Royalton Riviera Cancun Weddings Part 1 of 3

christine:Hi I’m Christine from & we’re part of the wedding team and we’re here with Brenda
brenda: Yes christine: who is one of the wedding specialist at the Royalton so thanks for joining me today. Tell me a little bit about yourself – where where are you from originally? brenda: Ok. Originally I’m from Mexico. I come from Sonora it’s like the desert side of Mexico. So I came here because of my husband but other than that I worked in Mexico City in the advertising company.
christine: Oh! brenda: So that’s when I started doing like events but then I came here to Royalton and of course I I got here and they said that they need staff for weddings department and I said yeah so that’s when I started liking weddings and that was like a year ago. christine: Excellent.
brenda: So since then I enjoy what I do so…
christine: Perfect. Excellent. Well your English is excellent – do you speak any other languages?
brenda: No. Well Spanish and English.
christine: Ha ha okay perfect. christine: So bride’s will know that if you’re dealing with Brenda she’s fluent in English so you’re not going to worry about “I don’t want pink flowers” and then you get pink flowers. So you’re in good hands brenda: Yes, you are! christine: Yeah so what’s your favorite wedding location at the hotel?
brenda: Ok so here in the resort for ceremonies my favorite location is the chapel and because it’s you’re not in the sand but you’re not up high that you know that you don’t get to see the sand, like for example the sky terrace, but like the chapel’s my favorite location – everybody else likes the sky terrace. It’s right on the beach umm everybody has their different like likes of different locations but my favorite’s the chapel. christine: Perfect and how long have you been doing the weddings here?
brenda: Here? A year. christine: Okay perfect. Excellent. Great.
brenda: I know everything – I know how to manage everything here in the hotel. christine: Sounds good. christine: Wonderful! Well thanks for taking the time to meet with us today. Appreciate it!
brenda: Yes, thank you. chrisitne: Thanks

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