Stroll for Strength | Connecting Point | Nov. 24, 2014

for the past eight years the sports
event in management class at Longmeadow high school has been sponsoring an event called the
stroll for strength this year the 5k Road race through
Longmeadow is a memory of 23 local people who’ve passed away leading point producer Dave Fraser in
our intern TJ Hannigan who worked on the stroll when he was a
long metal high student couple years back let telling us more about the event and
the grieving families it supports this are nine annual event so there family and friends are gonna
come together day before Thanksgiving on to remember the loved ones that have passed on when I talk to my students beginning up putting on the about this
and you’re probably going to Kimora yes Simon you’re signing Ramadan and I’ll you probably won’t feel
that way until the day of the event my job is hi said call different organizations and as for a donations for my job seriously is to raise money
and get sponsors for the entire man for November 27 I’m a director so I
kinda oversee what everyone’s doing a people business the call I am make connections with the
families I’m personally close with are Gary Shea a dad who passed away for five
years ago because we were family friends and used
to take me to football practice every day some means a lot to me to show to the
family eye care just personally knowing the Reynolds
family and other families who have lost someone I’m it just means
that much more that I can help them out through this tough time so we set small goals for each student’s
raise a small monetary amount but we don’t
have any any real monetary goals over the years we’ve
probably raise Dom outs a private in five and ten thousand
dollars a year the money that we raise goes to several
fun real example organizations that the parents or their family members choose to honor
their Loveland what on my colleagues Bob Pisani passed away while we were doing the
first straw for strength why we’re getting ready mister Posani was the drug and substance
abuse coordinator here at the high school and I one day after school he he left to go home to his family I
had a little girl at the time and he just had a and baby a baby and it was a son and course he was really excited teen to go
home and unfortunately while he was driving home he was hit head-on and died and for are own high school on it was tragic we realize how fragile
life was. how you know you could be here today in
the next day you’re gone and we wanted to help his
family you just had a outgoing spirit where he
became friends with everybody and so when he passed away everybody at one when I would be like oh yeah I
was his favorite you know and made you feel like you were
special no matter who you are scene all these other people that it that
remember bob in hearing those memories and it’s been especially important to my
kids they look forward to it every year my
son was three months old when his dad died so he didn’t really get that opportunity
to know him so he’s gotten to know him to other
people and and my daughter till she she know I’m
she was it almost nine when he passed away but its
just incredible to see it the outpouring of support it makes you
feel not alone and in it it’s a nice way to remember loved
ones right before the holiday and it’s just so inspiring to see the
students in and what they do. and what they’re able
to put together its sent like nothing I’ve ever seen my I’ll shortstop was passed away just a few
years ago george was just in the bars he would have been had worked on the
straw first thank the one above clauses I would’ve been a big part of helping us
put another one on just a wonderful young man I and his dad and mom are very very on very had delighted to be here every
year as we try to keep george’s name on live he was our only child and when
he passed it was kind of a shock and we basically mmm kinda just took a step back in cana
refocused on light and said what’s left force being apart of an event every year gives us
something to look forward to and it helps us to get through the day
and plan and as the event gets closer we week I know pick up George spirit and
brings us back to being alive again ok then awesome cause fact the families
together there is a community one of my teammates
fathers is someone our honor and so I think that it will just bring
everyone together and I’m in a really bad we get a lot out
of it it just makes me feel good to know that we’re helping families on every year we get the big hugs from
the families and then they they tell us that this is a on something
to look forward to every year and that’s one the highlights of the year and I’m to keep someone’s name and someone’s memory alive arm through a class project I it doesn’t get
any better than that they’ll walk away from this event
knowing that how they live their life matters I can’t
make the pain go away for someone that’s lost a loved one but maybe I can provide a
little kindness and and that’s why we do it

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