Super emotional wedding video, groom cries | Old Kinderhook, Missouri wedding film

Okay. I only get married once, and so just hang
out for a second. As you know, when I am faced with life decisions,
big or small, I often come from a place of uncertainty. Yet over the past year and a half, you have
taught me how to live in love rather than live in fear. How could I ever repay you, or show you what
you have shown me? I never imagined that this kind of man would
stand in front of me. Cole, ever since the first day we met, your
smile just lit up my life. I see the beauty of Christ whenever you smile. And Somer, you’re just as bad. You have a fire that cannot be quenched, and
I hope that every day, somebody can experience the kind of love that you two have to give. You are special alone, you are unique alone,
but you are everything together. I’ve always felt that Somer needed an equal;
a person who let her be herself without any apologies. Being her friend, I had high standards of
who I thought she should be with. I remember one night Somer and I went to dinner
and we had a very long conversation about her life and what she hoped for in a man. At the end of the conversation, you could
tell she was thinking it might not happen, and she was a little frustrated, but she was
hopeful nonetheless. It wasn’t but a couple months later that Cole
came along. That’s when everything changed. Today I take my best friend’s hand and make
her my beautiful wife. You always ask me, “How do you know it’s me?” My answer has never changed. Somer, you are my home. I find peace when I’m with you. I have never shared the laughs, the tears,
the joys of life with anyone ever like I have with you. I truly believe you entered my life at a perfect
time. I was stumbling around, lost, looking for
answers in all the wrong places. Little did I know, the greatest blessing I
would receive was a beautiful woman who was less than 10 minutes away my entire life. The first time I met Cole, I was at the Buckle. I had just been talking to a coworker earlier
about the kind of woman that I like. Turn around. Oh my gosh. Look at you! Wow, that’s gorgeous. Look at this. And this girl walks in, and I was like, “What’s
her name?” And he goes, “I don’t know, but she definitely
fits the description of what you were talking about the other day.” I’m shopping, and I notice Cole, and he’s
cute, of course. But he looked familiar the whole time. So I bee-lined over to the cash register and
I try to find out her name. I’m like, “You look really familiar,” and
he’s like, “You do, too.” And I’m like, “Where are you from?” And he goes, “Waynesville.” I’m like, “Shut up!” She says, “You look familiar, too, what’s
your name?” And I said, “Cole Foster.” She goes, “Oh my gosh. I gotta have that last name. We have to get married. We have to get married, actually.” “We have to get married.” That was the first thing I said to him, and
he goes, “Yes, we have to.” It’s the best last name I’ve ever known. I’ve always loved Foster. It’s a very strong name. I knew that Cole was right for Summer when
he told a mutual friend of ours a few weeks after they started dating, “This is it. She’s the one. I’m serious. This is it. She’s it.” Somer Shea Rivard, I vow that when the sun
comes up, I will hold you with love so strong and
tall that God himself will feel it. I vow to always dance slow and twirl you around
in slow circles, and let each note of the song touch your heart. I vow that dancing in the rain is never an
option, but a must. I vow that I will always hold you with my
left hand, and Jesus with my right. You have shown me a life that I never thought
I would get to experience. A man who prays for me and makes me feel beautiful
daily. You have stood by me in my darkest moments,
and never let your love for me falter. You continue to choose joy in situations that
I am incapable of handling. I vow that I will encourage you and always
leave a shoulder open for you to rest your head. I vow to leave time for a drive to the river,
for time to read with you, for coffee on the porch, and always leave time for a karaoke
car drive. I promise to always allow you to wear my sandals,
even though you stretch them out. I promise to let you play Clash in bed even
when I desperately need you to listen to me. I promise to not yell at you when you steal
every single charger that I own. I promise to not get angry when you steal
my ChapStick. I basically promise to realize that everything
I own is now yours. I promise to always pray to have eyes that
see the best in people and have a heart that forgives the worst. I promise to have a mind that forgets the
bad, and a soul that never loses faith in our savior. I hope the two of you have found your best
friend, because that’s going to help carry you down the road. I believe you have. I believe you’ve found your best friend, both
of you. Cole, the way that you receive and respond
to Somer is something that is so amazing to me. I will never question that Somer is where
she is supposed to be and who she’s supposed to be with. I have never seen a couple more in sync, whether
it’s bursting out into song together or putting Splenda in salsa, which I still think is super
disgusting. The two of you have been infinitely blessed
to find each other, and there’s literally not a more perfect couple. By the authority vested in me by the state
of Missouri, having been ordained by Stonebrooke Church, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Oh! Can we kiss? Go ahead. Mr. And Mrs. Cole Foster, everybody. I vow that when I can’t, Jesus can. Somer Shea Rivard, I vow that when the sun
goes down, I will hold you with love so strong and tall that God himself will feel it.


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