Steelo Brim Defends His Love For Sports Jerseys | Ridiculousness

– Sterling, you’re
passionate about the jersey it’s a fashion statement,
it’s used for sports, it’s used for relaxing, why do you love the jersey so much? – (laughs) Okay, (laughter) I didn’t know I loved the jersey so much. – That’s right when I
picture you, I picture you in a variety of different
jerseys at any time, including church and funerals. (laughter) – I’ve worn jerseys to church before. – Okay, is there any place you can’t wear a jersey? – Uh, man, maybe a wedding. – Yeah, that’s not appropriate. – You might be pushing a
little far if you wear– – You could certainly wear
it underneath the jacket. – You definitely can, you definitely can. – Well look, this first category
is dedicated to the people that love jerseys, but
prove that you can get hurt without actually playing a sport. Take a look at jersey boys. (applause) (upbeat triumphant music) Hockey aye, it’s good for
doing everything includin’ a little bit of slidin’ down the railin’. Mate!
– Oh no! (smacks ground)
(crowd applause and laughter) – [Sterling] You see that shoe fly? That shoe flew, bro. (smacks against ground) – Bam, it’s like a shotgun. Big chief, here we go, big chief. (smacks against sign) (crowd laughter and ohs) – Why would you do that? What do you hope to get from this? (laughter) – I told you if they
lose I’m going straight after that stop sign. (laughter) – [Sterling] Fans and logic. – Number 19, Thursday
afternoon three o’clock, what’s up bro? – [Man] What’s up, you all right? – Ah, and there you
have it for jersey boys. (crowd cheering) Okay, when was the last
time that either of you were sitting at home and were like, I’m getting a tent and I’m going camping? (Chanel laughs) – I’ve been wanting to go camping, I’ve been wanting to go
camping but there are levels to camping, like
I don’t, I can’t do, like the tent, I can’t do
a tent, I’m just not built for that life.
(laughter) I’m more like a cabin guy. – But is that camping tho? – Yeah, it’s still camping. – Yeah, I’ve never camped
with a tent either. – What the (beep)? – You camp with a tent? – I ain’t camping in no tent. – Okay, so why was you like?
(audience member woos) – You kidding me, I wouldn’t
even stay in a cabin. If you ain’t got a (beep)
suite I ain’t camping. (laughter) – No, you that boujee? – Yeah, and if I get
there I want someone to carry me up there. (sparse laughter) That’s how much I don’t like camping, but one day I know I’m
gonna have to do it, but I’m not gonna like it just like everybody in this category, hate outdoors, take a look. (upbeat rock music)
(applause) (people cheering) (people cringing) – Man, you’re out in
the middle of the forest and you just broke a
tailbone what do you do? You just lay it out. Oh, oh, oh! It’s the pain right by the hole. – [Man] Hey, Mark, waterfall! (crowd laughter and ohs) (laughter) – That ain’t even funny, that’s not funny!
– Your friend might be dead. – [Rob] Only the worst
kayakers go over the cliff, but anyway he’s dead. I believe you can take these anywhere except for here. (bangs) – [All] Oh! – You went right into the tree. – [Rob] He came over
that edge and was like, for sure I won’t hit that tree, (bangs)
nevermind. – Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
– Good morning! – And welcome to wild and
wonderful West Virginia. – West Virginia. – My name’s Robbie,
– Hey Robbie. – I’m gettin’ all the action today– – [Rob] Here we go. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
(laughter) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – We’ve got a lotta action for you today. (crowd cheering and laughing) – He’s good.
– He’s so good. – He’s good at his job. – Like he just literally found the camera. (laughter) – [Chanel] He’s like
the happiest guy ever. – [Rob] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (laughter) – We’ve got a lotta action for you today. – Whoa! – [Sterling] We gotta lotta action. – We got a lotta action for you today. (applause)
(exciting music) – [Rob] Here bisey,
bisey, bisey, oh (beeps)! – [Sterling] Oh. – [All] Oh! – (beep) bruh! – You panicked and collapsed
and that’s the only thing that saves you, if you kept running– – But where are they
going, where’s your car? I’m so confused.
– Look you’re out here– – They’re just out here? (laughs) – You’re just out here looking for bison, like maybe that’s their Prius. – That’s their car, ain’t it? That car ain’t move.
– That car’s driving! – Yeah, yeah no, they’re
just street wandering. (laughter) Run Debbie, Debbie’s dead,
no, no, Debbie’s just fine. We’ll be right back with
more “Ridiculousness”.


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