Stuller Wedding Band Manufacturing

With more than 50,000 units available for
overnight shipping, Stuller’s full line of precious metal classic wedding bands are manufactured
at our global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. Once cast, the precious metal tubing that
will later become cut wedding bands are processed. This tubing will create one of the 20,000
variations of wedding bands ready to overnight from Stuller, in finger sizes ranging from
4 to 15. The tubing goes through a turning process,
which will create a band to the exact profile, millimeter width, and finger size. Once created, the bands head to polishing. With a ring manufactured and polished, customers
can add a distinctive look to their bands through customization with finishes, laser
patters and engraving. From a classic style, to a completely unique
piece, Stuller has the band your customer is looking for. Start shopping today at

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