Susan Kelechi Watson Shows Off Engagement Ring at 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Susan Kelechi Watson and her brother John.
How you doing? -I´m doing great. Yeah. -So I don´t want to bury the lead.
-Alright. -I hear you´re engaged. -[ Laughs ] You´re right. -Can I see the ring?
-You surely can. -My gosh.
-Her name is Marina. Is that too much? -Not too much at all.
How did we come to this name? -Um, he took me to Marina Del Rey as part of the —
as part of the day. So I was like, “Uh, I named her.” -Is she holding it in right now?
Was she just geeking out? -She´s geeking out.
She´s having a good time with it, you know. We´re all having a good time with it.
You what what I mean? So… -As you should.
It´s funny ´cause I remember last year, we were here, and we were talking about getting ready to do the Mr. Rogers
movie with Tom Hanks. -That´s right. I remember that. -And now you shot it. It´s all said and done.
Do you really call him “Sir Tom Hanks”? -I do. In my head. Absolutely. And there´s like a little pause before I even say “Tom”
because I´m putting the “sir” in there in my head, so it´s always like, “Tom.” You know what I´m saying?
´Cause in my head, I´m like, “Sir Tom Hanks.” There´s something very weird about calling him Tom, but he
is the kindest, most generous, just such a wonderful person. And to be the legend that he is and be that grounded is like
a lesson for me. So I´m very happy that I was able to work with him
and watch him do his magic. -And the new season of “This Is Us.” I´m not gonna ask you for spoilers
´cause I know it gets annoying. But I´m just excited to see you again. I think you make that show and you guys
have such an incredible cast. So enjoy the night. Congratulations on everything, okay? -Thank you very much.
Yeah, we´re looking forward to coming back on Tuesday.

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