SaveItUp Moment – Financial Promises and Vows to Keep

Hi. I’m Andy Mattingly and I’m here with
this week’s SaveItUp Moment where I want to talk about the promises and vows you
should keep in your marriage, financially speaking. It all starts with respecting
each other’s knowledge about financial matters and making sure everyone is
involved in deciding the financial matters, and it means you also need to
equally share in the decisions and not let the person who makes more money
control all of the decisions. It has to be equal decisions and everyone has an
equal vote. You also need to make sure that you agree that you’re going to
develop goals and change those goals over time as your life together matures
and there are different priorities. It is also to make sure that you talk
about money regularly and at the appropriate time, so always schedule that so you have an appropriate time to talk about money issues and maybe perhaps
even bring in a financial advisor at some point to help you have those
discussions. And finally, agree to have a “fun money” account, even if it’s a small
amount. Being able to put money away so you can do something together fun is a
great way to keep your marriage sound financially speaking. That’s been this
week’s SaveItUp Moment. If you want any more information on this topic or any
other topic, make sure you visit the SaveItUp page at

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