Should I send Save the Date cards for my wedding?

hi there I’m Amanda from trying to get all your friends together can be like herding
cats – freaking impossible – so imagine trying to get a few dozen mates together.
you want the bulk of your nearest and dearest to make it to your wedding so
how do you go about pinning them down for that very important date? by sending
out save-the-dates! now this all sounds very reasonable and sensible but there’s
a few people out there who are like “are they a waste of money or they actually
must have?” in many cases save the dates are a must have, the advice would have
seemed when gifts have to travel because they look very far away from where
you’re going to be getting married or when guests have serious commitments, like they need to negotiate time off for if they’re going to be able to attend also
if you choose to have a destination wedding your guests will need plenty of
time to sort passports visas and flights for your big day. weddings that are close
to important holidays or long weekends they’ll also need to send save the date
cards to make sure that your guests don’t plan anything else – you’re not going to
get your wedding invitation sent very close to the day so 6-8 weeks before and
sending a save-the-date will buy us some time. many people are deciding to send
save the day email to those that they need to inform the say some a wee bit of
money you can also choose to send a save the date to just a few guests
sending them to people who live far away who might need the time to save or have
trouble getting the time off check out the full post in the description for when save the dates are a waste of money as over on the

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