Surprise Wedding Rap Vows (La Vie En Rose Louis Armstrong Remix)

That was beautiful Mason, can I get some mood music? Oh wow So I asked you if I could read this poem. It’s been a long time since I’ve done such a thing, so please bear with me. Sorry to embarrass you. People spend their whole lives trying to find their missing piece in the pursuit of happiness, love, religion and inner piece. Thought I’d live and die in LA, but left the life I knew to search within myself so that I could find you. Traveled the world and got lost in many places. Gazing at faces couldn’t erase this. Traces of you kept passing me by so my piece remained faceless. So I moved to the heat as a spiritual retreat to seek temporary relief so we can stand on our feet. Meanwhile you were in the North Pole dreaming to Eat, [Pray, Love.] Wanderlust Wandering Wonder Woman that loved and lost, but kept moving forward because in God We Trust. Like a phoenix rises out of the ash and dust, you flew the coop to recoup, found me lost at sea and then swooped. There’s Plenty Of Fish, but you’re a mermaid like no other. La Vie En Rose, Jameson, now that is How I Met Your Mother. Two old souls. Opposite, but the same. Something odd, yet familiar. My missing piece finally came She had Godly beauty, better yet a golden voice over a gourmet meal paired with a concoction of choice and yet I’m short, pale, though my mom thinks I’m handsome, I’m bald, blind, def and seemingly random [understanding] you overlooked my shortcomings the trust between us was victorious and forthcoming I fell in love quick and then fell in love again. I will remind you that I love you over and over until the end. I promise to support you, protect you and hug you more. We’re a family. We’re a team, and in this life of love and war, we chose love. And my heart was surrendered. You’re my greatest adventure… center of my earth as we enter this faithful bond to infinity and beyond. Let’s do Disney around the world and watch Harry Potter marathons. Let’s grow old together like grapevines become wine in time. Please be mine. [Love,] your forever, everyday valentine. [Louis sings: And when you speak angels sing from above] Sorry about that. I love you. [Louis: Everyday words seem to turn into love songs] [Louis: Give your heart and soul to me] Sorry new mom and dad. [Louis: And life will always be la vie en rose]

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