Save Loads of Time with AllSeated’s New Timeline Tools!

Hi everyone my name is Rebecca from AllSeated and today I am very excited to show you our brand new timeline, by
watching this five to seven minute video I believe we will save you five to seven
hours of your time each time you plan an event. So to make your timeline most
effective we suggest that you add vendors, that way you can put them in
their slot in the timeline. So to add a vendor you just click on add vendor you
choose the type of vendor, you search for them or you have your previously used,
and you update that. Now to start the timeline you just click timeline on the
left and you click add. You give it a name and you create the timeline. Now
because we can have multiple timelines again you just click add over here and
you give it a name and they now show up side by side. So as the planner, or the
caterer, or even as the couple, you can now see everything that’s going on side
by side. So where do we start the first thing is you click up here to add a
section you choose the time give it a name and create the section, then within
that section you can have tasks, so you just click on task you give it a time
again and create the test. Then we could have a new
section, so it’s really really easy and it just keeps everything very organized,
it makes everything easy to see, and now we create the task of maybe the bride
doing their makeup at 11:15AM So the who is the bride, the what is
her hair appointment, and we can add any comments or anything like that, and then
again we can create a new task for the makeup appointment, again it’s the bride
and now she has her makeup appointment then we can create a new section, and we
can say that 1:00PM is lunch and so on. So with the vendor section you
see that you have all these areas gray, meaning something’s happening on the
couple’s timeline, but now we can also add our sections in here. So if I add a
section for the vendors… again 10:00AM and we can call it vendor load-in. You
can create that section, now we can add a task just like we did in the other one,
and we can say at 10:00AM who is the rental company, and they’re loading in. And now we want our flowers to load in,
so at 11:00AM because we have our flowers in the system, we can click on this
folder here and we select our florist, and now the vendor will get an update
that they’ve been added to a task. So we can keep going, we can say at 12:15 the band will load in, so
again it’s the same idea, where you’re just selecting the band from the list of
vendors that we invited in, telling them what, where, and so on, and create the task.
Now as you continue doing these timelines, once you’re all done you have
the ability to save it as a PDF, so you just click on PDF you give it a name, you
click OK and it asks you where on your computer you want to save it, and you can
do the same thing for the vendor timeline, and then you’re all good to go.
It asks you where you want to save it, you click Save and you’re good. Now the
whole point of inviting everyone into the system is now your client can see
this timeline, your vendors can see this timeline, and you can see these timelines
side by side to make sure that everyone is where they need to be at all times. So
that is our new timeline I hope everyone enjoyed it, and please feel free to reach
out to us if anyone has any questions or comments regarding the timeline, thank

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