hi guys and welcome back to my channel
so today I’m bringing to you again the sugar she technique but today I’m going
to be combining it with the fault line cake technique so today I’m gonna show
you how to do that and how to make your own glucose at home in case you don’t
have bloopers at home so guys today I’m using my Livadia labelled microphone
it’s the lapel microphone and it is like $10 you can buy it on Amazon or you can
buy it on Rosetta so I’m going to put the both links down below in the
description box so you guys can get it it is amazing especially if you’re a
youtuber so guys if you want to feel how that is done please stay tuned and watch
this video to the end so that what I’m gonna do right now is show you guys how
to make glucose so you need a cup of sugar and half a cup of water and then a
teaspoon of vinegar or you can use lemon juice and then you’re gonna put it on
the gas cooker or on the stove and stare at intervals you don’t you don’t want
this to burn because you want it to have a clear color so you’re gonna stir for
about 10 minutes until it becomes thick kind of like this and then you’re going
to leave it to cool what I was trying to do here guys was to use a different
recipe from the one I used last week to see how it will work and the recipe
called for see how thick it is now yeah this is what she wants when it cools
down it’s testa sticking up and that’s what you want us moving a lot glucose
looks like okay so guys this recipe called for 100 grams of sugar and 130
grams of glucose but I tried it and it didn’t work as well so if you are trying
to make sugar sheet from scratch you can use this recipe for making glucose
however you have to use the recipe and measurements I used in my last video so
me to put the link right up here so click on it click on media click on that
okay so this was the one I made anything work so well like it wasn’t flexible
like it was impossible to leave cuz everything were just breaking and
cracking however
I had to make it work so what I did was I had to make a phone line cake which
means I stopped on the sugar sheets in patches it looked funny at first but by
the time we finish and put all your decorations it will really come together
well and at this stage I already like from Pizza monkey can convert it in
buttercream and what I was trying to do here was to stick on the sugar sheeps in
patches like kind of like in bits and pieces
yeah and then we need to outline the parts like the parts where it’s broken
with some edible boulders and it looks really nice it looks really regal
actually so and when you’re doing that I had to make sure some parts of the sugar
sheets sticks upward so you can have something to paint just like a regular
faultline cage so I stuck it on top and Benes so the space in the middle can be
free so what I’m doing right now is I’m like throwing on some sugar decorations
on the under some gold pearls and silver pearls I had lying around so that’s what
I’m gonna do I’m gonna throw them on the cake so they can stick and then when
we’re done we are going to paint this cake so what you need right now is you
need some gold dust preferably antique gold but whatever goals you have works
so some gold dust and some vodka against it mix it together and you’re going to
make sure it is not too watery you want it to be quite big so like the pigment
can really come out when you paint your sugar so that’s what we’re gonna do so
minister backs together really well right now and then start to paint the
edges and the spaces in between the cracks like you want to outline the
edges on top beneath and the spaces in between the cracks and it really makes
you a cake like it made it look like this was what I intended from the start
but I wasn’t what I intended I wanted they all sugar sheet to be all and like
be able to wrap around the cake but I didn’t work like that so I had to make
this work and it really worked through like I was surprised it looks so nice I
see that was what I planned from the start so we’re going to do right now is
against paints all the edges on the bottom and the top and we’re going to
like be careful and then paint in between the cracks the cracks in between
the sugar sheets we need to paint those aware as well and it makes
really nice like it makes it come together so well so once we are done
with that we are basically done with our cake and like when I finished through
this cake like I was so surprised how it came out and to think I wanted to throw
the sugar sheet away cuz it wasn’t breaking I’m so glad I didn’t do like a
legit almost threw them away because the wind is just was not working and I’ve
done it like three times and it was frustrating so if you have sugar shit
that’s not working you can still make it work guys all you have to do is be
creative with it and think about what you can do so you don’t waste your
ingredients so thank you guys don’t forget to give me thumbs up are really
appreciative and please subscribe to my channel click and subscribe and turn on
post notifications thank you guys and I’ll see you in my next video

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