Taking Mom to a Super LUXURY resort worth Rs. 25,000 / Night

Okay, so finally it’s time for another trip. I’m going with my Mom after a long time. Not days, but after months Mom got her teeth fixed, so we decided to take Mom on a trip. And this is a fully sponsored trip. This time will be a lot more fun. Yeah, because we don’t have to spend any money. The fun just doubled. So let’s go Mrs. Deepa? Let’s go. From one of the most famous luxury resorts in India.. I am Traveling Desi And thanks to you guys, I’ve come here with my Mom. So welcome to La Meridien, Mahabaleshwar, which is spread across 27 acres. And apart from experiencing the luxury offered by this resort, that spoils We’ll explore in this series.. Maharashtra’s Mahabaleshwar.. And there’s another point here which is called the Echo Point. You can stand here and shout, the sound will echo and come back to you. Mom. Yeah? You’ve been shouting at us since childhood, please give us a demo. It’s historic temples. It’s said that Shivaji Maharaj donated Gold at this place equivalent to the weight of his mother, Jijamata. What do you call it Mom? “Swarna-tula daan”. Swarna-tula daan. I mean, I wish I was so lucky that I’d get to donate Gold equivalent to Mom’s weight. Isn’t it? That’d be fun. Just keep showering me with your love, that’s all I need. Mom left me speechless with her emotional dialogue. Let’s go. Spectacular viewpoints. With it’s long and eventful history.. This place has seen a lot of Indian history. Back in 1659, there were horses, elephants, sword fights and cannons. It must have been a completely different life and environment. But for now, let’s get back to the preparation for this trip. You’d guessed by now from the title that this is my first trip in India. This is what is different about this trip, we are going there just for 3 days. But I’ll give you a comprehensive tour of Mahabaleshwar. What say Mom? Okay. This will be fun. Our trip got delayed before due to the tooth procedure. Yeah. Otherwise we’d have toured quite a bit. Mom is still a bit conscious due to her teeth, but we’ll fix that in no time. Once she builds momentum and comes in front of the camera once again. Because our last series was New York, which was a long time ago. We’ll need to get her used to this once again. We booked a flight with Vistara, we got some relief on the baggage front. The last time I traveled via SpiceJet, they only allowed me a single unit of luggage under 15 kgs. This time my luggage was 22kg and Mom’s was 8kg, so they allow a total of 30 kg. So they let us through, which is a good thing. And Mom almost got his stick. Mom didn’t bring any ID proof with her. No passport, she thought it won’t be needed since it’s not an international trip. And she got a new bag, so there’s no ID, PAN card, Aadhar or anything in it. They stopped us at the gate, but finally, they asked us if we had M Aadhar. You can use the M Aadhar app to validate using your Aadhar number and gain entry. So that’s how we got in and finally we got this done. Now we are headed towards the security (check). The flight is scheduled to leave in the next half an hour. The check-in was about to close, we were the last ones. Now we’ll rush towards the security (check), at the domestic departure. Although we will be here for just 3 days, but the number of bags.. 1 2 3 4, this is my big camera bag, 5, this is Mom’s, 6 and 7 for the stabilizer. Since it’s the first time I’m shooting a series in India, it should be state-of-the-art. Hence, we are brought all our equipment. And with us is Nikhil, my cousin, who happens to be a famous wedding videographer. He is the founder of the firm Knotty Days which is quite famous in Delhi. The Pune airport is 4 hours away from Mahabaleshwar. This gentleman came here to pick us in the hotel’s car. Then I loaded our luggage along with him in the hotel’s car. If you book this from the hotel, it costs Rs.8,000 one side, which is a little more than private cars. But we had this facility included, so… It’s so hot here. The first thing you feel when you come here from Delhi (Hot weather). Hah. And on top of that, I’m wearing a hoodie. So It’s really hot, first order of business is to get the AC turned on. And then let’s go grab something to eat. Mom, are you hungry? And this area just outside the Pune airport invokes nostalgia. This is because once upon a time, I drove my bike a lot in this area. I had a Suzuki Intruder, 1800cc, which I had brought to Pune. I spend some time in Pune and would roam around the Symbiosis hostel. We used to eat momos near Viman nagar. What? I’ve driven my bike a lot here, my favorite area is Koregaon Park. Wonderful, it has a lot of greenery. We used to drive our bike here during the monsoons. We’d enjoy a lot. I know each and every noon-and-corner of this area. And that’s why I have 2 favorite restaurants here. One is Blue Line, for biryanis. And the other one is Kalyani Veg, for vegetarian food. And in Marathi, here, they call it “Vheg”, I think. Am I right? Yes. They call it “Vheg”. they add an ‘h’ in the spelling. “Vheg”. So now we are headed towards Kalyani “Vheg”. I ordered my favorite dish “lehsuni tawa” (Garlic pan), which I’ve only ever had at this place. Wow. This is really nice. This is my favorite dish. It has a lot of garlic in it, made in a paste of tomatoes and other ingredients. Similar to when a tomato-onion dish is prepared at home with tempered garlic. Really amazing. Along with this, we’ll have some rajma (kidney beans), a couple of roties each and that’ll be our meal. After that, we have our 3-4 hour drive ahead of us. Mom, can you feel it? I feel amazing. The fun just doubled. Wanna know why? So when you guys went to Mahabaleshwar; Yeah, I was there 2 years back. And when you came back and showed me the photos, I thought to myself. Such a wonderful place, I’ll go here someday. I told your Dad that we’ll go someday. Yeah. Dad is no more. This plan was quite sudden, my wish got fulfilled and secondly, the trip is totally free, so one more reason to be happy. Because these are the people, who’d say on our birthday, why eat chicken outside. We’ll buy the chicken and cook it at home to eat. We did take you out. Alright, sometimes. So our family has always been the absolutely middle class budget family. You already know that all my trips, whether its foreign countries, I always stay in hostels. This invitation is from La Meridian, Mahabaleshwar’s best and most luxurious 5-star property, that’s where we are headed now. We got a free suite from the resort for 3 days. So everything ranging from the flight ticket, the taxi we are traveling in, our arrival, food, beverages, all of this is included in what is going to be my first ever Fam trip. Fan trip is when hotels or other properties invite you for their promotion, in a way. And we’re having a ball. When I got the call from them I said look, Mumbaikar Nikhil takes Shanice along, right? Yes. And Flying Beast brings his wife along with me, what does he call her? Mota is the adorable pet name. I think. So I said; they asked me, will you be coming alone? I said no, the first guy has Shanice, the second one has his wife, I have my Mom. So I’m going with Mom. This is the dialogue from Deewar movie. I have my Mom. I hope this does not get a Copyright strike. So we are on our way, we’ll reach in sometime. The Sun will set by then. After checking-in the hotel, I’ll show you what are the suites of
an ultra-luxurious 5 star resorts are like. You have seen plenty of budget trips on my channel, now let’s experience this luxurious stay. And we made a few stops on the beautiful way from Pune to Mahabaleshwar. Mom, we left at 6 in the morning and it’s about to be 6pm, it took us the whole day. Actually the flight was a little delayed, that took some time. We also took multiple stops on the way, had our food and beverages, flew the drone, this also took some time. Now we are about to reach comfortably. We’ll reach right about dinner time. And if you’d like, you can check out the behind-the-scene moments and follow my daily short videos on my Instagram. Where I post 100 daily short videos on this trip. Panchgani wines. Mom, you want something? What? Have a look. Bro is flying the drone in the mountains of Mahabaleshwar. Land it. The battery’s running empty. And we reached by the time it was dark. La Meridien Resort and Spa We then checked-in and got to meet the hotel’s manager. And we left for our room, for which you need a ride to reach. Okay Mom, so you know how this area is laid out? This is a forest area and the rooms are located quite far away from each other in blocks. So the buggy/golf cart will take us there. Wonderful. Towards the room. We’ll explore the nearby areas when we come back. We can do it tomorrow morning. When we go for dinner, a buggy will drive us to that venue as well. We are getting royal treatment. It’s really pretty, even in the dark. This place is truly beautiful Mom. We’ll go tomorrow and have a lot of fun. After a 5 minute buggy ride, we reached our villa. This jungle would be fun to explore in the morning. We’ll take shots of this area in the morning, then you’ll be able to get an idea about this place. Because you can’t see much right now. Every direction we see, their property is spread for miles. Wow. This is wonderful. Yes. If someone is inviting us, it’s going to be a great place. Wonderful. This is just the conference room. This is like those model homes we see. Yeah. First class… like the ones I wanted to see. They are wonderfully decorated. Yes, it seems so. Where’s the bed? That’s a good question, where’s the bed? Because this area is just for the sofas and lounge. It’s this way. Please come. You go ahead. This is the washroom, and that’s the bedroom. Wonderful. Wow. This is the main feature of this room, the balcony. We can’t show it to you right now, because you’ll get to experience the view properly tomorrow during the day. Forget your exhaustion of the day and lie down here. I wonder, do the rich folk live like this? We are rich too for the next 2-3 days. 3 days. And all the luxury and everything that we are enjoying is thanks to you guys. Because you guys Subscribed, watched my videos, comment on them. And they thought that my channel is quite popular. So let’s call him, for a Fam trip. And this way, it’s a win-win situation. I’ll benefit from it and I’ll shoot and show you around Mahabaleshwar. So that’s why, this is all because of you guys. What say Mom? Definitely. Thank you everyone. Thank you everybody. Fruits are fine. But this is the real deal. Brownie with choco cream, topped with white chocolate with in-house fresh-cut strawberry. All guests get this. Complimentary. But after finishing this, let’s conclude today’s vlog. Otherwise the videos become too long. If you enjoyed this video, Please don’t forget to hit that Like button. And for more such videos and their timely updates, Please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell* icon. I’ll eat this now.


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