smart leh! Wait, can we actually see how the dress looks like online? – Yeah!
– Oh yeah!
– See whether it looks the same. Ooh! Actually the other one looks quite- it looks exactly the same I feel. It means I’m like that. So please guess how much this dress cost? I forgot to guess. $50. PD: Okay, the real price is… -$25.70.
-What the shit?! Oh my god, that is damn cheap eh. – $25.70?
– For this quality it’s damn cheap eh. I’m very glad that the last dress is impressive. Yay! Haven’t asked the question. So An, what are you going to say to this dress? I’ll say, yes to the dress! Yay! Anyway, you know right, my fiance has never seen me in an actual wedding gown. Because like- I actually wore just a very casual long maxi dress for the pre-wedding shoot. So, can I, like, bring this home? – Oh my god.
– Oh my god, yes! Actually you should- You bring home and record his reaction. Yeah! I wanna see him cry. He better cry! I tell you, please cry now. – It’s for the video.
– You better cry ah! Okay so, in that case, we will insert the footage of your fiance reacting to your dress here! Hello, where are you? I’m here. Come here! Okay, are you ready? Wait ah, wait ah, wait ah. Let me step back a bit. Oh wow. Nice or not? Yeah. Is it nice? Yeah, not bad. You guess the dress how much? Uh wait ah, let me take a Instagram story. Priorities! $100. $100? You think it’s $100? Yes, I think it’s $100. Okay let me tell you how much this dress is. It’s $25.70. Oh. Wow. Yeah, I didn’t expect the material actually. It’s quite nice. Is this too revealing to your liking? Okay lah, I’m fine with it. Woah, if you see the first two dresses, it’s worse. Okay An, welcome back to your regular attire. Yes, I feel so free leh! Like, oh my god, I finally need to stop sucking in. So out of the three dresses right, which one was your favourite? I think it’s damn obvious. Like, the last one was definitely my favourite. The fitting was the best. I think it was most worth for the money also. Because, like, it came with a nice train. Like for photo shoots it’ll look fine. Because, like, you know, sometimes you can Photoshop still. Yup, yup. But I think on the actual wedding day, I would still prefer to have a dress that really nicely fits. And hopefully I won’t, like, struggle so much when I wear it. I prefer the second dress because fashion-wise it’s more different. The second one is a bit more revealing,
the back was like- completely- Ooh! clear. And then I’m also more conservative. Okay, I think some tips for like, especially for pre-wedding photo shoots, if you want to be more budget, you can do your own makeup,
because I did my own makeup. Then the second tip would be to buy your own accessories. You can buy those slightly cheaper ones. Like, Lovisa that kind. Like, you just buy those nice silver dangling earrings. Then I also wore my own heels. Yup. Yeah, so you don’t need to spend extra money to buy those sparkly heels, you know. You just buy any nude or white kind of heels it’s good enough. Oh one more tip that I did was, I participated in an Instagram giveaway. And like she was actually giving out free Cebu Pacific air tickets. Oh wow! And then I won it eh! So I got the tickets, so we flew to Cebu and took our pre-wedding shoot. Wow! Yeah on like, discounted- I mean, it was a free air ticket. Nice. Okay, so thank you An for all these tips! Yeah and thank you being our bride-to-be for this episode. Thank you for letting me try on the dresses! No problem! But with that said, we’ve come to the end of this episode. If you like this episode, leave a comment down below and tell us which dress you liked, and also what else you want us to try next time. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!


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