Seeking an Assoc. Director, Academic & Community Engagement

Hi i’m Chris. At MIT, we believe libraries should open up access to knowledge and be forces for social good We have big ambitions and we’re looking for an Associate Director for academic and community engagement to join our leadership team I’m chairing the search committee and I invite you to meet our fantastic search team Hi, I’m Felicity Walsh I’m the head of information delivery and library access which is one of the three departments that reports to this AD position I really like working at MIT libraries and I can’t wait to meet our candidates and tell you more about it. I Work in the Institute Archives and Special Collections, which is part of the Collections directorate I look forward to collaborating and thinking about public services, teaching and learning, all their manifestations, and all the future possibilities across the libraries. Please join us Hi, I’m Sofia I’m looking forward to working with an inspirational and communicative leader who encourages collaboration and puts people first Hi, I’m Dan. The support staff in ACE play a crucial role in day-to-day library operations But we’re also excited in playing a role in realizing MIT’s vision for the future of research libraries I’m excited to work with an associate director who’s eager to lead our directorate through the organizational change that vision will require and who sees the development and cultivation of staff skills as the best way to reach that vision Hi, I’m Christine Here in the libraries, we strive to match and complement the forward thinking of the communities we serve while providing an inspiring and welcoming environment for all I’m excited to work with you to shape our services to meet these evolving needs Hi, my name is Grace Kindeke. I’m an admin assistant in the director’s office and direct support for this position I’m also the co-chair for the Committee on Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion And I look forward to working with you on embedding diversity, inclusion, and social justice throughout the libraries’ practices, policies, services, and culture If you want to join this team and be a part of our future, we hope you’ll apply for this position

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