Should I cancel the wedding?

Hi everyone, my name is Obaapa Afia Boakyewaa, host of Obaapa Afutusem on sankofa radio, every thursdays 7-9pm This is a day that we discuss serious relationship and marital issues affecting lots of marriages. We discuss a whole lot share thoughts and ideas Because like the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Also the solution to someone’s problem can be a solution to the same problems you might be going through. My favorite quotes are, put yourself in someone’s situation and ask yourself that if it had happened to you, what measures will you take. Or, what advise will you give if someone close to you had a similar problem Issues like that can happen to anyone at any point in time I made a promise to occasionally upload a video about issues going on in relationships and marriages for loved ones who can’t make it a point to meet me on Sankofa radio, Thursdays 7-9pm especially those in Ghana and other countries due to the huge time difference to also have a feel about what we discuss on the radio every Thursdays So that we all will be careful not to follows other people’s mistakes that has landed them in troubles. A young lady brought up a problem she’s currently going through and needs advice It’s a very though issue and the young lady is confused and loosing her mind The young lady is in a relationship with a young man and they are on the verge of getting married They only have just 2weeks to get married. They’ve been dating for close to 2yrs All the necessary preparations have been made. Invitation cards are out Rings are ready Wedding gown is been bought. All the necessary arrangements have been made. They got engaged few weeks ago, and they waiting to go to the alter So, one day this lady about to be married had a phone call from a lady she doesn’t know. The lady who called told the lady about to be married not to be terrified, The caller introduced herself as an ex-wife of the man the lady is about to get married to She added that, she’s not against her marriage with her ex husband, and that she’s giving her to tell her husband to be, to cater for his kids His kids that he’s abandoned for so many years after break up. So this lady caller just pleaded to the lady about to be married, to talk to her husband to be, to talk with the man to cater for his kids. That was her request And that, she wishes them all the best. So, the bride to be was devastated, because, the husband to be never mentioned to her about any previous marriage, and also never mentioned he had kids. So, she decided to confront her husband to be about the conversation she had with his ex wife, and the kids he never mentioned. Upon confronting the husband to be about the issues on board, the husband to be never denied it. He admitted previously getting married and also confessed he had kids as well. The husband gave a reason to why he never mentioned this to her was that, his previous relationship, marriage or past never came in question. The lady never asked him of his past. So the husband to be didn’t find it necessary in discussing his past. Now, the lady put that issue behind her, went ahead to ask him why he has abandoned his own blood kids. The answer to that question from the man was: that shouldn’t be the lady’s headache. The reason as to why he’s not taking care of his kids is between him, his ex wife and God. In short he told her that, it’s none of her business, so she should mind her own business. The lady was very surprised and devastating and didn’t know what to do. This misunderstanding resulted in an argument and the man eventually hit the lady right in her face In-fact he didn’t just hit her in the face, but she was really subjected to severe beatings. And the lady had managed to leave the guy’s house with tears and bruises. So now the lady’s question is that, should she still go ahead with the wedding or she should just call it off? Or just take it cool, forgive the man and go ahead with the wedding. because the man has called her several times and is rending apologies He’s asking for forgiveness because he did that out of extreme anger. What should she do? Now that she found out that her husband to be is not transparent And she has also found out that her husband to be is an abusive husband, and in the near future he can over react over certain issues and abuse her, and she might end up in a place she wouldn’t wanna be (hospital) Should she go ahead with the wedding? Or cancel the wedding? She’s very concerned about the money that would be wasted if she cancels the wedding, and also the embarrassment it will bring to family, friends and loved ones. Should she listen to what people will say, or she should just consider her life and happiness This is very difficult situation and has put the lady in a state of confusion. What will you do if you were in this lady’s shoes? Lets’ share our thoughts on this controversial issue. My name is Obaapa Afia Boakyewaa This program u just watched is called Obaapa Afutusem’s program This program is brought to live on Sankofa Radio, Thursdays 7-9pm So make time and meet me and my wonderful panel and let’s share ideas and thoughts about issues that affect us in our relationships and marriages. God bless you all for watching this video Thank you!!!

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