Hello, nice that you are here! Today I’ll show you how does the chinese wedding looks like. This will be a special wedding because I’ll have a pleasure to sing during the celebration! There’s a little problem because I’m little bit sick, I hope I can sing it good 😀 They asked me to sing another Teresa Teng’s song, you could hear my different covers of Teresa Teng’s songs on my channel already. This time, the song is titled ‘Tian mimi’. This song is also very popular in China. I hope that everyone will like my performance. I’ll do my best! ❤ I chose my new LIZ LISA fishtail dress. I already have white colourway of this dress, few weeks ago I bought green, too. I absolutely love this piece. I like almost all colors of this dress, even black! I always wanted to own green LIZ LISA dress, because LIZ LISA not often releasing this color, so I decided to buy another fishtail~ I forgot to mention that we are not in Shanghai now, we are in Zhoushan. This is an island in China, around 3h by car from Shanghai. It’s a very beautiful island. Usually during my stay in China, I live in Zhoushan. It’s because we have an apartment here and the weather is more healthy here than in Shanghai. There are two weddings here in the same building. Our wedding couple! In China, it’s very popular to decorate the entry to the wedding hall, they are doing something like photospots. Look! Cookies~ Cupcakes~ Macaroons! My favourite! And wedding couple. Look~ wedding hall! So nice! Chinese wedding is a celebration, when people eat a big dinner. They are not dancing here. Most beautiful is the wedding couple’s table. They sit here with their loved ones. We are came too early, haha. I don’t know where we should sit. I’m hungry! 🙁 Adelia! ♡ I’ll tell you how does the wedding ceremony looks like in China. The groom, before the ceremony, is driving to the bride’s house. Bride is wearing her wedding dress, waiting for him. Her friends are there with her too. When groom arrives, he wants to pick up the bride and drive to the wedding hall. So, friends of the bride do not allow bride to leave the house with groom. They are using this situation to ask some money from the groom. They are playing some jokes And finally the groom is giving some money for them, and leave the house with the bride! And they drive to the wedding hall After the dinner, wedding couple are going to their new home~ Wedding couples arrived ! Here, on the TV we can see them downstairs. I took some macaroons! I hope my song will sound good! Look at our appetizers! Do you know what it is? Duck’s tongues! It’s first time I see it! What it is? Och, ferrero rocher. Are you raffaello team or ferrero rocher team? I’m raffaello! ‘I’m giving you my beloved daughter. Take care of her and love her’. ‘I will!’ Watch out the decorations! The celebration started. On the television everyone can watch a ‘history of couple’s love’ Making photos… Family thanks eveyone for coming and wish the couple a happy life. Now they are drawing the winners. Every guest has a number and can win something in the lottery. The lady won a kettle! Now they will draw someone who will win money? Hi, I’m little sick! haha. this microphone… hahahaha XD Och, I did it somehow!!! But my sore throat was audible. But everyone knows about that,haha. They asked me to sing again but I didn’t wanted, hahaha. Bride’s mum is singing now! Ok, the ceremony finished. Standard-4h dinner. Look, what a terrible weather today! Wait, I’ll show you ;___; And what do you think about chinese wedding ceremony? I like it very much! It’s so nice, There are a lot of delicious food! This is a big dinner. In Poland, people are dancing and have fun all night. People are finding some nice entertainments, such as singing, competitions, lottery… After my song, other people also started to sing! It was a nice time! Now I’m going to rest! Let me know in the comments, what do you think about chinese weddings. Please subscribe to my channel! Check my instagram, too! @nayenneee I hope to see you soon, bye!


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