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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world with another episode of try it don’t buy it today i’m going to be using Steve Spangler’s Insta Worms it’s a product that you can get on the web and i’m going to show you what is interesting about it and what’s kind of not interesting about it i’m going to show you right now this is Steve Spangler’s Instaworm kit and it comes with 32 ounces of worm goo and i’m going to open this up and show you what everything is so 32 ounces of warm goo it comes with a little bottle so that you can put the worm goo in here to make it easier for people to actually use this is the worm activator and it comes with a little measuring spoon and then the instructions on how you do this and the great thing about it is that the instructions have all kinds of different uh ideas for it like how you can make it different colors and how you can do lots of fun stuff and different experiments with it and it also explains what exactly is happening so i’m going to pour in about 8 ounces of water and then you use the scoop here and you’re just going to put one scoop of the activator in there and then you stir it up and you don’t have to it doesn’t have to all dissolve it’s ok if there’s a couple little balls down there but you kind of want it to take on that cloudy look and then this is this is where it’s really fun so watch this so you take your your worm goo and you squeeze it in and I don’t know if you can see what’s happening there but what happens is when this goo hits the activator it turns into these solid worm shapes see how cool that is isn’t that neat so here’s what I’m going to tell you about this stuff for $19.99 you get this big bottle here and this will make like you know this is enough for like ten kids to have a lot of fun like 10 to 12 kids to have a lot of fun they do sell a small kit and the kit is about I think it’s eight ounces but that’s $7.99 and if you add the shipping it gets very very expensive when you think about it so just to throw that out there and that is what these are though it’s cool and then the one thing you can also do is you can start playing with it like you can put in fat squeezes and you can get like big chubby ones like that and stuff is really neat and it lasts a long time so you can put it in a cup with a lid on it and you can keep it for quite some time and it’s kind of squishy and if you squeeze it too hard it actually will pop which is kinda cool too so this is Steve Spangler worm goo instant worm goo so what do I think here’s what I think if you’re going to have a classroom or a party or something where you want this big WOW bang effect i say try it it’s a really big bang for a half decent buck now if you’re just a kid out there and you say wow that looks cool and i want to buy the little version of it i’m going to say don’t buy it and the reason I say that is because it’s a lot of money for a little tiny bit and you’re going to have to pay for shipping too so i would say don’t buy it but if you’re going for a big bang big buck with lots of people try it and that’s you’re gonna find out they have all kinds of different versions of the instaworm from the dayglo kind all the way up to the kind that you can color by yourself now if you want more try it’s don’t buy it make sure you check us out here at and listen if you have something you want me to try and tell you if i should let everybody else in on the secret put it down below in the comments try it don’t buy it that’s


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