Sarah, from USA

My name is Sarah, I’m from New Jersey in the
United States and I’m studying a Master of International Hotel Management. I knew that I wanted to do my masters and
I wanted to come back to Australia to do it because I studied here before, I have some
experience in events so events and hospitality kind of go hand in hand so I did a bunch of
research and this school seemed like the best option for me. So we have theory that we learn in the class
about the industry and coming from no experience whatsoever I definitely have learnt a lot
so far in the classroom and then we also have the practical side of it so I had no experience
before with housekeeping or food and beverage or front office, so going to the Leura campus
and doing the practical work, you know, I learnt so much and it’s definitely prepared
me for the industry. The campus here in Sydney is actually in the
prefect location I would say. It’s central in che city, it’s easy to get to by public
transport and, you know, everything is close by. The technology on campus is definitely very
helpful, we have the share point which you can find all your lectures slides and all
your notes and all the things you need for class, I definitely use that a lot. I like
being able to go back and watch the recorded lectures if there is something that I’ve missed
or if, you know, you can’t make it for any reason you can always go back and look
and certainly while I am doing my assignments, the librarian and the databases are very helpful. I think the thing that I’ve enjoyed the most
is actually the people that I’ve met because the people… I made friends from all over
the world and I never would have met them unless I did this course including the staff
and the students, you know, everyone comes from a different place and I enjoyed meeting
all these people. This is a very hands on industry, it’s a very
personal industry, you need to be face to face and have real experiences, so we do the
theory, we do the practical experiences but we do it with each other not with real paying
customers so having that experience to the Industry Placements puts it into real life
situation and you are still learning while you are doing it, but it definitely helps
you to be prepared for when you do go, get your real job. Yes, so the school obviously has great partnerships
with the industry and has a great reputation in the industry, so I attended one of the
GPP expos that was held here at the Sydney campus and that’s where I met the HR manager
from the Marriott and I was able to make a good connection with him and he remembered
me when it came to my application and my interview so it definitely helped me to get the job. I’m currently working at the Sydney Harbour
Marriott, I’m doing part time work in the front office, so when I go for my placement
I’m gonna continue just full time. Yes so, I took the opportunity to become a
marketing ambassador which I’ve studied marketing before and I really enjoy it so I wanted to
get involved more on the campus because it gives me the chance to work with some of the
staff members that i wouldn’t have worked with usually I get to see sort of the behind
the scenes of how the — are run. So some of the things that I’ve undertaken is writing
a blog about my personal experience here and also submitting photos for the instagram account
which helps to show the balance between school and work and social life. Personally I find
the balance quite easy, you definitely have time for school work, you definitely have
time for working and definitely have time for you friends, so it’s a great balance that
you are able to achieve through the school.

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