Side Hustling for Savings

What we want to start with today with is,
there’s actually been a recent NBN report that was released that found 80 per cent of
Australians are looking for ful- ah I struggling there. They’re looking for fulfilment outside of
work and 25 per cent have actually already started some kind of side hustle outside of
their 9 to 5. So this can be for a myriad of reasons, you
know, and for each person it is a little bit different but today we wanted to talk about
the focused hustle. This is hustling for a very clear purpose. Quite often when we’re looking through member’s
financial strategy, we find that there are short falls between where they’re headed and
where they want to be. So in this scenario, you have a few options. You can change your goal, push it out and
just take longer to get there, you can cut your spending or you can earn more. So, let’s talk about earning more. Okay. So, I’ll talk about me for a second, so as
you might not know or already know, I’m the Happiness Chief here at Wealth Enhancers,
I love my job, it’s amazing but like everybody else I’ve got goals, aspirations, and things
that I wanna achieve in life and. And other interests. Yeah! And so, you know, and I’m impatient. I wanna get there fast. So and like all other things, you need money
to help facilitate those things, so I have a side hustle. Yeah. What is this side hustle, what do you do with
yourself? So on weekends- I think we’re all picturing
April just like doing some sort of dance on the side, but specifically what are you doing? I’m a go-go dancer! No, I do hair and makeup on weekends for weddings. One of my best friends owns her own business
and when she gets large bridal parties I jump in and help her out with those. And, like why? Why do you help her out? How did that start? Initially it was because I wanted to spend
quality time with my best friend, so with her business, again, hair and makeup, all
those amazing fun things happen on weekends and I don’t work, initially I didn’t work
on weekends, so I wanted to spend more quality time with her and when she asked me to start
helping her on weekends I was like, Yes, I’m gonna spend quality time with my bestie and
also do something that’s creative and fun and like, you know, I get to move around,
not just sit at a desk. So it was kind of like, two things. Two birds with one stone? Yes, thanks Bec. So how long have you been doing this for? Oh, now that you ask I think about, I think
it’s like going on like four, five years now. So you started out because you miss Aimmey
and you want to spend some time with her – Yes – and it was something different. That’s quite a long time to sustain a thing,
so why have you kept at it? Ah, well I guess, you know, I guess those
were the two main things, like spending quality time with my best friend and yeah, getting
that creative outlet going and then the added like, not, the non-important thing was I was
cash- I mean getting money, getting paid on the side and what that enabled me to do was
to, you know, get that extra money when it wasn’t planned for and save. Save for my goals and ambitions and my dreams. So we see this quite a bit with, with a lot
of our members who are, they, they just wanna go head down, bum up and reach a specific
goal so, five years is quite, quite a long time and very impressive. It’s obviously, you can only do something
for that period time if you really enjoy it, but we see it quite a bit with people going,
You know what, I am gonna take on something extra, I’m gonna work for the next six to
12 months, I’m gonna do a couple of nights a week at a bar or a restaurant or you know,
a couple of shifts over the weekend at, in a retail outlet for just additional funds
so that then they can accelerate their way towards their goals and they can do a little
bit more than just their salary or their wage and they can do it without having to slash
their spending. Yeah. I think also you know, when people learn that,
you know, when you meet somebody new and they go, What do you do? You know, you say your main job but then when
they learn that I’ve got that side hustle, they’re like, Aww, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, are you like struggling? And I’m like, No, I’m actually fine. I think there;s kind of like some stigma against
like, you know, if you say or if you use the language, I have a second job, usually things
that jump to mind are like, Oh she’s trying to make meet, ends meet, or like you, she’s
struggling because has to have this second job, but that’s not the case for me at all,
I’m, I do have a purpose, I do have a goal, as to why I have that side hustle. You know, it’d be different for everybody,
but I think that kind of taboo-ness needs to be removed because, Hey, it’s okay, it’s
not, it’s not always a bad thing if you have like a second job or a side hustle. Oh, everyone’s been thinking about it at some
point. Yes! Like the thought has crossed their mind. Even when you work, you know, 60, 70, 80 hours
during the week, you’re still like, Could I do something extra on the weekends? Yeah. Maybe just a little bit of this or maybe a
bit of that, and you know it does come back to hustling with purpose and having a really
clear outcome, particularly if you’re not necessarily gonna do a hustle with something
that you’re super passionate about. It’s literally means to an end and so having
a purpose, having an outcome, having a definitive period of time to know, I’m doing this for
this reason and then I’m going to stop, is really, really key. Yeah, like one time, because we’re all like
savvy and use Uber, I was talking to my Uber driver one time and you know that, usually
the conversation starts off like, Oh, how did you get into Uber driving? And this one driver was like, Oh well I’m
actually saving money for my wedding. I’m like, that’s amazing! Like you can, well form what I’ve heard, you
can just like sign in to Uber, become an Uber driver, and then you can clock out, so, that’s
like phenomenal. You can you know, use it to save for a wedding. Clear goal. For a holiday, to save for a house, you know
whatever you wanna do like there are opportunities out there for people. Mm, absolutely. And we would love for you to tell us, your
ideas or what you are doing at the moment and you know potentially it could be that
your side hustle ends up growing into a business or something else that you pursue. Yeah, 100 per cent. So and also if you feel that you, that any
of your friends or family have kind of been interested, considering it, yeah like share
this video with them, it might get the conversation started and we’d love to hear what you have
to say. There’s so many different examples because
I think the question is, Okay, you’ve convinced me, I wanna hustle, what do I hustle with
and you know for some people it’s really obvious, they’ve got a passion that they can pursue
but others, what are we talking about, like Airtasker is a great one if you’ve got some
time in the weekend and you wanted to run errands and pick up some extra odd jobs there. Retail, hospitality. Yep. Again Uber. If you’ve got a trade or some sort of skill. Obviously my financial planning, not great
with all the compliance reasons, not gonna touch that on weekends, but you know if you’ve
got some skill that other people would find really valuable. You know, even with your friends and family,
I know my sister is this phenomenally talented and creative person and over you know evenings
and weekends she works on wedding and event stationary. Oh man. And it’s fantastic, so there are so many examples
of ways that you can pursue something like this. Amazing, so good. So if you, if you’d like help assessing if
you’re on track with your goals and if you need to perhaps hustle or what you can do
with your hustle money, why don’t you book in for a financial kickstart session with
one of our coaches to get a health check on how you’re going and perhaps what to do next. We’re really committed to working with focused
people who are prepared to hustle their arses off, so book it in today!

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