Stunning Wedding at Willard InterContinental Washington DC

Stephie and Rajan have been preparing
for this day for many many years and today is the most joyful day for them
and we see that in the breasts and the preparations that are for this day Steffie you know it is hard to find the
right words to express the depths of my feelings you deserve all this and even
more for being such an amazing girl and for being a great sister to me and all
this time this day you truly deserve this because you have been planning it
for so long Rajan you have grown into such an
incredible and special man and I really look up to you even though you’re my
little brother and you truly truly lift our family name
to incredible Heights and it doesn’t go unnoticed pani means and we’re just so
thankful to have such an incredible woman by your side and we’re so happy to
have another sharma join the family and I know that if dad was here he would be
so proud of you and I know that mom is so proud of you
too Oh God I remember the specific childhood moment
when we came from India we were all new to this you know new to this whole new
culture here and I love the moments where we would go to the the nearby
library and we would spend time there and then and on the way back we would
stop by the Dollar Tree we would get some drinks and and just spend some time
with everybody no it was great I love that and you know that was that was that
was that was our time yeah that was when Stephie was home she was home all the
time but now being you know going through college all these years and also
being far away and also going now doctorate so it’s a lot you’ve always been you’ve always been my
hero Rajan someone who I look up to more than anything in this world there’s such
a blessing to this family Rajan and I’m so excited to welcome step into his
family as well thank you for making this lovely trip to
our nation’s capital I think we can all agree we’re extremely
lucky to be in this beautiful venue surrounded by so many amazing people
with the honor to have witnessed this gorgeous couple get married I Stephanie Thomas take you bargain
Chema for my lawful husband to have and to hold from this day forward for better
or for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health to love and to
cherish until death do us part I don’t the houses friction
but I can feel them all with me by the authority given to me by the
church and the state I declared Rajan and stephy husband and wife now you may
kiss your bride yeah they are the missing puzzle pieces in
each other’s lives I cannot imagine two people who are more
perfect for each other or who else would put up with you I know
that both he and stuff you will never stop persevering to make each other
happy and make their relationship work and I know you will live a long and
happy married life to this fall though all his motorcycle accidents Rajan has
hurt many muscles but there’s one thing he hasn’t hurt and that is Debra part in
the way they look at each other in the way he loves her I cannot imagine a more
perfect couple we’re so happy for you yeah Stephanie Rajan we are all honored and
blessed to have you both in our lives and to be able to call you our friends
from the moment you both met we knew you were a perfect couple together your
motivation determination and willingness to succeed and help others are unmatched
you are truly amazing carrying people and I love people Raja’s the best older brother someone
could ask for you taught me everything I know and who I’ve become as so much to
do with you I look up to you more than you know you always keep the Sharma’s on
top and man doesn’t know how to pick a life
welcome to the family Steffi we love you can I Oh you

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