Should You Tip Your Event Planner?

I asked you all a very simple question
or whether or not you should tip your event or wedding planner.
I know that that’s probably a weird question to ask you like well Andrew if
I’m under the contract with someone and we agreed upon the price should I really
have to tip them or not well in the responses to that question that I posed
on social media the debate ensued yes people are going back and forth as to
why they should tip or not and I want to give you guys some clarification on if
you should tip or not to anyone that is servicing your actual event it comes
down to this how do they make you feel at the
conclusion of that event that person has completed everything that they promised
that they would do according to the contract that you all agreed upon I
don’t feel that you should be obligated to actually tip them but if a person has
gone above and beyond they’ve not only done everything in the contract they
have done everything that you’ve asked them to do and have exceeded your
wildest expectations of the product or the service that they are providing to
you if it makes you feel that way I would say tip that person. Another example
is this most times we go out and we are nails done we get our hair did, well not
for me but you know what I mean you get your car wash and then you end up
tipping the person that is providing the service well what is the difference
between tipping them and tipping your wedding or your event planner or your
service provider for your event both sides have agreed to a particular
service and a fee but you’re also freely tipping those who are doing your nails
doing your hair doing your makeup and washing your car but then there’s
hesitation to tip anyone else again I would say if that person has exceeded
your expectations regardless of what the industry is that they’re in then you
should consider tipping them it ultimately boils down to how you feel
you’re not obligated to tip anyone but if you feel is that you want to
give them that thank you that extra gesture of how appreciative you are for
the service or the product that they provided, tip them.

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