Suami Arab Masak Lentils Sup | Masakan Maroko??

Assalamu’alaikum🙏 Hello Today my husband gonna cook Moroccan food Lentils Soup Typical Moroccan dishes in indonesia I never saw this food I don’t think so Indonesian gonna like but anyway so we gonna se how to cook this food Later iam will try this food and review How does taste Lets go we start 😊 Bismillah My chef 👨‍🍳 still wash green union this how does look like my husband in the kitchen 😂😂 My husband is good cooking, because when he was young he working part time in restaurant. That’s why he good in the kitchen Rachid: some olive oil So in here almost peoples use olive oil for cooking They use some, but almost. I mean I like cook with this oil I doesn’t like cook with flower oil, put some olive oil here Waw, I think you’re really good cooking Even me I cannot cut like that After that we cut 2 tomatoes small pieces its enough So we stir fry green union with tomatoes put the fire little bit more this in later not now I can’t cut like that ya? this is Morocco cut like that fresh parsley okay show me its dry , show me again Parsley iam gonna use okay we add parsley, sorry I can’t pronounce that’s word😂 Don’t forget to mix, because is gonna be burn cut 3 garlic small pieces small pieces so this spices we use we use cumin powder small spoon Black pepper sneeze**** Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah ( Yarhamukallah) black pepper you can see, little bit. Half spoon smoked paprika I use smoked paprika. you can use Half spoons ginger, we add ginger why you not use fresh ginger hahaha, I don’t know. I want use powder iam lazy to cut hahaha😊 so you have lazy as well I like powder its fine time to time you have to mix so the same time we waiting we gonna add water so we gonna add water Sneezing 🤧 alhamdulillah Yarhamukaallah I don’t know how to answer iam sure Ustad gonna know in same time I add some hot water here to boiling so give little bit because its dry Little bit here to not burn and than mix Smell very nice masyaallah I hope iam gonna like it anyway salt I use sea salt its better use sea salt when you cooking its like small spoon so we gonna mix now now what you gonna do? iam not gonna tell you😊 okay looking for something now iam gonna this one (yes) iam gonna use this one to filter just do like that and then , you wash again? of course I wash again wash 🧽 just one more time so I have to do Masyaallah you good cooking, good ya? you good as well in kitchen I just know a bit Ya you just know a bit I should learn so I can cook good. Insyaallah you learn after that you gonna be good cooking now we use water boiling I just gonna put fire number 4, just gonna add water and we gonna see if I need more water Ya I think I need more iam gonna put more water again because when its cooking, its dry slowly2 so water gone we gonna leave it 40 minutes this is Moroccan chef 👨‍🍳 Masyaallah my husband good in cooking good in kitchen as well You have to tell them about benefits of lentils.lentils is very healthy for the body. have a lot of things. a lot of benefit minerals, iron, is very good you can google it, and write benefits of lentils. you gonna find a lot benefits. Thank you Add more this water is gonna gone, because the lentils it’s will absorb the water and then we add potatoes mix Actually look like red, but this red not spicy. just red from smoked paprika and now we gonna add this as well hahaha, iam just joking 😂 and we mix and put fire number 4 and the we leave it for how many minutes? 50? normal fire 40 minutes okay wash as well babe, careful okay we finished now time to clean who? me, because I started mess iam gonna finish the mess see you later good Me and my husband cooking together if me I cook asian food Because I am not yet know Astagfiruallah you scared me Because I am not yet know how to cook arabic food, or Spanish food or Moroccan food so my husband cooking, and teach me how to cook Because my husband good in cooking so we don’t have problem. about cooking Because we do cooking together if I want cook, I cook asian food. if I want my husband cook he cook as well Because not all asian food my husband like so we share , if he like my food he not cooking but if he doesn’t like he cooking his food ya babe?


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