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‘All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance’ Greetings…Greetings. Greetings…
Greetings to pilgrims of festival! I’ll tell you a good story now. First tell us the story,
we’ll tell if it is good or not. This Taanakaran Temple festival
celebrated by villagers of this area there’s a long history why this festival
is celebrated for generations now. More over this is
the story of one family Is it? If a village have
to live peacefully, ‘Bhagavad Gita’ says
you can sacrifice a family. 1990
Vellimalai Village If it is necessity to sacrifice
a family for peace of a village, what do Gods of
Protection do then? Don’t talk bad about God,
people may protest with hunger strikes Yes…better to keep off the trouble. You carry on with the story. Bhagavad Gita says
you can sacrifice, right? Yes Likewise, one member of each
family must stand guard, Look at this Police Officer Sakthivel
statue majestically standing here His story tells this! What’s that Taana? Once upon a time,
gangs from North, with a loincloth, Smeared entire body with oil, They attacked in
groups in darkness, Without sparing anyone
like girls or children, they attacked brutally, They robbed everything, British Govt. which was ruling us then
couldn’t catch even one of them Then, as one man army, Putting his life at risk, Sakthivel sir, caught the entire gang,
he’s now our God of Protection. Hanging upside down all
the arrested thieves in village, he thrashed them to death
to satiate his anger. Looking at his anger, no one dared again to come
there with bad intention. Crime rate came down. Village returned to peace. Meanwhile British Govt. under Lord Macaulay
created Police Commission, from the year 1861, They started recruiting
men for police, Hearing about
the brave act of Sakthivel sir, They offered him police job, He’s the first police
man of this place. He protected the village like God
in majestic police uniform Like Gods of Protection
Karuppan, Ayyanar, Maada, Sudalai, hence the Police officer
protected the place like a God, so, people installed
an idol for him, and prayed him as
God of Protection. After him, his heirs, keeping his name and fame alive continued offering services
for generations honestly, They celebrated festival every year
for the God of Protection People too named the family
honorably as Police Officer’s family. Kumaravelu sir, who is this
generation’s police officer He’s conducting this
year’s festival. So, his son will become police officer
and conduct festival next, right? – Hey, keep quiet, man.
– Why? His son didn’t become a police officer. Don’t know if this festival
will happen after his time. Beat the drums! Beat! Bless us to live in peace and
celebrate the festival together happily! Father…father… What happened, father? – What happened, father?
– What happened, father? What happened, Dad? Is this honour of carrying on for
generations going to end with me? My son was born short because
I married within my relations. My son couldn’t become
a police officer. He couldn’t conduct festival
in your honour. I’ve become a sinner
to break the tradition! Father, don’t say like that. I may have failed to become police officer,
but I’ll surely make my son a police And I’ll conduct this festival, father. I’ll not let down our
family honour, father. I promise it on our God! – Father!
– Sir! I’ll surely make my son a police,
and I’ll conduct this festival, father. I promise it on our God! One minute! Height is okay! I have set the alarm exactly at 3:45 a.m.
I’ll wake you up. Tell me – Mother
– Tell me – Mother
– Tell me! No…leave me… – Mother?
– I’m need to go Mother! If you become afraid of these mere things,
How will you become a police officer? I’ll prepare you to be
not afraid of anything.

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